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Fic: Captive Hearts 4/5

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  • kittenrescue
    Disclaimers in part one. Scott and Kitty had been back for two days. Kitty had contacted her parents to let them know she was safe, but declined their
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      Disclaimers in part one.

      Scott and Kitty had been back for two days. Kitty had contacted her parents to let them know she was safe, but declined their suggestion that she return home. Scott was still sleeping in a guest room as Jean was still giving him the cold shoulder despite his best efforts to explain the circumstances of his liaison with his student. Jubilee and Marie had finally convinced Kitty to let them into their room and they'd managed to get the whole story out of her. Marie advised Kitty to forget about Scott while Jubilee suggested a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret, which utterly confused the young woman. Marie and Jubilee argued about the situation, with Marie saying that Scott apparently wanted Jean back and that Kitty couldn't honestly compete with the sophisticated and perfect Dr. Grey. Jubilee reminded Marie that she herself had managed to capture Logan's interest despite Jean's blatant flirting with him and the practically open invitation for an affair. That had Marie wondering if Jean would pursue Logan even more aggressively now that she'd kicked Scott to the curb. Jubilee suggested that maybe Marie needed to stop teasing the Wolverine and *get down to business* unless she wanted Jean to reap the benefits of Logan's rapidly dwindling patience. When Jubilee recommended they devise a plan to ensnare both men, Kitty refused, saying she wasn't going to play games with Scott, who obviously wasn't interested in her.

      It was another few days before either Scott or Kitty were ready to even attempt to resume any semblance of a normal routine. Scott walked into the classroom to an eerie silence, the students feigned interest in their textbooks, and apparently nobody felt comfortable making eye contact with him. He cleared his throat awkwardly and was about to address his students when the door opened again and Kitty walked in hesitantly. With her head tucked down, she made her way over to her usual seat and slid into the chair. Scott was about to make another attempt to speak when Van Halen's "Hot for teacher" came drifting over the PA system, which caused the entire classroom to start snickering. Scott's face dropped and Kitty looked equally mortified. Not bothering to gather up her books, Kitty bolted out of the classroom. Scott charged out after her amidst whistles and clapping. Marie and Jubilee, disgusted with their classmate's behavior, both got up and stomped out of the room indignantly. Storm had also heard the music in her own classroom and hurried over to Scott's classroom to find the room in utter chaos. She managed to get everyone settled down and demanded to know who was responsible for the nasty stunt. When nobody came forward, the entire class was treated to a week's detention.

      Meanwhile, Kitty had run blindly out of the school and was halfway to the woods before Scott caught up with her, tackling her to the ground in order to stop her. Logan had been sitting on the patio smoking when he saw Kitty running across the lawn with Scott in pursuit. When he saw Scott throw Kitty down, and straddle her, he jumped up, ran over to the pair, hauled Scott off and decked him.

      "Whatsa matter with you, you fucking pervert?" Logan screamed at the prone man.

      The fact that Kitty's shirt had been ripped as Scott had grabbed ahold of her made the situation look even worse. Scott tried to catch his breath and explain, but Logan simply gathered the sobbing Kitty in his arms and with a parting kick to Scott, started back to the house.

      Over his shoulder Logan warned ominously, "Stay away from her, Summers, or else."

      On their way through the mansion they were met with incredulous stares as everyone speculated why Logan was cradling Kitty in his arms and heading toward her room. The gossip grapevine went into overdrive when Scott re-entered the house with a red mark on his cheek from obviously being punched.

      The news quickly reached Marie and Jubilee who'd been searching for Kitty and when they tried to get into their room, they found the door was locked. Jubilee banged on the door and was told by a growl from Logan to "Piss off."

      Inside the room Kitty couldn't stop sobbing and Logan just rocked her back and forth trying to soothe her. He'd been outside when the music had been played, so he didn't know anything about what had happened other than what he'd witnessed on the lawn. Slowly Kitty calmed down enough to tell Logan what had transpired in the classroom with Logan promising to hack off important parts of the perpetrators. Logan then went into the bathroom, came back out with a moist washcloth and tenderly wiped Kitty's face.

      "Listen, half-pint, if anyone gives you anymore grief, including that prick, Scooter, you just come and find me. I'll take care of it, okay?"

