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FIC: Chicken 2/2 PG

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  • Kat Hunt
    TITLE: Chicken AUTHOR: Hunter DEDICATION: To the Cagers of wxfonline.com AGE: Nothing wrong with this unless your sensitive to feathers NOTE: This was
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2002
      TITLE: Chicken
      AUTHOR: Hunter
      DEDICATION: To the Cagers of wxfonline.com
      AGE: Nothing wrong with this unless your sensitive to
      NOTE: This was orginally written for the Cagers as an
      Easter Pressie.. But even though its a tad late for
      Easter now...its still kinda cute ;)
      AND FOR THE LAWYERS: Nothing belongs to me but the
      FEEDBACK: All ways much appreciated


      Jean started distractedly at yet another breakfast
      bagel, wondering why she actually bothered with eating
      them, when pyjama clad Marie wandered down into the
      kitchen, and yawning, sat down next to her.

      The coffee pot floated off the counter and landed next
      to her.

      Mumbling something that sounded like a thanks she
      poured a mug full of the dark steaming liquid and
      tried to focus on being awake.

      Jean in her satin gown started at the bed hair, bowed
      head hovering over the coffee cup and decided then
      that she was glad to be a morning person�.then gazed
      thoughtfully out the kitchen window to appreciate the
      singing birds.

      Logan streaked past.

      Jean blinked.

      �Marie, where�s Logan?�


      �Logan. I�m sure I just saw him tear past the window

      �You proberly did�

      �Ah� Jean got up and walked over to the window hoping
      he would tear past again.

      The coffee started to wrap its happy hyper tendrils of
      caffeine induced wakieness around Marie�s mind,
      clarifying her thoughts, and helping her function like
      a normal person again, �He�s trying to kill Chickie.�
      She added to help clarify his nakedness.

      �Ahha�� Jean pressed her nose against the quickly
      fogging up glass, trying to see more of the mansions
      gardens�.spiky hair flew past the hedgerow which
      concealed its owner from her view, �Again?� she asked

      �Well, only the second time this week after the
      incident with the beer.� She sipped coffee and
      wondered why Jean was dribbling hers down the sink.

      Jean heard a loud splash from the pool followed by a
      howl from what she guessed was a very pissed of Logan.

      �I think he just fell in the pool.� Jean moved away
      form the window and leaned casual like against the
      sink, looked in her cup, blinked, looked in the sink
      behind her wondering where it all went.

      �Oh.� Marie tried to sound concerned. It was too
      early to be concerned.

      �Can he swim?�

      �I don�t know�

      �Well shouldn�t we go and find out?� Jean asked
      hopefully, weighing up the naked wet Logan with Soggy
      pissed off Logan.

      At that precise moment Chickie came running in full
      tilt to the kitchen, through the little cat flap that
      was installed for Fluffy, St Johns pet Hairless cat,
      and flew up onto his mommy�s lap.

      Instantly, Maires coffee was forgotten as she snuggled
      her pet.

      Ordering Jean to fetch some rum and raisin ice cream
      from the freezer, she smoothed his feathers and smiled
      a contented smile as Chickie pucked away happily

      A spoon full was soon deposited onto the ground where
      Chickie hopped down to slurp it up.

      Marie�s burst of love for her wattled baby was soon
      disrupted, as the kitchen door was slammed open, and a
      dripping Logan with a beach towel wrapped around his
      waist and a large extended pool net in his hand, came
      prowling in.

      �Where. Is. He?� He spat out between growls,
      Clutching his towel closer when he spied Jeans weird
      looks cast in his direction.

      �Who?� Marie batted her eyelashes feigning innocence
      while shoving Chicke away from his ice cream glop,
      towards the other exit, with her foot.

      The chicken slurped up the last of his ice cream and
      started for the door.

      �HIM!!!� Logan roared and sprang, his eyes glinting
      and teeth bared, towards the running chicken.

      And immediately slipped with all the grace of a sack
      of flour on the wet tiles.

      Professor Xavier was enjoying a brief moment of quite
      in his mansions gardens.

      Rolling along the well-tended paved pathways, he spied
      Ororo kneeling amongst a newly turned bed, patting in
      some marigold seedlings.

      He came to a halt beside her and breathed in the
      wonderfully fresh air.

