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Fic: "Through The Ages We Change" PG-13/R [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Ororo, Methos/ Alexa]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, This is still a crossover between Highlander and X-men and you still don’t need to know anything about Highlander to follow this. Enjoy: Through The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2002
      Hi all,

      This is still a crossover between Highlander and X-men and you still don’t need
      to know anything about Highlander to follow this.


      Through The Ages We Change
      By Nadja Lee 25/02/02

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Disclaimer: “Highlander” and all the characters here belong to Davis/Panzer and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set after the X-men movie and after the Highlander episode Methuselah’s Gift.

      Universe: Set in the X-men movie universe and Highlander series universe.

      Pairing: Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa, Methos/Cassandra, light Scott/Ororo,

      Summary: A woman tells Logan that Methos was once evil, one of the four Horsemen and asks for his help to kill him. Should Logan help her or believe that Methos has changed?

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee2000@...

      Rating: PG-13/R

      Series/sequel: This story is a sequel to “Through The Ages We Fight”. Part 3 in “Through The Ages….” series.

      Dedicated to: Sorcieré with love.

      Note: This is a crossover between X-men movie universe and the Highlander series universe…Like you hadn’t figured that out already *LOL*. You don’t need to know anything at all about Highlander to follow this story.

      Things in //mmmmmmm// means flashback.

      Part 1:

      //The Bronze Age//

      She ran all she could, praying she could reach the horses. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest and her palms were sweaty. Please, let me make it, she prayed. Just as she thought she had a chance, just as her hand reached for the horse…he was behind her, forcing her right arm behind her back and holding her rudely against him. With a quick move he took out a dagger and waved it in front of her face, enjoying the look of fear in her eyes.

      “You died once today, did you enjoy that? Learn this lesson well; I’ll kill you as many times as it takes to tame you,” he warned coldly before he stuck the dagger into her heart, killing her.


      “Nooooo,” Methos yelled and awake with a start, fighting the sheets to sit up in bed. A dream, it was only a dream, he tried to calm himself. Only it wasn’t. It had been real. It had happened. It was all true…a memory. A memory that wouldn’t leave him. He let a shaking hand run through his messy hair. It was so long ago; why couldn’t he forget? Every time he closed his eyes he saw them…. the dying, the begging, the fear and the terror…but above anything he saw her. God, how he saw her…sometimes it was memories, other times it was nightmares, images of her standing over him with a sword, killing him……….

      “What’s the matter?” Alexa asked softly, sitting up in bed as she had been awakened by his yell. She saw his defeated posture, noticed the tired and sad lines in his face. She didn’t know what his nightmares were about but it didn’t matter. All she saw was that he was in pain and she had to help him.

      “Did I wake you? Sorry,” he said softly and turned towards her, forcing a smile. He reached out a hand and stroked her cheek. She put her hand above his.

      “You know I don’t mind. Do you want to talk about it?” she asked kindly but he shook his head. He rarely spoke much of his past though he had enough of it. She knew it had to mean there were unpleasant memories in his past and one day she hoped he’d trust her enough to tell her everything.

      “Not really,” his voice seemed far away, almost…frightened. She gathered him in her arms and pulled him close. He let his head rest on her chest, listening to the calming sound of her heartbeat.

      “Don’t worry anymore. All is alright. All is fine. I’m here. All is alright,” she whispered and stroked his damp hair. All was not all right but for tonight he’ll pretend it was. Her loving touch and calming words soon made him fall asleep again. Alexa looked out of the bedroom window, still holding Methos tight. She loved him with all her being but sometimes she wondered if it was enough for one day…she would be gone and then who’ll be there for him?

      Part 2:

      “Methos, will you make the table?” Alexa asked as she was preparing lunch the following day. It was a sunny Saturday so she had decided they would eat out in the garden.