      Kitty just nodded to show she understood, and with a kiss to the top of her head Logan stood up and went to leave. Jubilee and Marie, who'd been standing outside the room patiently, rushed in when Logan finally unlocked the door and went over to comfort their friend. Kitty refused to go downstairs to the dining hall for dinner, so Jubilee and Marie brought something up to her. They also informed her that Scott was noticeably absent, too. The Professor went up to speak with Kitty and told her that while he understood how embarrassed she was by the cruel stunt, that she couldn't justifiably be excused from missing anymore classes and that she was expected in class the next day or face the possibility of not being able to graduate. Kitty told him that she'd be in class.

      The next day both Scott and Kitty were in class, but an awkward quietness pervaded during the entire hour. When Kitty walked into Jean's biology class, all eyes turned first to look at her and then at Jean. Kitty took her seat and feigned interest in something in her notebook to avoid looking up at Jean. For the next hour Jean didn't even attempt to hide the ice-cold glares aimed at Kitty. When the class was over, Kitty stood up sharply to get out of the room as quickly as possible when Jean asked, or rather demanded, that Kitty remain behind.

      Once they were alone Jean turned and pounced on the younger woman.

      "I just wanted to inform you that if you think your little *liaison* with Scott is going to lead to an actual relationship, you better guess again," Jean warned, "I'm gonna let him stew for a few more days and then I'll graciously forgive him. After all, I know that he wouldn't look at you twice under normal circumstances and I'm not about to throw away all the years I have invested in him because of a temporary lapse in judgment."

      "I had no intentions of trying to steal him away from you, Dr. Grey," Kitty replied.

      "As if you could," Jean laughed.

      "You've made your point. May I be excused now?"

      "Yes. I think we're done."

      Kitty marched down the hall, sharply turned the corner and slammed straight into Scott.

      "Hey, glad I *ran* into you. I think we need to talk," Scott began.

      At that precise moment the elevator doors opened and Logan stepped out. He saw Scott's hand on Kitty's arm and smelled the nervousness coming from her and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. Stomping over to the pair, Logan roughly shoved Scott away from Kitty.

      "What is it about 'stay away from her' don't you understand?" he snarled through gritted teeth.

      "What are you, her bodyguard?" Scott retorted as he squared his shoulders defiantly.

      "Yeah, a real dangerous one, too and don't you fucking forget it," Logan replied as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

      "Scott just wanted to talk, Logan. It's okay," Kitty intervened, "but thanks, anyway."

      "That's right, you barely civilized ape. What the hell did you think I was going to do to her in the hallway?"

      "I dunno, you dick. According to the video 'Scooter Pets A Kitty' you don't appear to have the restraint thing under control," Logan replied.

      "Why, you son of a bitch," Scott shouted and hauled off and landed a right hook to Logan's jaw.

      That turned out to be a mistake and soon after Scott found himself in the medlab getting stitches and having broken bones re-set.

      "So, are you satisfied now?" Jean asked while she worked on him.

      "Jean, all we were doing was talking and Logan jumped to the wrong conclusion as usual and.. OW!"


      "He acts like he's Kitty's personal bodyguard. I thought following Rogue around with a soft pillow in case she fell and hurt herself was his full time job."

      "Why don't you just try staying away from Kitty altogether and then you won't have to worry about Logan using you as a punching bag, or is she too irresistible?" Jean said as she finished stitching the cut on his forehead.

      "Kitty and I haven't had a chance to really talk since we got back and I think we need to. Just like you and I need to talk...at a decent decibel level."

      "Fine. Talk. Explain to me why you felt the urge to screw one of your students," Jean said as she folded her arms across her chest.

      "Will this leave a scar?" Scott asked touching his forehead.

      "Yes, it will, pretty boy. But I'm sure it will impress the ladies. I mean *girls*. That is your target audience now, isn't it?"

      "Jean, for God's sake, don't be petty. It's beneath you,"

      "Speaking of being beneath things, I believe you were going to tell me how Kitty Pryde came to be beneath *you* at Magneto's. And please the Reader's Digest version, I don't need the novel length one as I've already seen the movie."

      Scott took a deep breath and said, "Basically Sabretooth was doing some pretty vile things to her and Kitty didn't want him to be .you know..*first*, so she asked me to make love to her."

      "So, she asked you to de-flower her and being the *gallant gentleman* that you are, you agreed. And that's your story?"

      "Yes, that's it. That's all it was."

      "Scott! Apart from the fact that that's the worst excuse I think you could've come up with, it doesn't explain why you continued to screw her. And those tapes have the dates printed in the corner, so don't even bother to deny that part."

