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Fic and Intro: Getting the Girl

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  • Supergirl
    Good morning and good day and good night to everyone erespectively! This is me, supergirl, delurking for a bit. Had this hanging around and figured why not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      Good morning and good day and good night to everyone
      erespectively! This is me, supergirl, delurking for a
      bit. Had this hanging around and figured why not post
      it? It's been looked over but not exactly betaed and
      it's pretty much the first thing I've ever posted to a
      list or anything. Soooo... any comments constructive
      or positive would be greatly appreciated, but if
      theirs something you absolutely hate please tell me in
      private! ...i may have a tiny itsy bitty problem with
      criticism, which i am sure will soon be cured.

      Getting the Girl
      -by SuperGirl

      Disclaimers: Don't own nobody in this story and I mean
      nobody, not making any money, just excercising my need
      for control and playing with them. I won't hurt
      them....permanently. Promise.


      It was enough to fuel the rumor mill for
      the next month. It was enough to create a rather
      large betting pool among the male students, which if
      the other teachers dipped into it was only to be in on
      the loop and make sure someone was keeping an eye out,
      at least that's what they said. It was big enough for
      Bobby to stop his pranks because he was too busy
      watching. It was big enough to cause Jubilee to sit
      and pause in awesome speculation for 2 hours every
      night for 2 weeks. It was Logan�s return.
      Jean would have been lying if she said her
      pulse hadn�t started to go a little faster and her
      stomach hadn�t started to get all flurrified when she
      heard the rumor from Storm. But, oh, she nodded
      nonchalantly and carefully kept her eyes lowered and
      hoped her cheeks weren�t visibly flushing. She had
      answered, �That�ll be nice.� And Jean had gone about
      her regular routine, except she might have floated
      through the hallway a good many times more than
      necessary, and she might have glanced out of the
      window a few times more than usual. For her to be the
      first one to meet Logan would have perhaps given the
      students heart attacks of speculation. Instead it was
      Scott, which was nearly as exciting.
      It was the dead of winter on the eve of
      the Great Ski Weekend and Logan didn�t bother
      knocking. He blustered into the front hallway letting
      in icy tendrils of wind and whirls of dead leaves
      while Scott and Bobby were moving a couch. Logan
      leered at Scott who dropped the couch and glared back.
      Bobby hadn�t quite known what to do and began
      twisting his hands. He then turned to slip out
      mumbling something about hearing the Professor but
      Scott stopped him �We haven�t finished moving the
      couch Bobby, stay here.� However Scott didn�t make a
      move to pick back up the couch.
      �Hello Bobby,� came the gruff voice from
      the doorway.
      �Hello Sir,� answered Bobby automatically,
      his voice breaking in fear. He had technically been
      the one to make Rogue run away so long ago and he was
      pretty sure that Wolverine was still holding a pretty
      hard grudge about it. Why else would he remember his
      name unless he had been making arrangements to explain
      his sudden disappearance?
      �Don�t call me Sir, Bobby.�
      �Yes Sir.� Neither Logan nor Scott had
      taken their eyes off of each other. In fact it was a
      rather tense moment until Storm happened to come
      around the corner leading a group of chattering
      �LOGAN!� The first was a politely
      delighted acknowledgement. The second was an almighty
      you�re-not-dead shriek of joy. Bobby wasn�t sure
      whether to feel relieved or jealous when Rogue went
      vaulting over the couch and into Logan�s burly arms.
      What, was his mutant power attracting females? Life
      just wasn�t fair. �I missed you!�
      �Yeah? I missed you too, kid. Wanted to
      make sure the geeks have been treating you right.�
      Scott watched closely, perhaps not as closely as
      Bobby, the look of pure protecting affection that the
      darks eyes fondly cast on the dark haired girl.
      She frowned. �Does that mean you�re
      leaving again?�
      He shrugged carefully. �We�ll see, kid.
      I suppose it�s up to Chuckie.� He purposefully
      avoided mentioning anything about Scott�s authority or
      consideration. But then he hadn�t mentioned anything
      about Storm or Jean either. Then again, Scott was the
      official leader and there was just too much smugness
      behind the comment to have been totally innocent. All
      eyes shifted towards Scott, as he hadn�t spoken a word
      to Logan yet. He opened his mouth and suddenly
      noticed the number of teenagers staring him wide-eyed.
      Someone had to have the clean-cut role-model type
      reputation and it would be ruined if he swore now.
