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FIC: Repost of Captive Hearts NC-17

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  • kittenrescue
    I finally got around to writing a continuation of this story - therefore, to refresh everyone s memories, I m reposting the original story to be followed
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
      I finally got around to writing a continuation of this story - therefore, to refresh everyone's memories, I'm reposting the original story to be followed immediately by the first chapter of the continuation.

      Title: Captive Hearts

      Author: Karen

      E-mail: kittenrescue@...

      Rating: NC-17

      Category: Drama

      Pairing: Scott and Kitty

      Disclaimer: I'm just messing with them a little, just enough to leave my sticky fingerprints on them, and then I'll give them back. Oh, you say you don't want them back, now?

      Summary: Scott and Kitty are kidnapped by the Brotherhood.

      Author's notes: I've always felt that Magneto's strategy would be more psychological and sneaky than an all out brute-force attack. I mean, who does he have on his team that could seriously take on the X-Men, besides Sabretooth? Toad looks like he'd wet his pants at the first sign of any real threat and Mystique would be too busy *posing* to do any real damage. (Picking a model wasn't the best choice for that role - what's she gonna do *vogue* the enemy into submission.)

      Warning: Extreme, graphic sexual violence.

      On what started out as a normal Thursday afternoon, Scott had reluctantly agreed to drive Kitty to the Westchester Mall to purchase a gift for Jean's birthday. Scott had been conned into taking her, as her usual contingent of mall *accomplices* were not available. Well at least it was the quiet and sweet Kitty. It could've been worse, he could've been shanghaied into accompanying the ever-hyper-shouldn't-be-allowed-to-ingest-anything-containing-sugar Jubilee. At least Kitty wasn't irritating. Claiming she needed his opinion, Kitty must've dragged Scott into every *girl*' related store in the mall - everything from Bath and Body Works to every single clothing and accessories store on both levels. And why did girls need so much accessorizing anyway? Why can't they be more like guys? Scott thought - a pair of pants, a shirt, pair of shoes - not even necessarily socks and sometimes not even underwear and they were good to go. Kitty finally found something she considered worthy enough for Jean and now he was stuck waiting outside the ladies room while she *freshened* up. Scott also couldn't understand the female need to constantly primp. Especially, Kitty - she was what was referred to as naturally pretty, the kind of young women who needed little in the way of artificial enhancements. Finally, Kitty emerged, looking no different from when she first went in. Scott simply sighed and they were finally heading back to the car.

      There were within mere feet of reaching the SUV, when they were attacked by Sabretooth and Toad. Catching them completely off-guard, Magneto's henchmen swiftly rendered the X-Men Leader and his student unconscious.

      Scott awoke with a pounding headache to find himself in some type of cell. At least he was lying on a large bed and not the concrete floor. Kitty wasn't in there with him and he immediately started to worry. What had Magneto done with the young girl? Kitty's screams soon answered his question. Running to the front of the cell, Scott started yelling, hoping to catch someone's attention. He also tried sending out a mental S.O.S signal hoping that the Professor or Jean would pick up on it and send help. Unknown to Scott, Magneto's entire *lair* was impenetrable to either the Professor's telepathy or Cerebro. There would be no way for the X-Men to know their exact location and therefore, no rescue mission could be attempted. Without his battle visor, there was also no way of completely controlling his optic blasts either, the throbbing pain in his head not withstanding.

      Meanwhile, Kitty was in another part of the compound on the floor being manhandled by Sabretooth, who was running large, hairy paws all over the young girl he had pinned beneath him.

      "I'm gonna have so much fun with you, girlie." Sabretooth growled menacingly.

      Kitty screamed even louder. Sabretooth made no attempts to shut her up as her screams just excited him even more. Kitty's eyes were wide with terror as she saw his obvious enormous erection outlined against his pants. He had the front of her sweater unbuttoned, one hand was groping one of her breasts and the other was reaching under her short skirt. He slipped a clawed finger under the fabric of her panties and rubbed her obscenely.

      "Nice pussy, Kitty." Sabretooth teased, his foul breath a breeze on her face.