      "What do you want me to say, Jean? That I enjoyed it?" Scott said, his jaw clenching, "Fine, I enjoyed making love to Kitty. Are you happy now that you've wrangled that *confession* out of me?"

      In a split second Jean's hand came up and slapped Scott hard across his already bruised face.

      "You son of a bitch!" Jean said, then turned on her heels and walked away.

      Scott just sat on the edge of the examination table contemplating what he'd just admitted. The truth was that he had enjoyed being intimate with Kitty. But did he have feelings for her that went deeper than that, he asked himself. And what about his relationship with Jean? Did he want to salvage that? To go back to the way things were before? If he were being completely honest, things hadn't been so good. They'd been fighting about Jean's habitual flirting with every male who entered her field of vision and their never-ending engagement was becoming an embarrassment. He knew he had to analyze this further before talking to Kitty, so that he could go to her with a clear head.

      Meanwhile, in the kitchen to get a snack, Kitty wasn't faring much better.

      "Hey Kitty, I heard Logan and Scott got into another fight over you today," one of the kids teased.

      "Yeah, maybe Logan wants a piece of the *action* he saw in that amateur porno," another kid added.

      Kitty ran out of the kitchen in tears, her snack forgotten. And things were worse when she finally got back to her room. Her computer screen indicated she had mail, so blinking back the tears she opened up her email screen, hoping it was Autumn, her friend from back home sending her the latest news from Deerfield. Instead it was the school's daily event reminder that was sent out to all students and faculty members. Kitty went pale when she saw today's message. Somebody had made screen caps of the video of her and Scott and had sent it through the school's email service. Kitty felt sick. Just then Jubilee entered the room, walked over to the desk and peered over Kitty's shoulder.

      "Damn, you should print that one out and have it framed," Jubilee joked as she pointed to a shot of Scott naked.


      "What? He's got a really nice.."

      "JUBES!" Kitty interrupted her.

      "You know there's a whole bunch of girls who are green with envy that you got to do the deed with one of the two stud muffins around here and."

      "Jubilee," Kitty interrupted her again, "you're supposed to be my friend, and friends don't indulge in idle gossip about each other. If it were you in this situation, I wouldn't do it."

      "I *wish* it had been me in that situation. Who knew Mr. Pole-Up-The-Butt was so.*creative*."

      "Uh," Kitty moaned as she sunk her head into her hands.

      "Kit Kat, I dunno why you're so bummed about this. Looks like you had one hellava initiation into womanhood and it least it wasn't with some pimply-faced geek who came after one half-assed thrust. My only question is, why aren't you still doing the wild thang with Scottie the hottie?"

      "Because he's engaged to Frostette the Ice Queen," Kitty replied in exasperation.

      "Oh, please, that's so over. Jean's pride has taken a severe hit, she's never gonna forgive him," Jubilee stated.

      "She told me herself that she's gonna let him dangle for a few more days and then take him back."

      "I don't think so, chica. I heard her tell 'Ro that she flushed her ring down the john."

      Just then Marie entered the room.

      "Hey, Kitty, I thought I should warn you that.." Marie started to say and then saw what was displayed on Kitty's computer screen, "Oh, never mind."

      "What am I gonna do, you guys?" Kitty pleaded.

      "Just ignore it," Marie advised.

      "Easy for you to say. How'd you like it if pictures of you and Logan having sex were emailed to everyone in the school?" Kitty asked.

      "First she'd actually have to get Tall-Darky-And-Growly in the sack," Jubilee giggled.

      Ignoring Jubilee remarks, Marie bent down in front of Kitty, "Kitty, this will all blow over soon. You just have to hang in there."

      A boy of about fifteen appeared in the open doorway.

      "Kitty, can I ask you a favor?" he asked politely.

      "What is it, Stuart?" Kitty replied.

      Stuart walked over, a grin on his face and clutching what looked like a sheet of paper in his hand.

      "Would you autograph this?" he said, by this time barely containing his laughter as he held out a printout of one of the screen caps.

      All the blood drained from Kitty's face as Marie stood up and snatched the offensive photo out of his hands and ripped it up.

      "GET OUT!" Jubilee screamed at him as she gave him a rough shove.

      "Go ahead and rip it up, I can just print another one," he said as he turned and ran out of the room shrieking with laughter as Kitty collapsed in tears.

      That evening Kitty called her mother and told her she was coming home after all.



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