      “Sure,” Methos agreed and gave her a kiss as he passed her in the kitchen on his way to the cupboard to get plates and glasses. She laughed at him as he waltzed out the door to the garden to the tones of Springsteen’s “Born In The USA”. He had always been able to make her laugh and feel good, even when she was sick and thought she had only one year left to live in. He had always been there for her.

      She looked to the roast in the oven. They had agreed on a large lunch and a light dinner, followed by a planned walk by the beach. It was now 11 years since they had met and in that time they had moved home five times to insure Methos’s Immortality and whereabouts were kept a secret. For the moment they lived in Italy, close to the shore. Though he had enough money and they lived well, Methos still choose to work, for the moment as a librarian, more to do something during the day than anything else. She had worked as a waitress when she had met Methos and was happy for a chance to be able to stay home and do all the things she had never thought possible. Besides, she liked making Methos happy when she had prepared food for him or showed him a new dress she had brought in town. He always made her feel beautiful and talented even though he had been the one to teach her how to cook and lots of other things.

      Her attention returned to the present when the roast was finished and Methos returned to carry it out on the table for her. It was at times like these that she sometimes missed being able to have children though it was a small sacrifice to pay for the love she had now. Smiling Alexa went with Methos out and when he had placed the roast on the table he took her chair out for her and she sat down. He seemed happy now, in silly and light spirit. Gone was the sad and angstful man from last night. Over the years she had held him after nightmares many times and knew there was nothing to do save try and forget and do what she could. So, she smiled at him and took his hand.

      “I love you,” she said softly and he smiled and kissed her.

      “I love you too,” he said and took the wine bottle from the table and began to pour her a glass when suddenly the doorbell ran.

      “Who can it be?” Alexa wondered. They weren’t expecting anyone. Could it be…another Immortal? She looked fearful at Methos.

      “It’s not one of us,” Methos said but his mood had sobered. He stood and on the way to the door he picked up his sword. One could never be too careful.

      “It never fails; you’re in the shower or eating and someone’s at the door,” Methos complained as he lifted his sword and opened the door.

      “Missed me?” Logan asked with a big grin. Next to him stood Rogue and behind them Ororo and Scott. Methos nearly dropped his sword.

      “This is becoming too much of a habit,” Methos mumbled but lowered the sword and let them in. “Caro[1], we have visitors,” he yelled towards the garden and laid his sword on the dresser as he passed it. Alexa entered the house, her light summer dress floating in the wind. Her face lit up in a smile when she saw their visitors; their constant moving didn’t make it easy to keep friendships.

      “Rogue! Ororo! Logan and Scott. It’s so nice to see you all,” Alexa said happily and went and kissed them all in French manner, betraying that she and Methos had lived in France before they moved to Italy.

      “It’s good to see you too,” Ororo said warmly.

      “Ya look great. Must be the Italian sun,” Rogue smiled.

      “Thanks. Come, come. Sit down. We were just about to eat,” Alexa waved them out into the garden. “Methos, help me find some more plates.”
      ”They’re not staying, cuore caro[2],” Methos claimed but the women were already in the garden.

      “Nonsense. We’ll love to stay,” Logan grinned at Methos’s annoyed look.

      “Last you were here I nearly got my head cut off,” Methos complained but went to the kitchen to help Alexa get more plates.

      “Logan, help me set up more chairs,” Scott called from the garden and Logan went to put up the chairs around the table in the garden.

      “Are you alright with them being here?” Alexa asked softly as she put glasses and plates on the kitchen table.

      “Of course,” Methos claimed but his eyes were clouded. There had been something in Logan’s eyes…an awareness and caution despite his normal teasing that wasn't promising well.

      “Good,” she smiled and kissed his cheek. He carried the plates and her the wine glasses as they went outside again.

      “It’s a nice home you have here,” Scott said and admired the flower filled garden; like Ororo Alexa loved flowers and their beauty. Ororo loved them because they were a part of nature and Alexa loved them because they were eternal; something which would stay the same forever even after she was gone. The sunlight and the faint humming of insects put a calming atmosphere over the table.

