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Fic: Put Your Faith in Me (NC-17)

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  • Julianna Hawk
    Title: Put Your Faith in Me Series: (1/2) Part (1/15) I m not sure how many parts I m going to divide this up into, so let s stick with 15 for right now...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
      Title: Put Your Faith in Me
      Series: (1/2)
      Part (1/15) I'm not sure how many parts I'm going to divide this up into, so
      let's stick with 15 for right now...
      Authors: Faline (juliannahawk@...) & Silver (emeraldspike@...)
      Disclaimer: Marvel owns anything that is X-men, all orginal characters are
      owned by us!
      Rating: NC-17
      Pairing: Toad/Original Character
      Summery: Lia helps Mort lead a semi-normal life

      �Da, I can take care of myself. Mom said he really needs my help.�
      �I still don�t like it princess, it�s not that I don�t trust you or Raven, I
      don�t trust this Magneto.� Julian Hawk laid the last plate on the counter.
      �I know I said you could stay with your mom this summer, but.�
      �Da you promised me.� Lia picked up the plates and began putting them away.
      Her dark brown hair was cut short, just tucking under her chin. Her long
      wolf-like ears were swept back, and had two gold hoops dangling from each
      ear. �I know you don�t trust him, and in all honesty, I don�t either. But
      mom says this guy they found, he�s been really messed up. He refuses to talk
      to anyone, and hardly eats anything. I�m about his age they think, and maybe
      he�d talk to me.� She turned to him with pleading green eyes. The lack of a
      pupil made them appear bigger than they really were. Her mocha skin was the
      same shade as his.
      �You�re mom used to do that when she wanted something, always worked to. You
      can go princess.� Lia hugged her father tightly. She smiled at him as she
      ran upstairs to pack. There was worry in Julian�s blue eyes as he watched
      her go. She looked so much like him, but so much of her mother was in her as

      Lia sat staring out the car window. She smiled softly to herself as the last
      of the green and gold plains of Canada�s interior sped past. �I�m going to
      come back da, it�s just for the summer. Think of it as a learning
      �It�s what you�re learning that bothers me. Anytime you want to, you can
      come home.�
      �I can just spell myself, I�ll be fine da.� They sat in silence for a long
      time. �Do you still love mom?�
      �I always will love her princess, but she�s moved on.�
      �I thought you said, you know what? Never mind da.� She kissed his cheek as
      they pulled up in front of a dock in northern New York State. Lia hoped out
      and grabbed her suitcase. Julian watched through the mist as a small
      motorboat pulled up to shore. A tall blue-skinned woman with flaming red
      hair stepped off of it. She walked towards them quickly. �Mom.� Lia walked
      foreword and hugged her briefly. Mystique hugged her back awkwardly.
      �Hello Raven,� Julian spoke quietly, his heart hurting at the sight of the
      woman he loved so dearly. She gave him the briefest of smiles.
      �Ready to go Lia?� She asked, picking up Lia�s suitcase.
      �Yup, bye da, I�ll be back at the end of the summer.� Lia hugged him
      �Be careful princess.� He whispered into her ear.

      On the boat Mystique drove in silence. �Mom, what�s his name? You never even
      mentioned it to me.�
      �Mortimer, Mortimer Toynbee. But he doesn�t respond to that, or anything
      else we�ve tried. He won�t eat unless you force him to, I think its a waste
      of time trying to get through to him, but Magneto wants to.� Mystique
      pointed to a large shape looming in the dark. �That�s the island.�
      �Who is the man standing on the dock?�
      �How can you see him? It�s so foggy.�
      �Enhanced senses mom,� Lia lifted one hand up and waved to him. The figure
      remained motionless.
      �That�s Magneto. He�s been waiting to meet you.�
      The boat docked and Lia flew to land on the dock. Magneto held out his hand.
      �I�m Erik Lensherr, but please, call me Magneto.� Lia shook his hand
      �I�m Julianna, but everyone just calls me Lia.� Lia twisted her hand and the
      suitcase flew to land beside her.
      �Extraordinary. Mystique your daughter is every bit as beautiful as you said
      she was. Lia, you are truly powerful.� Lia smiled and the suitcase floated
      behind her.
      �I�m not telekinetic, this is magic.� Lia flashed a smile at Magneto. �My
      powers are more prone to the animal kingdom.� She followed him inside the
      large metallic building. Metal plates flew from the walls to create a bridge
      they walked on. Lia looked at the walls, and shuddered slightly. Something
      about this place creeped her out.

