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FIC: Resuming Control (PG-13 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: Resuming Control Author: Kristine Rated: PG-13 Summary: Logan gets control. Set after Awakenings . Series: No Choice #4 Disclaimer: I own not.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2002
      Title: Resuming Control
      Author: Kristine
      Rated: PG-13
      Summary: Logan gets control. Set after "Awakenings".
      Series: No Choice #4
      Disclaimer: I own not.
      Feedback: Always appreciated and constructive critisism is a beautiful thing.
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Notes: Short chapter here due to my evil bosses who decided that it was time to recall my fanny back to work after an 8 month lay-off . I decided that instead of waiting til the whole thing was done, I'd just do short bits at a time since weekends are the only time I'm coherent enough to write.....'g' Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback and for encouraging me to keep writing this....Especially the DDFH'rs...A better group of people would be hard to find:) Hope you enjoy this little installment....Logan's POV:)


      Logan could feel the animal inside him begin to stir the instant he stepped foot into the bar. He took in his surroundings, seeking exits in case he needed to make a quick escape, noting that the people here were the usual rough and rowdy type that one would associate with a dive such as this. He smirked a bit thinking that he was sure to earn quite a bit of cash tonight, he needed money and these cage matches were always lucrative.

      He hated these times when he knew the animal part of him could easily take control. It had been happening with more frequency as of late, each time being a little harder for him to take back over. He despised the animal part of him. It served as a constant reminder of the suffering he'd been through at the hands of cruel humans. His memories of that period of his life were vague, but he firmly believed that during the excruciating pain of the experiments, some primitive part of his psyche had taken over and the Wolverine had been born. He feared that there would come a day when the animal would swallow him whole.

      He entered the cage to challenge the current champion. Each time his opponents fists connected with his flesh, he felt Wolverine pushing closer to the surface, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep him at bay. A brutal punch to his groin and his control snapped as he felt the animal rise, forcing him back powerless to stop it. He could do nothing now but wait for a chance to resume control.


      ~Present Time~

      He swims towards consciousness, stretching his body languidly, feeling cool air rushing over his skin. Shuddering slightly, he buries himself deeper under the covers. //Warm.// Wrapping his arms around a pillow, rubbing his face against it. //Soft.// Clutching it tighter, breathing in deeply. //Sweet// He draws it closer, his nose crinkling slightly trying to identify the scent. //Mine// The thought startles him awake. He raises his head up, blinking to gain focus and finds a dark pair of eyes staring down him.

      Confusion sweeps through him as he struggles to make sense of the sight before him. He sweeps his gaze over the room, not recalling how he got here, vaguely wondering where 'here' is. Movement beneath him brings his focus back to the girl. He runs his eyes over her face, searching his mind in an attempt to place her. He feels her tense as he leans forward slightly as a vivid mark on her neck draws his attention. //Mine.// His eyes widening as realization hits.

      He rolls away from her, tangling in the sheets in his effort to get away and he lands on the floor with a dull thud. He lays there, covering his face with his hands, desperately trying to remember.
      Small flashes play behind his closed lids. The fights, the girl, the motel, the se-

      "Oh God."

      Trembling slightly, he rises and notices that the girl is staring at him with shock on her face, seemingly unware of her nude state. He looks down her uncovered body, taking in the bruises marring her ivory skin. He closes his eyes, feeling sick knowing how those bruises got there. Breathing deeply, he can smell her on his skin, feels Wolverine clawing his way to the surface as he turns and bolts for the bathroom.

      Once inside, Logan starts the shower, setting the temperature to practically scalding. Leaning his head against the tiles, he wonders how to fix this, if he 'can' fix this. Part of him hoping that she'll just be gone when he emerges. not realizing that he was chanting "My fault", over and over to himself.

      "Wolverine?" Her soft, breathy voice startled him out of his thoughts. He thankfully noted that she had pulled on one of his shirts, the hem coming down to almost her knees. "Wolverine?" He closed his eyes, concentrating his efforts on locking the animal back down at the sight of his mate.

      "Logan." he said, amazed that his voice came out steady. "My name is Logan." She said nothing in return but he could see the puzzlement in her eyes. "Give me a few minutes. We need to talk."

      He felt relief wash over him when she nodded slightly and left the room. Quickly, he stepped out of the shower and began toweling himself off. His mind whirled with questions that needed answers....what town they were in, how long was "he" in control but most importantly, what should he do with the girl now. He couldn't just leave her...It was all his fault that this had happened. Answers that only she could provide. He knew that as soon as he entered her presence, the battle for control would once again be waged.

      Staring at his reflection in the mirror, Logan could only hope he would be strong enough to win this time.
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