      “Thanks but I doubt you flew 1000s of miles to tell me that,” Methos remarked and took a slip of his wine. Scott tensed, as did the others.

      “No, I didn’t,” Scott admitted and looked to Logan for him to continue.

      “I had a visitor the other day. A woman. She asked for my help,” Logan began.

      “This has a point?” Methos interrupted, getting a very bad feeling about all this. It couldn’t be…it couldn’t be…

      “She claimed she knew you,” Ororo remarked calmly, a storm seeming to form in her eyes. “She said her name was Cassandra.”

      There was total silence around the table. Scott observed Methos’s face closely for any sign of recognition.

      “I don’t know her,” Methos denied, his voice dismissing.

      “Strange for she seems to know an awful lot about you. So much that she sought Logan’s help to kill you,” Scott remarked and noticed a fibre vibrate in Methos’s cheek. Was he lying? Had he known the woman? Oh, God…what if all she had told them was true?

      “Well, then you won’t mind us bringing her to meet you so she had see for herself that she was wrong,” Logan said and drank from his wine. Methos’s eyes darkened.

      “What?! You’ve brought her here?” he looked around but couldn’t see or feel anything. There was no Immortal near.

      “For someone who doesn’t know her you sure seem nervous about her seeing you,” Scott remarked. Something was not right. They were not getting the whole story. Methos turned around and saw all’s eyes on him.

      “We haven’t told her where you live,” Ororo calmed him.

      “Yet,” Logan added for good measure.

      Methos let a hand run through his hair. Damn, he knew this was going to happen. He knew it. Why couldn’t they all just stay out of his way? Disappear and let him forget?

      “I know her,” Methos admitted grimly. He saw the shocked looks in Rogue’s and Ororo’s eyes and knew Cassandra must have told them…everything. Alexa just looked confused but she noticed his discomfort and reached over the table and held his hand, giving it a calming squeeze. I wonder if you’ll hold my hand after you know, Methos thought sadly and smiled a small smile at her. After so many years he finally had someone in his life, something good and pure. Would his past destroy all that? Was peace really only for the dead?

      “Is what she told us true?” Rogue asked shocked and held Logan’s hand for support. Had she helped…. a murderer?!

      “Is it? Answer, you bastard, for I swear that if you don’t explain and do it good I’ll take your head for her,” Scott said darkly. If what Cassandra had told them were true…how could they ever see Methos again? How could they forgive the unforgivable?

      Methos stood up from the table and went a little away from them. It was an instinctive action to create distance between himself and possible enemies…and a foolish hope that when he turned to face them again they’ll be gone but they weren’t. He took a deep breath. He had known this would come. The past never quite let go; ever.

      “I don’t know what she’s told you but it was probably true,” Methos admitted softly. Logan’s eyes filled with anger and Scott’s hands formed fits.

      “You murdering son of a bitch!” Logan yelled furiously and only Rogue’s calming words and loving touch prevented him from trying his own luck for Methos’s head.

      “I don’t know what’s going on here but I won’t have you address my husband that way, not in my own home. Either explain what in the world is going on or get out of my house!” Alexa demanded hotly, feeling wounded that her friends would say such things about her husband and feeling left out as she was only one who didn’t know what they were talking about. Angered she too stood. She went to Methos and wanted to embrace him but he avoided her embrace. You wouldn’t want to hold me after you know, Methos thought sadly.

      “Let’s not make rushed decisions. Methos, just explain what happened and let’s go from there,” Ororo broke in, the peacemaker as always. Methos sighed. Yes, that was the problem wasn’t it? Just tell the truth…. he could lie, he wanted to lie to them but they already knew the truth. A lie would make it look worse…if that was possible.

      “I met Cassandra in the bronze age…around 1000BC. I rode with Kronos, Silas and Caspian, three Immortals, at that time,” Methos took a deep breath. He tried to forget but images came to him, images of babies crying, mothers dying……..skeletons, torture, screams……..and all that blood. So much blood.

