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FIC: Awakenings (NC-17 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: Awakenings Author: Kristine Rated: NC-17 Summary: Early morning thoughts....Takes place after Faded Picture . Series: No Choice #3 Pairing:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      Title: Awakenings
      Author: Kristine
      Rated: NC-17
      Summary: Early morning thoughts....Takes place after "Faded Picture".
      Series: No Choice #3
      Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue
      Archive: Sure....just drop me a line to let me know where it's headed.
      Feedback: Yes please.....Constructive critisim is greatly appreciated also:)
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Website: http://wtv-zone.com/rqabtdt/xxtheroguexx/index.html
      Notes: First...A great big Thank You! to those of you kind enough to send feedback and encourage me to keep going. I have to say that quitting smoking is not condusive to getting any writing done. Finally, the nerves settled a bit and I didn't feel to jittery so I was able to finsih this chapter. Not quite as dark as the previous ones, I blame that on lack of nicotine and way too much caffeine. Still...I wouldn't call it fluff....lol Anyways....on with the fic! Enjoy:)


      Wolverine opened his eyes, the semi-darkness of the room telling him that morning was soon to arrive. He turned his attention to the woman he had wrapped in his arms, tightening his arms around her seeking warmth, feeling content for the first time he could remember. His nostrils flared as he buried his face in her hair, his scent lingering on her skin identifying her as his and this pleased him.

      His strong feelings toward her doesn't alarm him in the least. He'd known, the instant his eyes met hers and he'd felt the primal urges welling inside him, that she was his mate. Every fibre of his being told him to touch, to feel, to taste, to possess her. He'd felt no need to question his reaction to her, he'd known instinctively that it was true. She "was" his, plain and simple. He didn't think she quite realized that it meant he was hers as well.

      He glances down at the object of his thoughts, growling softly as his eyes linger on her neck, the sight of his mark marring her creamy white skin causing a stirring in his groin. He ignores the desire for now, trying instead to focus on the coming day. Soon he would have to wake her, leave the warmth of the bed and head back out into the cold. He pondered what her reaction would be towards him when she awoke. He had felt her fear when he had first taken her but also desire had emanated from her. which made him suspect that she knew, she felt it too. Now he just had to get her to surrender, accept what her instincts were telling her.

      He was not known for his patience, but he knew that would be required of him now. He wanted her to want him yes, but he also needed her to trust him and he had no idea how to go about gaining her trust. He'd never done anything like this before, he'd been content with letting the man have control, only taking over for the occasional cage fight. He hadn't been in control like this since the man had taken over 15 years ago, there had been no need for him to. Now though, he wasn't so willing to pass control back. He could sense Logan slowly trying to make his was to the surface, biding his time to push him back down. He wasn't going to make it easy for him this time.

      He knew that when all was said and done, not even the man would ever be able to lay claim to her. She was his and he would make sure that she knew it, accepted it, desired it. A slight grin played across his face as thoughts of how to make her desire him danced across his mind. A quick glance towards the window showed darkness still claiming the sky, he decided to wake her anyway.

      His anticipation and erection growing, he kissed her hair softly, his hands trailing up her body to her breasts, cupping them as he began to tease her nipples into hardness. Resisting the urge to roll her over and savagely penetrate her, he nuzzled her neck with his lips, licking a trail to take an earlobe in his teeth, pulling it slightly before sucking it gently. He murmurs soothingly to her as unconsciously she responded to his ministrations, a soft gasp falling from her lips as her body arched into his hands.

      His need intensifying, carefully he lowered her onto her back, his hands resuming their assault on her breasts as his tongue sought out her nipple. Her eyes fluttered open briefly and she moaned, arching her body toward his warm, moist mouth. He leaned back, blowing lightly on her nipple, feel her shiver beneath him before encircling it again with his lips, rolling the hard flesh between them. He repeated the treatment on the other nipple, a growl sounding from low in his throat as he caught the scent of her arousal. His fingers skirt over her skin, thumbs flicking in lightly against her nipples, he hears her quick intake of a breath as her heart rate spikes.

      He leans down, lightly nipping the hollow of her throat, before licking his way down her stomach, the scent of her arousal overwhelming him. He bites the inside of her thigh as he nudges her legs apart, groaning as she whimpers when he nuzzles into her dark curls. He growls, pleased, as her hips raise to meet his mouth at the first sweep of his tongue. Leisurely, he slowly laps at her velvety folds, her moans as he teases her hardened bud urging him on. He feels her tense, her back arching as he invades her core with his tongue, pushing deep inside her. He growls in satisfaction at the feel of her hands in his hair as she shudders and spasms beneath him, flooding his mouth with her sweet taste.

      His hands glide to her knees, pulling them up as he moved up her body, penetrating her in one firm thrust, filling her. He watched her face as he drove into her, staring down at her with passion glazed eyes, revelling in the contorted expression of pleasure that came across her face, his mouth seeking out hers, thrusting his tongue between her lips. A low groan escapes his throat as his tongue probes her open mouth, letting her taste herself on his lips.

      He tears his mouth from hers as he gasps for breath, hears her breaths coming in raspy rushes as she bucks and thrashes beneath him. Her inner walls clench his cock upon her release, pushing him over the edge as he buries his face in her neck, snarling, with one last powerful thrust, he spilled into her. Slowly, he eased down, rolling onto his side, bringing her with him, not wishing to part from her yet. Gently he brushed stray locks of hair aside, the look of content on her face enough to take his breath away.


      Still breathing heavily, Rogue opened her eyes to find him silently watching her. She had worried about what the morning would bring before sleep had claimed her, the look of utter peace lacing his features melted some of her fears away. She was in awe that she was the cause of that look. She...A mutant...a mutant with deadly skin no less, yet this man wanted her. Her own mother hadn't wanted her, had tossed her out, threw her away, but this man seemed to see something in her worth keeping.

      She knew she should be afraid of him, he "had" hurt her last night and she couldn't explain why she wasn't. Part of her knew he was right, she was his. She wanted to deny it but even in the confines of her own mind she could not, and that "did" frighten her. The feeling this man wrought from her body frightened her, but the man himself did not. She felt confused and with her body still humming from his attentions, she couldn't think straight. His voice startled her out of her thoughts.

      "I'm not going to hurt you." His eyes seemed to be burning right through her, as though he were looking right into her very soul. "Trust me."

      "Why..." She trailed off as he raised a hand to his lips, pressing a kiss into her palm before rubbing his cheek against it. She was curious though, so she tried again. "Why - Why me?"

      "You're mine. I'm yours. It just is." The look on his face dared her to try and deny it as she felt the hot sting of tears forming in her eyes. She knew what he said was true, she just didn't want to admit it, wasn't ready to admit it. "I won't hurt you." A single tear slid down her face as she looked into his eyes, feeling the sincerity of his words.

      "You promise?" Watching as he leaned towards her, she felt him catch her tear with his tongue, a small gasp escaping her.

      "I promise." he whispers softly against her skin as he pulls her to him.

      She nestles into his chest, willing his words to comfort her, vaguely wondering if he is going back to sleep. She feels his arms wrap around her, a hand on her hip and she realizes that she can feel him getting hard inside her. The first rays of sunlight streams through the window as she raises her face to his, feels him slowly begin rocking his hips against hers as a new day dawns.
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