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FIC: Exit

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Exit Author: Autumn E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@hotmail.com Disclaimer: I own no characters and the song ‘Exit’ belongs to the marvelous
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2002
      Title: Exit

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@...

      Disclaimer: I own no characters and the song �Exit� belongs to the
      marvelous U2.

      Summary: There is nothing left to lose.

      Rating: R

      Category: ANGST, big time.

      Author�s Notes: I don�t know why I wrote this, I�m actually in a really,
      really good mood!

      Some of you are really going to hate this. Flame away if you must. I
      realize this isn't everyone's cup of tea so to speak.


      You know he found the cure���but then he went astray
      He used to stay awake to drive the dreams he had away
      He wanted to believe
      In the hands of love
      The hands of love

      A desperate man slumped to the ground, too beaten down by life to try and
      change his circumstances. The inevitable was at hand, and nothing would
      change that. Attempting to alter that would only result in more heartbreak
      and pain. He knew that now. He�d learned his lesson and was a good little
      soldier now. The one they�d made him to be. The one that had killed every
      trace of humanity that had managed to survive fifteen rugged years.
      The man had been revived for a brief period of time, but had since then
      been taken out of contention and almost forgotten. The lingering proof of
      his humanity was a thousand miles away, too far to save him now. Even from
      himself. Especially from himself. Her name was like a holy benediction, one
      that had helped him survive. He felt he could live through anything so long
      as he would live another day to breathe her name.
      It had been too long since his speech had failed him. The words that came
      forth were rusty and bitter, and not fitting to utter her name anymore.
      There was no hope, there was nothing to live for and there was nothing left
      to loose.

      His head felt heavy as he cut across the land
      A dog started crying
      Like a broken hearted man
      At the howling wind
      The howling wind

      He�d set out to recover what had been taken from him in Canada. A last
      name, a birthday, his origins and his identity. Arriving at the compound
      had been a simple task, one lacking in anything unusual or in ordinary at
      all. His mind conjured up alls sorts of scenarios. Armed guards waiting in
      ambush to recapture him. A hole in the ground where the facilities had once
      been. Absolutely no proof that there had ever been a military base there.
      In the end none of these self-made prophecies amounted to anything. They
      never needed too. The truth itself was much simpler and much worse than any
      work of the imagination could ever produce.
      He�d been a killer of the innocent. A machine programmed to destroy women
      and children who stood in the way of political gain. And he�d liked it. He
      got off on it. Destruction and murder had fueled his sex drive. Blood lust
      had been his sole desire. Cuban refugees, Jewish prisoners, Catholic nuns,
      the people of El Salvador. The list of casualties was endless and his
      efficiency unmatched.
      �Weapon X responds positively only when in the line of duty. Outside of
      said parameters he lacks the ability to function in normal life,� read the
      comment section in his psychological profile.
      Logan read his own history in utter disgust and contempt at his own
      actions. He�d been brainwashed to commit such atrocities, but that didn�t
      mean he wouldn�t do it of his own free will. He recognized in himself the
      satisfaction of beating the opponent, his blood on his own hands. Showing
      his dominance, and superiority over weaker beings. Hard as it was to
      accept, everything in that file had some measure of truth in it.

      He went deeper into black��
      Deeper into white��.he could see
      The stars shine
      Like nails in the night
      He felt the healing
      Healing, healing, healing
      Hands of love
      Like the stars shiny, shiny�..
      From above

      He�d immediately torched the file. As if that helped. The memory of what
      he�d read was already burned deep into his brain. Any possibility of
      returning to the mansion after this became void. None of them deserved to
      know what he�d been like, and none could be told. Especially not her. He�d
      be long since buried before she knew what he�d done. He couldn�t lie to
      her, and he couldn�t tell her the truth. There was only one way out.
      Logan returned with grim determination to the town closest to the base.
      He�d secured all the supplies he�d need from the local pawnshop, hardware
      store and sporting goods store. He allowed himself three days to prepare
      himself and to fully scout the area of the compound. The fourth day was
      spent composing a letter and trying to come up with the words he needed her
      to believe. He�s briefly returned to town to await nightfall.
      Stealing out of his hotel room he squared his shoulders and set his sights
      on an act of contrition that would attempt to heal several lifetimes filled
      with unspeakable sin and pain.

      He put his hand in the pocket
      His finger on the steel
      The pistol weighed heavy
      Hid heart he could feel
      Was beating, beating
      Beating, beating oh my love
      Oh my love, oh my love
      Oh my love

      A strange sort of peace settled on him as he approached his target. Due to
      his enhanced vision, he was easily able to pick out the spot he�d marked
      three days before. He slumped to the ground and stared up at the sky as if
      seeing it for the first time.
      The brightest star in the sky was actually the planet Venus, and it
      reminded Logan of Marie. The light that emanated from it was pure and
      benign, unlike the malevolent glow from Mars. Two planets existing in the
      same sky didn�t sit right with Logan. He didn�t believe the red planet was
      worthy to share the stratosphere with the planet identified with love. A
      warrior and a goddess had no chance to cohabitate safely.
      Over time, Logan had come to understand he loved Marie. But as with the
      astrological arrangement, it wasn�t meant to be. He knew his return would
      jeopardize her life, happiness and vitality. He wasn�t willing to do it.
      He�d never been in love before, but he knew he loved Marie enough to destroy
      himself, and for him that was all that was relevant. Rising to his feet,
      he took a final look at the surrounding area. A wilderness infected with
      the poison of mankind forced onto it. The low black building was like a
      festering wound, which needed to be removed.
      Walking to the center of the structure, he ignored the stench and turned to
      face the little �T� in the middle of the room. Whispering a final �Marie�
      he pushed down.

      The impact of the explosion was felt for miles.

      He saw the hands that build
      Could also pull down���.
      The hands of love

      Shut up and serve your purpose-DOGMA
      Dude, let's make sure we don't piss Cartman off again.-South Park "Scott
      Tenerman Must Die!"

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