      “They were your friends?” Alexa asked softly and again wanted to put a hand on his arm but again he moved a little away from her. Cut her off now, it was easier than seeing the love in her eyes turn to hate and disgust. It was easier…….but still as hard as dying.

      “We were brothers in everything but birth,” Methos explained. He especially remembered Silas. He hadn’t been all bad, he remembered he had had a weakness for animals, taking them all in and caring for them. In many ways Silas had been a child, his care and loving for animals at the borderline of insanity yet didn’t seem to realise that mortals had feelings and weren’t just toys to play with. Caspian had been too undisciplined and had always questioned his opinions. He recalled he had told Silas and Caspian that if one of them should die, he’d wish it to be Caspian. Kronos….. had led them, gathered them and ruled them. He had been the strongest and best. None of them could defeat him in a swordfight.

      “Cassandra said you were called ‘The Four Horsemen’. Is that true?” Ororo asked softly, no judgement in her voice but only a need for understanding and finding the truth. Methos turned and looked at Alexa, trying to burn her memory into his brain so never to forget her. Never forget……even when in a few dreadful minutes he’ll see the love she bore for him turn to hate.

      “Yes,” he admitted. He looked at them, fear of losing Alexa and their constant preying getting on his nerves. “Is that what you want to hear? Yes,” he went back to the table and leaned over it. “I killed a thousand. I killed TEN thousand. And I was good at it.”

      “By the Goddess,” Ororo mumbled and shook her head. She had hoped……hoped it wasn’t true.

      “It wasn’t for revenge, it wasn’t for food. It was because…..I liked it,” Methos continued mercilessly, a hard and cold edge in his voice. “I was Death, death on a horse. Cassandra was nothing to me, her village was nothing.” He took a deep breath. “So, the answer is yes. Oh, yes.”

      There was dead silence in the garden. Even the summing of the instincts seemed to have stilled. Then Alexa moved, she all but ran past Methos and into the house. Methos looked from Logan who was the only one holding his gaze to where Alexa had disappeared. He wanted to follow her but if…..He looked at his visitors in turn. Ororo was no threat to him; her calm and loving being didn’t have it in her to seek revenge nor wish another ill will no matter what that person may have done. Rogue was a giver, not a taker. Hate didn’t live in her and revenge for anything but the life or well being of her husband wasn’t an option. Scott………Scott reminded Methos of his friend Duncan MacLeod. Both had a very strong sense of honour and duty…. both unable to neither forgive nor forget his past. Though Scott would want justice for Cassandra he didn’t have it in him to kill a man for a crime he hadn’t been witness to or touched by and on top of that had been committed 3000 years ago. Logan on the other hand……he was the only one who had it in him to kill, and kill for revenge. And that was why Methos’s eyes stopped when they reached Logan and he tried to read what went through his friend’s head; hoping to be able to see if he was in danger or not.

      “Go after her, you idiot,” Logan said sharply, not yet decided what to make of all this. Methos had saved Rogue’s life yet she had first saved Alexa’s. Were they even now? Could they ever be even? Could the life of a loved one have a prize?

      Methos looked around at them before he turned on his heels and walked inside the house. Suddenly, as always before, he felt cold and wished he had his coat over him. He searched for her, one part of him hoping to find her and another hoping she had ran away...like Cassandra had done all those years ago. Better to not see her again than to see hate in her eyes, than to hear her say she wished him dead.

      “Alexa?” he asked softly. He heard a sound of glass shattering on the floor and went to the kitchen.
      ”Damn,” Alexa mumbled and bent down and began to pick up the broken pieces of the plate she had dropped.

      “Alexa?” he asked softly and bent down besides her. Her long brown hair hid her face for him so he couldn’t see her eyes.

      “I’ll have the dessert finished soon,” she mumbled, fanatically picking broken pieces up from the floor, tears in her voice.

      “Please…….don’t,” Methos whispered and took her hands in his and helped her to her feet.

      “But…the plate…..” she began, her face lowered, her eyes on the floor.

