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Fic: Making Noice (Sequel to Frogs, PG, S/J, X, Abby, L)

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  • Deineira
    Title: Making Noice (sequel to Frogs) Author: Lisea@glasstemple.com Author s website: Lizzy s Cavern (http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO) Rating: PG Pairing:
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      Title: Making Noice (sequel to Frogs)
      Author: Lisea@...
      Author's website: Lizzy's Cavern (http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO)
      Rating: PG
      Pairing: Scott/Jean, Xavier, Abby, Logan
      Disclaimer: I'll let you figure that one out yourself :-)
      Thanks to my beta, Henrietta.
      Summary: In Abby's words: "When there's a problem, I make noice."

      Thanks to Katta, who's feedback gave me the initial idea for this


      "Scott, come in. How did it go with Abby?" Professor Xavier asked, not
      taking his eyes off the papers he was grading.

      "That girl will get herself into trouble someday. I can't even imagine
      what she was going to so with me if I hadn't let those frogs go" Scott
      sighed and sat down on the chair in front of Xavier's desk.

      "Cyclops, The Fearless Leader of the X-Men, afraid of a 19-year-old
      girl?" Xavier said, smiling. "But this isn't what I wanted to talk you
      about. Logan is coming back late this afternoon."

      "Sick Abby at him? Excellent idea, Sir."

      "Very amusing, Scott. But maybe we should warn them about each other
      first. Two people as fierce as those two are could result to a

      "She'll have his claws through her if she's not careful."

      "Exactly. Find Abby and talk to her, and Logan should be back in the
      mansion by supper.


      Two weeks earlier

      "Come here, little girl. Ain't gonna hurt you none" a man said,
      holding a baseball bat in his hand.

      "Now, why am I not buying?" Abby said to the man and his three

      "The world is filled little freaks like you, mutie. Something should
      be done 'bout that."

      "If the world's filled with people like me, you're gonna have about 6
      billion people after you if you touch me."

      "Shut up!" the man took a swing at Abby, who ducked and stepped away,
      but still was cornered by the other three. "You're a worthless mutie,
      ain't no one gonna miss you."

      "Don't mean I'm gonna let you kill me" Abby said, concentrating for a
      few seconds. Then a blinding flash of light lit up the dark alley.
      While the men were recovering, Abby took off.

      She didn't get far before she bumped into someone. She landed on her
      behind, and looking up, she saw two, dark figures standing before her.
      She quickly glanced back, where the four men were closing in on her.

      "You'd better get out of my way before I get really pissed" Abby
      hissed at the two figures standing before her. One of the figures held
      out a hand for her, to help her up.

      "We're not with them. We're here to help you" a male voice said. Abby
      saw a wierd device wrapped around a part of his face.

      "Yeah? Where were you when they were swinging their friggin' baseball
      bats?" Abby took his hand and got up from the ground. The man pushed
      her behind himself, putting himself between Abby and the four men.

      "More of your friends, mutie?" the man sneered.

      "I think you should let the young lady be, gentlemen. We'll take care
      of her" a female voice said. Abby looked at the other figure standing
      next to the man.

      "I think I'd rather take care of you, Red. Why don't you come here and
      we'll have some fun of our own?"

      The man had barely finished his sentence when a flying trash can
      knocked the four men into unconciousness.

      "So it's true what they say. All men are created idiots" Abby said.
      The red haired woman looked at the man standing by her side.

      "Not all. Most, but certainly not all."

      "Abby Greenwood?" the man asked Abby.

      "Who'd you say you were?" Abby said.

      "I'm Scott Summers, this is Jean Grey. We're here to pick you up, and
      take you to a school in Westchester."

      "Bet you are. Don't suppose you'd have an ID?"

      "Not at the moment. We're not gonna hurt you."

      "It's not me I'm worried about."

      Scott sighed. "Look, we're just asking you to come see the school. If
      you don't like it, you can leave. No strings. But we'd better move
      before they wake up" he said, pointing to the four sleeping uglies on
      the ground.


      "Okay. Follow us, Ms. Greenwood."

      They walked out of the dark alley, to the street their car was parked.
      Abby still kept an eye out for the four men, but finally took a good
      look at Scott and Jean when they reached their car.

      "Leather?! What were you thinking? You killed an innocent animal for
      those costumes you can't even wear in daylight?!"

      "Keep your voice down, Ms. Greenwood. And no, they're not *real*
      leather. I'll explain it in the car" Scott said, opening the door for
      her. Abby yanked him by the sleeve of his uniform and examined the
      material closely.

      "Okay, I won't have to kill you" she mumbled, and climbed on the

      Scott and Jean exchanged worried glances at each other over the car

      The mansion, present day....

      "Hey lover. Anything wrong?" Jean said, when Scott came in her office.

      "Just remembering the night when we picked up Abby" he kissed her
      quickly on the lips and stood behind her, rubbing her shoulders. "I'll
      never forget trying to explain to her how synthetic leather can work
      as kevlar."