      �Where�s my bike Logan?� he hissed.
      �Oh. Outside.� The way he�d shuffled and
      became suddenly entranced with the walls made Scott
      twitch and Storm raise an eyebrow. Whatever it was,
      it was bad. The couch now forgotten, Scott rushed
      outside followed by a half a dozen teenagers. Logan
      grabbed one edge of the couch and told Rogue to get
      the other.
      �Why?� she asked pushing back her white
      streak behind one almost pointed ear.
      �There�s a reason I took a cab back.
      Least I could do is move a couch.� Of course he was
      moving it the wrong way, but it was the thought that
      True to form there was a cab outside and a
      taxi driver demanding money. And then lashed hastily
      to the back of the cab was Scott�s bike. Well, what
      remained of it anyway. One tire was missing and the
      handlebars both pointed straight up, and the frame was
      twisted to make a neat bow. Scott began to turn a
      rather alarming shade of purple.
      �All right, this is it!� crowed St. John
      rubbing his hands together. �This is the part where
      he swears his lips off!�
      �And he would be fully justified,�
      answered Jubilee still staring in awful homage at the
      skeleton that used to be a bike.
      �10 says he won�t do it,� breezed Kitty
      wrapping her arms around herself. She�d seen him
      checking out the students in the hallway before he�d
      said anything. Scott hadn�t even breathed.
      �You�re on,� murmured Bobby.
      Scott finally opened his mouth and after
      several moments of nothing coming out proceeded to
      turn and shriek at the top of his mind and lungs,
      �Funny, � said St. John rubbing his head
      thoughtfully. �I didn�t think your girlfriend�s name
      qualified as a cuss word.�
      �It doesn�t.� replied Kitty turning to the
      stupefied mutant beside her. �You owe me 10 bucks.�
      Jean came racing up the stairs from the
      basement. She�d gone down there after spending 2
      hours telling herself she would not watch for Logan
      from the living room. There were a few choice
      diseases the Professor had wanted her to check on and
      it would be something else to focus her mind on if she
      could drag it away from the image of a certain huge
      and hairy cage fighter with a smile to melt ice.
      Scott�s mental shout had made her veins run with ice,
      and a little guilt, at the horror and utter despair
      coursing through it. She kicked through the hallway
      door and ran over a small blue hued boy in her haste.
      Someone had to be dead or dying. Or Jubilee had
      brought home one of her friends. Or Magneto was
      standing in the doorway and Scott had a severed limb.
      Or the mansion was caving in or the Professor had
      collapsed. Or one of the younger girls had gotten her
      period in the TV room that should have been scotch
      �guarded years ago.
      She streaked around a corner and was
      knocked flat on her butt. She pushed herself up and
      would have started running again except that she had
      been knocked on her butt by the same person who had
      been previously occupying her hormones and he was
      holding her by her arms. �I figured you would be
      excited to see me Red, but don�t you go breaking
      anything just on my account.� He smiled that pirate
      half smile at her while she glared at him not knowing
      whether to hit him or to giggle�except she was too old
      to giggle. �I guess you�re the reason that I heard
      Scott howling down here?�
      �You and half of New York.� The man
      winced. �I brought his bike back in less than mint
      condition, but he can fix it. It�ll give him a new
      �Scott�s plenty busy thanks. And how was
      our soul searching trip to the boonies?� Jean leaned
      back and crossed her arms drawing Logan�s attention
      downward for a brief moment. She made a sound in her
      throat and his eyes snapped back up. They were warm
      and gazed fondly into hers communicating that he
      really had missed her and their little interchanges
      whether something came of them or not. It would have
      been better if he hadn�t looked at her, if she had
      only had to deal with his physical attraction. This
      was something different, a need in him that called out
      to her. She was a doctor because she wanted to take
      care of hurt things, and having the big bad Wolverine
      give her puppy eyes was very unnerving.
      She uncrossed her arms and looked at him
      pensively. �It was cold Jean. Real cold. Found a
      lot of nothing but more questions. Wished you could
      have been there to talk to.� He looked away shadows
      playing across his face. Almost of her own volition
      her hand went up in sympathy. It was meant to land on
      his shoulder but he moved back and it slipped lower
      down his chest, over his heart.
      �Logan�I�m sorry.� She mumbled. He looked
      up at her, and then he held her hard, trying to forget
      all the mind numbing loneliness. He�d even wished
      dickhead was there sometimes, as long as he got away
      from that un-answering unforgivable silence. She
      couldn�t breathe, couldn�t move, and worse she wasn�t
      sure if she wanted to.
