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FIC: Chicken 1/2 PG

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  • Kat Hunt
    TITLE: Chicken AUTHOR: Hunter DEDICATION: To the Cagers of wxfonline.com AGE: Nothing wrong with this unless your sensitive to feathers NOTE: This was
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2002
      TITLE: Chicken
      AUTHOR: Hunter
      DEDICATION: To the Cagers of wxfonline.com
      AGE: Nothing wrong with this unless your sensitive to
      NOTE: This was orginally written for the Cagers as an
      Easter Pressie.. But even though its a tad late for
      Easter now...its still kinda cute ;)
      AND FOR THE LAWYERS: Nothing belongs to me but the
      FEEDBACK: All ways much appreciated



      The large truck slowed down once again, as the heavy
      traffic inched along, just outside the city limits.

      The burley driver could swear that he could hear that
      incessant peeping even inside the cab.

      Peep peep peep peep peep peep peep peep peep peep

      "It�s driving me nuts!" He cursed to himself, thought
      about closing up the window to try and drown out some
      of the peeps, felt the sweat trickle down his face,
      and opted instead to turn his Britney Spears Tape

      Outside, his load continued to peep.
      The small bodies jostled around in their crates, vying
      for space and calling for their mothers.

      A Ford Pickup squeezed out the lane and the truck
      driver gladly took up the space, the sudden changing
      of gears bumping the crates together.
      The peeping picked up tempo as the G-Force pushed the
      small bodies together and against the crates
      walls...one, pushed a bit to hard, fell out.

      The truck inched away, totally oblivious to one small
      passenger left behind.



      Scott drove�no. sat�in the Saturday morning�s traffic,
      trying to be a good leader and example to the rest of
      the mansions residents by sparing Jubilation Lee�s
      life�and not tossing her out the car when they finally
      managed to pick up speed.

      It was hot.
      The Traffic was not moving.
      And the three girls at the back of the car were
      driving him slowly insane.

      Jean tossed him a sympathetic glance from the
      passenger seat next to him..
      Were his thoughts broadcasting that loudly???

      The �OOOO�s and �AW cutes� from the back of the car
      caused him to glare into the mirror again.
      Not that had done any good the last 100 times.

      Peep peep peep peep peep peeep peeep ppeeeeeep
      peeeeeep peeeeeeep pep pep peep peep

      He ground himself further down into his seat and tried
      to ignore the incessant peeping coming from the little
      chick Jubilee had made him stop the car for half an
      hour ago.

      It must have fallen off a truck or something.
      Pity he hadn�t driven over it.

      Peep peeep peep peeep peeep peeep peeep peep peep
      peeep peeep peep peeep peeep

      �AWWWWW�Scott�.aint it the cutest litte bitte thing
      you�ve ever seen.�

      Jubes rammed the small yellow fluff ball into his

      Peep peep peeep peeep peep peeep peeep peeep peeep
      peeep peeep peeep peeep peeep

      He felt a sudden mental snap coming.

      Jean reached out and calmed him mentally �Think of it
      this way honey. When Marie gets her Easter present
      tomorrow, which Mutant who just happens to have a well
      devolved sense of hearing, is going to be stuck in the
      room next door to her?�

      A small Grin broke out onto Scott�s face.

      Suddenly�all that peeping sounded like a good idea.


      The Easter egg hunt was over.
      Professor Xavier and the rest of his staff sat
      together under the shade of the balcony and glowed in
      the healthiness of it all.

      Some holidays where there just for fun and bad eating
      This was one of them.

      Xavier took another bite of his chocolate egg and
      smiled contentedly.

      Jubes suddenly appeared from wherever she had
      disappeared to�holding something behind her back,
      grinning like a demented woman, �I�ve got one last
      present to give out to Marie.�

      The Professors ears pricked at this.
      So did Logan�s.

      �What�s that noise Jubbes?� Logan asked, looking for
      all the world, as if someone had presented him with a
      time bomb.

      �Its Marie�s Present.� She approached closer to where
      Marie and Logan were sitting.

      �Why is Marie�s Present making a noise Jubilee?�
      Logan moved his head as if trying to see behind Jubes

      Jubes stopped and swayed slightly on her feet,
      building anticipation.

      Scott had a chocolate bunny suspended half way to his
      Remey�s caramel filled bear was dripping down his
      trench coat.

      �TA DA.� Jubes flung out her hands, a small yellow
      chick cradled between them.

