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Fic: Captive Hearts 2/5

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  • kittenrescue
    Title: Captive Hearts Author: Karen Email: kittenrescue@hotmail.com Disclaimer: If they were mine, I d have Scott kick Jean to the curb in X2 and jump Kitty at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
      Title: Captive Hearts

      Author: Karen

      Email: kittenrescue@...

      Disclaimer: If they were mine, I'd have Scott kick Jean to the curb in X2 and jump Kitty at the first opportunity.

      Rating: R

      Pairing: Scott and Kitty

      Category: Drama

      Disclaimer: Yeah, right and I'm secretly Queen Elizabeth's love child.

      Summary: Scott and Kitty are released by Magneto and return home.

      Scott and Kitty found themselves unceremoniously dumped in the parking lot of the mall from where they'd been kidnapped nearly two weeks earlier. As expected, the SUV was not where they'd left it, having either been towed away or retrieved by someone from the school. Scott started walking toward the entrance to the mall, presumably to a pay phone to get someone to come and pick them up, as the battery on his cell phone was long dead. It surprised Kitty when he walked right past the bank of phones and into the mall itself.

      "Scott, aren't you gonna call the school?" Kitty asked, completely perplexed.

      "I need a cup of coffee," he replied as he headed for the food court.

      It suddenly dawned on Kitty that Scott was afraid to go back to the school, afraid to face Jean. Kitty trailed after Scott silently, not sure what to say.

      At the Starbuck's Scott turned to Kitty and asked, "What kinda coffee do you want?"

      "I'll have a large cappuccino with whipped cream, please."

      "Do you wanna muffin or a scone to go with it?" Scott asked.

      Despite her stomach rumbling, Kitty knew she was too nervous to eat, so she just replied, "No, I'm fine. The peanuts on the flight were enough."

      Scott smiled at that and Kitty felt better that she'd been able to break the tension slightly.

      They sat at one of the small tables sipping their coffees and Scott picked at a large blueberry muffin, doing more picking than actual eating.

      Despite having clean clothes on, Scott still felt the need to replace the clothes they wore, so breaking the silence he told Kitty that they should buy new outfits while they were at the mall. Kitty just nodded in agreement. When they'd finished their coffee and Scott had given up on demolishing the muffin, they tossed the paper cups in the trash and headed further into the mall. Scott was walking ahead of Kitty and she had to almost sprint to catch up with his long strides. He was effectively ignoring her and the rejection stung her so much that she felt tears start to blur her vision.

      "Where do you want to go to get..."Scott said, finally turning to her and noticing how distraught she was.

      "Kitty, what's the matter?" he asked, the surprise and concern in his voice genuine.

      At that, the tears could no longer be contained and ran down Kitty's cheeks in tiny little rivers. Scott took two steps and closed the gap between them, gathered her in his arms and hugged her against him tightly.

      "It's okay, Kitty, it's over. We're safe now," he said, completely oblivious to the real reason she was crying.

      Kitty just sobbed against him, making his shirt wet as he tried to soothe her.

      "I know you don't want to go home because you're ashamed of what happened," Kitty finally managed to choke out.

      Scott pulled away enough to be able to tip Kitty's face toward his.

      "Yes, I *am* nervous about facing Jean, but I'm not ashamed, Kitty," Scott told her.

      "Maybe we can intercept the courier and she never has to find out," Kitty offered.

      "Jean is a telepath and neither of us is strong enough to shield our thoughts from her. She'd find out eventually," Scott said resignedly.

      "Yes, but reading someone's thoughts isn't the same thing as seeing an actual video."

      Scott gave a small 'hmmpf' at that remark and replied, "I don't know, Kitty, I think I'd be projecting some pretty vivid images."

      Kitty blushed hotly and said, "Oh." Then just stared at her feet awkwardly.

      "Look, we'll go buy some new stuff and it'll give us time to gather ourselves together before having to face the proverbial music, okay?"

      Kitty looked up to Scott's face and nodded in the affirmative. She knew they wouldn't be able to delay the inevitable forever, but a small reprieve was probably in order. There would be a lot of questions to answer and neither of them were anxious to do that just yet. Another hour or so wouldn't matter.

      In Victoria's Secret Scott surveyed the intimate apparel wondering what Kitty would look like in the teddies and various other lacey things and his mind drifted back to their lovemaking at Magneto's. He made her blush when he picked out a black lace bra and matching thong, that earned him a conspiratorial wink from the saleslady, who convinced Scott to indulge his young lady in something from their latest fragrance line - Dream Angels. Scott added the perfume, shower gel and lotion to their purchase amidst Kitty's weak protests.

      A couple of hours later they found themselves back at the food court each in a new outfit and now contemplating what to have for lunch. They were sitting eating sandwiches from the café when a piercing scream loud enough to practically shatter glass caused them both to jerk in the direction of the source of the noise. It was Jubilee! Kitty groaned and put her head in her hand, while Scott just swallowed hard.