      "I think you've been thinking more about Abby than me. Should I be

      "Well, now that you mentioned it, we were planning to elope tonight."

      "Funny. Guess I'll have to elope with Logan, then" Jean said, patting
      his hand.

      "Guess you'll have to, then" Scott said, kissing the top of her head.
      "Anyway, I need to find Abby. We need to talk to her before Logan gets
      back. The professor wanted me to make sure there won't be any
      dangerous situations."

      "You'd better hurry then. Supper's in 30 minutes. You might want to
      check the lake, Abby likes to go there to meditate."

      "Good idea. I'll check the lake, could you check the mansion?" Scott

      "Sure, I'll do that. Anything I need to tell Logan if I see him?" Jean

      "Yeah. Tell him to find a cliff and jump" Scott called from the



      The mansion was quiet today, Logan thought. He took the bike in the
      garage, threw his bag over his shoulder and went into the mansion. He
      didn't get ten feet from the door when Rogue jumped on him.

      "Logan! I've missed you so much!" She screamed, hugging him with force
      that made Logan very grateful for his healing factor.

      "Hey, kiddo. What's up?" he said, holding her at arm's length.

      "We've got this new student. You'll like her, she's as stubborn as you
      are" Rogue said, winking at him.

      "Christ. That bad?"

      "She's okay, but she's got a few strong opinions about things. She's
      even yelled at the Professor a few times."

      Logan chuckled. "Poor Chuck."

      "Come on, Logan. I'm starving. Let's get some supper. I think we're
      having prime rib today, your favorite?"

      "Excellent. I'll toss my bag in my room, I'll be right there."


      "Jean. Anything?" Scott said, after almost bumping into her when she
      was coming down the stairs.

      "No. I haven't seen neither Abby or Logan. You didn't have better
      luck, did you?"

      "No. Can you scan for her, or sense her nearby?" Scott asked

      "I'm not that strong. We'd better hurry, it's supper time. They'll
      probably show up in the refectory."


      Bobby couldn't get away from the kitchen counter fast enough when he
      noticed Abby coming in. All the students began a project of hiding
      their prime ribs under smashed potatoes, salad or whatever they had on
      their plate.

      Abby took a long, sour look at the ribs on the kitchen counter, then
      turned to the cook. "Got anything for me?"

      "Sure, Abby" he handed her a plate of vegetable lasagne. She moved to
      the salad bowl at the end of the desk.

      At that moment, Logan came in the kitchen, grabbed a plate and stepped
      to the counter. He took notice of the curly-haired, teenaged,
      hippie-looking girl at the salad bowl. Of course, he had no intention
      of going near the salad bowl himself.

      Placing the plate on the counter, he started piling the ribs on his
      plate. It didn't go unnoticed by Abby.

      "Just what do you think you're doing?" Abby stalked next to him.

      "Eatin'. Got a problem?" Logan glaced at her, then continued the

      "The dead meat on your plate alone could feed 20 people! Have you got
      no morals?!"

      "Calm down, kiddo. There's plenty left for you" Logan said, took his
      plate and went to sit at the teachers' table. Abby followed, and stood
      at the opposite side of the table.

      "I'm not through with you yet. Everyone of those ribs came from
      different animals. That's two dozen cows you just killed!"

      "And I'm grateful for sacrifice, kid, but a man's gotta eat. Now, go
      pick on someone else!"

      Abby jumped over the table, knocking him to the ground. "Now listen
      here, mister" she said, sitting on his chest, "You'll kill only the
      animal you can eat. To get yourself full, you get potatoes, bread and
      salad, too. Don't see any of them on your plate."

      "You get off me while you still can, you *bleeping* *bleep*!" Logan
      growled and pushed her off himself.

      Abby quickly rose to feet, grabbed the salad bowl and threw everything
      in it on Logan. Logan's claws shot out. "Big mistake, young lady. You
      wanna stay in one piece, you leave now."

      "Fat chance" Abby said, throwing a jugful of water after the salad.

      "Logan, Ms. Greenwood, stop this instant!" Xavier's voice said from
      the doorway. "Logan, calm down. Ms. Greenwood, get in my office, now!"
      Xavier looked at the frightened students by the far wall. "Would you
      be kind enough to clean the kitchen floor, please?"

      Scott and Jean came in the kitchen, after hearing the Professor's
      voice. "Abby, what is going on?" Scott asked, seeing a wet and very
      pissed off Wolverine glaring at her under shredded lettuce still in
      his hair.

      "Scott, please take Ms. Greenwood in my office" Xavier said. "And
      Logan, you'd better go change."

      Scott grabbed Abby's arm and hauled her towards the Professor's
      office. Abby was still glaring at Logan, ready to throw anything at
      him she could get her hands on.


