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Fic: Put Your Faith in Me 3/15

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  • Julianna Hawk
    *Follows directly from part two* Lia closed her eyes, and concentrated on finding her way into Mort’s mind. The pain was so intense she gritted her teeth to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2002
      *Follows directly from part two*

      Lia closed her eyes, and concentrated on finding her way into Mort�s mind.
      The pain was so intense she gritted her teeth to keep from screaming out.
      Once inside she opened her eyes. She was standing on a plain, surrounded by
      a dark swirling fog. Mort was crouched down next to her. "Wh�wot did ya do?"
      He asked fearfully, trying to make himself as small as possible.
      �We�re inside your mind. On something known as the �mental plain�. You
      control everything we see, and don�t see. Right now you don�t want me to see
      anything, so all we see is fog. I want you to show me what happened to you.�
      Lia grabbed his hand and tugged him until he was standing up. �Everything
      you see has already happened, so you can�t get hurt here.�
      The scene changed and showed Mort at age seven being held down by a group of
      kids as one punched his face and stomach repeatedly until he blacked out.
      Somehow Lia felt that was one of the least painful memories he had.
      �Mort? Are you okay doing this? I could go if you want, I don�t want to hurt
      "I...it �urts ta remember."
      �Do you want me to leave?�
      "It's um�up ta ya."
      �I don�t wanna hurt you,� Lia chewed on her bottom lip nervously. Mort
      gulped as he realized she was still holding his hand. She wasn�t screaming
      in fear or anything, or pulling away, or making someone hurt him.
      "Ya�uh�I'm standin' up an' I won't run, so ya don't hafta keep holdin' onta
      �Sorry, didn�t realize it was bothering you.� Lia let go and twirled her
      hair around her finger. �Before we go, could you show me what happened to
      you? You said there was bleeding and pain and, it�s alright if you don�t
      want me to see.�
      Mort sighed dejectedly as she let go of her hand, for that brief moment he'd
      felt he'd had a friend. "I guess I could show ya." He said the next part
      nearly inaudibly, forgetting about her hearing. "Even though yer jus' gonna
      use it to de the same thin's t' me."
      Lia watched slowly as the images began to take form. �I swear by the
      blessedness of life, by all that lives and breathes, that loves and dies, by
      my life I won�t.� She smiled at him. �In other words, I�d die before I�d
      hurt you like this.�
      He blushed crimson beneath his green skin. "I didn' mean t�. Fergot ya could
      hear so damn well."
      �I�m glad you did, lets me know what you really think about me.� Lia watched
      as a man appeared, he held a knife in his hand, and he was smirking at a
      chained up Mort.

      Mort was covered in small cuts and scrapes. �Let�s see what else you can
      handle freak.� The man smacked Mort hard across the face. Unchaining one
      wrist he crossed it over to be chained up next to the other. Unchaining one
      leg he attached it to the other side of the wall. Mort was now twisted
      around to face the wall, his hands were chained together at the top, and his
      legs were spread apart. The man was unbuttoning his jeans. �Gonna teach you
      why you don�t even look at the other kids here. Fucking bastard freak.�

      Mort buried his face in his hands and dropped to sit on the ground, rocking
      slightly. �I�m sorry, here, we�ll stop.� Lia wrapped her arms around him and
      whispered quietly to him. �I didn�t mean to hurt you.� His shoulders shook
      with suppressed sobs as he buried his face in her neck. Lia stroked the back
      of his head gently, and waited for him to relax. �Come on Mort, let�s go
      back.� She concentrated and felt the slight shift as they re-appeared on her
      Once back in Lia's room, Mort pulled away and stood up. "Thank ya fer tryin'
      ta comfort me, but ya didn't �afta. I mean, I know �ow I look an' all..."
      �Mort? Shut up and lie down. I�m tired and I know you gotta be.�
      "Yeah a little. So, um...g'night Lia." He said, walking to the door.
      �Mort, enhanced hearing. You go to bed, y�hear me?�
      "Uh, I can't." He answered softly.
      �Why not?� Lia sat up sleepily.
      "No�no reason. G'night."
      Lia pointed to the door; a bolt of green hit it. �Ya can�t leave till ya
      tell me.�
      �Mort, come here.� Lia held her hand out to him. �Come lie down with me, it
      might help.�
      "Ya sure?"
      �Get your cute ass over here.�
      Mort sighed and slowly shuffled towards Lia's bed and sat on the edge.
      Grasping his shoulder Lia pulled him down. She threw one arm over his waist
      and buried her head into his shoulder. �Now go to sleep.�
      Mort's eyes had widened when she'd pulled him down and he was shocked when
      she'd wrapped herself around him. "Ya positive about this?"
      �Go. To. Sleep.�
      "Aye aye." Mort retorted, obediently closing his eyes.
      �Real cute Mort.� Lia sighed dreamily and drifted to sleep, her arm still
      tightly around Mort�s waist. It only took Mort a few minutes of hearing
      Lia's even breathing and feeling safe with her body cuddling his for him to
      fall asleep for the first time in seven days.

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