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Fic: Put Your Faith in Me 5/15

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  • Julianna Hawk
    *Continues directly from part four* D nodded and faded out of sight, leaving it to appear as if Mort and Lia were the only ones in the kitchen. Erik walked
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      *Continues directly from part four*

      D nodded and faded out of sight, leaving it to appear as if Mort and Lia
      were the only ones in the kitchen. Erik walked into the kitchen and nodded
      his head in greeting to Mort. "Hello Lia, sleep well?"
      "Yup, want some pizza? It's three cheese and tomato, my specialty."
      "No thank you, I don't care for pizza. Though I'd like to speak with you
      later today, if you don't mind."
      "Sure, but it would have to be tonight if you don't mind, I'm takin' Mort to
      meet Reesy this afternoon.�
      "Reesy? Don't believe I've ever heard of that." His eyes wandered briefly to
      Mort. "Oh, hello Toad." He said offhandedly, looking back to Lia.
      "Reesy is my cousin, her name's Rhiannah. She's mom's neice." Lia turned to
      look at Mort, confused at how he just let Erik ignore him. {You okay?}
      �I wasn't aware that Raven had a niece. Very well, tonight then. Good day."
      He turned and left the room without giving Mort another look.
      /I'm fine. They all do it to me, told you, it's like I'm invisible./ Mort
      sighed, "Ya want any help with the pizza?"
      "Sure, could you grate the cheese please while I finish making the dough?"
      "Sure." He grabbed the block of cheese and began to grate it into a bowl.
      �They shouldn�t treat you like that though, D you can re-appear, he�s gone
      now.� Lia spread the dough into a pan and started to smooth tomato sauce
      onto it. �It�s just stupid of them to expect you to become buddy-buddy with
      them right away when they barely acknowledge you.�

      D did as he was told and materialized in a chair at the table. "Jewel I
      could be the most perfect best friend in the world and it still wouldn't get
      me Reesy." He looked over at Mort. "And she's right, ya can't let them
      pretend you don't exist, but do their bidding when they finally acknowledge
      the fact that you're around."
      �You *are* her perfect best friend, that�s why she�s terrified to make a
      move. What if something goes wrong and she never sees you again? She�d lose
      her best friend, she�d hate to lose you, so she�d rather be best friends and
      *not* have to worry about losing you. Mort, listen to D if ya won�t listen
      to me. Don�t let them just push you around, especially mom.� Lia took the
      grated cheese from Mort and spread it evenly over the pizza.
      "But if I don't, I'll just get hurt." Mort murmured. D just sat at the
      table, a thoughtful and dejected look on his face.
      �They hit you?� Lia asked, her eyes taking on a greenish glow. �Those
      fucking, self-righteous bastards. I�m going to rip their intestines out
      through their necks and hang them by them.�
      "No, the people here haven't hit me." Mort answered. "Except for Victor. But
      he hits anyone."
      �Anyone hits you �gain, you tell me? I�m in need of a good fight; not that
      Victor is anything close to a good fight, but still. So if they don�t hit
      you why do you say you�d get hurt?� Lia started chopping up the tomatoes.
      "I've always been hit fer not doin' what I'm told or getting in the way or
      lots o' things. Jus' don't want it t' happen again." D looked sadly at Lia.
      (Poor kid.)
      {I know, he�s so sweet and everyone treats him like shit. He told me I was
      beautiful, than begged me not to hit him for saying that.} �Well I don�t
      think they want to hurt you, I mean why ask me to come here if they wanna
      hurt you?� Lia placed the tomatoes on the pizza and slid it into the oven.
      �D, if ya could boost the oven.�
      (You've got a fight on your hands to convince him he's not worthless.) D
      waved his hand towards the oven.
      {I�m not one to back down from a fight, but I don�t know I�ll ever get him
      to believe me. He barely trusts me.} �Thanks D.� Lia got some plates down
      from the cupboards. �Mort, can you grab me the coke from the fridge?�
      Mort went to the refrigerator and pulled out the cans of Coca-Cola.
      (You didn't let me back down when I tried to befriend Reesy.)
      {I didn�t say I was gonna back down, I�m just worried that I won�t be able
      to help him if he won�t trust me, and I have no idea how to get him to trust
      me.} �Thanks Mort. Pizza�ll be ready in a few minutes.�
      "Ok." Mort sat back down at the table and drummed his fingers on the edge. D
      stood and gave Lia a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna run, I
      �volunteered�,� he made air quotation marks when he spoke, �to help Reesy
      with the horses."
      "But you hate going to the stables."
      �I do, but Reesy asked me, so.� D shrugged. �Call me when you need a lift.�
      He vanished and Lia tipped her chair backwards.