      Jubilee sprinted across the food court in record time, screeching to a halt in front of the two missing people.

      "Oh my God!" Jubilee yelled loud enough to attract the attention of the people at the next table.

      "Hey, Jubes," Kitty said simply.

      "Hey, Jubes! That's all you have to say? You two went MIA, AWOL, or whatever two weeks ago and you show up here just as casual as can be and all you have to say is 'Hey, Jubes'? Excuse *me*, but where the fuck have you two been? I doubt it's been here the whole time."

      "Great sale at Macy's," Kitty joked weakly.

      "Oh ha ha," Jubilee responded, crossing her arms over her chest, obviously waiting for a much better explanation.

      "We were kidnapped by Magneto," Scott said matter-of-factly. He wasn't about to elaborate to Jubilee.

      Noticing the bags at their feet, Jubilee asked, "So as soon as you escaped you decided to go on a shopping spree instead of heading straight home. Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?"

      "I just wanted something clean to wear," Kitty answered.

      "Hello, closet full of clothes at home," Jubilee directed at Kitty, "Not that I have anything against any excuse to go shopping, but really...."

      Scott cut her off, "JUBILEE!" he shouted, "It's really not important, so just drop it!"

      Jubilee looked contrite and actually shut up, which stunned Kitty. Scott gathered up the remnants of their lunch and stalking over to the trash receptacles, tossed the contents in agitatedly.

      "Are you alone?" he practically barked at Jubilee.

      Too stunned by Scott's abruptness, Jubilee merely nodded in the affirmative.

      "Did you drive yourself here?" Scott questioned.

      Jubilee nodded 'yes' again.

      "Give me the car keys," Scott demanded, holding his hand out, "I'm assuming you actually have keys and didn't just hot wire one of the cars."

      Jubilee fished in her purse briefly and produced a key chain that she tossed at Scott. He reached out and capturing the key, turned it over in his hand and let out an exasperated sigh.

      "I can't believe anyone was dumb enough to let you behind the wheel of another car and the Jag at that."

      "Okay, so I didn't exactly ask permission, but 'Hot Topic' was having this killer sale and...."

      "Uh, say no more," Scott said holding his hand up in the 'stop' gesture, "Did you happen to loan yourself one of the Professor's credit cards while you were helping yourself to the car key?"

      "Look, Scott," Jubilee offered, "I'll make you a deal. You don't tell the Prof that I liberated his American Express card and went for a joyride and in return I don't tell anyone I found you two apparently reluctant to go home."

      "Deal," Kitty said before Scott had a chance to consider the offer.

      As they walked back to the car Jubilee grabbed a hold of Kitty's shirt in an attempt to slow her down and let Scott get ahead of them, but Kitty just wrenched free of Jubilee's grasp.

      "Chica, ya wanna tell me the scoop?" Jubilee whispered.

      "Jubilee, you spread gossip faster than a forest fire, why would I spill my guts to you?"

      "Spill your guts? Wow, this must be good," Jubilee said, her eyes growing huge and sparkling with excitement, "You weren't really kidnapped by magnethead and his band of psychos, were you? I bet you two were just off somewhere for the past two weeks screwing each other's brains out and you're using this kidnap story as a cover, right?"

      "Gee, you've got a vivid imagination, Jubes, you really should write a novel. What on earth made you come up with that one?" Kitty covered quickly and wondered if her friend wasn't a latent telepath because she always seemed to be able to read her mind.

      "Excuse me?" Jubilee said with mock indignation, "You're the one who scribbles 'Kathryn Summers' all over the inside cover of her notebook. Believe me, it wasn't that big of a stretch."

      << Oh, yeah - that. Guess I'm not that hard to *read*. >> Kitty thought somewhat relieved that Jubilee didn't have a mutation she'd forgotten to mention.

      By this time they'd reached the car and the close quarters would negate any further discussion. Scott placed the bags containing their old clothes in the trunk, in effect hiding them Jubilee thought. When Kitty parked herself in the front seat next to Scott, Jubilee reluctantly opened the back door and climbed in, muttering something under her breath that, while Scott couldn't quite make out exactly what she'd said, he was fairly sure it had four letters. They drove in uncomfortable silence back to the school, with Scott pausing slightly as they approached the gates. He turned to Kitty and gave her a small smile and patted her leg - a gesture that didn't go unnoticed by Jubilee, who was determined to get Kitty alone and get the whole sordid story from her, even if she had to threaten Lockheed, Kitty's favorite stuffed animal.

      When they'd pulled into the garage and gotten out of the car, Scott asked Jubilee if she wouldn't mind going on ahead into the house, but not to say anything. As Jubilee reached the door of the hallway connecting the garage to the main house, she turned in time to see Scott lean down and tenderly kiss Kitty.


      Next chapter: Facing the music.

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