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FIC: Damn I'm Cool! 1/?

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Damn I m Cool 1/? Author: Autumn, recognize yo. E-mail: I_am_GOD_@heaven.net Summary: Rogue suffers from a small case of Egomania… Rating: PG-13
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
      Title: Damn I'm Cool 1/?

      Author: Autumn, recognize yo.

      E-mail: I_am_GOD_@...

      Summary: Rogue suffers from a small case of Egomania�

      Rating: PG-13

      Archives: WRFA, XMMFFC, DH, MA etc.

      Author's Notes: I'd like to thank myself for giving such a brilliant
      idea to my own incredibly smart brain. I rock.

      Further notes: Crossover with Austin Powers��..

      Disclaimer: I am my own God and I created everything. That
      includes the characters from X-Men and Austin Powers. Now bow down
      to my greatness���.


      Somewhere in the misty meadows of Ohio we see an evil sorcerer
      unhatching his most recent diabolical plan���.

      "I shall call it, Kick ass me!"

      "But Dr. Evil, ver shall ve put et? Frau Farbisina inquired.

      "Oh I know just the place. It's kind of quaint. Kind of kinky."

      "You're so damn lame. You think they'll just;

      "Zip it Scott."


      "Hush, puppy!"

      "That's no-"

      "Zippity do da, zippity day!"

      "I'm telling you, there is no way you can get into"

      "Silence! My brother loves me! Why wouldn't he let me in?"

      "I'm not gonna argue."

      "Oh and Scott?"


      "You're what they'd call, a mutant!" (does the little finger thing)

      "I hate you! I wish I'd never been grown in a lab and experimented on
      by a bunch of psycho government doctors you call your friends!"
      Scott Evil shouts before running off into the forest.

      "Such a particular boy. He must get it from his mother."

      "Don't look at me that way Doctor!" Frau shrieked.

      "Number two, did you bring the rocket launcher?"

      "No. We uh, couldn't afford it." Number 2 stated.

      "Okay. A small aircraft then."

      "No, that was out of our price range too."

      "A blimp?"


      "A hot air balloon?"


      "Well what am I supposed to do? Send it by frickin' federal

      "We do have a homing pigeon."

      "How can I take over the world with a little white bird?!"

      " The homing pigeon can travel a distance of over 2,000 miles in a
      day and a half. I assure you, the package will be in Westchester at
      the appropriate time." The one eyed-wonder concluded.

      "Good. Then I can take over the world! Mwahahah, Mwahahahhah, Mwahh-
      " (looks around and sees nobody else is laughing.) "The thrill is
      gone." Dr. Evil states before stalking off in the same direction as

      Three Days later in Westchester:

      "Rogue, babe, you've got mail" Jubilee called out to her bestest
      friend ever.

      Curious, the two-toned girl approached and opened what appeared
      to be a cage. Inside, she saw a little bird with a bottle and a note
      tied around its neck. She reached in and pulled the bird out. After
      unthreading the little guy from his burden, she let him loose out the
      window conveniently located right next to the table in the hallway.
      A letter was attached to a little glass bottle that was ever so
      cute. She took the paper out and read out loud.

      "My fairest beauty in all of the land. Should you drink this, your
      prince will come home. Promise. But should this bottle slip through
      your fingers, crack on the tile and spill on your foot, hehe, bad
      things will commence."

      "Dude. Who sent that?"

      "I don't know. Not Logan though, he doesn't use the word `of.' It's
      not in his vocabulary." Rogue reasoned.

      Jubilee found that remark particularly funny and began to
      ferociously bang her fist against the table. This in turn knocked
      the bottle off of it's perch and sure enough, as was prophesied it
      broke on the floor and splashed all over Rogue's shoes.

      "Sorry Roguei. I know how much you love those shoes. I'll buy
      you a new pair."

      "Yes, you will. In all my coolness I wouldn't have been so
      clumsy as you are." Rogue replied with a strange air to her voice.

      Jubilee looked up, puzzled by that esoteric remark, but
      shrugged it off. As she shook her head, she failed to see her
      friend's naturally brown eyes grow to a glowing green. Something
      Evil was afoot. Little did they know, it would only grow

      Shut up and serve your purpose-DOGMA
      Dude, let's make sure we don't piss Cartman off again.-South Park "Scott
      Tenerman Must Die!"

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