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Fic: Time's Fool: 5/5: R/A, R/L: R

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  • vic pusateri
    Disclaimers in Part 0 Time s Fool *** 5. Moving Out and Moving On Logan stared at his meager belongings, boxed up and ready to be taken back to the mansion.
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      Disclaimers in Part 0

      Time's Fool


      5. Moving Out and Moving On

      Logan stared at his meager belongings, boxed up and ready to be taken back
      to the mansion. Scott and Jean had driven over in a rented truck to help
      move his stuff.

      He and Scott were sitting in the kitchen, their folding chairs the only
      furniture left. They were having a beer, as Jean maneuvered the dresser and
      various other bits of furniture -- including the comfortable, but extremely
      ugly brown leather couch he'd picked up somewhere or other, and the large
      brass bed -- down the stairs and into the truck.

      "You're going to keep it all in storage?" Scott asked, finally breaking the
      long silence.

      Logan shrugged. "I guess. No room for it at the mansion, unless I knock down
      the wall into Hank's room. I doubt he'd appreciate that."

      Scott grunted in agreement.

      They heard something bang into a wall, and a curse from Jean.

      "Watch out with my stuff," Logan yelled, but there was no heat in it. He
      didn't care. He had retreated back into the state of being which had come so
      naturally for so long. Before Marie, he hadn't cared about anyone or
      anything. And he'd managed to avoid getting hurt. He thought it was time he
      went back to that, before he did something stupid and they both got hurt

      "Yeah, yeah," Jean replied, breathless from the effort of using her powers.
      Scott thought it'd be too great a strain, but she wanted to prove to him
      that over the years, she'd gained strength and control. "I don't see either
      of you getting up and helping me."

      "Don't want to ruin your concentration, darlin'. I know how distracted you
      get when I'm around," he said, noting how Scott's hand tightened around the
      neck of his beer bottle. "I bet you wish that was my neck, eh, Cyke?"

      Scott laughed. "The thought has crossed my mind more than once, I'll admit.
      But in two days, Jean's going to be marrying *me*, so I'll let it go."

      "Yeah, about that," Logan shifted uncomfortably. "Good luck. She's a good
      woman. You hurt her and I'll gut you."


      They fell silent again, until Scott said, "You love Rogue, don't you?"

      Logan's head came up, nostrils flared. He eyed the younger man warily.
      "What's it to you?" he growled, hands already fisting in preparation for a

      Scott shrugged, trying to be nonchalant, and failing. "She and Alex broke
      up, you know."

      Logan jumped up so quickly, he knocked his chair over. "What?" *Snikt* "I'll
      kill the little fucker. I don't care if he *is* your brother."

      Jean rushed into the kitchen, pushing sweaty hair off her forehead. "Logan,
      calm down!" She turned to her husband-to-be. "Scott, what did you say?"

      "I just mentioned that Rogue and Alex had called it quits, and
      Gruff'n'Growly here got all excited."

      "Oh." Jean laid a hand on Logan's tense arm. "It was a mutual decision,
      Logan. From what Alex told us, they knew they weren't in love with each

      "Not in love with each other?" Logan echoed, sheathing the claws and
      relaxing a bit.

      "No. Apparently, they're each in love with someone else," she continued,
      taking the beer bottle from Scott's hand and bringing it to her mouth for a
      sip. "And they decided it was best not to try and make their relationship
      work under those circumstances."

      "Is she all right? I've gotta go," Logan said, rushing through the
      apartment. "I've gotta see how she is. I've gotta --"

      "Whoa, there, Wolverine," Scott said. "You stay here. We've already arranged
      everything." He rose and slid an arm around Jean's waist. "Consider it our
      wedding present to you."


      Jean pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and whispered, "She should be here in
      a few minutes. Don't screw this up."

      And the happy couple waltzed out, arms wrapped around each other's waists,
      and Scott muttering something about ice cream that didn't quite make sense
      to Logan.

      About fifteen minutes later, fifteen of the longest minutes of his life, he
      heard a car door slam.

      Then Marie's voice calling his name as she pushed the door to the apartment
      open. "Logan?"

      "Hey, kid," he answered, reining in his emotions. She wore jeans and a white
      t-shirt, and opera gloves, even in the June heat. Her hair was held back by
      a sheer pink scarf, and he'd never seen anyone so beautiful.

      She looked around at the empty room. "What's going on? I had a note from
      Jean that said you needed me?"