      "I'm very disappointed with you, young lady. You are grounded for the
      next two months" Xavier said. The anger in his voice came clearly
      through, even if he didn't raise his voice.

      "Logan started it! How could anyone be so selfish?! And you can't
      ground me!"

      "I believe I already did, Ms. Greenwood. You are not to leave your
      room, except to go to class and meals. That means no mall, no
      television, no videogames. Do I make myself clear?"

      "You don't have the right! I admit, I might have been a little more
      understanding with Mr. Logan, but he wasn't exactly nice to me,
      either!" Abby stood up. "And since I never go to the mall, watch much
      television or play videogames, you grounding me is a lost cause!"

      "Sit down, Ms. Greenwood."

      "No! I don't need to stay here, Professor. I can leave anytime I want,
      you told me that yourself! I've never had a problem with anyone here,
      unless someone picks on me. Then I have a right to bite back."

      "Ms. Greenwood, go to your room. We'll talk when you calm down. And
      please don't slam the door."

      Abby walked out, slamming the door hard enough it could be heard on
      the third floor. Instead of going to her room, she went outside, by
      the lake.


      "When the Professor told you to go to your room, this isn't what he
      meant" Scott said, sitting next to Abby on the bench by the lake.


      "What's wrong, Abby?"

      "Why does he eat so much meat?" Abby looked at him.

      "I guess he just needs more proteins than the rest of us. You can't
      blame him for that, Abby."

      "Watch me."

      "You've been getting yourself into trouble from the day you came here,
      Abby. You sit in your room all night, you don't socialize with the
      other students, you shout at your teachers... Do I need to go on?"

      "Please do."

      Scott sighed. "Look, I like you, Abby. But you've got a problem. Tell
      me what it is, and we'll see if we can do something about it. And if
      you could get more than two words in every sentence, I'd appreciate

      Abby sighed. "I like you guys. I really do. But I've never been good
      with authorities. I told the Professor that the day I came here; I go
      to class, and we'll end up hating each other."

      "And Logan? How does he fit in?"

      "I'm not sure. I just got frustrated. I didn't see 20 ribs on his
      plate, I saw the 20 dead cows. And it hurt."

      "You don't have any problems with the other students eating meat"
      Scott pointed out.

      "It's different. They're doing it with some sort of moderation, the
      kind that's normal. But Logan..."

      "You thought Logan went over the top?"

      Abby nodded.

      "Look, Logan's not gonna change. But he knows now how you feel. Let's
      hope he'll be a little more understanding from now on" Scott said,
      putting his arm around her. "Let's go inside, okay?"

      "Am I still grounded?" Abby grinned.

      "Maybe the Professor would cut you some slack if you'd apologize to

      "I don't know. It was fun to see him under all that salad" Abby said,
      smiling at the memory.

      "You're not taking this grounding very seriously, are you?" Scott

      "Hell no! Grounding infringes the basic human rights, no one has the
      right to order other people around, or confine them to a room. That's

      "Whatever. But it's late. Let's go to bed, and I'll talk to the
      Professor in the morning."


      "Good morning, Ms. Greenwood" Xavier said when they saw each other in
      the hallway the next morning.

      "Morning" Abby stood still, arms crossed on her chest, waiting for him
      to talk.

      " I spoke with Logan last night, and with Scott this morning. Logan
      has calmed down, but I wouldn't cross his path in the near future.
      Scott and I, on the other hand, decided that you should not go to
      classes if you don't wish to do so" Xavier said, "that is where your
      problems have started, is it not?"

      Abby nodded, " I told you we'd hate each other."

      "I do not hate you, young lady. I simply hate the fact that I might
      have forced you into this situation."

      "Okay. What happens now?" Abby said, sitting down on the chair by the

      "Would you be interested in working here at the mansion, with full
      salary?" Xavier asked, wheeling closer to Abby.

      "Sure. What do you need me to do?"

      Xavier smiled. "Well, our cook is constantly in need of help. And we
      might need someone to handle the mail. Not to mention drying up the
      ice that keeps appearing in the mansion" Xavier looked at Bobby in
      mechanics class behind the glass windows.

      "Kitchen duty, cleaning, mailing. So community service, with a

      "I didn't mean it like that..."

      "It's okay. I like it. Really."

      "Then we have a deal. I talked to Scott earlier, you can sort out the
      mail in his office, he has spare room" Xavier said, shaking his new
      employee's hand.

      "We've got a deal."


      One week later...


      "Scott, come in. I wanted to ask you how Abby was doing" Xavier said,
      putting aside some papers.

      "She's doing fine. She's really enjoying her job, it seems."

      "Then we solved our problem?"

      "Yes, sir. I haven't heard her getting into fights anymore. She still
      disagrees with some things, but she doesn't fight as much anymore."

      "That's good news. Keep me informed."

      "Will do, sir" Scott smiled and left the Professor's office.

      And felt strangely sad about never having the chance to see Logan
      covered in salad again.

      The end
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