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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG (4/?) [Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo, Aragorn/Ar wen]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Yes, it’s finally a new chapter of ”Fellowship Of Heroes”. So sorry for the long wait; RL has been hectic. Thanks a million to Sorcieré for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2002
      Hi all,

      Yes, it’s finally a new chapter of ”Fellowship Of Heroes”. So sorry for the long wait; RL has been hectic.

      Thanks a million to Sorcieré for the speedy Beta; you’re the best!

      Special and heartfelt thanks to Jonas, Tess, Stormfreak and Mel for their interest in seeing this story continue. Thanks so much.


      Part 4:

      After several days they reached the foot of the mountain. By now especially Logan was getting very irritated with the whole situation and Rogue really missed the wonders of her time...like real food and a warm bed. Logan liked the wild and so did Ororo, but Scott was with Rogue, although he would never admit that he actually missed the comforts of home...at least not while they still had a mission to complete. It would be bad for the moral.

      “Are we there yet?” Rogue asked in Logan’s arms. They had walked at least 10 hours a day, every day, so she was now very exhausted. Logan had noticed her struggle and had simply ignored her protests and carried her some of the way.

      “We are there,” Gandalf announced as he stopped in front of the mountainside. Logan was about to complain that it was just the bare side of the mountain when the moonlight shone on the rough stone and some gold written letters appeared on the mountain wall, forming a door. “This is the entrance to the tunnels.”

      “What does it say?” Ororo asked as she saw the beautiful symbols on the wall.

      “It is an old form of Elvish. It says ‘The doors of Durin, Lord Of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter’,” Legolas translated and also came to look at the door. Merry, Pippin, Boromir, Sam, Logan and Rogue didn’t bother to go look at the door but exhausted sat down on some rocks besides it.

      “It must be a riddle,” Scott said thoughtfully.

      “Gee, you think?” Logan mumbled sarcastically from his place besides Rogue. Scott ignored him but a small smile played over his lips at Logan’s comment.

      “But what is the answer?” Frodo asked and those gathered in front of the door considered this.

      Merry and Pippin, more than a bit bored by now, started to test who could throw rocks the longest into the lake that lay just outside the entrance. Boromir tried to see the end of the lake but in the darkness the lake seemed to go on into the unknown.

      “Don’t disturb the water,” Strider warned and caught Merry’s hand as he was about to throw another stone. He had lived in the wild for years and knew there could be evil lying waiting everywhere. Strider let his horse go as it couldn’t go with him inside the tunnels, and he knew it would find its way back to Rivendell. He saw Gandalf in vain try one spell after another on the door and by now everyone had sat down on the nearby stones. He walked to sit besides Frodo and Sam.

      “This trip is no fun,” Pippin complained and sat down with Merry besides Boromir. Boromir smiled fondly as his small friends. What he wouldn’t give to just once in his life to have such an easy and untroubled look at life and not be troubled with matters of state and burdens heavier than the stone he was sitting on.

      “I’ve got it. It’s a riddle,” Scott suddenly said and all looked at him. “Don’t you see? Speak friend and enter. It’s obvious. Legolas, what is the Elvish word for friend?”

      “Of course,” Strider said. Scott was right; it really was obvious.

      *Friend* Strider said in Elvish and the gates opened. The fellowship got to their feet.

      “We were just beginning to enjoy the nice view and great chairs out here,” Logan teased and Rogue laughed as they walked through the gates. Gandalf took up some kind of stone and placed it on his walking stick and the stone lit up like a torch.

      “Clever. You must save a lot on all your electricity bills,” Logan said and Scott grinned though his mood soon sobered again as he saw Boromir had drawn his sword and shield, Strider had his sword ready and Legolas was ready to place an arrow on his bow. His right hand went to his glasses as he looked around in the darkness. He noticed that it looked like they had entered an underground palace and now stood in the entrance hall. Gandalf walked in the lead and lit for them.

      “Ugh,” Rogue yelled surprised as she tripped over something and fell into Logan’s arms.

      “You alright, darlin’?” He asked concerned.

      “Yes. I just fell over something on the floor,” Rogue reassured him.

      “By the Goddess!” Ororo exclaimed as she saw what Gandalf’s light revealed. The floor in the big hall was covered with bodies. Dwarfs bodies. Rogue pressed close to Logan as she saw it had been a body she had tripped over.

      “NO!” Gimli cried and searched the bodies for a face he hoped not to find; his cousin.

      “This is not a tunnel. It’s a tomb!” Boromir said and held Merry and Pippin back so they couldn’t see the bodies.

      “Let’s get out of here,” Logan yelled and everyone turned around and began to move out of the tunnels, this time making Logan, Rogue and the hobbits in the lead as they had entered last.

      “I hear something draw closer,” Legolas warned as they ran out but they were all too shocked to pay him much attention until something in the lake before them started to move. Out of the lake a giant octopus-like creature appeared and with its tentacles reached for the nearest person, which was Frodo.

      “Help! Strider,” Frodo called frightened as the creature pulled him up by one leg and towards its giant mouth. Faster than the human eye could see Legolas had placed an arrow on his bow and fired at the creature.
      “Ororo, fly up and hit it with some lighting. Rogue, stand back. Logan, try to cut the other tentacles,” Scott ordered and fired his eye beams at the creature as well as he could without accidentally hitting Frodo.

      “Attack!” Strider yelled and ran out into the water and began to cut away at the giant tentacle that held Frodo. Boromir drew his sword and ran after him and cut the tentacles that tried to reach Strider.

      “Frodo!” Sam yelled and drew his sword and hit away at the tentacles that tried to reach those who were still on shore. Merry and Pippin did the same and Logan had literally his hands full with trying to cut all the incoming tentacles with his claws though Gimli and his ax did a great job.

      “There must be millions of arms,” Rogue said in despair and wished she could do something to help but knew how dangerous it could be if she absorbed the creature.

      Strider succeeded in cutting Frodo loose as Ororo’s lighting was either distracting or hurting the creature and Boromir caught the young hobbit in his arms and ran with him towards the gates.

      “To the tunnels!” Gandalf yelled and they all ran towards the gates, the creature right behind them.

      “Ororo. Fly inside to safety,” Legolas yelled concerned to her and fired his bow as fast as he could to keep the tentacles from reaching Ororo. Ororo flew towards the gates and landed besides Legolas and they ran inside.

      “Merry and Pippin, get to safety!” Boromir yelled and the Hobbits ran through the gates.

      “It follows us still,” Legolas warned as he turned to look. They all ran further into the tunnels and the creature tried to follow but was too big for the gate and made it fall down upon itself, sealing the fellowship inside.
      “This should answer the question about whether or not to go through the mountain,” Scott said, drawing deep breaths. He’d rather face Magneto any day than giant creatures and evil birds.

      “We go this way and let’s hope our presence here can go unnoticed,” Gandalf said and lead them on.

      “I have a feeling this won’t be an easy way to travel,” Legolas warned and as they walked deeper into darkness they all stayed on guard, their weapons at the ready.

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