      Kitty felt sick to her stomach as Sabretooth continued to violate her, one finger about to push inside her. Just then, Magneto walked into the room and bought a stop to the Neanderthal's fun.

      "Stop it, Creed. She's not meant for you. You soil her and you'll ruin my plan. Put her back in with Cyclops. NOW!" Magneto instructed.

      "You never let me have any fun." Creed retorted, as he stood up and dragged Kitty to a standing position.

      "You can have her after she's dead. She won't put up a fight then."

      "I don't mind if the little kittycat hisses and spits. It kinda turns me on." He said, as he leered at Kitty wickedly.

      "Well, you're going to have to wait a little while and then you can do what you want to her." Magneto informed him.

      "Anything I want?" Sabretooth inquired, one large hand encircling Kitty's waist as the other fondled her breasts.

      "Anything." Magneto clarified.

      Kitty got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach again, as she realized what Sabretooth was gonna do to her, no matter what. She struggled futilely in the large man's powerful grip, as he laughed crudely.

      "If you attempt to escape by phasing, my dear, I will let my associate here gut your Leader just enough for his death to be slow and extremely agonizing. Do you understand?" Magneto asked a still struggling Kitty.

      "What do you want with us?" Kitty spat out.

      "I can't tell you that. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. I can tell you this much, though. Neither of you is getting out of here alive. How long you continue breathing depends entirely on my mood." Magneto told her ominously.

      Kitty just broke down and sobbed. She had no doubt that Magneto intended to make good on his threat to kill them.

      "And tell Mr. Summers that even if he were to blast his way out of the *guest room*. we're on an island. A very remote island. You'd both either drown or be some shark's snack before you ever made it back to the mainland." Magneto warned.

      Sabretooth returned her to Scott's cell, opening the door just enough to toss her in. Kitty landed with a hard thud on the concrete floor and Scott was at her side in a split second, gathering her in his arms and trying to soothe her.

      "You okay? Did he hurt you? Did he touch you?" Scott asked.

      "I'm okay. Magneto stopped him before he did anything... this time. Scott he's gonna let him ...let him...do things to me." Kitty started to cry.

      "He's just trying to scare you, Kitty."

      "Well, it worked." Kitty replied, as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

      Scott hugged her tightly, trying unsuccessfully to calm her fears. He could imagine exactly what that crude man had in store for the young girl. Kitty curled up into a ball in Scott's lap and continued crying as he stroked her hair. Scott picked her up and deposited her gently on the bed. She then told Scott what Magneto had warned her about the consequences of any attempts to escape.

      "Try and get some rest, Kitty." He admonished her, looking down into her innocent and beautiful face.

      Kitty reached out and put her hand firmly on his arm.

      "Don't leave me. Please, Scott, stay right here." She implored.

      Scott sat down on the edge of the bed. Kitty reached out and pulled him down next to her. Spooning behind her, Scott pulled her in tight next to him. Kitty let out a small sigh and seemed to relax slightly. Scott, however, was anything but relaxed, as he found his body reacting to the close proximity of such an attractive young woman.

      "The Professor will find us and the team will come get us. It'll be okay." Scott tried to reassure her, as he unsuccessfully fought to regain control of his body.

      "Scott, he's never gonna let us go. He'll slaughter us before they'll get a chance to get here." Kitty responded.

      Scott had a sinking feeling she was right, but didn't want to upset her any further.

      "We can't give up, Kitty. We have to keep positive." He said, trying to sound reassuring.

      Kitty cried herself to sleep as Scott held her tightly and hoped that she wouldn't notice his hard-on.

      Over the next few days Scott found himself being used as a punching bag by Sabretooth. The larger man took delight in beating Scott, almost to the point of unconsciousness, but stopped just short of inflicting any fatal injuries. Scott's body was a mass of ugly bruises and jagged cuts that Kitty tried her best to patch up each night with the meager first aid kit provided. Apparently, the novelty of pounding on Scott had worn off and Sabretooth turned his attentions to Kitty. On the fifth day of their captivity, instead of dragging Scott out of the cell, Sabretooth reached for Kitty instead. When Scott tried to stop him from taking her, Sabretooth simply swatted him across the cell effortlessly. Landing with a resounding thud against the far wall, the cell door had already slammed shut by the time Scott staggered to his feet. He listened helplessly as Kitty's plaintive screams echoed off the stone walls as she was carried off to some unknown fate.