      �Ulp.� There was a squeak from the
      hallway and Jean turned praying it was just a teenager
      she had heard. She turned calmly trying to act as if
      she had just hugged a banged up scared kid rather than
      the legendary rival for her affections. It had been a
      teenager who had squeaked�one in a gang of 6 or 7
      including a way too nonchalant Rogue, led by Scott
      with a surprised and somewhat hurt frown.
      �Scott...� she managed to choke out
      disentangling herself from a leering Wolverine. Jerk.
      He was loving every minute of it.
      �Mr. Summers, someone needs to pay the
      taxi driver outside� hey Mr. Summers are you ok?
      You�re turning green!� It was Jubilee who had just
      come back from chatting up the very young and cute
      taxi driver and hadn�t seen what the other students
      had seen. Scott closed his mouth before an obscenity
      could come out and walked rather stiffly up the
      �Curfew is in 10 minutes,� he ground out.
      �What�d I miss?� hissed the Asian mutant
      to the brunette beside her.
      �Oh plenty!� answered Kitty dragging
      Jubilee down the hall to their room. �You should have
      seen it!� The boys who normally wouldn�t have been
      interested in the soap operas of the staff (even if it
      did mean that their papers would be stained in red ink
      on Monday) were now worshipping at Wolverine�s feet.
      He let out a growl and bared his teeth causing Jean to
      laugh cause she hadn�t seen anyone move that fast
      since St. John had accidentally set the halls on fire.
      The feral grin was turned on her and she gave Logan
      what she hoped was a reproachful look.
      �Now, now. Don�t you go scaring them too
      badly. You�ll have enough trouble with them in gym.�
      Logan frowned and his eyebrows disappeared
      into his hair. �Gym?� he snorted.
      �Yes Gym. You can be part time bouncer
      and part time gym teacher as long as you don�t smoke
      cigars during class. Rules are rules.� She was on
      the verge of babbling because she wanted to talk to
      him and she wanted to run at the same time. Oh she
      loved Scott no doubt about it. She wouldn�t be
      leaving his starched butt anytime soon�but he was so
      independent. Time after time he would tell Jean that
      yes he needed her and that he wouldn�t know what to do
      without her, but the privilege of being a leader meant
      that you also had the curse of having to bear everyone
      on your shoulders. Which also meant you were the
      rock that never crumbled no matter what and even if
      everyone fell in bloody chunks around you, you were
      independent and unwavering. Sometimes Jean didn�t
      feel all that needed by Cyclops the great leader who
      went on strong, but she did feel needed by Scott the
      man who still sometimes had nightmares that he was at
      his prom and he was watching himself maim or kill his
      best friends. Right then it had been Scott that looked
      hurt but Cyclops that shut-up and took it. She should
      have been a lot more concerned�except she was trying
      not to giggle at Logan. �No mooching for you pal.�
      She elbowed him defiantly and caught herself looking
      up into dark intense pools.
      �You�re cute when you�re trying to be
      bossy.� She arched her eyebrows and Logan only smiled
      at her more. �You�re even cuter when you�re
      �I�m going back to work. Here.� She dug
      some cash out of one of her pockets and held it out
      for him. �Make sure the taxi is paid.� He considered
      her hand for a moment, didn�t reach for it just looked
      at it. Followed the curve of the soft skin with his
      eyes; he might as well have been following them with
      his tongue. Jean wondered if he could smell the fear
      tinged with attraction and for a second was tempted to
      dig behind those eyes and find out just what he was
      thinking. �Logan?� she croaked.
      He didn�t look back up at her. He finally
      reached out and took the money making sure that his
      fingertips traced her palm as he pulled her away.
      �Missed you too Red,� and then he bounded back
      outside. She watched the door for a moment and then
      all but scrambled back down to the basement. It would
      have ticked her off to no end to hear the chuckle
      following her escape.
      Jean stayed up late that night researching
      her diseases. It took much longer what with all the
      added pacing she did around the dark basement office.
      She wished that she had claws or at least super
      strength so she could break something or knock
      something over. It was silly, it was just stress.
      Ah, and why was she feeling stressed? Just because
      her hormones were betraying her more rational genius
      and distracting her from what should be an enormously
      noble and gratifying if not misadventure prone life.
