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Fic: "Through The Ages We Wander" PG-13 [Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, This is a crossover between X-men movie universe and the Highlander series universe……Like you hadn’t figured that out already *LOL*. You don’t
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2002
      Hi all,

      This is a crossover between X-men movie universe and the Highlander series
      universe……Like you hadn’t figured that out already *LOL*. You don’t need to
      know anything at all about Highlander to follow this story so.......give it a
      try, please?


      Through The Ages We Wander

      By Nadja Lee 23/02/02

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century
      Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I
      make no money of it.

      Disclaimer: “Highlander” and all the characters here belong to Davis/Panzer and
      I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no
      money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the
      author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without
      permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set after the X-men movie and after the Highlander episode
      Methuselah’s Gift.

      Universe: Set in the X-men movie universe and Highlander series universe.

      Pairing: Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa

      Summary: Methos comes to ask his old friend, Logan, for help.

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee2000@...

      Rating: PG-13

      Dedicated to: Sorcieré with love.

      Note: This is a crossover between X-men movie universe and the Highlander
      series universe……Like you hadn’t figured that out already *LOL*. You don’t need
      to know anything at all about Highlander to follow this story.

      Things in //mmmmm// is flashback.

      Part 1:

      Logan and Rogue sat in the Mansion’s livingroom watching TV. Rogue had curled
      up to Logan, her head resting on his chest and his arm lay around her. Since
      Logan’s return two years earlier life had been kind to them. They had married
      and though Rogue still could not touch they had the most solid and loving
      relationship in the entire mansion.

      Tonight the Professor and Jean were away in Washington for another of their
      conferences and since it was almost midnight on a school night only Rogue,
      Logan, Ororo and Scott were up. Logan cast Ororo and Scott a stolen look and
      the fact that Scott’s arm laid around Ororo’s shoulders did not go unnoticed by
      him. He had been surprised at Scott’s acceptance of him when he had returned
      but ‘Ro had explained to him that Rogue had come to mean a lot to him; the
      little sister he didn’t have and since Rogue loved him Scott did his best for
      them to get along. So well that Logan had let Scott be his best man at his and
      Rogue’s wedding a year ago. In fact Scott had supported their wedding since it
      was what Rogue wanted but Xavier had Jean had been against it for various
      reasons. Maybe that last argument had made Jean and Scott break up? Whatever it
      was Logan was glad that Jean wasn’t nearby. Since her objection to his marriage
      to Rogue he had disliked her to say the least.

      Suddenly the doorbell rang. Then again, its ringing sounding urgent and

      “I’ll get it,” Ororo said and stood to leave.

      “No, you stay. I’ll do it,” Scott said and gently pushed her down into the sofa
      again and went out the room to open the door.

      “Yes?” Scott asked as he opened the door to reveal a white man in his late
      twenties/early thirties, dressed in blue cowboy pants and a long coat. His
      hands were in his pockets like he was always cold for it was a warm night. He
      was good looking but his eyes seemed clouded with worry and lines of concern
      and urgency were in his face. His clothes also indicated he had travelled far.

      “I need to speak with Logan. Logan Johnson,” the man asked, a clear British
      accent in his voice. Scott sidestepped and let the man enter and closed the
      door behind him.

      “There is a Logan here…” Scott began, confused by the last name. Probably an
      alias Logan had used, Scott mused.

      “Where?” The question sounded more like an order.

      “In the livingroom,” Scott led the way and Ororo and Logan turned to look at
      the nearly arrived.

      “I don’t believe it! General Nielson!” Logan said in disbelief and Rogue sat up
      to look at the man who had just entered. Logan stood up and went to Nielson but
      stopped a few paces away from him, not sure how to greet him.

      “Logan, I need your help,” Nielson said shortly.

      “To the point as always I see. You haven’t changed a bit,” Logan’s voice had an
      edge of annoyance. He had never liked following orders, not even then.