      Sabretooth took Kitty into what looked like a medical lab dominated by a large metal slab resembling the type of table found in a morgue. Depositing Kitty not too gently on the metal slab, Sabretooth proceed to lock Kitty's wrists and ankles into manacles attached to the four corners, effectively bounding her spread eagled to the table. Fear began to rise in Kitty as she realized exactly what Sabretooth had in mind. As he moved one large hand toward her sweater, Kitty fought to suppress the nausea from rising. Undoing the buttons of the pale pink sweater, Sabretooth roughly pushed the fabric aside and yanked her bra down to reveal her breasts to his leering gaze.

      "I didn't appreciate being interrupted the other day." He informed her as he bent down to lick one of her breasts.

      Kitty squeezed her eyes shut as Sabretooth sucked the entire areola into his mouth and then screamed as he bit down on her nipple. Bunching her skirt up around her waist, he ripped her panties off and flung the shredded material to the floor. Leaning down, he put his face between her legs and proceeded to lick at her with his rough tongue. With her ankles tightly bound, Kitty's efforts to struggle were in vain, as the disgusting man continued to lap at her. Kitty's ear piercing screams only earned her a punch in the face from Sabretooth, who didn't appreciate being interrupted to deal with her. Luckily for her, Kitty was a quick learner and kept a lot quieter after that first bit of discipline. Instead, she just bit her lip and cried silently as Sabretooth went back to probing her with his tongue.

      Mystique walked in and simply stood there watching Sabretooth enjoying himself. After a few minutes, she reminded him that Magneto said he could do anything he wanted to Kitty, short of actually fucking her - at least for now. Finally, Sabretooth stopped and lifting his head, smacked his lips loudly and then wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

      "Come have a taste, Mystique." Sabretooth offered.

      Mystique walked over to the table, and with a sick grin inserted two fingers into the terrified young girl. Removing them, she then stuck them into her mouth and licked them obscenely.

      "Delicious." She said wickedly.

      Kitty could no longer repress the queasiness in her stomach and vomited.

      "How disgusting." Mystique sniffed, "Clean her up and toss her back in with her cage mate."

      Ten minutes later, sufficiently cleaned up and even given a new pair of panties, Kitty was finally returned to the cell and the safety of Scott's arms. She sobbed uncontrollably for the next thirty minutes, unable to tell Scott exactly what had happened, although his imagination was probably more than good enough.

      For the next three days Kitty was subjected to the disgusting ministrations of Sabretooth. He did all kinds of vile things to her, stopping just short of actual penetration with his penis. Occasionally Mystique would join them and Kitty would have softer hands and a smoother tongue exploring her body. One morning when Sabretooth came to haul Kitty out of the cell, Scott offered himself in her place. He was willing to subject himself to the pain of a beating to save Kitty from further humiliation. The heartless thug merely laughed and misunderstanding the offer, informed Scott he wasn't interested in sucking anyone's dick.

      On this particular morning, Sabretooth had Kitty tied to a chair and forcing her mouth open, stuck his penis into it. Kitty bit him sharply causing him to scream out in pain and pull his penis out of her mouth quickly. Backhanding her across the face for her insolence, he left a nasty red welt on her ivory cheek.

      Then grabbing her by her hair and yanking her head backwards he warned her ominously, "Do that again I'll slit your throat and to hell with Magneto's plan."

      He then pried her mouth back open and rammed his penis all the way to the back of her throat, making her gag. He pumped in and out of her slack mouth until he erupted in a stream of hot liquid. Once again Kitty vomited all over the floor as Sabretooth zipped back up.

      Pitching her back into the cell, Sabretooth told Scott, "You're little friend here gives lousy blowjobs."

      Sabretooth laughed maniacally as he turned and lumbered away. Kitty ran into Scott waiting arms and collapsed in a fit of tears.

      Scott gathered her close as she shook in his embrace. Finding it difficult to express the right words to soothe her, Scott simply held her tightly against him. Kitty frantic sobs finally dulled to a soft whimper and then she looked up into Scott's face with pleading eyes.

