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FIC: More of a Woman (NC-17 L/M PWP)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Just a fair warning....pure smut. So much so, that I should be ashamed of = myself....but I m not.....KristineTitle: More of a Woman Author:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2002
      Just a fair warning....pure smut. So much so, that I should be ashamed of =
      myself....but I'm not.....<eg>


      Title: More of a Woman
      Author: Kristine
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Rated:; NC-17 Pure smut.
      Summary: Totally a PWP....Logan discovers that Rogue is more of a woman th=
      an he ever knew.
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Disclaimer: Me no own, nuff said.
      Feedback: Better than se....um...yes please! Love it, hate it, I wanna kn=
      Archive: You'd want this?
      Notes: No excuse for this what-so-ever. I blame this on a friend of mine =
      and discussion about "taking matters into your own hands"....I got to thinki=
      ng about the next No Choice (which this had nothing to do with btw) and some=
      how it mutated into this smutfest. I'm so sorry.....LoL Enjoy:)


      Finally, after being on the road for what felt like forever, Logan was retu=
      rning to the only home he could remember. He was so tired and weary that eve=
      n the prospect of having to live with Scott didn't bother him.

      He felt a slight grin come upon his face as he thought of how his return wo=
      uld fluster the boy. Logan was sure Scott would be thinking he'd come back f=
      or his fiancee and what fun it was going to be tormenting him. His thoughts =
      turned to the good Dr. Grey. Sure he'd love to push her against a wall for a=
      quick tumble but he had no intentions of pursing her seriously.

      The gates of the mansion loomed before him and he was surprised with how ex=
      cited he truly was at the sight. He could see Xavier waiting by the garage f=
      or him and he chuckled slightly with the knowledge that Chuck had probably k=
      nown before even he had when he'd return.

      "Logan." Charles said as Logan came towards him after dismounting from the =
      bike, and they shared a quick handshake. "Welcome home."

      "It's good to be back", Logan replied sincerely.

      Charles seemed to sense Logan tiredness because he said, "Why don't you get=
      settled in, clean up for dinner and we'll talk more tomorrow". Logan grunte=
      d his acknowledgemeant and proceeded to his room to do just that.

      Logan managed to make it down to dinner on time and after recieving hugs fr=
      om the X-Women and needling Scott about his bike, he scanned the room for th=
      e girl resposible for making him feel like he had a home.

      Suddenly she was standing before him. "Welcome back", she said before hurli=
      ng herself into his arms. After she had let go and he got a good look at her=
      , he was stunned at the way she looked. Even though he had only been away fo=
      r a few months, she had changed. Her brunette hair, which had cascaded over =
      her shoulders in soft waves, was now cut shorter, and nicely styled, the whi=
      te streaks adding an exotic allure. The gaunt thinness from her time on the =
      road had gave way to a healthy curvacious figure. He had left a nice looking=
      girl behind and come back to find a beautiful woman in her place.

      "You cut your hair," he said for lack of anything better to say.

      "Do you like it?" Surprised that he'd noticed, she twirled around, and he n=
      oticed that she wasn't wearing a bra under her tight sweater. He was startle=
      d to realize that he was getting an erection, looking at her.

      Trying to cover his uneasiness, he said, "Looks good on you. What do you sa=
      y we eat." She smiled and sat down by him as he desperately tried to will hi=
      s growing erection away.

      During the course of dinner, she told him about school, what he had missed =
      and so forth. He was barely able to keep his hormones in check after she tol=
      d him about learning to contol her "gift". After dinner, he returned to his =
      room to unpack and tried to convince himself that Marie was still just a kid=
      . As he was finishing up, Logan decided that since it was getting pretty lat=
      e that he'd go to her room to say goodnight.