      “Nor have you.”

      Silence fell over the room.
      ”Okay, let me get this straight. This man is a General? In what army? The
      British? And you fought together? When?” Scott asked confused.

      Nielson looked at Scott, then at Logan, a question in his eyes.

      “They know,” Logan said shortly. Nielson nodded understanding.

      “We met during the war,” he said.

      “The Golf War?” Ororo guessed.

      “No, World War 2,” Logan explained.

      “By the Goddess,” Ororo whispered.

      “Something like that,” Nielson said with a small smile.

      “So…you’re also a mutant? You have a healing factor like Logan?” Scott guessed.

      Nielson’s eyes clouded over.

      “Unfortunately not and that’s why I’m here.” Nielson turned from Scott to look
      directly at Logan. “I need your help. I need your healing factor. I’ve seen you
      heal from wounds that should have left you to die. I need that now.”

      “Are you dying?” Rogue asked softly as she with her gloved hand took Logan’s,
      compassion and concern in her voice.

      Nielson looked down, trying to fight tears and despair.

      “No, I can’t. It’s…my wife is dying. From cancer.” Again he turned to Logan,
      his eyes now held a determined edge. “Come with me. You owe me.” He reminded
      him. Logan’s eyes grew cold.

      “Maybe but I don’t owe her.”
      ”Logan!” Scott said shocked.

      “I thought he was your friend,” Rogue whispered.

      “We were many things but never friends,” Logan said evenly.

      “Look, I………” Nielson looked down then up again. “I’ll do anything to save her.
      Give anything.”

      “Would you give up your Immortality for her?” Logan asked hardly.

      “In an instant,” the answer was quick and without hesitation.
      ”Maybe you have changed then,” Logan mumbled, trying to forget dark memories.


      ‘Those people died for nothing,’ Logan’s voice was hard as steel, barely
      controlled anger clear in it.

      ‘Those people died for their country. For you!’ Nielson gave back.

      ‘To hold a God damn town in the middle of nowhere?! They died for that?! Where
      was our back up? We were fuckin’ decoys and you know it!’

      ‘It worked. We broke through the German lines.’

      ‘Victory at any price?’ Logan asked disgusted.

      ‘Is there any other way to win?’


      “I have changed. Not just since then but……” Nielson’s voice faded away as he
      remembered children screaming, women crying, death…destruction…at his hands.

      “Stop. Before we do anything I’ll like to know just who the Hell you are?!”
      Scott demanded to know, his right hand going to his glasses just in case. The
      action hadn’t gone unnoticed by Nielson who just smiled but it was a predator’s

      “Your mutant powers can’t kill me. Few things can. I’m Immortal.”

      “You live forever?” Ororo asked disbelieving.

      “Exactly. I can die but I’ll wake up again. I am Methos. I’m over 5000 years

      “And why should we believe you?” Scott asked but his hand had fallen to the

      “I don’t care if you believe me as long as you help my wife,” Methos said

      Scott thought about it for a moment. It could be a trick; he could be after
      Logan for vengeance but that didn’t seem to fit. The man seemed…world-wise yet
      tired somehow. Like the spark of fire needed for killing and vengeance just
      didn’t exist in his eyes anymore. Once, he had surely had it but not anymore.

      “We will help you,” Scott said for them all.

      Part 2:

      “Here she is,” Methos said as he led Logan, Rogue, Ororo and Scott into a
      hospital room. They had flown from New York to Switzerland in record speed,
      somehow Methos had gotten them all on a already fully booked flight though
      being 5000 years old one was bound to have some cash saved away.

      In the single bed in the white room lay a young woman with brown hair. Her eyes
      were closed and she was breathing through a tube. She didn’t look like she had

      “I’m back, mi dolce amore[1],” Methos said softly and sat by her bedside and
      took her limp hand in his, tears forming in his eyes. It wasn’t enough time. It
      was never enough time. Only this time he needed more. One year was way too
      short, even for him. Only a year. Only a year together where he had showed her
      the world and she had showed him her world. One year…was that really all he
      got? She didn’t deserve to die like this but did he even deserve her love?
      “She’s beautiful. What’s her name?” Ororo asked and went and put a calming hand
      on Methos’s shoulder.