      "Scott, I don't wanna die a virgin only to have Sabretooth desecrate my body."

      "That won't happen. Magneto will either negotiate our release with the Professor or the team will rescue us before it comes to that."

      "Then why hasn't anything happened yet? Why haven't they come for us?"

      "I don't know. Magneto must have somehow found some way to shield this entire complex from Cerebro's power or the team would've been here by now."

      "Magneto told me that we're gonna die and I believe him." Kitty was openly crying again.

      Scott tried to comfort the stricken young woman, who clung to him fiercely. Scott felt himself growing hard as she innocently moved against him. As she shifted slightly her breasts rubbed against his chest, doing nothing to help his body's involuntary response to her. Embarrassed that he could be having improper thoughts about Kitty, especially at a time like this, Scott suggested they do something to take their minds off of anything morbid.

      "Make love to me." Kitty pleaded.

      Not what he'd expected, and about the last thing he needed for her to say, Scott stammered, "Kitty...I.I.."

      Kitty interrupted him by reaching up and kissing him gently on the lips.

      "Please." She pleaded again, more insistently.

      Scott leaned down and captured her lips with his. Parting them with his tongue, he sunk it into the warm recesses of her mouth. He gently explored every corner, as she returned the kiss with desperation. Sliding one hand up her smooth leg and under the short skirt, he first cupped her delicate bottom and then moved his hand to the front. Running his fingers over the already damp cotton material of her panties, Scott slipped two fingers under the soft fabric and caressed her mound. Kitty whimpered against his mouth, but didn't stop his exploration. With gentleness, he stroked her outer lips and then her clit. Kitty squirmed and moaned again. With his other hand, Scott unbuttoned the pale pink sweater, revealing a delicate white bra with pale pink rosebuds. Shifting the material aside slightly, Scott leaned down and ran his tongue over the pink areola and little bud of a nipple. Drawing the nubbin into his mouth, he sucked on it tenderly. Kitty helped shrug the sweater off completely, reached behind her and unclasped the bra, pulling it off and tossing it aside. Scott then lavished both perfect breasts with equal attention. Then he pulled the little gray skirt off and reached for the band of her panties. Sliding them down her legs, he tossed them on the floor.

      He then stood up and quickly divested himself of his shirt and the once neatly pressed pants. Kitty let out a small giggle when she realized Scott hadn't bothered with underwear. Scott was glad to hear her laugh. It meant she was distracted enough not to be thinking too much about the severity of their situation.

      Crawling back onto the bed, he was soon above Kitty. Despite the fact that they probably wouldn't live through the night, Scott didn't want this one experience to be a bad one for Kitty. He started running his hands over her tiny frame, exploring with gentle caressing touches. Leaning down, he plied her with tender kisses as she moaned softly. Scott worked his way all over her body including the delicate hollow of her neck and the small swell of her breasts, lavishing her with soft butterfly kisses everywhere. Kitty moaned in pleasure as he lavished attention on the junction between her legs, licking at her until she finally peaked. He tried hard not to imagine what Jean would think of what he was doing.

      Parting Kitty's legs further apart, Scott moved between them and prepared to finally consummate the act.

      "Kitty, are you sure this is what you want?" He asked, wanting reassurance.

      "Scott, I don't want Sabretooth to be the first..to be the only one. Yes, I'm sure." She responded.

      Scott positioned himself at her entrance, already wet with desire and ready for him. Not worrying about birth control, he eased into her slowly. Kitty winced at the invasion and Scott almost stopped.

      "I'm okay. Keep going." She urged him, "I'll be fine."

      At her barrier, he hesitated again for a moment, before pushing through. Kitty lifted off the bed as the sharp pain cut through her and then relaxed slightly as the pain began to subside. Scott pulled out just a little and then slowly eased back in again. Soon he established a slow, but gentle rhythm and Kitty began lifting up to meet his thrusts. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Scott moved deeper inside her, angling himself to rub against her clit. Kitty writhed beneath him as he caressed her body and licked at her neck. A quivering tingling sensation started in the pit of Kitty's stomach and splintered out and she was soon experiencing another orgasm. She felt like she was going to shatter into a million pieces as she climaxed, crying his name. Scott gave two more thrusts and emptied himself into her with his own release. Still inside her, Scott gathered Kitty to him and she snuggled against his chest.

