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Fic: Put Your Faith in Me 2/15

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  • Julianna Hawk
    *Follows directly from part one* “Stars are so bright out here, even in the fog. Out on the prairies, there’s some places, it’s so clear, you’d swear
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2002
      *Follows directly from part one*

      �Stars are so bright out here, even in the fog. Out on the prairies, there�s
      some places, it�s so clear, you�d swear you could just reach out and pluck
      one from the sky.� She blushed slightly. �Stupid huh?�
      "No." Mort whispered softly. "I felt like that sometimes, when I was by
      myself and could just stare up at the sky and never worry about what anyone
      thought. Like it was me and the stars and they understood me."
      �Mort? In the orphanage, what, I mean, how did they have you? The images,
      are blurry, and, things are jumbled up inside.�
      He abruptly spun away from her, his back rigid, his eyes faced on the
      opposite wall. "None of yer business, that's private stuff."
      �Well it�s in my head now.� Her voice twisted bitterly. �I see it Mort. I
      can hear what they called you; I can feel how you felt. I�m used to having
      voices banging around inside my head, been hearing them since I was five,
      that�s eleven years. But the only one screaming in pain, never ending pain
      is yours.� Lia stopped and ran her fingers through her hair. �Mort, I�m
      sorry I snapped at you, but, just tell me. They won�t shut up, even now, you
      wanna trust me but you�re scared to. I can�t make you trust me, I could make
      you tell me, but than you�d hate me, and, I don�t want you to hate me.�
      "I couldn't �ate ya. Jus' I wish I could ferget it sometimes ya know? I was
      so close ta dyin�, but I never could an' that's all I wanted to do, die and
      end the misery."
      �Dying hurts more than living sometimes. You�d be surprised how long you can
      "Ya'd be surprised �ow much ya can suffer without even bein� close to dyin�
      and wishin� ya were."
      �When I was six, a poacher shot a deer near my house. It took five hours for
      it to bleed to death. I was in a coma for three days, because I couldn�t
      handle the agony of it. When I woke up I wanted to die, it hurt like hell.
      They never shut up, I can tell you right now what a snake in Asia is doing,
      and I can feel it when an anthill in Africa is destroyed. I do suffering,
      that�s prob�ly why mom thought I could help you.� Lia rubbed at her eyes,
      and released the sheet from where she had twisted it in her hands. �D tries
      to help, but nothing ever really makes them go away, as soon as I let my
      guard down.�

      "D?" Mort scooted closer to Lia and tentatively rubbed at her shoulders,
      praying she wouldn't beat him for it.
      �My best friend, Adian, I just call him D though. His mom, she�s the one who
      gives me magic.� Lia gave a low purr. �That feels nice.� She leaned back
      into the rub.
      "She gives ya magic?" He asked, carefully rubbing more of her back, kneading
      at the knots he found. "�Ow's that work?"
      �Well, mom couldn�t handle taking care of a baby, so she left me with da. Da
      didn�t have a clue on earth how to raise a daughter, so he got help from my
      Aunt Deirdre, mom�s sister. She�s married to my da�s best friend, my Uncle
      Ayden. They have a daughter, my cousin; she�s three months older than me.
      Her name�s Rhiannah, but I just call her Rhia or Reesy mostly. So da left me
      with them for the first couple years of my life, and when I got older he
      took me home to Canada. They live in Ireland, that�s why I sometimes slip
      into a tiny bit of an accent. Have I lost ya yet?�
      "No." Mort replied, somewhat wistfully. "Yer mother couldn't handle a child,
      but she left ya with yer father. �E needed �elp, so he went ta yer aunt and
      uncle and ya were raised with family until yer dad could take ya back. And
      yer mum still cares fer ya. I find that extremely lucky."
      �Mum doesn�t give a damn about me. Anyways, Aunt Deirdre serves Danu, the
      goddess of life. Rhia serves her as well, basically, by serving her you get
      magic, and what you do in life, kinda fuels her I guess. It�s hard to
      explain. Most children are entered through birth by their parents but I was
      entered several days after my birth because Danu�s such good friends with my
      Aunt Deirdre. Danu�s son is D. He�s in love with Rhia.�
      "Yer cousin �as a god in love with �er? An' Mystique seemed ta care that ya
      were comin' ta visit."
      �D�s a demi-god. Again, long story, I doubt ya want me ta bore ya. Rhia has
      no clue, for some reason, D keeps thinkin� he�s not good enough for her.
      Rhi�s half in love with him, but she thinks she�s not good enough for him.
      Whaddaya mean mom cared about me coming?�
      Mort had just processed the information about her cousin when she threw
      another question at him. "That�s a bit screwy, yer cousin an' the demi-god.
      An' I know she was excited 'bout ya comin' 'cos I 'eard her. I know jus'
      about everythin' that goes on in here. 'Cos don't talk, they ferget I�m even
      here an'ignore me.�
      �Brat.� She laughed. �You know, you�d be a good spy, you�re good at
      eavesdropping, unfortunately you seem to have a weakness for a flash of
      skin. Yes it is screwy, my whole family seems a bit�odd I guess.�
      "I do not!" Mort protested indignantly. "I was jus' tryin' to find out who
      ya were an' then ya started strippin' even though I know ya knew I was 'ere.
      I still say yer beautiful."
      �Damn, you�re as stubborn as I am. And if you don�t have a weakness for
      skin, how come you fell off the ceiling?�
      "Ya scared me. Didn't expect ya to do it."
      �Didn�t expect me to do what? Start stripping?�
      "Yeah. I knew ya knew I was 'ere."
      �Course I knew you were in here, I could hear the suction cups on your hands
      sticking to and ripping away from the ceiling, and than I could see your
      reflection in the tiles. I�ve got enhanced senses.�
      "Enhanced senses, magic from a goddess, an odd family, gorgeous body,
      *anythin�* ya don't �ave?" Mort asked incredulously.
      �Well, it may seem stupid, but silence. The voices never shut up, mostly
      it�s a dull roar, but sometimes, I�ve blacked out from them before.� Lia
      gave a low moan. �You are too damn good at this, it�s getting really hard
      for me to concentrate over here.�

      "I...I'm sorry." Mort stuttered, dropping his hands to his sides. "It was
      jus' somethin' I thought ya'd like. Didn't mean to mess up yer
      �Don�t stop, that felt so good.� Lia rubbed at her neck. �God that feels
      "A�are ya sure? I don' wanna do somethin' wrong."
      �I�m moaning like some hussy in a bad porno flick, I don�t think you�re
      doing wrong here.�
      "Porno? Um...Lia, wot's that?" He asked, returning his hands to her
      Lia started laughing so hard she ended up coughing. �Are you serious? You
      must be the only teenage boy in history to *not* know what porno is.�
      Mort leapt back to the other side of the room, a frightened look on his
      face. "I�I'm sorry." He murmured, looking down at his hands.
      �Why?� Lia slid off the bed and walked foreword silently until she was in
      front of him. She dropped to her knees and sat in front of him. �That�s a
      good thing Mort, you�re the first guy I�ve ever met who wasn�t obsessed with
      sex.� She placed one hand under his chin and made him raise his head. �I�m
      sorry I hurt your feelings.�
      "It's ok." Mort replied softly. "And sex is �orrible. All the beatings and
      blood and pain, don't see �ow anyone could stand that." He shuddered,
      rubbing at his arms.
      �It�s not always like that Mort. At least, so I�m *told*. I�m still a
      virgin, something D loves to tease me about. What those people did to you
      was wrong.� Lia wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.
      �I�m sorry.�
      "Y�yer sorry, fer me?" He looked up at her in shock, a tear in his eye. "An'
      it wasn't wrong what they did. I deserved it 'cos I'm a monster an' a
      �Mort, you said I�m beautiful, right?�
      "Yeah, 'cos ya are."
      �Beautiful people don�t talk to freaks and monsters. Do they?�
      "No, not unless they wanna �urt �em."
      �Have I hurt you?� Lia sighed and placed her other hand on the side of his
      face. {Let me in Mort.}
      "Not yet." He bit his lip and slowly nodded his head, indicating he'd allow
      her in.

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