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Fic: "Shades Of Grey" PG-13 (1/1) [Scott/Logan, Xavier/Magneto]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Imagine what you can find laying around on your harddrive *G*. This story follows Sunlight, Moonlight . You can read that story here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2002
      Hi all,

      Imagine what you can find laying around on your harddrive *G*.
      This story follows "Sunlight, Moonlight". You can read that story here:

      Quick recap for the impatient ones *G*: Logan and Scott are in a relationship. They know Xavier and Magneto were once lovers. They also know that Logan is Rogue's father and that Xavier had a son he was forced to give up.


      Shades Of Grey
      By Nadja Lee 13/12/00
      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set after the movie

      Universe: Set in the movie universe. Only the movie NOT the book that goes with it!

      Pairing: Scott/Logan, Xavier/Eric ( Magneto)

      Summary: Xavier has taken ill and it forces Scott and Logan to look into a past which should probably have stayed buried…

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is neh@....

      Rating: PG-13

      Note: This is a Logan/Scott story. If you don’t like this pairing then don’t read this story!

      Author’s note: Sequel to “ Sunlight, Moonlight” but can be read alone.

      Note: The song/poem in this story “Your Eyes” was inspired by the WB movie “Quest For Camelot”. Everything they wrote is theirs. The rest is mine.

      Dedicated to: Jemisard who asked for this. Hope you like *smile*

      Part 1:

      “ Marie, will you hurry up. I have a class in 10 minutes,” Scott said on the other side of the door to Marie’s room.

      “ Ah will but Ah can’t find anything to wear!” the answer came through the door and Scott sighed.

      “ Logan gave you a bunch of clothes last Christmas. Why don’t you wear some of it?”

      “ Ah told you Ah have nothing to wear!”

      “ Five more minutes and then I leave without you,” Scott warned as he went to the kitchen.

      “ Problems?” Logan asked his lover as Scott entered.

      “ Nah, Marie just want to impress some boys at school,” Scott answered lightly and gave him a kiss on the mouth that Logan deepened before letting him go.

      “ Which boys?” Logan asked suspiciously and Scott laughed as he seated himself across from Logan.

      “ Bobby or Remy, I’m guessing.”

      “ If they as much as touch her…” Logan began threateningly as his protective instincts went into overdrive.

      “ Ah can’t be touched, dad,” Rogue said lightly but with a hint of sadness as she finally entered the kitchen and gave her dad a quick kiss on the cheek before going towards the door.

      “ You’re coming?” she asked with a raised brow at Scott who just smiled at her.

      “ Sure,” he leaned over and kissed Logan soundly on the lips.

      “ Have a good day and keep those boys away from my little girl,” Logan grumped as he released Scott’s lips.

      “ Ah heard that,” Rogue yelled from outside.

      “ You were meant to,” Logan growled and Scott smiled and laid a calming hand on his lover’s shoulder.

      “ Don’t worry. All will be fine. See you later,” with a quick kiss to Logan’s cheek Scott left.

      “ Yeah, see you….” Logan whispered and still had trouble letting Scott out of his sight. If it wasn’t because he had gotten a job in a garage fixing cars and motorcycles which he actually liked he would still follow Scott to class even if it had annoyed the others just a bit. Ok, a lot.

      Part 2:

      “ Scott! Praise the Goddess you’re here,” Ororo said relieved as Scott entered the school after having made sure Rogue got to class.

      “ What’s wrong?” Scott asked worried. Ororo was normally a very calm and controlled person. To get her this worried it had to be very bad news.

      “ The professor has taken ill. Jean is…” Ororo didn’t even have the time to finish her sentence before Scott was out the door and down in Sickbay.

      “ Xavier???” He yelled and looked fanatically around in search of the man who he had come to love as a father.

      “ Scott??” A weak voice rasped and Scott spotted Xavier laying in a bed all covered in tubes with machines next to him.

      “ What happened?” He asked gently as he came to Xavier’s bedside and took hold of his hand.

      “ I…Scott…so….good…..to…see….” Xavier´s voice died out and he closed his eyes.

      “ Noooo!” Scott yelled panicked.

      “ It’s okay. Relax. He’s just exhausted,” Jean said in a calming voice as she came towards him and lay a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

      “ What’s wrong with him?” Scott asked shocked as he looked down upon the still man. He had to keep reminding himself that he wasn’t dead because he lay so still it was difficult to see.

      “ He is dying from blood loss. His red blood cells are dying,” she tried to break the news to him gently but still it felt like someone had just told him the world was about to end. Maybe it was because how far would the world ever have gotten if men like Xavier hadn’t been there with a dream of peace and co-existence?