      “Leave it.”

      Methos gently stroked her hair away from her face and saw tears on her cheeks. It broke his heart to know he was the cause of those tears.

      “Look at me,” he whispered. He needed to see into her eyes. He needed to know. Slowly she lifted her eyes……and there was sadness, despair……and love in them. Love still. Gently he wiped her tears away.

      “I’m so sorry, amava uno[3]. So sorry,” he said brokenly and she nodded.

      “Tell me about Cassandra. Did you love her?” Alexa asked, a need to understand in her voice. She had to understand, she had to know.

      “As much as I could at that time,” Methos answered after he had thought about it. He had loved her, in his own way.

      “She’s Immortal I guess?” Alexa guessed and Methos nodded.


      “Why? Why did you take her when you knew what she was? You usually stay away from others of your kind because they might kill you,” Alexa asked confused.

      “Things were different then. I was different. The whole bloody world was different. In those days slaves and women were rudely the same thing. We attacked a village one day and Cassandra was killed but didn’t die. I took her as my slave,” Methos admitted. He called Cassandra’s image to him; long brown curly hair, big expressive eyes…….she had been beautiful yet with a spirit uncommon in women at that time. Maybe that was why he had found her so fascinating.

      “Was she…….did you…..” Alexa couldn’t bring herself to say it.

      “Yes to everything you may think. I manipulated her, kept her apart from the others in the camp, I punished her when she was disobedient or tried to run away……..normally by killing her. Soon, she was everything I wanted her to be. Without telling her she’ll gather the best fruit for me, she’ll wash my hands, ask me about my day………it wasn’t all bad,” he explained softly. And it hadn’t been. After the first painful weeks, they had settled into a routine that had grown to more. He had come to care for her, staying only with her and no other woman and she had cared for him.

      “Why her? And don’t say because she was beautiful,” Alexa asked, wanting to know what kind of man he had been then.

      “I had married a mortal woman some 150 years earlier who had died. Cassandra reminded me of her and……she would never die. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ll never be lonely again and I purposely didn’t tell her that the only way to die for real for Immortals was to cut off their heads so she thought…….she thought she lived because I wished it so. That was what I had told her.”

      “I’m sorry about your wife,” Alexa said softly though she knew he had been married more than 60 times. She felt a little better now. What he had done he had done out of grief. “Did you set her free?”

      “No,” his voice was grim. “Kronos wanted her. I couldn’t win a fight with him and had I denied he’d have killed Cassandra. I thought she had learned by then…….resistance was useless,” he remembered that night, that terrible night. Cassandra had screamed for him to help her, she had truly believed he would help her……..fool, she had forgotten what he had been; not just her lover but first and foremost her captor. “Anyway, she put a dagger through Kronos’s heart and ran for the horses. I let her get away,” Methos finished softly. She must have died a 1000th times as she had escaped into the desert but he bet it was worth it just to get away from them….from him.
      ”I knew you would,” Alexa said warmly, in her typical manner only focusing on that small flicker of light in his tale of darkness.

      “You don’t understand what I was,” Methos tried again. Didn’t she see? Didn’t she understand? He wasn’t someone who deserved her love.

      “Yes, I do but I also understand that you’re not like that anymore. It was more than 3000 years ago. You’ve changed and you have regretted your actions. Let the past lie,” she said softly and reached for him, pulling him into a hug. He was too shocked to return her hug. It was alright?! She didn’t hate him, didn’t want his head?

      “Thanks,” he finally said, knowing that word was too poor for what she had given him. A small sense of peace and a small hope that maybe…..just maybe….forgiveness was possible.

      “I could never hate you. You’ve done so much for me,” she whispered against his shoulder. Methos froze as a thought occurred to him. What if she stayed…….because she was grateful? He drew back from her and looked into her eyes.

