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Fic: Captive Hearts 3/5

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  • kittenrescue
    Disclaimers in part one. Jubilee bounced into the main hall just as Jean was entering it from the other side. The resident doctor didn t look too happy, even
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      Disclaimers in part one.

      Jubilee bounced into the main hall just as Jean was entering it from the other side. The resident doctor didn't look too happy, even more so than normal when she unexpectedly ran into Jubilee. Something was wrong.

      "Have I got one hell of a surprise for you," Jubilee told her, barely able to contain her excitement.

      Jean was about to ask Jubilee for clarification when she noticed Scott over Jubilee's shoulder.

      "Scott!" Jean said.

      Did Jubilee detect a trace of anger in Jean's voice? Jubilee expected Jean to launch herself into Scott's arms and when, after a couple of heartbeats, that didn't happen, Jubilee thought again that something seemed wrong. When she glanced at Kitty and saw that her friend looked like she'd rather be back at Magneto's than standing in the foyer of the mansion, she 'knew' something was definitely wrong.

      "Jubilee, would you excuse us, please?" Scott asked, the tension in his voice thick.

      Jubilee felt Jean's icy stare pierce right through her and decided to vacate the vicinity immediately. She cast a final glimpse at Kitty, who was staring down at the floor, and scooted past Jean to head for the rec room.

      When Jean was confident that Jubilee was out of hearing range, she turned on the newly liberated pair with daggers in her eyes.

      "I would ask where you've been, but apparently you've been off making a porno movie," Jean spat out bitterly, answering the question of whether or not she'd seen the tape.

      "Jean,..." Scott started to say, but was quickly cut off.

      "Save it, Scott," Jean interrupted, "You should go into the rec room and tell your story in front of everyone, that way you won't have to repeat yourself. After all, everyone's already seen the tape, so I'm sure they'd love to hear the behind-the-scenes expose."

      "Everybody's seen it?" Kitty asked in shock.

      "Yes, Kitty they have. It was labeled as proof that you two were alive and unharmed. It also showed that you were apparently keeping yourselves amused."

      "Jean, I'd rather we didn't have this discussion in the foyer," Scott said.

      "Why not? It's not like you have any secrets left. I mean the entire female population no longer has to speculate over the size of your dick."

      "There's no need to be vulgar," Scott snapped.

      "Vulgar! You've got some nerve telling me that I'm being vulgar when every resident in this household just watched you fucking Miss Teen America over there," Jean said, pointing at Kitty for emphasis.

      Kitty looked like she was about to throw up or faint. Just then the Professor rolled into the foyer.

      "Jean, let's take this in my office," Charles suggested.

      "There's no need for that. I have nothing further to say to either one of them," Jean bit out and then stormed out of the foyer.

      "Are you both okay?" Charles asked.

      "We're fine," Scott replied on behalf of both of them.

      "Good. Scott I'd like to speak with you privately. Kitty, you're excused to go to your room," Charles said.

      Kitty didn't need to be told twice and dashed up the stairs, her tears barely in check.

      "I should go up and see if she's going to be okay," Scott said.

      "Very well," Charles replied in an understanding tone, "Please come and see me as soon as possible."

      "I know you must have a lot of questions."

      "That, my dear boy, is an understatement," Charles said quietly as he turned toward the hall that led to his office.

      Scott had just placed one foot on the bottom stair when Logan came charging into the foyer, obviously having been informed by Jubilee that the two missing residents had returned. Scott never made it to the second step before Logan hauled off and decked him, knocking Scott onto his ass.

      "YOU BASTARD!" Logan screamed at the prone man, the anger in his eyes challenging Scott to stand back up.

      Scott rubbed at his rapidly bruising jaw, after all punches thrown by an adamantium-laced fist hurt like hell. Not giving Scott a chance to say anything, Logan began ranting at him.

      "You lousy fuck. You have the balls to give *me* goddamn lectures about keeping my mitts off the jailbait, and you turn around and screw one yourself at the first golden opportunity. Does the term 'fucking hypocrite' mean anything to you, 'Cyclops'?" Logan's emphasis on Scott's code name conveyed his contempt for the man on the floor before him.