      Maybe she could inject Logan with a super rusting
      solution�that would end all her problems. And what
      were her problems? So this guy was hitting on her.
      She�d had guys flirt with her before; she�d had
      proposals galore. Some of the students who didn�t
      know any better and hadn�t seen her with Scott had
      locked onto her like stains on a mattress. Eeww. So
      there was no problem. It was flattering and Scott
      hated it. Or maybe he just hated Logan. God she
      hated feeling insecure. Of course Logan coming back
      from the Canadian Boonies with nightmares oozing from
      his ears just begging for someone to listen and
      analyze and support�why did she always fall for the
      teddy bears with exteriors of steel? Or adamantium as
      the case would have it. They�d only talked once or
      twice, saved each others lives, had that one midnight
      chat the night before they�d taken off to rescue
      It had been an interesting conversation
      and ended up with him pushing her on the tire swing
      outside because she�d said that she�d never had a
      friend who would push her on the tire swing so she
      never went on it. And then he had wanted to kiss her.
      She could smell it. Half of her liked living
      dangerously and the other half of her threatened to
      lock that half into a chair if it didn�t behave. Jean
      shook her head and grabbed at her hair in frustration.
      It was the red dye; maybe there was some pheromone in
      it that she was unaware of. It was 1:30 and she was
      going to bed. A bed with Scott whom she loved more
      than anything else in the world, Scott who she�d
      actually heard swear, cry, scream in frustration and
      in something else. Scott, the adorable boy who got
      dressed up to serenade her at 2:43 in the morning on
      her birthday. Scott who had driven halfway across the
      country to get her brie cheesecake made in only one
      gas station diner in the entire universe.
      Jean did go upstairs and felt like a moron
      for creeping around. She was a grown woman and
      sneaking around wasn�t her attitude or her style. She
      would hold her head high and she would set her jaw
      imperiously and remember that she was a doctor with a
      PhD behind her name. No one knew when she wanted to
      bang her head on the wall�well maybe Scott knew. And
      of course the Professor because he knew everything
      about everyone including that cookie you stole from
      the bakery when you were 4 years old. The light was
      still on when she came in and Scott wasn�t in the bed.
      He was sitting at the desk fully dressed and staring
      out the window.
      She snuck up behind him and whispered into
      his ear, �You know, they don�t get any brighter the
      more you stare at them.� Scott didn�t answer and it
      didn�t take Jean�s psychic skills to read the set of
      his jaw. �Scott-�
      �You weren�t making out. You were only
      hugging him. It was a friendly hug.� The steel in
      his tone belayed his actually statement.
      �No, Jean, that�s fine. I mean I know you
      can act professionally around people even if you did
      see them half naked most of the time. And he did
      think about someone other than himself when he saved
      stabbed himself to save Rogue so I suppose he can have
      a hug when he returns. Who knows why he returned, but
      I don�t have a problem with it.�
      �No wait, scratch that. I do have a
      problem with it. He constantly goes off and does his
      own thing. He refuses to trust any of us. He doesn�t
      even know who he is. We don�t know who he is. He
      could be Jack the Ripper. The point is he�s a
      half-cocked pistol who I�ll bet will be buying beer
      for the guys inside of two weeks-�
      �Or cigars. You know he won�t give a darn
      whether or not he can smoke cigars. And if he wants
      to ingest that junk into his lungs he can go right
      ahead. Doesn�t bother him, but he doesn�t need to do
      it around the kids. There�s no way he�ll actually
      train with us, I�ll bet he only knows moves to kill.
      He was a cage fighter you know, heck that�s probably
      what he�s been doing this whole entire time is cage
      fighting and ran out of money or something-�
      He stopped his rant and turned to her
      realizing that he was sounding somewhat juvenile and
      not carring a bit. �I don�t like seeing him sniff
      around you. I don�t like him asking you to get into
      his mind. I don�t like him. Period. I�m going to
      bed.� With that, Scott Summers fearless leader of the
      X-Men took off his clothes, folded them neatly, placed
      them in a dirty clothes hamper and went into the
      bathroom to methodically brush his teeth back and
      forth first, then up and down. Jean suddenly wondered
      if Logan even had a dirty clothes hamper, or if he
      knew how to fold clothes. She suddenly had a vision
      of Scott and Logan nose to nose over whether he had
      folded his shirt correctly and then she began
      wondering just what Logan did wear to sleep at night
      and quickly chomped down on that thought. Danger Will
      �Go to sleep Jean.�
      ~ Scott, I love you~
      Scott turned over and even though Jean
      couldn�t see his eyes or even the soft velvet band
      that hid them, she felt the finger trace her cheek.
