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FIC: No Choice #6 - The Hunter and the Hunted (NC-17 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: The Hunter and the Hunted Author: Kristine Email: xxtheroguexx@webtv.net Rated: NC-17 (you re shocked, I can tell....heh) Summary: Logan, (or is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2002
      Title: The Hunter and the Hunted
      Author: Kristine
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Rated: NC-17 (you're shocked, I can tell....heh)
      Summary: Logan, (or is that the Wolverine?) comes to. Set after "Cold Light of Day".
      Series: No Choice #6
      Disclaimer: Me no own....nuff said.
      Feedback: Better than se...um...yes please! Love it, hate it...I want to hear it:)
      Archive: Sure...just let me know where it's headed.
      Thanks to: Helena for previewing....Much appreciated:)
      Dedicated to: Claire....bunny flinger extraordinaire....'g'
      Notes: First off....A great big Thank you for all the lovely feedback I received for "Cold Light of Day"....Yahoo apparently ate my replies and I haven't had time to redo them yet:( Secondly, the bunny flinger who spawned this series emailed me....I'm so glad that she wasn't mortified by what I had done with it....LoL With a 4 day weekend coming my way....you all can expect part 7 before the weekend is through:) Anyways....On to the fic!!


      Groaning, he rolled over onto his back, flicking open his eyes, his head pounding as he tried to adjust his sight to the darkness that permeated the room. He couldn't think of a time when his body had felt so battered, not even the time in the labs had left him feeling this way. His limbs were heavy, his head was cloudy, he simply felt drained. As though someone had sucked the life right out of him.


      He remembered now. Rogue had touched him with her gift. He bolted upright at the thought of her, his eyes wildly searching for her presence. Staggering to his feet, he searched the room, coming to a stop upon finding a note on the bed. One word written upon it. "Sorry."

      Logan closed his eyes, remorse filling him. He was the one who should be sorry, he was the one who had hurt her. Inhaling deeply, he could still smell the fear permeating the room. Fear of him, of that he was sure, and now she was out wandering in the middle of nowhere and he was to blame.

      Wolverine, awakening inside him, snarling at the realization that his mate had gone missing, his anger overwhelming Logan's feelings of guilt. One thought running through him, "Find her." For once they were in agreement.

      For the first time ever, Logan willingly stepped aside, letting Wolverine take control. He knew the animal side of himself would better be able to track her and she had seemed to trust that part of him. Closing his eyes, he felt himself being shoved back into the dark recesses of their shared mind.

      Wolverine pushed to the forefront, growling and snarling. He was furious. Furious at Logan for stabbing his mate, furious at Rogue for running. He had no doubt that that was what she had done. She had run thinking the man too weak to track her, that he'd never be able to find her, but her scent was imprinted on his brain, he'd know her anywhere. She was his, she knew this yet she still tried to run. He would find her, of that he was certain, and when he did......

      With a rumbling growl, he released his claws, tearing the door off its hinges. Stepping outside the motel room, he stopped, lifting his nose to the wind, nostrils flaring as he tried to catch her scent. A grin that would frighten even the most hardened man spreading across his face as he caught the slightest trace of her scent. With a snarl, he took off running in the direction she had taken.

      The hunt had begun.


      It didn't take him long to find her. With his heightened senses, she hadn't really stood a chance of escaping him. He stalked her silently as she made her way through the dense woods. He could smell the fear wafting from her as he stealthily made his way closer to her, a look of smug satisfaction upon his face as he prepared to claim her. She was his, his mate, and the sight and scent of her was driving him insane.


      He reached out, grabbing her as she turned stumbling at the harsh sound of his voice. There was fear in her eyes and in her scent, but something else too, relief and a hint of desire. She wanted him too, he growled low at that revelation as he pushed her onto her back to the ground.

      "Lo - Logan?" He growled at her in response, her eyes reminiscent of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. "Wol-Wolv.."

      He silenced her with his tongue, pressing his body into hers, groaning as he ground his erection against her. He released her mouth, licking a trail down to her neck, a loud growl emitting as she tilted her head to give him access.

      With a fluid motion, he ripped open her shirt exposing her breasts to him, her ivory skin glowing in the moonlight. He sank his teeth into the side of one breast causing her to whimper. He didn't want to hurt her but his need to reclaim her, mark her again as his was nearly overwhelming him. Looking up into her face, he was surprised to see understanding in her eyes. A breathless "Wolverine" as she raised her hips into his was all the permission he needed.

      Reaching down, he sent the buttons of his jeans flying as he tore them open, freeing his erection with a groan. The soft sweatpants she was wearing were ripped from her body, the smell of her sending him into a frenzy. He flipped her onto her stomach and grabbing her by the hips, sheathed himself to the hilt in one smooth thrust.

      He began pounding into her furiously, one hand winding itself in her hair as he exposed her neck to him, snarling as he sank his teeth into her soft flesh. His other hand snaking beneath her to circle her clit, her moan at his touch exciting him further. Her core rippling and massaging his cock as he pushed himself as deep as he could inside her. He groaned and with a final thrust he came, filling her.

      Withdrawing and turning her to face him, furious hazel eyes locked onto her chocolate ones as he said all that was needed.

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