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Fic: Put Your Faith in Me 4/15

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  • Julianna Hawk
    *Follows directly from part three* Lia felt a light pecking on her wrist. She squinted in the light, than smiled. {Hey Sun.} Sunfeather hopped along her
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2002
      *Follows directly from part three*

      Lia felt a light pecking on her wrist. She squinted in the light, than
      smiled. {Hey Sun.} Sunfeather hopped along her headboard, fluttering his
      feathers and squawking slightly. {This is Mort; he�s a friend. Hush now, let
      him sleep.}
      <So many shiny things here.> He flew to the door.
      {Yeah, there is.} Lia yawned and felt something resting on her stomach.
      Looking down she could see that Mort had somehow managed to prop his head on
      her stomach and was sound asleep. Not wanting to disturb him she idly
      stroked his green hair. Mort yawned and slowly opened his eyes, blinking
      rapidly to get his eyes to focus. He felt a hand in his hair and instantly
      stilled; realizing his pillow was actually someone's stomach. �Hey, it�s
      just me.� Lia rubbed at her eyes. �Damn, it�s well past noon.�
      Mort rolled over and sat up. "I didn't mean ta end up layin' on ya. �M
      �It�s fine. Did�ja sleep well? That couldn�t have been very comfortable.�
      "I was actually very comfortable. First time I've 'ad a decent sleep in
      weeks. An' that was the first time I've slept at all this week.�
      �Glad I could help. Any chance of getting some food around here?� Sunfeather
      squawked loudly, at the mention of food.
      �What the-?� Mort fell off the bed in his eagerness to get away from the
      �Relax Mort, its only Sunfeather.� Lia sat up and he hopped onto her fist.
      She glared at Sun. �Brat, I told you to be nice to Mort. You okay?� She
      looked at Mort sprawled on the floor.
      Mort slowly climbed to his feet. "I...I think so."
      �Sorry, he�s a brat sometimes, but he�s pretty sweet. Sun say hello.�
      Sunfeather gave a short squawk, and flapped his wings in the air. �So, you
      hungry? �Cause I know I am, so where can we go eat?�
      "Downstairs in the kitchen." Mort replied, retrieving his jacket from where
      he'd laid it over the chair the night before.
      �I�ll be done in a minute, okay?� Lia reached for her bag; �I need to get
      dressed first.� She winked at him. �Unless you�re staying for that.�
      "Um�I'll wait outside, I intruded once already." Mort slid on his jacket and
      stepped out into the hallway.
      Lia smiled and grabbed her red wine bikini bottoms; sliding off her
      underwear she pulled them on. Pulling her negligee over her head she threw
      it onto the bed, and snapped the back of the top, than tied it around her
      neck. She pulled on a pair of tiny dark blue jean shorts and slid them on.
      Picking up Sunfeather she opened the door.

      "So, the kitchen is..." Mort turned around and his jaw dropped. He barely
      kept his considerable tongue from falling out. "Wow."
      �So the kitchen is wow huh?� Lia walked past him a few steps, than stopped
      to look at him. �Are you coming?�
      "Huh?" Mort shook his head to clear it of thoughts that were causing his
      jeans to tighten. He remembered the orphanage and felt the fire in his blood
      cool. "No, I'd meant ya. Yer lookin' amazin' in that."
      �Thanks, are you going to show me where the food is or what? I�m starving.�
      Lia grabbed his hand again, and pulled on him. �C�mon!� She whined like a
      small child. �I�m hungry.�
      Mort chuckled. "As ya wish m'lady." He pulled a regally exaggerated bow.
      Lia gave a short laugh and shook her head in amusement. �You�re friggin�
      hilarious you know that?�
      Mort stared at her. "Ya think so?" He asked, unable to keep the hope from
      his voice.
      �Yup, damn, D�s gonna be jealous now. Someone stole his job of being the
      sweet, cute, funny one.� Lia headed towards the direction of the kitchen.
      "Well, jus' the job of bein' the funny one."
      �Really? Well than you must have a cute sweet twin brother who I met last
      "C'mon Lia, ya know that was me."
      Lia spun around to look at him. �Yup, it was you.�
      "But I don't think 'm sweet an' 'm damn sure I'm not cute."
      �Well I think you�re sweet, and I think you�re cute, and as that�s two
      versus one so it�s so.� Mort ducked his head and hurried ahead of Lia, still
      not believing what she'd said. �C�mon, you know I�m right, and so is Sun.�
      "I don't wanna argue even though yer wrong."
      �Well if you don�t argue with me, I win by default.� Lia stuck her tongue
      out at him, and took off running down the hallway. �Catch me if ya can.�
      Mort took a running leap and did a backflip to land inches in front of Lia.
      He reached out and touched her arm. "Caught you."
      �What�cha gonna do with me now that you have me?� She purred and winked at
      Mort stumbled back a step at that. "Uh�let you go right?"
      Lia shrugged. �Up to you, you caught me.� She ducked under his arm and took
      off again. �Not!�
      Mort laughed, his first laugh in years and raced after her. There was an old
      pipe above her head and he shot his tongue out, wrapping around it and
      pulling himself to her. " 'Ello again m'lady." He teased.
      �Damn, you know one day you�re gonna make your girlfriend very lucky with
      that thing.� Lia indicated his tongue. �I�ve got friends who would, well
      let�s just say, they�d love ya.�
      "I'm never gonna have a girlfriend." Mort replied quietly. "Not with the way
      I look and the past I �ave." He sighed and leapt down over the railing of
      the second story, landing easily on the bottom floor.