      �I know. I love you too.� Jean leaned into his palm
      but narrowed her eyes catching the tendril left
      �You don�t trust me.�
      �I don�t trust him.�
      �Scott-� He whilred around stomping
      angrily to their bed.
      �Why do we always have to have the same
      argument, Jean? You never listen to what I say, just
      go off blazing into a situation and then it gets you
      into trouble.� Which was only half true. Jean never
      went into a situation blazing or half cocked or even
      two thirds cocked. She went in prepared and with a
      battle plan, but when it came to people, to patients,
      to friends, she was sucker for puppy dogs and it had
      burned her more than once. And Scott always railed
      at her that she had been too understanding, too
      trusting, and that she wasn�t thinking and why
      couldn�t she just think about consequences. Maybe she
      was just a bad judge of character, or maybe she tried
      to hard to see the good in everything. It rubbed off
      from Charles she supposed�but then he had never gotten
      in trouble with a dark-eyed Mexican mutant whose power
      was to produce different colors on human skin. Jean
      had ended up with rainbow designs all over her visible
      body and some places that Scott had never even seen.
      He�d been furious for weeks and Josue had left of his
      own will soon after. Scott always took those things
      as a personal affront but he had never understood
      them. The problem was neither had Jean.
      �Scott, I�m not going to argue about this
      �Because you�ll never change-�
      �That�s right I won�t! You knew who you
      were with when we got together, you know who you�re
      with now, and you can damn well love her as she is or
      you can leave!� It was the first time she had been
      angry enough to say it out loud. Scott had always
      logically and calmly suggested it when she was yelling
      at him and she had wanted to shake him senseless
      because that was never the point. It was just a
      cop-out and she hated it.
      �Am I supposed to love someone who
      continues to hurt me?� he had finally asked his voice
      maybe shaking a little.
      Jean groaned in frustration. �You- you
      DON�T understand and you DON�T try! You sit there and
      try to make me leave and try to talk yourself into
      believing that you don�t need me.�
      Scott opened and closed his mouth and in a
      fit of unfairly cool rage answered, �I don�t.�
      Her shoulders slumped, her eyes squeezed
      shut in frustration and hurt. She knew he would get
      over it and she would get over it and one or the other
      would apologize and they would make up because they
      were Jean and Scott. They were the legendary couple
      of couples and not even Wolverine could tear apart the
      bond they held even if they themselves tried to yank
      it apart sometimes. They could yell at each other
      like that, and the next morning she would be asking
      him teaching questions and he would be expecting her
      to finish the letters she was typing for him and that
      would be the end of it. But that didn�t mean anything
      was fixed or that it didn�t hurt. The fact that he
      said it and both meant it and not meant it didn�t mean
      anything was broken either�it was the strangest
      paradox�but it still hurt.
      Jean walked out and slammed the door behind
      her not caring if it was 1 or 2 o�clock in the
      morning. She floated downstairs and contemptuously
      contemplated the kitchen, grabbed random car keys and
      headed for the door. She had just reached for the cold
      silver of the doorknob when a hand clamped down on her
      wrist. �Little late to be wandering �round Red.� Of
      course it would be Logan. Of course he would be up
      and wandering at 2 in the morning and of course he
      would be the one to find her climbing the walls to get
      �I�m going for a drive. Shut-up and get out
      of my way or shut-up and get in the car.�
      �Hey� is that� is that hostility I sense hear
      from you Jean?� His eyes had the audacity to dance at
      her. Bastard. He was laughing at her.
      They finally stopped not at a bar like Logan
      would have wanted to or at a club, which Jean had
      actually never been to, but at a little all night
      diner 25 minutes down the road. Xavier�s school was
      already approaching city limits so it was a one-stop
      gas station/food to go/convenience store type place
      crammed into a building the size of an Olympic
      swimming pool, which really wasn�t all that small when
      you stopped to think about it. Wolverine predictably
      grabbed at strips of jerky and barked out that he
      wanted some beer or another that Jean knew nothing
      about. She on the other hand was looking for a nice
      exotic coffee name at least 4 syllables long that
      Scott would have heartily disapproved of. He refused
      to get addicted to coffee and it really wasn�t all
      that good for you anyway, but Jean was a closet lover
      of Carmel Macchiatos. Scott tolerated it
      occasionally, but always looked at her with
      reproachful eyes.