      He knocked on the door but got no answer so he tried the handle and since i=
      t was unlocked, entered the room. Just as he had shut the door, he heard a n=
      oise and upon looking up, he saw her. She was standing in the bathroom door,=
      naked and dripping wet. Logan stood, rooted to the spot, devouring her body=
      with his eyes. She noticed his staring and blushed as she giggled, "What's =
      the matter? It's nothing you haven't seen before," and strode forward to tak=
      e her robe off her bed.

      "Yeah," he smirked, "but the last time I saw you, you sure didn't look like=

      Wrapping the robe securely around her, she said, "No, I suppose not. Sorry =
      if I embarrassed you, Logan. Was there a reason you came to my room?"

      "Just wanted to say goodnight is all", he replied.

      She kissed him on the cheek, a mysterious twinkle in her eye and he got the=
      hell out of there.

      He went to back to his room and decided that bed would be good. He was comp=
      letely confused by his feelings. Sure, she was an astonishingly lovely woman=
      , but she was also too damn young yet.   Logan decided to take matters into =
      his own hands....litterally.
      He began masturbating wildly, thinking of her rosy-tipped breasts, fantasiz=
      ing about her soft, firm ass. As he neared his release, the door opened and =
      he froze, cursing himself for foretting to lock it. Marie stood in the doorw=
      ay, wearing only a short nightgown. The look of shock on her face slowly tra=
      nsformed into a knowing smile, and it was Logan's turn to wear a shocked exp=
      ression as she shed the nightie and approached the bed. He laid there watchi=
      ng her mesmerized.

      She slowly slid into the bed, and then crushed his lips under hers.
      He felt her firm breasts pressed against his chest, and his hand slid down =
      her back, until he was holding her ass cheek with his fingertips. One of her=
      hands found his cock and the other pulled his head down to her breast. He p=
      ulled a hard nipple into his mouth and heard her moan softly. As he nipped a=
      t her nipple with his teeth, he rolled his weight on top of her slowly. She =
      guided him into her soft, wet folds. He felt his cock slide into her tight c=
      ore, and went slowly, savoring each delicious inch. He released her breast a=
      nd returned to her mouth, kissing her deeply, moaning incomprehensible thing=
      s into her ears, nibbling on her neck. All the while, her hands were roaming=
      over his back, urging him on. As he pumped with increasing urgency inside h=
      er clutching wetness, he felt her tense up beneath him. His own orgasm was u=
      pon him, and they both came, shouting and moaning, at the same time.

      As they came back down, Logan didn't know what to say. He was more sated th=
      an he could ever remember, but was still disturbed about having bedded the k=
      id he had promised to take care of.
      However, Marie soon laid his fears to rest, as she crawled over him to devo=
      ur his now-limp cock. He looked up to see her open to his face. It looked to=
      good to resist so he dug in. She was soaked, and he tasted himself mingled =
      in with her own juices. The animal side of him took a great liking to that f=
      act. His tongue found her hardening clit, and she began moaning wildly as he=
      licked and teased it. His nose was buried in her folds, and he had to pull =
      out to draw a shuddering breath every so often.

      Her mouth and lips were working him like no one had ever before and he felt=
      his balls tightening. She explored his cock with such unbridled enthusiasim=
      that he could forget she was "the kid", and focus instead on the fact that =
      she was a beautiful woman. His hands stole over her curved ass pulling her w=
      etness even closer to his eager lips. He slid two fingers into her core as s=
      he pushed back towards him, and he began to thrust them in and out while nib=
      bling on her clit. Marie went wild, bucking her hips violently and moaning l=
      oudly on his cock. Logan pushed another finger in, and he felt her clitoris =
      tighten up.

      Moments later, she exploded, and he felt her convulse over his face, in per=
      fect time to the contractions of her core on his fingers. Even as she began =
      to relax, his own release built and he exploded in her throat. She continued=
      until he was gasping for her to stop.
      She climbed back up towards him and settled into his arms. Both completely=
      sated, they fell asleep.

      And that's how Logan found out that Marie was more of a woman than he real=
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