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NEW!!!!! FIC: Through the Years V: In The Name of The Father

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Through the Years V: In the Name of the Father ... ******************************************** Shut up and serve your purpose-DOGMA Dude, let s make
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      Title: Through the Years V: In the Name of the Father
      >Author: Autumn
      >E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@...
      >Rating: R
      >Summary: Back for more history-fic. Don't get too excited.
      >Disclaimer: I own absolutly nothing here. But should you sue me, I
      >do have this rather neat ink pen.......
      >Distribution: Dolphin Haven, WRFA, XMMFFC, Mutual Admiration FF.net
      >etc. If you'd like it, I'm willing to share, maybe.
      >Author's Notes: I do apologize for the delay of this particular
      >piece. It won't happen again. Maybe.
      >The events in this chapter, as the ones before it are historically
      >accurate. More detailed notes can be found at the bottom of the
      >This story picks up directly where part IV, "All That You Can't Leave
      >Behind" leaves off. If you've somehow missed a part and would like
      >to read it, it can be found at Fanfiction.net under the
      >penname `PearlyJammer' or I'd be happy to sent it too you.
      >Thanks to Karen for the superb beta.
      >A special thank you to eveybody who's been patient with me and this
      >Victor's Lab:
      >Present Day
      > Logan had spent the entire night contemplating several
      >things. His past, present, future, and how it all tied together.
      >Victor had been able to give him what nobody had before which was his
      >past. But now that he'd seen some of it, he honestly couldn't say if
      >it was better left unsaid, or out in the open. He thanked God, Zeus,
      >and Allah collectively for sending him Marie. Without her support, it
      >would be impossible to undergo this journey.
      > Turning his thoughts to Marie, he wondered how she saw him
      >exactly. He envisioned himself getting down on one knee, popping the
      >question, marrying her and having a couplea rug rats, but if she
      >didn't feel the same, obviously it wouldn't work. Sure, it was early
      >in the game for those thoughts, but just that fact he thought them
      >had to account for something right?
      > Too tired to think anymore he pulled her closer and enjoyed
      >her soothing presence before drifting into a light sleep. Tomorrow
      >would bring more shadows and darkness. He needed to conserve his
      >strength for the coming mental anguish.
      > Upon exiting the back room, Logan and Marie found Victor
      >pacing restlessly, a frown creasing his brow and a worried look in
      >his wild eyes. Marie lightly cleared her throat as not to startle
      >him. Instead of the usual small talk, he simply gestured towards the
      >bed and turned to prepare the serum.
      > An exchanged glance proved both found Victor's behavior to be
      >indicative as to what was to come. Logan closed his eyes and
      >mentally braced himself before Victor came to his side. Soon enough
      >he was unconscious and Victor fidgeted before taking his place across
      >the table from Marie.
      > "This one's real bad" was all he stated before diving into
      >the memory, obviously eager to get this memory over with.
      > "This one took place in 1892, after Nic-Logan and I had moved
      >to the New World. You've probably read about it."
      >Fall River, Massachusetts
      >August 1892
      > Nicolas Logan and Victor Creed had done well for themselves
      >since arriving in America four years earlier. Nicolas had grown into
      >a broad shouldered young man and at 15 Victor was now a rather
      >intimidating lad of 6'4". He'd begun to grow a great deal of body
      >hair at a young age earning him the nickname of 'Sabertooth.' He was
      >also rumored to have the temperament of the ancient cat bearing the
      >same name.
      > Nicolas had grown out of childhood when they'd arrived on
      >American soil and had committed to making his brother's life turn out
      >well. He'd originally taken a job working in a shirtwaist factory in
      >the middle of New York City. Unable to keep up production with men
      >twice his age, a supervisor, who'd taken a liking to him, found him a
      >new job working as a farmhand in a small town in Massachusetts.
      > Nicolas had seized the opportunity and after three years of
      >hard work, he had managed to buy his own modest farm outside of Fall
      >River. During this time, Nicolas had struggled with being both a
      >brother and a father to Victor. The teen hadn't taken kindly to
      >that. Despite his brother's protests Victor had dropped out of
      >school and spent all his time outside of the home with the kids
      >Nicolas referred to as the 'River Rats.
      > After a hard day laboring in the fields Nicolas didn't have the
      >strength to argue with his brother. Not having experienced a true
      >childhood himself, Nicolas didn't understand teenage rebellion when
      >confronted with it. Though still in his teens himself, he was years
      >beyond his teen counterparts.
      > They two never talked about what happened their final night
      >in England. Nicolas shut it away and tried to move forward each
      >day. Victor seemed to always feel the rage that he had displayed
      >four years ago. He loved his brother, but didn't understand how he
      >could so easily forget the past. It drove a wedge between the two
      >that neither knew how to repair.
      > Victor felt he owed his brother a debt of gratitude and felt
      >the urge to pay him back for all the years he'd broken his back
      >laboring in deplorable conditions. Even now, it wasn't uncommon for
      >Nicolas to work fourteen-hour days in the fields. Even though they
      >were his own fields, Victor felt there had to be an easier and better
      >way of living. As luck would have it, the opportunity arose for such
      >an occasion. An offer Victor couldn't refuse.