      "Thank you." She murmured against him.

      Scott just kissed the top of her head, saying "Your welcome." seemed inappropriate. He pulled out of her as he softened. Soon they both drifted off to sleep. Neither one had noticed the camera in the upper corner of the room that had captured every moment of their lovemaking.

      The next morning, Scott awoke, surprised that they have survived another night. Kitty was sleeping peacefully in the crook of his arm and he looked down at the no longer innocent young girl. Just then Kitty stirred and looked up at Scott with sleepy eyes.

      "Good Morning." He said softly.

      Kitty responded by pulling his head down and kissing him full on the mouth. Scott reciprocated and they kissed hungrily. Soon they were making love again, with Kitty a lot more aggressive than she'd been the day before. Their lovemaking included Kitty boldly taking his cock into her mouth, sucking him until he came and then swallowing expertly. Then she had Scott lay on his back while she straddled him, impaling herself on him and riding him hard. Scott had just come for the third time, when suddenly Kitty morphed into Mystique! Pushing her off in horror, Scott backed away from the blue mutant.

      "What the hell have you done with Kitty?" He screamed.

      "Don't worry, you're little play toy will be back in a little while. I just wanted to have my share of the fun, Cyclops." Mystique laughed, "You're a hellava fuck, by the way."

      Scott suddenly had a sick thought. "Was it you last night, too?" He inquired.

      "No, unfortunately, just this morning. It really was your little Miss Pryde you fucked last night." Mystique answered, then pointed at the camera and added, "It was quite a show, too. Maybe you should be renamed the X-rated Men."

      "You're a sick bitch." Scott spat out as he quickly pulled on his pants.

      "Yes, with an entertaining home porno to prove it." She chuckled.

      Mystique got up to leave the cell just as Toad tossed Kitty back in. The door slammed shut and Kitty ran into Scott's arms. Scott decided not to tell Kitty about Mystique's deception.

      "Are you okay? Did they do anything to you?" Scott asked, running his hands over her to check her out.

      "No, I'm fine. They just had me tied and gagged in a chair for the last couple of hours. I don't even know why."

      Scott knew why, but wasn't going to share that piece of information with her. Kitty started pressing moist kisses to the side of Scott's neck and he realized the young girl wanted to make love again. Picking her up and carrying her over to the bed, Scott spent the rest of the morning trying to erase the memory of what he'd done with Mystique. Meanwhile, Mystique was watching the latest events taking place in the captives cell on a monitor.

      "Are you enjoying yourself, my dear?" Magneto asked, as he entered the room and noticed what Mystique was so enthralled with, "The X-Men certainly are a good looking bunch, aren't they?"

      "I'd rather be in there having him fuck *me*. Take her out and let me replace her again."

      "He's not likely to fall for that one again. I'm afraid that you'll just have to be satisfied with your one shot at him."

      "What are you going to do with them?"

      "I'm going to release them back to Charles in a few days. What they've done while they've been our *guests* will wreak more havoc on the X-Men team as a unit, than if I'd killed them. Conquer and divide, my pet."

      Mystique returned her attention to the small screen as she watched the pair make love.

      Three days later, Scott and Kitty found themselves in front of Magneto.

      "I do so hope you've enjoyed your stay with us. My associate, Mr. Creed will return you to where you were picked up."

      Scott looked puzzled. "You're letting us go? Just like that?"

      "I know what I'm doing." Magneto began, "Oh, and a little *souvenir* of your visit." With that, he threw a video tape in Scott's direction. Reaching out and catching the tape, Scott knew immediately what it was.

      "No, thanks." He replied, tossing it back to Magneto.

      "Well, fine then. Oh, did I mention that I've already sent a copy over to your precious Jean by courier this morning? Maybe she'll let you borrow her copy."

      Mystique let out a sinister snort and Scott felt his blood run cold. Jean would know what he and Kitty had done. It was too bad that Magneto hadn't killed them before Jean had the chance.


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