      “ Is…is there nothing we can do?” Scott asked softly, for once glad that his red glasses prevented anyone from seeing his eyes as tears glimmered in them.

      “ I’m afraid not. He needs new blood cells but they can only be from a member of his family and as he has no family…”

      “ He does,” Scott interrupted her and she looked puzzled at him. “ Xavier had a son. He was forced to give him up but he had a son.”

      Jean’s face brightened in a smile.

      “ Do you know what this means?”

      “ Yes, that I need to find him. And I know someone who might be able to help.”

      Part 3:

      “ I don’t like this,” Logan complained for the tenth time in just five minutes. Scott drew a deep breath.

      “ I know but it’s the only way.”

      Scott had let the news of Xavier’s illness be known to the public and the news had been broadcasted worldwide as Xavier was a public figure. Just two hours after Scott had sent the message out Magneto had contacted him and said he wanted to help and would meet him alone in a deserted building a little outside New York.

      “ You sure do a lot for old Wheels,” Logan commented and couldn’t keep his jealousy out of his voice. He felt a strong urge to either go back to the mansion and make sure Xavier could never take Scott from him or amplify to Scott that he belonged to him and no one else. Having lived with Logan for two years had taught Scott how to read all the emotions Logan never said and also this time Scott sensed his thoughts. He took hold of Logan’s hand and said softly;

      “ I am yours. You know that. But Xavier is like a father to me. Please do this. For me?”

      “ Okay,” Logan gave in. How could he ever deny him anything?

      “ Thanks,” Scott said warmly and pressed his lips to Logan’s and let him deepen the kiss till it become demanding and possessive as if Logan wanted to mark him as his through that one kiss. As they drew apart Logan seemed to tense.

      “ What’s wrong?”

      “ I feel something…” Logan began. “ Get behind me,” he yelled in the same instant Magneto came flying through the air and in from one of the big gates in the building, Mystique by his side. Logan guided Scott behind him, standing as a shield before the other man. Magneto noticed Logan’s protective and possessive manner and gave a small strained smile as if it was behaviour he recognised.

      “ I thought I told you to come alone, boy,” Magneto said as he landed next to the two men, Mystique by his side as he let her land next to him.

      “ You did but you also said you would be alone,” Scott answered and looked with his shaded eyes at Mystique.

      “ Very good. Must be why Charles cares so for you.” That comment made Logan growl. “ A little jealous, are we?” he asked with a smile at Logan’s drawn claws.

      “ Enough male bonding. How is Mar….Rogue? Is she safe?” Mystique asked as she looked from Logan to Scott.

      “ What do you care?” Logan grumped, hate in his eyes. Hadn’t he killed her once? How many lives did that damn woman have anyway?

      “ How do you know Rogue’s real name? No one ever mentioned it,” Scott asked curiously as he finally managed to come a little away from Logan’s protective form and towards her.

      “ I…” she looked from one man to another. Taking a deep breath she snarled;

      “ She’s my daughter, ok? I just wanted to know if she was alright.”

      “ WHAT?”
      “ She’s your what?” Scott asked shocked, ignoring Logan’s comment of disbelief.

      “ My daughter. Why is that so hard to understand?” Annoyance was in her voice now.

      “ Maybe because I’m her father and I don’t remember seeing you before our little meeting at the Statue,” Logan suggested sarcastically.

      “ It wasn’t like that. These…people…scientists…had captured me. They wanted a child. Said they had captured a male and wanted to see what kind of powers the two genes of mutants would make. I never even saw you. Marie was a test-tube baby. She was taken from me as a baby. I was told she had died.”

      If Scott didn’t know better he would have sworn he saw tears glimmering in Mystique’s eyes.

      “ How did you find out she was your child?” Scott asked softly, feeling sorry for a mother who had lost a child. Mystique smiled kind of sadly.

      “ Purely by accident. I saw your and Logan’s trial where you tried to gain custody of her. When I heard about Logan, the military compound and a small baby wearing only the band I made for her with her name on it, I knew it was my baby.”

      “ You aren’t getting her. She’s mine,” Logan growled.

      “ She’s a grown woman of 19. I have no place in her life anymore. I just wanted to know if she was safe.”

      This time there was no mistaking the single tear running down one blue cheek. Scott gently wiped it away, ignoring Logan’s warning snarl and the whispered “Mine”.

      “ She is safe,” Scott said softly and Mystique smiled.

      “ Thank you.”

      She nodded towards Magneto who with a wave of his hand let her fly gently across the room and out the door, leaving him alone with a still battle ready Logan and one very sad Scott.

      “ How is he? Really?” Magneto asked and there was no disguising the sorrow in his voice nor whom he was talking about. Only the thought of Charles brought a soft edge to the disillusioned mutant’s voice.

