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AN ACCIDENTAL INTERCEPTION OF FATE: Intro (S/J, prefilm, movieverse)

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  • Minisinoo
    AN ACCIDENTAL INTERCEPTION OF FATE Minisinoo http://www.greymalkinlane.com/min/accidental.html Summary: When Harry Met Sally, X-Men Style. That is, how Scott
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2002

      Summary: When Harry Met Sally, X-Men Style. That is, how Scott met
      Jean, and why they fell in love despite almost nine years between
      their ages. Broadway, Hawaiian shirts, "Soapbox," EJ and Scott at
      Berkeley, Jean serenaded in the mansion dining hall -- it's all here.
      Plus the mental breakdown of a telepath when her powers explode


      This novel deserves a brief tale of explanation as to how it came to
      be. :-)

      Over a year ago -- back in January of 2001 -- Linda (who keeps The
      Boathouse on GL.com) asked for a happy Jean & Scott story. So I
      wrote a humorous little teaser (now part of the prologue) and posted
      it for her. But before it went anywhere, other projects intervened,
      and it was back-burnered. As other stories were written that
      utilized material I'd intended to put in ACCIDENTAL, the story
      expanded, and outgrew the boundaries of what I'd originally intended,
      mutating from "a funny little comic bit" into a full-scale novel.

      Although this novel does include serious (and disturbing) moments
      when Jean's telepathy resurfaces, it's primary a romantic comedy with
      a traditional ending. (And hopefully a few amusing moments along the
      way, too.) The overall novel is ADULT (as most of my longer fiction
      is), but especially at the outset, it's fairly vanilla. I'll post
      warnings on individual chapters that include adult material. The
      style is different from anything I've previously written, a true 3rd
      omniscient. I'm not particularly fond of omniscient (1st is my
      favored pov), but it suited the nature and tone of the story.

      ACCIDENTAL takes place *before* anything seen in the X-Men film, and
      covers about 8-9 years, beginning around 1997 when Scott is only 18
      and Jean (at 26) is newly come to Xavier's. It's a foundation story
      that lies behind several of my other stories. It depends on the film
      *novelization* history, and much of the additional backstory I've
      created for Scott.
      (See Backstory at http://www.greymalkinlane.com/min/backstory.html)

      Obviously, it does not include Logan or Rogue. It *does* include the
      professor and Ororo, as well as Hank McCoy and Warren Worthington,
      Frank Placido, EJ Haight, and also (eventually) Bobby Drake. In
      short, the original five, plus a few. (It's a completely different
      take from "Special: the Genesis of Cyclops" and shouldn't be confused
      with that rather dark series.)

      Because it's fairly linear, and because much of the plot has already
      been sketched out (in fact, sketched out for some time), I've decided
      to post as I go, instead of posting as a whole, which is how I more
      commonly do novellas, etc. Don't expect a chapter every few days, or
      even every week, but I will endeavor to get them out regularly, as I
      did with CLIMB THE WIND.

      This tale includes a "reader challenge," which I issued
      way-back-when, to make it more interesting for me to write. I asked
      readers to give me 5 things that I must incorporate in the story.
      Those 5 (in the order they were given, not the order they'll appear)
      are as follows:

      1. a mother duck and ducklings (Rebecca)
      2. a performance of The Phantom of the Opera (Linda)
      3. a reference to Katherine Hepburn (Katta)
      4. Professor Xavier with hair (Shireen)
      5. A very 'loud' Hawaiian shirt (Sarita)

      Finally, a note on the images found on the website: Puguita has
      fashioned a number of images especially for this story -- primarily
      images of Scott in glasses. Please do not use them yourself without
      asking her permission. It took her no little amount of time to
      create them. Basically, if you see an image of Scott that you don't
      recognize from the film, please ask before absconding with it for
      other websites. Other images are largely ones that I scoured the web
      for. Some have been adjusted, some not. The (non-film) actors used:
      Warren is Jude Law, Hank is Jon Favreau, Frank is Stefano Dionisi,
      and EJ Haight is Peter James Bryant.


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