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Fic: Frogs (PG; S/J, X, Abby [oc])

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  • Deineira
    Title: Frogs Author: Lisea@glasstemple.com Author s website: http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO (which also has Career Choices, Larping, Connecting, and L & H in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
      Title: Frogs
      Author: Lisea@...
      Author's website: http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO (which also has
      Career Choices, Larping, Connecting, and L & H in X-Menland) Feel free
      to link, just let me know.
      Thanks: To my beta, Henrietta. I'm still trying to convince her to put
      the axe down.
      Pairing: S/J, X, Abby (original character)
      Rating: PG-13
      Summary: Someone at Xavier's School has problems with biology
      Disclaimer: X-Men => Marvel and Fox. Abby Greenwood => Me. Questions?
      Author's notes: I'm actually very fond of Scott. I don't think he
      could do what he was going to. :-) And there might be a sequel. All
      depends on how nice you are.

      Why won't people write any Scott fic? I Want Scott Fic!! (Consider
      yourself challenged!)


      Scott Summers was walking along the halls of the mansion to his
      office. He sipped his coffee as he glanced at his newspaper, then
      tugged the paper under his arm to get the door to his office open. A
      girl waiting in his office stood up from a chair by the desk. She had
      been waiting for him.

      "Ms. Greenwood. How can I help you?" he asked, going around his desk
      and pulling out his chair.

      "Is it true? Are we going to disect frogs in biology next week?" Abby
      fumed, leaning against Scott's desk.

      "Abby, if you don't want to do it, you don't have to. But yes, it is
      scheduled for next week."

      "Over my dead body. You're _not_ disecting anything!" she said,
      slamming her fist against the table.

      "It's part of the biology lessons, Abby. You need to learn about the
      internal organs in other mammels."

      "Bite me."

      "Excuse me?"

      "There's a difference between learning from a book and cutting open a
      defenseless creature, wouldn't you say, Mr. Summers?" she was
      practically shouting at this point.

      Professor Xavier wheeled in Scott's office. "I could hear you all the
      way to my office, Ms. Greenwood. Is there a problem?"

      "Yes. One of your teachers wants to play murderer."

      "Abby, I'm not trying to play anything! They're just frogs, and we
      will give them an anesthetic!" Scott argued.

      "So it's okay to kill animals? Humans are animals too, is it alright
      to kill them too? If we need an animal to be disected, let's start
      with you!"

      "Frogs are different from humans, Abby."

      "Ms. Greenwood, if you'd calm down..."

      "I'm not going to calm down! And stay out of my head! I have a right
      to make myself heard!" Abby turned from the Professor back to Scott.
      "You'll kill frogs because they're not humans. That makes it alright
      to kill other forms of life just because they are inferior to you?
      I'll be sure to tell that to the FOH the next time we meet!"


      "Ms. Greenwood has a point, Scott."

      Scott smiled. "Yeah, I guess she does. You certainly have a way with

      Abby shrugged. "When there's a problem, I make noice."

      "I've noticed. I think Jean could hear you all the way to the medlab.
      In the future, would you be so kind as to keep the volume down?"
      Xavier asked, then wheeled himself out of the room.

      "Can't make any promises" Abby called out after him.

      "Abby, please sit down" Scott asked, pointing to the chair in front of
      the desk. Abby sat down and glared at him.

      "So you're gonna let them go?" she asked.

      "You can let them go yourself. They're in the storage room. I'll give
      them to you later. Right now, I think we should talk."

      "What about?" she asked, still glaring at him.

      "Constantly questioning your teachers' authorities will get you
      nothing, Abby. Is there something else I should know about? Anything
      bothering you?"

      "I can't honor "teacher's authorities" because I don't think there is
      such a thing. Just because you're a teacher doesn't mean your opinions
      are better than anyone else's. I'll look up to the fact that you are
      sharing your knowledge with others, but there's good and bad
      knowledge. I have a right to disagree and an equal right to say so."

      "Okay. But the next time, could we talk about whatever's wrong,
      instead of you fuming in my office and shouting at me?"

      "We were talking about whatever's wrong. I was just making sure you
      were listening."


      Scott wrapped his arms around his girl's waist, pulled her against him
      and kissed her on the forehead. Jean responded by putting her arms
      around around his neck. "So, what brings you to my side of the medlab,
      Mr. Summers?"

      Scott sighed. "I had a... conversation with Abby. About the frogs.
      That girl has a nasty temper, even for a 19-year-old."

      "You came away with it in one piece?" she said in mock surprise.

      "Barely. For a minute I thought she might disect me if I wouldn't let
      her have the frogs. She seemed to settle down after I promised to go
      set them free with her."

      "Poor Scott. What are you going to teach in biology next week?"

      "I told Abby to read up on internal organs, and teach the others in
      class. She seemed pleased. And that worries me."

      "How's so?"

      "I think she might use me as learning material."

      "You think I could sit in on your class?" Jean smirked.

      "Hey! You'll pay for that remark later, missy" Scott said, and jumped
      up to sit on the exam bed. "I don't know what the Professor was
      thinking when he asked Abby to join the classes. She asked herself to
      do some voluntary work here instead. Said she "didn't do well with
      authorities, being a New Age- hippie"."

      "I didn't say I was a New Age- hippie, I said I was a Wiccan hippie.
      There's a difference" Abby said, making Scott jump.

      "Hello, Abby, what can I do for you?" Jean asked. Abby held out a
      slimy, green frog in her hands.

      "I think this one's sick. He looks a lot sleepier than the rest of

      Jean looked at the frog, unwilling to take it. "It... looks fine,
      Abby. It may be just tired."

      "Or he did something to it" she said, looking at Scott.

      "I didn't do anything with them, Abby. Scout's honor" Scott answered,
      holding up one of his hands. Abby eyed him for a moment, then turn to
      walk out of the doors.

      "Come on, Sweetie. Time to let the little ones free" she called out
      from the door.

      "Sweetie?" Jean asked Scott.

      "Don't ask."


      "Here" Abby said, handing him the plastic aquarium that held the
      frogs. "You do it."

      "Don't you want to?" Scott asked.

      "I want you to. You might even learn something."

      "I'm not sure what it is you want me to learn, but here goes" Scott
      put the aquarium on the ground and tilted it sideways and onto the
      ground. They both watched as the green frogs jumped away.

      "Just saved lives and stopped a massacre. Feel better?" Abby asked

      "I wouldn't have called it "a massacre"."

      "I would've."

      "Fine. Is there anything else you might fight with me about?" Scott
      said, picked up the empty aquarium and they started walking back to
      the mansion.

      "No, not for the time being. But I'll make noice."

      "I was afraid of that... May god have mercy on us."



      The end
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