      “Alexa, what I’ve done for you…….there is no debt to repay,” he took a deep breath. “Cassandra thought she loved me, acted liked she loved me but it wasn’t love. Have you heard of the Stockholm syndrome? A captive depends on her captor for life, food and praise and after a while begin to identity with him, even think she loves him.” Was that what Alexa did? Was she so grateful for him having saved her, showed her the world…..that she stayed with him out of gratitude or need….not love?
      ”Don’t be silly, lov. I love you, Methos. I loved you from the first day I saw you in the bar and thought you were just a poor guy named Adam Pierson. You dared to love me when no one else did. You dared to be with me though I told me I had only a year to live in. You didn’t run away when you heard the word ‘cancer’. You stayed. You were there for me and you married me long before you got Logan to heal me. You showed me so many things, you kept me smiling and believing. I married a mortal, poor man named Adam Pierson and I loved him with all my heart,” Alexa said warmly and stroked his cheek.

      “And what of Methos? Do you love him?” He asked softly.

      “How can I not? Adam and Methos are the same person. What you did isn’t up to me to neither forgive nor condemn. All I can and all I will judge you from is the years I’ve known you and no one could have asked for a better husband or greater love than what I have here,” Alexa finished and he drove her into a kiss.
      ”I love you so much,” he whispered in her ear and she smiled.

      “I love you too.”

      “I hope we’re not interrupting anything?” Logan said as he, Ororo, Scott and Rogue appeared in the opening to the kitchen. Methos and Alexa separated a little.

      “Nothing we can’t finish later,” Methos said with a smile, feeling better and happier than he had in years.

      “We’ve talked this over…” Scott began grimly and Methos tensed. Alexa instinctively moved to stand before Methos just in case. “……what you have done I can’t forgive or forget but it’s not up to me to judge you. We won’t help Cassandra find you but we won’t stop her either,” Scott explained. He reached over and shook Alexa’s hand and gave her a hug. “Alexa, always a pleasure. Methos,” he nodded to the other man and went to the front door.

      “The worst punishment for what you’ve done you have already gotten; a guilty conscience, sleepless nights and an eternity of remembering. I will not wish any more punishment for you,” Ororo said softly and hugged first Alexa and then Methos. “Be well and may the Goddess bless you with many good years to come.”

      “I hope so,” Methos said and pressed Alexa close to him. Ororo smiled at their love, yet a hint of sadness was in her smile for what would Methos do the day Alexa died?

      “Just be safe,” Rogue said and hugged them both before she too went to the front door, waiting for Logan.

      “I understand the need for revenge so I understand Cassandra. On the other hand, I can’t judge you worthy of death without judging myself the same way,” Logan admitted. He had killed many people, either by force, revenge or sport when his animal side had been strong in him just after he had escaped from Weapon X. “I’ll not interfere on either of yours behalf,” Logan promised and that was the best he could do.

      “Thank you,” Methos said and meant it. The two men shook hands and Alexa gave him a hug.

      “Drive safely,” Alexa yelled after them as they walked out the door.

      “Scott has brought the plane and he’s flying us home so we’ll need all the help we can get with those landings of his,” Logan joked and Alexa smiled.

      “Hey!” Scott protested, false wounded pride in his voice. Whatever else they said was cut off as Logan closed the front door.

      “So……..what shall we do now?” Methos asked as he turned back to Alexa, a smile on his face and in his eyes.

      “I have a plan…..” Alexa whispered and kissed him on the lips. She wanted to forget the day’s events, she wanted to feel love and comfort. She needed to. They both did.

      “I like that plan,” Methos grinned and before she could protest, he lifted her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. “Let me show you how much I love you, moglie[4].”

      “I like the sound of that, marito[5],” Alexa said softly and put her head on his shoulder and her arms around his neck. “I love you so much.”
      ”And I love you. I always will,” he promised and she knew that for him…….always was a really long time.

      The End


      [1] Italian for ’beloved’

      [2] Italian for ’beloved heart’

      [3] Italian for ’loved one’

      [4] Italian for ’wife’

      [5] Italian for ’husband’
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