      “ He’ll die unless we can find his son,” Scott said honestly and Logan moved to stand in front of him, obviously still not trusting Magneto enough to let him be within reach of Scott.

      “ You know about him??” Magneto asked surprised.

      “ He told us,” Logan said simply, his eyes promising a slow death to him should Magneto as much as think about harming Scott.

      “ What do you know about him?” Scott asked, trying to easy the tension between the two men.

      “ I knew him only for a year. He was a happy and carefree young one. He was five when they took him from Charles.” Hate, sorrow but above all an intense anger, was in his voice as he thought back to when men had came to his and Charles’ home and torn a small boy from his lover’s arms, breaking Charles’ heart and ending their relationship.

      “ What else?” Scott pressed gently as Magneto got lost in dark memories.

      “ I remember his name; Scott Alexander Xavier. He had brown hair and blue eyes. I remember Charles was worried because he had been complaining about headaches leading up to the time where they took him.” Again this intense hate towards those men...those humans who had dared to hurt his love was in his voice, so cold was his tone that Scott couldn’t keep a shiver from surfacing and Logan moved closer to him to try to protect him even if it was only words.

      “ Do you know what happened to him?”

      “ I tried to keep taps on him for Charles’s sake but in the end he got lost in the system even for me. Last I know is that he was taken to St. John’s orphanage on 6th Street. After that Scott Alexander Xavier stopped showing up on any papers or numbers. They told Charles he had been killed. By accident, they claimed. It broke Charles. I lost him that night.” His voice had taken on a soft but sad edge as he relived a night of tears, broken dreams and lost hopes. A night where a bond of love had been broken by grief.

      “ What are we waiting for then? Let’s go to the orphanage and check up on this kid,” Logan said, eager to get his lover as far away from the possible threat of Magneto.

      “ Wait! Can….I…can I stay with Charles? Just in case…” his voice died away and a tear glimmered in the older man’s eye.

      “ No, I…” Logan began but a calming hand on his shoulder from Scott silenced him.

      “ Of course. You know the way. I’ll tell Jean to let you in,” Scott voice was gentle and Magneto smiled at him.

      “ Thanks,” the word was so softly spoken that Scott wasn’t sure he had heard it.

      Part 4:

      “ Sorry, we have no files on a Scott Alexander Xavier,” the woman at the desk told Logan and Scott as she had checked their files. Scott looked at the badly kept room and the dark curtains for the window. Strange, it reminded him of something...something long ago…something he wasn’t sure if he wanted to remember…

      “ You ok?” Logan asked concerned as he felt Scott shiver and lay a protective hand around the other man’s shoulders.

      “ Yeah, yeah. It’s just...this place reminds me of something, that’s all,” he saw Logan’s worried look and added; “ Really, I’m fine but thanks for caring.”

      He gave Logan a small kiss on the cheek and Logan smiled warmly.

      “ That’s what I’m here for.”

      “ I know and I love you for it,” Scott said softly as Logan still with his arm around his shoulders guided him to the door.

      “ Wait, we do have something here. It’s quite old. It is dated the same day as the one you gave me but this one has another name.” Both men turned back towards her.

      “ Whose?” they asked at once.

      “ One Scott Summers. He was moved to another orphanage some five months later as it became known that he was a…mutant! Well, then I can better understand why they moved him _there_. Why waste a room like these on a freak like that?” The woman commented, disgust in her voice. Logan growled warningly and before Scott could stop him he had taken the woman by her throat and slammed her into the wall. These rooms weren’t very nice looking so he was sure he didn’t want to see the other ones and just the thought of Scott’s suffering made Logan’s blood boil with white hot fury.

      “ He is no freak, he is my mate. Apologise, now!” Logan demanded harshly as the woman fought for breath.

      “ Logan…” Scott began weakly not knowing what he was going to say. This was Logan’s way of protesting him and he couldn’t change that and to be honest he didn’t want to either.

      “ Apologise!” Logan roared and squeezed tighter around her throat.

      “ S…..Sorrrryyyy,” the woman got out and Logan let her fall to the floor.

      “ Come on,” Logan said, still angry as he took hold of Scott’s hand and dragged him with him outside.

      “ Did you hear that??? I could be….” Scott said in wonder as Logan got up in front on Scott’s motorcycle.

      “ Yeah, I heard. Don’t worry. We’re going to the mansion now,” Logan said and started the engine, needing space between himself and the orphanage with the woman inside. If he stayed much longer he wasn’t sure that even Scott could calm his temper. Scott got up behind him and wrapped his arms around him and whispered in his ear;

      “ I love you” and just the feel of him and those words brought peace back to Logan’s angry mind and he mumbled;

      “ Lov’ you too,” before they whistled through town on their way to the mansion.