      "Kitty's fine, thanks for asking," Scott finally said.

      "Logan!" Marie shouted as she entered the foyer.

      Scott stood up and started to proceed up the stairs when Logan grabbed a hold of his arm.

      "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Logan demanded.

      "I'm going to check on Kitty, not that it's any of your business," Scott replied, as he jerked his arm out of Logan's grip.

      "I think we all know you've seen plenty of Kitty lately. Rogue can go check on her," Logan suggested.

      Marie slid between the two men and said to Scott, "I think Logan's right and I should go talk to her."

      "Okay," Scott conceded, "but tell her I'll be up to see her soon."

      "Sure, Scott," Marie agreed and flashing a quick warning glance to Logan went upstairs.

      "I'm done talking to you," Scott said as he brushed past Logan and headed for the Professor's office, hoping Logan wouldn't plunge nine inches of adamantium into his kidneys.

      As it turned out, Kitty had locked herself in her room and refused to answer the door, even for Marie. She wasn't up to explaining what had happened at Magneto's just yet. Instead, she removed her new clothes, climbed into the shower and after scrubbing herself practically raw, sat down and sobbed until the water ran cold. Scott meanwhile was briefing the Professor on what had happened to them during their imprisonment, beyond what Charles had already seen. Charles told him that he understood, but couldn't condone what had happened and suggested that they be as straight forward with the other residents as possible. He warned Scott that there would likely be vicious gossip and that he should prepare Kitty for some unpleasantness until things eventually blew over. When Charles asked Scott what his intentions were toward Kitty now that they'd been intimate, Scott replied honestly that he was confused about what he felt towards both Kitty and Jean, but that he wanted to at least smooth things over with Jean, if at all possible.

      "In time Jean will forgive you," Charles said and then advised, "Don't rush her. Let her work through this at her own pace."

      "I guess I'll probably need to find somewhere else to sleep for a while," Scott said half-jokingly.

      "Just make sure it's not in Kitty's room, that's not likely to help," Charles replied with a small smile.

      Scott went to his and Jean's room to collect his things and found they'd already been tossed into the hallway. He gathered them up and dropped them off in the empty room down the hall before going to check on Kitty. When he knocked on her door he was greeted by a terse "Go away."

      "Kitty, it's Scott, we need to talk."

      When Kitty opened the door Scott saw that she'd been crying, her eyes were red and puffy. Scott moved to embrace her, but she backed away.

      "Don't. Don't touch me," Kitty said quietly.

      Scott walked over and sat on the corner of Kitty's bed and patted the space next to him gesturing her to sit down, but Kitty just stood at a comfortable distance with her arms folded across her chest.

      "Have you and Jean kissed and made up yet?"

      "No, I'm going to be staying in one of the guest rooms for right now," Scott answered.

      "But you want to make up with her, don't you?"

      Scott ran his hand through his hair and sighed, "Kitty, I never promised...I mean, you and I... I never should've kissed you in the garage earlier. I didn't mean for you to think.."

      "It's okay, Scott, you're off the hook," Kitty began, "I wasn't expecting you to dump perfect Jean after a meaningless roll in the sack with me."

      "It wasn't meaningless, Kitty."

      "Scott, we both know the only reason you fucked me was because I'd begged you to."

      "Kitty.." Scott started to say.

      "Just go. Just get out. We have nothing further to discuss," Kitty said pointing at the door.

      "Kitty.." Scott reiterated as he rose off the bed.

      "OUT!" Kitty demanded.

      When Scott got to the door, he turned around and said, "I never meant for you to get hurt, I hope you know that?"

      "I know," Kitty said quietly, "Don't worry, Scott, I'm a big girl, I'll get over it."

      As soon as the door closed behind Scott, Kitty broke down again in tears. Outside in the hall Scott heard Kitty's sobs and was tempted to go back in to try and comfort her despite her protests, but decided he'd probably only make it worse in the long run. So instead, he just ambled down the hall back to his own new room.


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