      �SQUEAL, � Logan almost jumped at the girly sound
      emitting from the normally calm Marie�s mouth, �It�s a
      itty bitty yellow fluffy chicky.�

      As if on cue, the rest of the X-men went �AWWWWWWWWW�

      Only half went like that because of the actual chick,
      which they hadn�t seen before.
      Scott and the rest of the occupants of the car from
      the trip, which had originally found the chickie, were
      �aww�ing� at its cute little pink bow.

      Logan crept closer to eye the yellow ball and sniffed,
      �You can name her Christmas�.as in when your gonna eat
      her.� He grinned.

      The silence was broken only by the fowl.

      Peep peep peeep peep peeep peeep peeep peeep peeep
      peeep peeep peeeep peeep peep

      Cough �Ahhhh Logan. I�m not gonna eat her. She is my
      new precious Baby. And you better treat her as such.�

      Scott burst into peals of laughter as Logan turned a
      deathly shade of white.

      Xavier continued to munch his chocolate egg


      �So what you going to name her?� Jean asked over her
      breakfast bagel

      �I�m still thinking of something�. If she was a boy I
      woulda named her Rocky.� Marie answered

      Logan snorted �Rocky?� Putting down his paper he
      grinned at Marie, �As in Red bandana sporting,
      sweating, speech impediment Rocky?� He burst out

      Jean looked at him like he had grown a second head,
      sent a mental note over to Marie �He�s finally lost it
      with all that peeping has he?�

      Maire sent one back �ooohhhh yeah.�

      �No Logan. Rocky as in the Rooster from �Chicken
      run�.� Marie corrected him in a prim and proper
      teaching voice, �And do you mind stop swiping all my
      bacon.� She reached out and grabbed the piece of rind
      back that had somehow landed up on his plate.

      He maintained his most innocent expression �I have no
      idea how that got there.�

      �Yeah. Sure you don�t.�

      �Anyways. I still think you should name the lunch on
      legs, Remy.� Logan eyed Scott�s bacon. Scott moved
      his closer to him.

      �HEY!.� Remy cried indignantly, �Home is no chicken.�

      �The eyes bub..the eyes.. Have you seen that chickens
      eyes. It�s got black on red eyes.� He replied, �I�m
      not calling you a chicken.� Stabbing towards Remy�s
      general direction with the fork.

      �Remy�s eyes red on black�not black on red. Besides, �
      Remy glared at the little chickie that was the cause
      of his name calling, �Remy tink de name �Wolverine�
      more suitable for de Chickie�Look at your boot.�

      �HEY!� Logan got up and tried to send the chicken
      flying that was attached and very busy �buffing� his

      �MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!� The entire table burst out
      into laughter, As Logan tried to detach the chicken
      from his shoe.

      finally let go and ran Pucking from the room.

      �Guess he�s finally hit maturity then.� Scott
      snickered into his cup of coffee.

      Logan glared at Scott, �Fucking bird is a rooster. I
      thought you said he was a she.�

      �You can say fucking again.� Scott started to crack

      Marie sat back in her chair and watched the men start
      a food fight, �Ya know Jean. I think Wolvie is a good
      name for him�but I�ll just stick to Chickie�


      It was 4 in the morning.

      �COCK A DOODLE DOOOOoooooooo�

      Logan bolted upright his claws flashing out and
      slashing the brand new sheet Marie had just bought
      him, less 5% at the white sale last week.

      �Go to sleep Honey.� Marie grumbled sleepily and
      turned over, her luxurious locks momentarily
      distracting her lover.

      �COCK A DOOODLE DOOOOOOOooooooooooo�

      �ARGHHHHHHHH..� Logan started to scramble out of the
      bed, his feet getting all entangled in the shredded
      sheets before landing uncermounsily with oomph on the

      �That chicken is going to die.� Finally managing to
      detach himself and stumbling for the bathroom, he
      threw open the door.

      Marie sat up and watched the unfolding drama.
      Chickie had taken to sleeping in their bathroom, on
      top of the towel rail, which was the highest point he
      could find in their sleeping quarters.
      Logan had grudgingly given over his towel rack after
      Marie had pointed out that the next highest point was
      their bedpost.

      Logan yelped and jumped as chickie tore out the
      bathroom, picked him on the toes, and ran pucking out
      their room.

      Marie sighed and plopped back down into her pillow as
      Logan ran screaming out after the chickie, hoping he
      would notice sooner rather than later that he still
      clad only in nothing.


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