      He stared at her, willing her eyes to meet his. "Uh, yeah. I'm moving back
      into the mansion full-time. I need the key back." <Shit. Real smooth,
      asshole,> he told himself.

      "Oh." She fumbled with the key chain, which gave him the opportunity to get
      closer, to help.

      His fingers closed over hers and he inhaled deeply, enjoying her scent. "Let
      me get that," he said, his voice low and hoarse.

      Her eyes flew to meet his and he could sense her uncertainty. "Logan?"

      "It's been a while since we've hung out, huh?" he said. She nodded, allowing
      him to tangle his bare fingers with her gloved ones as he worked the key off
      the ring. "I'd like it," his voice was rusty, and he cleared his throat
      before beginning again. "I'd like it if we could spend some time together."
      He slipped the key into his pocket with one hand, keeping hold of hers with
      the other.

      "Yeah," she said, her eyes still uncertain.

      He ran his free hand down the white streak in her hair, and said, "I know
      I've screwed up, hurt you. A lot. And I wanted to, to say, you know, I'm
      sorry. I'm sorry I hurt you."

      "Oh, Logan," she whispered, tearing up.

      "Hey, now, darlin', no crying, okay?" He skimmed her cheek with his
      fingertips, her skin soft as silk during that fleeting contact.

      "I-- I don't know what to say."

      "That's okay. It's time for me to talk. You know I suck at this
      heart-to-heart shit, but --" He drew her closer and was encouraged that she
      let him. "I love you."

      She swallowed and nodded, licking her lips before saying, "I love you, too.
      You're my best friend. I'm sorry -- I'm sorry things haven't been so good. I
      know you must be upset, with the wedding and all--"

      He shook his head and placed a finger over her lips for a brief moment to
      silence her, pulling it away before the connection could open. "No, Marie. I
      love you. I'm in love with you. You're my best friend, yeah, but I want more
      than that."

      She gasped. "Logan?"

      "Yeah, darlin'?"

      "What about Jean?"

      "What about her? I know I flirted with her a lot, but I knew she was never
      gonna leave One-Eye."

      "And that night -- my birthday?"

      "Shit. I'm really sorry about that. I was a dick. There's no excuse for what
      I did. I was scared, and I ran. But I'm through runnin'. If you'll have me,
      this old man is ready to settle down."

      She smiled through the tears that had spilled over at his words. Her face
      was radiant in the soft yellow light of the kitchen. "Promise?"

      He grinned in return. "Promise."

      "Oh, Logan." She threw her arms around his neck and he hugged her close. He
      pulled the flimsy scarf out of her hair and used it to kiss her, first her
      forehead, then each of her closed eyelids, and then, finally, on the lips.

      "God, Marie, I was such a fool," he murmured against her neck.

      "Hush, sugar. I love you, too. I always have, I think. Even when you were a
      jerk. 'Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds,'" she quoted
      softly. "I think if we had gotten together then, when I was younger-- I
      don't think it would have worked. I think we needed to grow up, both of us,
      and -- Logan!" His hands cupped her breasts, thumbing her already-erect
      nipples through her t-shirt.

      He kissed her again, hard. "Enough talk," he growled, and she giggled,
      arching into his hands.

      "Whatever you want, Logan."

      "I really do love you, Marie," he said, walking her back to the wall of the
      kitchen, since the apartment was bare of furniture.

      "I love you, too," she repeated, allowing herself to be lifted a little, and
      wrapping her legs around his hips.

      Later, after their desire for each other had been banked, if not completely
      sated, they lay entwined on the floor of the empty living room.

      "I think we should look into getting our own apartment," he said, as he
      nuzzled her neck.

      "Couldn't you just re-rent this place?" she asked, squirming to get
      comfortable in his arms.

      "Nah. I want someplace that's *ours*, you know? Somewhere we can go to get
      away from the X-Geeks and all that shit, that doesn't have any baggage

      "Our very own sex apartment?" she said, sliding one foot along his calf,
      re-igniting his arousal.

      She could feel the laughter rumble through his chest. "Our very own sex
      apartment," he replied. "And I promise, we'll get maid service so you don't
      have to clean."

      She giggled. "But can I wear the frilly uniform?"

      He growled and rolled them over so he was on top. "Whatever you want, Marie.
      Just as long as no one else gets to see you in it."


      Two days after Jean and Scott's wedding, Logan and Rogue found a reasonably
      priced one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea. After they signed the lease, the
      real estate agent thought she'd rarely seen a couple so in love.

      The End




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