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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" (17/?) R [Logan/Rogue]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Thanks to all those who have requested this chapter and this action. I hope this was what you had in mind. Disclaimer in part 1. Earlier parts can be
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      Hi all,

      Thanks to all those who have requested this chapter and this action. I hope this was what you had in mind.

      Disclaimer in part 1. Earlier parts can be found here:


      Part 17:

      “ I think we have given the lovebirds enough time alone. Come,” Logan said and pulled Rogue up with him.

      “ You’re coming?” Logan asked Kitty and Peter. Kitty sat in Peter’s lap, their hands intertwined.

      “ You just go ahead. We’ll come when they call at ten,” Peter answered but looked into Kitty’s eyes and not at them. After their capture they had all realised that time was something they might not have an ocean of. To give the couples some privacy, Bobby had walked to another table and now talked with some of the other slaves while Remy was trying to explain some card tricks to some younger children without the aid of cards, which wasn’t easy.

      “ Alright,” Logan said and taking Rogue by the hand, they existed the dinner hall. As soon as they were out in the hallway Logan took Rogue in his arms and kissed her.

      “ Have I ever told you how much I love you, Marie?” Logan asked seriously as they drew apart. He touched her face, enjoying the feel of her. They had touched and kissed but still he hadn’t been able to bring himself to make love to her in this place. He wanted to give her more than that. She deserved the first time to be more, to be better, to be perfect.

      “ With everything but words,” Rogue answered and kissed him again. “ And I love you” she said as she drew back and Logan smiled. A movement caught his eye and he saw three guards coming towards them.

      “ Come,” he said and taking her by the hand, he dragged her quickly towards their cell. Coming from the dinner hall, one could walk two ways to their cell. Scott always walked right which made Logan always walk left. He didn’t mind Scott anymore. In fact in those weeks they had all worked in the mines, all men had formed a strong bond. In times like this, there was no time for petty differences to stand between them. But…..some habits died hard.

      “ Stop or we’ll shot,” a guard shouted and Logan reluctantly drew to a stop, Rogue doing the same besides him. She looked scared up at him as the men drew nearer.

      “ I’ll never let them hurt you,” Logan vowed and hugged her close to him as the guards caught up with them.

      “ Well, well. What have we here? A pretty little thing,” one of the guards said and reached for Rogue, touching her face.

      “ Get your filthy hands off my woman!” Logan yelled and a fury unlike anything he had ever felt, consumed him and for the first time he let it take complete control. Acting like an animal and not a man he pushed his mate behind him and sneered at the guards before he jumped at them. One of the guards activated his collar but he was too consumed by his anger to feel the pain. He got his hands on one guard and broke his neck. Throwing the body to the ground he jumped the guard with the control and began beating him up. He lost the control and Rogue ran to it and picked it up. She tried to push some buttons to stop the pain the collar was giving Logan.

      “ Fingerprints not recognised,” a computer voice from the control panel said. Rogue went to the dead man and forced his finger onto the stop button.

      “ Non living being. Can not comply,” the female computer voice said again and Rogue looked desperately around. Logan was still fighting the guard but now his friend had come to his aid and Logan seemed to be losing, his anger no longer enough to keep him up. Desperate, Rogue threw the control against the wall and it broke into a thousand pieces. Logan stood up straight as the pain disappeared and with a roar he broke both men’s necks, killing them. For a moment, he just stood there, the two bodies laying by his feet, blood on his hands. Rogue heard guards coming and grabbed Logan’s hand, dragging him with her towards their cell. She ran and ran and didn’t stop until they had reached the cell. Inside, the events all came back to her and she sank to the floor, crying.

      “ Marie, lov. Don’t cry. I can take anything but your tears,” Logan whispered and took her into his embrace, stroking her hair.

      “ Touch me, hold me. Tell me you’ll never leave me,” Rogue begged and Logan took her under the chin, lifting her face so she could see his eyes.

      “ I promise. I love you,” he said softly and brought his lips to meet hers. She drew him closer, deepening the kiss. His hands played with the buttons on the back of her blouse until he had opened it and he lifted it off her.

      “ Ah love you,” Rogue whispered as Logan kissed her again, his hands going to her chest. He stopped what he was doing and looked seriously at her.

      “ Is this what you really want?”

      She smiled at him.

      “ Yes, this is what Ah want. This is what Ah need. Touch me, let me know you’re real,” she begged and Logan kissed her again before removing his shirt and laying it on the floor next to her. He lifted her up and placed her gently down upon it before kissing her again.

      “ I love you Marie,” Logan whispered as he removed the rest of her clothes. “ You are so beautiful,” he said in awe as he looked upon her and she blushed before pulling him towards her again.

      “ Ah love you too, Logan. Let me show you how much,” Rogue whispered as her tongue entered his mouth and she explored his mouth, tasted his breath and felt his teeth before playing tap with his tongue. Logan deepened the kiss and showed her that two could play that game. The two lovers were for a long while ignorant of anything but each other as they let their passion and love run free.

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