      �Good morning Ororo. It�s a beautiful day isn�t it�

      �Good Morning Professor,� She momentarily broke
      concentration on the lighting storm she was generating
      on the local golf field and sat up to look her mentor
      in the eye, �It�s a most wonderful morning.�

      �I see your little helper is also up� The professor
      indicated towards the red wattle which was busy
      bobbing up and down amongst the petunias.

      �Hmmm�he�s eaten most of the gardens pests..A very
      welcome addition to my gardening routine.� �Ro
      reached over and patted the chickens fluffy behind
      towards the professor, so he would stop trying to dig
      up last nights �Scott�s meatloaf surprise�

      The chicken hopped onto the professor�s chair and
      tried to look regal perched on the armrest.

      Unsuccessfully trying to detach the chicken and
      eventually giving up when chickie landed on the
      headrest instead, the Professor bade a good morning to
      Ororo and wheeled back inside.

      Suddenly, for no apparent reason other than to look
      dramatic, Magneto floated out of the sky and hovered
      in front of the Professor.

      A small scene of Chaos emidetly took place slightly
      off to the left of the driveway as the Xmen rushed out
      to do battle with Magnetos brotherhood, Logan�s towel
      fluttering off as he attacked Sabertooth.
      Ororo ran off to join the fray leaving the Professor
      to deal with Magneto.

      Charles Xavier stared passively at his nemesis, as
      Magneto stared back with a puzzled expression.

      �Charles, you have a chicken on your chair.�


      Logan walked up to his bedroom and once again peeled
      off the �This is a smoke free zone� sticker that Bobby
      had again pasted upon his door.

      Little chicken feet tapped out a clawed tempo on the
      wooden floorboards behind him..

      Logan roared and spun around to confront his
      nephimses. �RARRGHHHH�

      Chicken stood in his doorway and stared back at him

      Surprised Logan froze in mid Rargh and blinked.

      �Puck� Said the chicken.

      Logan cocked his head and narrowed his eyes at the
      chicken that stood before him �Marie?�

      �Puck puck pekerk� replied the chicken

      �She�s in Danger?�


      �My Little Marie�s Stuck in the ravine!� Logan
      started to panic

      �Puckpuck puck PUCKERK� The Chicken panicked back.

      �Go Boy, Go find Marie.� Logan shoved the chicken off
      to find his mommy, while the Wolverine followed


      Marie sighed and wiggled her toes, enjoying the
      secluded spot from the rest of the Mansions residents.

      She had discovered this ravine on a walk last week,
      and had finally managed to steal some time away to
      suntan, finding a way down the almost sheer slope and
      settling on some warm river rock.

      Untying her strap and putting her headphones on, she
      settled on her tummy and let the warm gentleness of
      the sun sooth away all her stress.

      Slowly closing her eyes, she drifted of into lazy
      sleep, and so totally didn�t see the frantic head
      bobbing of her teammates as they saw her sprawled body
      at the bottom of a drop.







      Chicken perched on the river rock and watched as the
      Xmen dragged their teammate out the terrifying Ravine
      and saved her life.


      �Oh No..looks like we got to her to late Jean, she is
      already delusional from the fright of the fall�

      Rouge wriggled more, trying to get out of the
      concerned grasp of the team and get her bikini top
      back on.

      Jean slapped on a neck brace and tossed her on a
      stretcher, which they galloped off with back to the
      med bay in the mansion.. Marie�s indignant squeals
      carrying on to the distance.

      Logan watched with a worrying gaze, but didn�t follow
      his distraught charge, instead walked up to the
      chicken and cleared his throat.

      �I was wrong about you.� He looked around to make
      sure no one was watching as chickie tilted his head
      and bobbed his comb in response, � If it wasn�t for
      you, Marie coulda been stuck down there for ages�. She
      might have even..� His voice trailed off, the thought
      of what could have happened to dreadful to mention


      �No..Don�t try to be modest�well. I just want to say.
      I�m sorry I tried to cook you last month.�

      Chickie hold his gaze and then hopped off the rock.

      Logan didn�t try to stop him as he walked off proudly
      into the stunning pink, orange and slightly reddish
      sunset with just a hint of cloud wisp.

      He knew, that chickie had many more adventures ahead,
      but that didn�t stop the tear from rolling down his

      THE END

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