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[Fic] A Taboo Topic 1/1? (S/J)-PG

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  • Chrissy Synth
    Title: Bill and Ted s X-cellent Adventure 1/2 Author: Chrissy Synth Email: scythea_spin_dizzy@yahoo.com Rating: PG Disclaimer: I don t own them. Summary: Scott
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2002
      Title: Bill and Ted's X-cellent Adventure 1/2
      Author: Chrissy Synth
      Email: scythea_spin_dizzy@...
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: I don't own them.
      Summary: Scott runs away from his problems.
      Note 1: See what heated discussions lead to?
      Notes 2: Yes, this is a fic about Scott and Jean. I
      finally wrote one!
      Feedback: Please??

      A Taboo Topic

      It wasn't as if the topic would never come up, but to
      be honest with himself, Scott Summers didn't expect it
      so soon.
      They weren't even married yet.

      It all started after Logan returned and Rouge became
      her own woman. Like a lost puppy, Logan latched onto
      the nearest cute thing, Jubilee.

      The two were like father and daughter, that's what
      gave Jean the idea. The dreadful idea.

      "I'm only 24! I'm not ready for that Jean." Scott
      stated throwing his hands up in the air.

      "Scott. My biological clock is winding down. It won't
      be safe for me to have children for much longer." Jean
      said, her voice firm but low.

      "Jean, it'll be a mutant. It'll grow up like us. What
      happenes when we are on missions? The team needs us!"
      Scott said he made sure he emphasized team.

      "They can deal without one of us. Scott, for me
      please?" Jean begged.

      "I'll think about it." Scott muttered as he walked out
      of his shared bedroom.

      Logan watched Scott pack up his car.

      "So, when ya coming back?" Logan asked the fearless

      "Don't know." Scott replided hefting another suit case
      into the trunk of the cherry vendetta.

      Logan took a puff off his cigar watching Scott fit the
      last suit case into the car. It was uncharacteristic
      for Cyclops to even think about a vacation. But to be
      going on one, for more than a week, alone. That was

      "Jeannie's still harpin' at ya?" Logan finally asked.

      It was known around the mansion that Jean and Scott
      had been having relationship troubles, but everyone
      suspected it was because Jean was attracted to Logan.

      "NO!" Scott snapped much too loudly and suddenly.

      Logan took a step back. He knew he wasn't going to get
      information from a man he didn't really call friend.

      "Ya, well take care." Logan said walking away.

      Scott Summers watched Logan leave before getting into
      his car.

      Tears rolled down Jean's cheeks as she watched the man
      she loved for so long drive away. Frightened off by a
      small conversation.

      "Come back Scott." She choaked out, but it was hardly
      a whisper.


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