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FIC: No Choice #5: Cold Light of Day (PG W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: Cold Light Of Day Author: Kristine Email: xxtheroguexx@webtv.net Rated: PG Summary: Logan s nightmare comes true. Set after Resuming Control .
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2002
      Title: Cold Light Of Day
      Author: Kristine
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Rated: PG
      Summary: Logan's nightmare comes true. Set after "Resuming Control".
      Series: No Choice #5
      Pairing: W/R
      Disclaimer: Me no own....nuff said.
      Feedback: Better than se...um...yes please! Love it, hate it...I want to hear it:)
      Archive: Sure...just let me know where it's headed.
      Notes: Not really happy with how this part turned out....I had a dialogue piece in mind but hated how it came out....<sigh> Oh well, can't win em all....<g> Also, I had this done last weekend and I realized today that I hadn't sent it out....Blonde moment on my part....LoL Just another little chapter this time around....Blame whoever it is that's buying cars and forcing me to work OT:)~ Anyways....Hope you enjoy!


      The cold light of day filtered through the window as Logan looked up at Rogue for the first time since he had emerged from the bathroom, his shock written clearly across his face. He couldn't believe, didn't want to believe, the things she had told him.

      Eight weeks.

      Two months had passed since he had last been in control. He knew it to be true, especially after she had thrust a newspaper under his disbelieving eyes. Never had the animal retained control for such a long period of time. Usually he'd relinquish it after the fights or a day at the most. This was his nightmare come true and judging from his earlier look at her, Rogue had paid the price for his weakness.

      He still had no idea where they were exactly, she had only said they'd been steadily traveling north. He assumed they'd been heading for a cabin he'd won in a fight. It would make sense, Wolverine had his mate and with winter fixing to set in, he'd want to get her settled in somewhere isolated and safe. //Especially now since...Since what?// Logan frowned in concentration, the beast inside demanding he take her there but refusing to divulge the reason why.

      "Wolv-Logan?" His attention snapped back to her at the sound of her voice, his eyes widening in surprise at finding her standing right in front of him. "Logan?"

      His eyes slid closed as he felt 'him' try to surface again, his body shaking slightly from the strain of trying to contain the animal. Her caress on his face startled him and he flinched violently, his claws releasing seemingly of their own violation. A feeling of horror enveloped him as he realised that he had impaled her. Wolverine was raging inside, screaming, making his head pound as he retracted the claws. Her hand comes to rest on his face as he stared into her dark eyes willing her to know he hadn't meant to hurt her, a tear rolling down his cheek as he covers her hand with his own. He opens his mouth to speak but all that comes out is a hiss of pain as his body suddenly feels like it's being ripped apart and then there is only blackness.


      Rogue sat, rocking herself, as she tried to sort through the barrage of memories she had absorbed from Wolverine. 'Logan." she corrected herself.

      She stared at the unconscious figure beside her as memories of ripped open flesh and metal claws flashed through her mind. "You healed me". Her eyes widening as she realized that he was a mutant too.

      She could feel Logan's horror and Wolverine's furious anger...at her? She wasn't sure. He had promised not to hurt her but she had no idea what he would do to her for hurting him. For the first time since that initial night, Rogue felt fear. She didn't know what to expect when he woke up, she didn't know 'who' to expect for that matter. With uncertainty laying heavy upon her, she did the only thing she could think of.

      She ran.
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