      �Where�s Mortimer?� Mystique demanded, after Lia had returned from putting
      away her things.
      �Mom be nice.� Lia pleaded with her. �I only just got here.� She swiveled
      her ears back, and heard the unmistakable sound of suction cups ripping away
      from something. It came from the direction of her room. Tilting her head to
      the side she saw a dark shadow climbing the roof into her room reflected in
      the metal tiles that lined the walls of the fortress. �If it�s alright with
      you, I�d actually like to go get some sleep. I don�t think Mortimer would
      like me very much if I want to bite his head off tomorrow.�
      �Yes, good night Lia. Sleep well.� Erik dismissed her.
      �Thanks, night mom.� Lia turned and entered her room.

      She closed the door behind her, not bothering to turn the light on. She
      stripped off her black leather jacket and draped it over her desk chair.
      Undoing her red suede boots she kicked them off in the direction of the
      closet. �You know it�s not polite to spy on people who are here to help
      you.� She pulled her red tank top over her head and tossed it onto her
      jacket. Reaching for her suitcase she let a red satin negligee slide onto
      the bed. Dropping the suitcase she stripped off her black leather pants and
      dropped them on top of it. Pulling the negligee over her head she undid her
      bra and dropped it onto her pants. There was a muffled thump as Mortimer
      landed on her bed. �Now, I�m assuming you�re Mortimer. I�m Julianna, but
      please call me Lia. At least call me that when you decide to start
      speaking.� Mortimer�s jaw opened and closed several times, but nothing came
      out. �I�d like to get some sleep, so if you could please move over.�
      Mortimer slowly inched back to the right of the bed from where he had been
      lying in the middle of it. �Thank you.� Lia climbed in, than jumped up. �I
      forgot.� She opened the window. �Have to have a way for Sun to get in.�
      �Who?� Mortimer�s voice was quiet.
      �Sunfeather is my red-tailed hawk. I found him when he was just a
      �A-a what?� Mortimer asked, relaxing a little bit.
      �A fledgling is a baby bird. He�d been blown out of his nest, and I found
      him. Da helped me fix his wing, and now he follows me everywhere.�
      �My dad, I was born in Ireland, sometimes I slip into a little bit of an
      accent.� Lia sat on the bed and looked at Mortimer. He was wearing a thick
      bulky jacket that hid most of his body. Even in the darkness of her room she
      could see him clearly. He kept his face turned away from her.
      �Where were you born?� she asked gently. He shrugged, and looked further
      into the shadows. �I�m sorry, I didn�t mean to offend you.� She reached a
      hand towards his shoulder. He lashed out, hitting it away, and knocking her

      Lia reached out and her hand landed on the side of Mort�s head. Flashes of
      abuse began pouring in. The feel of chains around her wrists and ankles,
      whip lashes across her chest and stomach. Cuts on her arms and legs. Hunger,
      a deep hunger, thirst, body aching. He jerked away from her touch. "If ya
      say one word about it, I'll whack ya again." He whispered hoarsely.
      �What, who did that to you?� Lia was trying to catch her breath from the
      painful memories.
      "My parents, the orphanage, people on the streets. Everyone."
      Lia sat up, tears in her eyes. �I�m so sorry.� She reached out, slower this
      time towards him. �I�m not going to hurt you, I swear.� Mortimer sat rigid,
      his eyes riveted to her hand, occasionally darting to glance at her face. He
      shied slightly as her hand touched his shoulder, his body tensing. �I�m not
      hurting you, see?� He clenched his hands into fists. �Mort?� Lia asked, her
      voice very soft.
      "Yer beautiful, ya know that?" He asked softly, then realised what he'd said
      and blushed, pulling away. ��M sorry, didn't mean to say that, please don't
      �it me.�
      �Why would I hit you for saying I�m beautiful?� Lia reached her other hand
      towards his head, she felt him flinch when she touched his cheek.
      "That's what everyone's always done. 'M a freak, not supposed to think that
      someone's beautiful."
      �Mort, you�re not a freak. I�m not everyone, I�m Lia.� Lia took a chance and
      hugged him lightly.
      Mort tensed in her arms. "But you're still a girl, and still beautiful."
      �I�m anything but beautiful. What does me being a girl have to do with
      anything? I�m still a mutant, like you. Like mom, and like Magneto. Like you
      "All the girls I've ever known found someone ta beat me if I even looked at
      them. And yeah, yer a mutant, but still beautiful. And you don't �afta look
      like a freak all the time."
      Lia pulled back and propped her pillows against the headboard. She reclined
      on it and watched as Mort relaxed a bit. �Most be the darkness, explains why
      you think I�m beautiful. You�ll see, I�m not.�
      �Yer perfect.� He winced. �Please don�t hit me, �m sorry.�
      �I�m not going to hit you Mort, I swear to that.� Lia stretched her hand out
      to him, �here, come lie down beside me.� Mort looked at the spot next to her
      and remained where he was.
      "I think I'd rather not take a chance." He replied softly.
      �Oh, okay,� Lia dropped her hand to her side and stared out the window.

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