      �Sorry if we ignored ya there again Mort, so back to my previous line of
      questioning. Can you swim?�
      "Lia. I'm half amphibian, what do ya think?"
      �I told you I asked dumb questions. Good, because we�re gonna hit the beach
      with some friends of mine and Rhi�s.�
      "Um...ok." Mort shrugged, mentally making a note of what he should take with
      �Don�t worry, we�re all, well, almost all of us are mutants. D�s a demi-god
      and Resha�s a Wiccan, but still.� The timer dinged and Lia sat up to get the
      pizza. �It�s hot, so don�t try and eat it yet.� She opened the oven and the
      pizza pan floated onto the stove. �This way I don�t burn myself.� She shut
      the oven off and began cutting it; swift flicks of her wrist split it into
      eight pieces.
      "So, they won't hate me fer lookin' like a freak?" Mort asked quietly,
      popping the top on a coke can.
      �You�re not a freak and they won�t care what you look like.� Lia handed him
      a plate with two pieces on it. �Now eat, mom said you never eat.�
      "I'm not ever really hungry."
      �I don�t believe that.� Lia hungrily gulped down her pizza.
      Mort sighed and took a few bites out of a slice. "This is really good. Yer a
      beaut' cook, but I don't feel like eatin'."
      �Nervous?� She took a few sips from her coke. �Reesy�s obsessed with coke,
      that and Dr. Pepper. I swear the two of us could drink a whole case easily
      in a single afternoon.�
      "Kinda." He admitted. "But I jus' never had much of an appetite in the
      orphanage, made it easier when I was on the streets an' couldn't get a
      decent meal." He pushed his nearly full plate away. "I'm gonna get ready."
      �Okay, I�ll meet ya in your room and we�ll go, okay? We don�t hafta go if ya
      don�t wanna. I just thought you might like to hang out with other people
      instead of just with me.�
      "Nothin's wrong hangin' out with ya, but other people would be nice too.
      I'll go." He stood and leapt to the second floor, walking down the hall and
      into his room.

      �Do you plan on eavesdropping on us for the rest of the summer?� Lia asked
      and motioned to Mort�s now empty chair. �Have a seat, mom.�
      Raven appeared and sat down. "So Adian's in love with Deirdre�s daughter."
      She said by way of greeting. "Thought you had a crush on him."
      Lia started coughing and choking on her pizza. Finally she managed to
      swallow it after drinking most of her coke quickly. �What in all of Hades?!
      D�s my friend, that�s all. He pisses me off more often than not, so no, I
      don�t have a crush on him.� She wiped at her mouth with a napkin. �And if
      you try anything to fuck it up between them.� She let the threat tangle in
      the air.
      "Of course you don't." Raven replied condescendingly. "And I won't do
      anything to the blonde bimbos. Seems you're awfully nice to Toad."
      �Well none of you all are. He�s really sweet if you gave him a chance.� Lia
      pushed her plate back and stood up. �What da sees in you continues to elude
      me. There�s a place in hell reserved for you. You�re nothing more than a
      sneaky underhanded whore and I fail to see why Aunt Deirdre insists you�re
      anything but.� She turned on her heel and flew to land up on the second
      floor and headed to Mort�s room.

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