      Part 5:

      “ Are you sure you want to do this?” Jean asked as she prepared to let some of Scott’s blood flow over to Xavier. Magneto sat next to Xavier’s bed on his left side, holding his hand and being uncharacteristically quiet while Scott was on Xavier’s right side with Logan sitting by his left side, holding his free hand in his.

      “ Yes, I’m sure.”

      “ I didn’t have the time to match yours and Xavier’s DNA. If you aren’t related after all…” she didn’t finish but Scott just nodded for her to continue and she neared his arm with a needle.

      “ Wait,” Logan caught hold of Jean’s hand, stopping her. She looked puzzled at him. “ What do you mean if they aren’t related?”

      “ I mean that then they’ll most likely both die,” Jean admitted and Logan drew a sharp breath.

      “ You knew this!” he said accusingly to Scott.

      “ Yes,” he smiled softly at Logan and reached a hand up to stroke his cheek. “ I didn’t want you to worry.”

      “ Like Hell. You aren’t doing this. I won’t allow it. You’re coming with me,” Logan said determined and began to release Scott from the machines.

      “ Logan, stop!” Scott yelled and Logan stopped. Scott reached a hand up to his face. “ I love you but this is my decision. I want to do this. Please try to understand.”

      Tears were in his eyes now.

      “ I…I don’t want to lose you,” Logan admitted softly, a tear glimmering in his eye. As it fell down his cheek, Scott gently wiped it away.

      “ You never will. No matter what happens to me I’ll be with you. Always,” Scott promised and nodded to Jean to make her continue. She looked to see if Logan would stop her again but he just held Scott’s hand in his, his eyes never leaving Scott’s covered ones as Jean began the procedure. As the blood loss made Scott lose consciousness and his hand fell from Logan’s grip, Logan whispered softly;

      “ I love you. Stay with me.”

      Part 6:
      Logan kept watch by Scott’s bedside every day, never leaving his side. Xavier got better and almost fell out of bed in surprise and happiness when Jean told him that Scott was his son. He had been pleased to see Magneto again but whether or not they could still find a way to be together remained to be seen. It was difficult for them to admit to sharing a love for each other when they held such a strong disbelief or even hate for each others dreams. Rogue had visited her father often in those two weeks Scott had been unconscious. Logan had told her of her relationship with Mystique but she had said it didn’t matter. However she had discovered that Mystique was listed as having a second child, a mutant named Kurt, and she wanted to get to know him better. He lived as a monk somewhere in Germany and was rumoured to have blue skin like his mother and the power of teleportation.

      A small moan from Scott’s lips brought Logan’s attention back towards his lover.

      Please be ok, please be ok, please…, he didn’t know to whom he prayed, he just knew he wanted Scott back. More than anything he hated feeling this helpless. He would gladly kill a thousand men for Scott but he knew not how to battle an enemy within him. He took hold of Scott’s hand and wiped some lose hair out of his face and stroked his cheek.

      “ Please come back to me. Come back, you hear? I need you,” Logan whispered and placed a gentle kiss on Scott’s unmoving lips.


      “ Uh……Logan?” A weak voice rasped and awoke Logan from his light sleep at once. He must have fallen asleep by Scott’s bedside in sheer exhaustion.

      “ Scott!” Logan said happily and gave the other man a big hug as best as he could considering Scott lay in bed.

      “ …Need to breathe,” Scott said with a hint of amusement as Logan had tightened his hands around him as if he feared that if he let him go he’ll disappear. Logan drew a little back from him but still held his hand.

      “ Don’t you ever do that to me again, you hear?” Logan demanded harshly, covering his fear with anger.

      “ Not if I can help it,” Scott promised with a smile and drew a hand up to pull Logan towards him for a kiss.

      “ I love you, you know that,” Logan mumbled against Scott’s lips.

      “ I know and I love you. Now shut up and kiss me,” Scott demanded with happiness and laughter in his voice.

      “ Happy to comply…” Logan mumbled as their lips met in a kiss and their hearts spoke volumes of love no words could describe…

      Looking into your eyes

      And what do I see?

      The heavens are sparkling

      With starlight

      That’s what I see in your eyes

      I see the heavens in your smile

      I hear your heart beat with mine

      And suddenly I know why life

      Is worthwhile

      That’s what I see in your eyes

      I look at myself

      And what do I see?

      I see us floating away

      To the heavens for evermore

      That’s what I see in your eyes

      Here in the dark I see the sun

      Here in the dark our two hearts are one

      Here in the dark I start to feel

      Your love, your support

      That’s what I see in your eyes

      The End
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