      Lia leapt over the railing and landed crouched on the floor. Her tail was
      behind her and her ears were pricked foreword. Red claws sprouted from her
      fingertips and she snarled slightly. �I know you�re there.�
      "Well well, if it isn't Raven's worthless whore of a daughter. Where's the
      blonde bitch you used to always tag along with?"
      �Don�t you fucking well talk �bout Reesy like that.� Lia snarled, fake
      lunging at him, than kicking his feet out from under him.
      "Ooh, I'm trembling." Victor replied, standing back up. "Awfully protective
      of a slut that left you with your worthless excuse for parents."
      �At least my da wasn�t my da because he had the correct amount of change.�
      Lia snapped back, watching him for a weakness to attack.
      Victor laughed. "Nice one kid. But I'm not in the mood to kill ya today. Ask
      me tomorrow." He smirked as he walked off, his dry laugh echoing through the
      �Trust me Creed, you�ll never shed my blood while I�m alive.� Lia called
      after him, than turned back to Mort. Sliding her claws back in she offered
      him a smile. �Sorry, we don�t get alone too well.�
      "I could tell. He also has a thin' fer yer cousin."
      �Don�t I know it.� Lia muttered darkly. �Everytime someone meets Rhi, they
      all fall for her, like that.� Lia snapped her fingers.
      "Ya soun' like ya hate it." Mort said softly.
      �I do, it�s hard knowing that everyone you meet will fall for her. She even
      has *it* lustin� for her.�
      "Do ya hate her for it? An' what do ya mean It?"
      �I could never hate Reesy. I know it�s hard for her to, she�s gotta live
      with everyone treating her like she�s nothing more than a pretty face. And I
      meant tall, ugly and stupid back there.� Lia jerked her thumb to indicate
      where Victor had gone.
      "She's treated like jus' a pretty face an' I�m treated like dirt. Seems like
      we both get treated like somethin' we aren't."
      �Exactly, you�d like her. I�ll ask, maybe you can come visit her later
      today. *After* we eat though, �cause I�m starving!�
      Mort grinned and led her into the kitchen. "Here we are."

      �Great,� Lia opened the fridge and took a look inside. �Dumb question I bet,
      but you ever had pizza?�
      "Heard of it, seen it, never had it."
      �Kays, than I�ll make some. Three cheese and tomato pizza, it�s my
      specialty.� Lia began to pull things out of the fridge.
      �Don�t you mean it�s the *only* thing you can make?� D teased, appearing in
      the kitchen.
      �Fine, see if I ever let you have some of my cinnamon rolls again.� Lia
      snapped and turned to Mort. �This is D.�
      "That's not fair Jewel." D protested, pouting before turning to Mort.
      "Adian, but she calls me D, and you are?"
      �That�s Mort, and it is fair D. Behave yourself or so help me I�ll send
      Reesy after you. Which reminds me, Mort and I are gonna come hang out with
      you guys later today. After we eat, �cause I�m starving. Mort kept me up
      late last night.�
      �All right Jewel! You finally lost that pesky virginity of yours.�
      �I didn�t and shut your fuckin� trap D.�
      "Yeah yeah or you'll send Reesy after me. Heard it all before Jewel."
      �I�ll drug ya and let Victor play with you for a bit.� Lia smiled at D and
      winked at Mort. �Not for lack of trying on my part though.� D laughed as
      Mort blushed for the third time that morning. �If we don�t lay off he�s
      gonna be ready for Christmas *way* too early.� Lia smacked D�s hand. �Stop
      eating all the cheese. Go eat Rhi if you�re hungry.�
      "Wish I could." D replied before he could stop himself.
      �Told ya, just tell her you�re in love with her.� Lia turned to Mort.
      �Feelin� left out at all?�
      "A bit." He admitted.
      �Sorry Mort. Didn�t meant to, you ever been to Ireland?�
      "No. Born and raised in England till I was seven."
      �I�ve been to London, that�s all. Where were you born? And after we eat D�s
      transporting us to Ireland so you can meet Reesy.�
      "Colchester. An' transportin'?"
      �Only way to get to Ireland besides taking a thirteen hour long flight. It
      doesn�t hurt, it feels like what I did last night, only we wind up in
      Ireland instead of inside your head.� Lia reached her hand to the fridge and
      it opened up, a block of cheese floated to her hand. �Magic, I�m too lazy to
      get up and get it.�
      "You're too lazy to do anything. Think that's why you can't get laid." D
      teased, leaning against the counter.
      Lia turned to him with her hands on her hips. She glared up at his 6� 4�
      height from her 5� 11�. �Just because you�re a blue-eyed blonde doll, and
      have pretty much everyone falling at your feet to fuck you doesn�t mean you
      know everything.� She shoved him against the counter with her hand. �I could
      have you screaming my name all night long if I wanted to. But I don�t. Now
      shut up!�
      "Don't have everyone fallin' at m' feet Jewel." D responded, pushing her
      hand from his chest.
      �And if you�re not nice to me you�ll never have Reesy.� Lia flicked her ears
      towards the door. �Magneto is coming.�

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