      > A woman named Emma Borden sent for Victor and Jarod, an
      >acquaintance that Nicolas didn't approve of. She and her younger
      >sister Elizabeth were both thirty-something spinsters who lived at
      >home with their father Andrew and stepmother Abby. Emma wasn't
      >particularly known for her outgoing personality, so a summons from
      >her was highly unusual. Victor had some misgivings about the
      >meeting, but his gut told him money would somehow be involved, and
      >that took the decision out of his hands.
      >Swanson's Gulch, Massachusetts
      >2.5 miles East of Fall River
      > Victor and Jarod tied the coach to the hitch in front of
      >Watson's Saloon. Though technically neither was old enough to
      >rightly enter the establishment, it was highly unlikely that anyone
      >would care. Swanson's Gulch was a rough town, crime ridden and
      >corrupt. Two underage boys in a bar were not terribly concerning to
      >anyone. The boys entered the saloon and scanned the place, looking
      >for anyone out of the ordinary. Emma Borden in her crisp blue
      >afternoon dress in the dusty, bar certainly qualified as that.
      >"Madame." Jarod tipped his hat before taking the seat across from the
      >"Let's get to it. Whada ya want?" Vic asked in his typical no-
      >nonsense manner.
      >" I can see there's no use in lollygagging with you two." Emma
      >stated, clearly amused by the youngster's bluster.
      >"I need your help. My father has made a dreadful mistake. He's an
      >old man and I fear he's become senile. He changed his will recently
      >and left everything to my awful stepmother in the event of his
      >death. I want you to make sure that doesn't happen."
      >"How much?" Victor asked nonplused by the inference.
      >"I can pay each of you $1500."
      >"Two grand or nothin'" Jarod stated.
      >"I'll meet you here tomorrow night and show you the plans to the
      >house. I want you to do it three days from now, in the morning. My
      >sister will be gone for the morning, and our maid has the day off.
      >It is imperative you not get yourselves caught. You must be out of
      >the house by noon. Is there anything else you require?"
      >"Bring the cash first. No cash, no deal." Vic insisted.
      >Emma nodded and rose to leave. "Good evening, gentleman."
      > The two boys sat there half in disbelieve and half in shock of
      >what had just occurred. Neither had undertaken such a contract, and
      >the fact they both took it so easily spoke volumes. In silence the
      >two unhitched the horses and climbed onto the coach. Not a word was
      >spoken until Jarod turned to Vic to inform him he'd pick him up
      >tomorrow at the same time. Vic just nodded and strode to the house
      >of his brother.
      >"Where've you been Vic?" Nicolas asked.
      >"Out with Jarod. I know you don't like him, but he's a fair chap" he
      >"You could still go back to school."
      >"I know. I'm going to bed." Victor finished.
      >August 4th, 1892
      >9: 55 AM
      > Vic and Jarod entered the house from the unlocked window in the
      >basement water closet. Given the time frame, they'd opted to each
      >take a victim. Jarod followed Abby upstairs while Victor waited for
      >the return of Andrew. Emma had mentioned that he occasionally
      >returned home early from work. Hopefully, this would prove to be one
      >of those days. Sure enough, Victor soon heard the heavy wooden door
      >creak open, and footsteps lead into what he assumed was the living
      >room. Growing impatient, Victor opened the cellar door and crept up
      >into the main block of the house. From the corner of his eye he
      >could see a form slumped on the sofa. His target in site, Victor
      > One blow to the head was all it took. He was dead. The other
      >thirteen were unnecessary, and could only be chalked up to
      >brutality. Afterwards Victor returned to the cellar to wait for
      >Jarod. Just as the other boy was descending the stairwell, the door
      >was once again opened. A loud shriek pierced the air followed by a
      >frantic cry of "Someone killed father!" The girl ran out the door,
      >and Jarod hightailed it to the cellar and the two boys made their
      > Jarod and Victor took their coach to Swanson's Gulch. Again it
      >was a silent journey, though this would be their final moments
      >together, neither felt capable of uttering anything. As had been
      >previously requested, Jarod dropped Victor off at the post office,
      >and he himself continued on upstate. After sending a letter, Victor
      >boarded a westbound train, and left Fall River behind him for good.
      > Two days later, a letter arrived for Nicolas. In it was $1500
      >dollars in cash, and a note.
      >Can't stay, got into a scrape of trouble. I'm sorry.
      > That was the last Nicolas heard from his brother. Heartbroken, he
      >sold the farm and headed out to start a new life. Alone.
      >Historical Notes:
      >Lizzy Borden was charged with the murder of her father Andrew and
      >stepmother Abby in August of 1892. Her trial took place in the
      >spring of 1893. The prosecution argued that Lizzy had plenty of
      >motives for murdering them. In the event of their deaths, Lizzy and
      >her sister Emma would inherit her father's impressive estate.
      >Lizzy was also known to have a keen dislike and jealousy of Abby.
      >Though her father doted on her, she was also said to have harbored
      >feelings of ill will toward her father, and referred
      > to her home as `an unbearable prison.'
      >Emma's whereabouts at the time of the murder were unknown. She was
      >said to be staying at an aunt's house east of Fall River.
      >Lizzy was acquitted in 1893, and to this day the case is

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