      She finally settled on a ham and cheese
      sandwich, something that sounded vaguely like a
      cappuccino, and snagged a stale blueberry scone.
      There was a microwave but it looked like a rat had
      died in it. �Don�t you ever sleep?� she snapped at
      the larger man across from her happily munching
      away�or at least as �happily� as Logan ever got. It
      was more like a stoic happiness in that he wasn�t
      growling or tearing anything apart so it was pretty
      close to content.
      �I wasn�t the one slamming around the
      mansion,� he answered taking another chew.
      �You were up though.�
      �Just needed to clear some things up with
      Marie.� Marie. Always Marie to Logan. Never Rogue.
      As it was never Marie for anyone else but Logan, for
      them it was always Rogue. It had just sort of
      happened that way and as she never introduced herself
      as Marie, Rogue perpetuated. �She�s grown some.
      Taller I mean. She�s still a kid.�
      And there went all any thoughts of Scott
      zooming behind the phrase �she�s still a kid.�
      Nonchalantly, �What do you mean?�
      �She�s seen lots of things that no kid
      ought to have ever seen, and some of that is directly
      my fault cause now she�s got me inside her and I�ve
      seen things that no living person should�ve ever seen
      period. It�s kind of rough on a person I guess when
      they can see things but still not understand them.�
      They�d gone from phrases to sentences. Jean praised
      her lucky stars. �She�s got this funny notion that
      she�s been replaced.�
      �By who?� asked Jean automatically.
      Logan only quirked an eyebrow and slurped
      at his coffee. �Take a flocking guess.� Jean blushed
      then and looked back down at her plate. Rogue had a
      crush on Logan, duh. But what did Logan feel for her,
      what could he feel for her. Resident shrink was
      fighting against friend and winning fast until Logan
      opened his mouth again. �Problem is she wasn�t
      anywhere to be replaced.�
      �Oh?� Jean�s speech patterns were getting
      shorter and shorter by the minute.
      �I�m inside her yeah, but she isn�t inside
      me and there�s a lot of thinking been going these past
      few years. Thought a lot, remembered some, thought
      some more and decided that I have to give her some
      space till she figures it out on her own.�
      Jean was decidedly lost by that time but
      what was worse was that her scone was nearly gone and
      she wasn�t quite ready to stop enjoying it yet. �So
      hang on, why did you say she was never anywhere to
      begin with?�
      And then she was scared. Scared because
      she realized the answer in the split second it took
      Logan to lean across the table and whisper in a half
      growl, �Because somebody else was already there.�
      She felt very much like a kid with a crush for the
      first time, felt very much that she was going to end
      up very screwed in the morning, felt like she was
      being handed the fire she�d been dabbling with ever
      since Logan had been brought in on that white
      sheet�and then she laughed. Cause he didn�t want it.
      And when he laughed too, she realized neither did she.

      Oh they�d been attracted to each other
      there was no doubt about that. Yet lust was never
      enough, and besides he wouldn�t wait around for her in
      the morning to come around like clockwork. She
      wouldn�t wait either...because it wasn�t where she
      needed or wanted to be.
      �Was being the operative word?� she
      purred. It was easier now. She had a little more
      control now that she knew the score and was ok with
      it. She could smirk sexily at him, and not feel
      tremors in her knees when he grinned back. �So I�ve
      been replaced,� here she gave a dramatic sigh and put
      a trembling hand to her heart, � by an adolescent bit
      of jailbait��
      �He growled and grabbed her hand. �Just
      for another 6 months.� He grinned ferally. �I�ve been
      counting. But that was never the problem. All it
      takes is for Marie to figure it out, and then maybe we
      can get somewhere. Maybe we will, maybe we won�t.�
      �Oh yeah like the whole damn thing�s not
      predestined,� she snorted into her coffee.
      �Only if she wants it to be,� he
      answered and leaned back into the booth. �Want to
      dance, for old time�s sake?�
      She giggled, low and impossibly
      nonchalant as if they had grown up together, as if
      there had never been any danger of wrecking four lives
      with choice, chance, and circumstance. �Logan, we
      never had an old time�s sake.�
      �Sexy lady like you? That�s a shame.�
      They danced and they laughed and hit each other like
      two kids. And in the end it was ok, because everybody
      got the girl. And it sure was great when the hero got
      the girl.

      -- cute. not funny, but cute.--

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