      “Alexa,” he whispered.

      “Alexa……helper and defender of mankind,” Ororo said softly. Methos looked
      surprised at her.

      “You speak Greek?”

      Ororo smiled.

      “Some. Her name seems to fit her.”

      “It does. It does,” Methos agreed, a smile around his lips as he remembered
      Alexa cooking for him, holding his hand, teasing him, walking by the beach…

      “My healin’ powers only work on myself. I can’t give it to anyone…as you can’t
      give Immortality to others,” Logan explained, regret in his voice. Methos had
      changed since last they had met but so had he himself. He had killed in
      vengeance, in pleasure, for need and by accident. He was sure Methos had done
      the same. He couldn’t judge Methos as an enemy for if he did he’ll judge
      himself the same way.

      “Believe me; I *did* try to find a way to give her Immortality. But…I failed. I
      failed her,” Methos whispered brokenly. The Methuselah Stone was rumoured to
      give its wearer immortality…or great powers. He had tried to gather the pieces
      of it for Alexa but it had shattered into a million pieces and fallen into the
      river. Lost forever.

      “Maybe there is a way,” Rogue said and all turned to look at her.

      “What do you have in mind, darlin’?” Logan asked.

      “When you kissed me at the Statue you gave me your powers. Maybe, Ah
      could…somehow…Ah don’t know…give your healing powers on to her,” Rogue spread
      her arms out to indicate she didn’t know how to do that.

      “Yes, yes,” Methos nodded eagerly, seeing a light, even a faint one, ahead for
      him. To be Immortal was to be alone but maybe…for the nest lifetime or two he
      didn’t have to be alone any longer.

      “You’ll have to absorb Logan, we know he’ll recover in a few days. Then you
      need to give the power away…give it away,” Scott was thinking out loud. Rogue
      absorbed powers and life force from others, could she give ‘stolen’ powers on
      to others? The mathematician in him said yes. Logically, anything that comes up
      must come down so if she could take powers she should also be able to give them

      “Even if Rogue succeeds in giving Alexa Logan’s healing power, will she not be
      ill again as soon as his powers are gone?” Ororo asked concerned. The look in
      Methos’s eyes told her clearer than words that he’d do anything to keep his
      love alive, even if it meant using Logan every second week to keep Alexa strong.

      “No. Logan’s powers will heal the sick tissue, make it whole. When his powers
      fade in Alexa, she won’t have any sick tissue left. She’ll be well and…normal,”
      Scott explained. “When Rogue was all but dead on the Statue of Liberty Logan
      gave her his healing powers and as you can see, as soon as they faded she
      didn’t die or get ill. The damage was healed,” Scott elaborated for Methos’s

      “Then there’s only one problem; how to get Logan’s healing powers from Rogue to
      Alexa?” Ororo wondered.

      “Maybe…maybe if Rogue touched Logan and Alexa at the same time. Maybe then
      Logan’s powers would go through Rogue and into Alexa,” Scott suggested.

      “Sounds good to me,” Methos quickly said.

      “Are you sure this will even work?” Logan asked.

      “No, but I have no better ideas right now and Alexa haven’t got long,” Scott

      “There will be no danger to Rogue?” Logan asked concerned.

      “None. If there is any danger it’ll be to you.”

      Methos looked at Logan and he looked back. Warrior, comrade…friend?

      “I’ll do it,” Logan agreed.

      “Can Ah…. can Ah do it with a kiss?” Rogue asked softly as she went to stand by
      Alexa’s bedside, Logan close behind her.

      “No, it’ll drain him too quickly. Take his hand,” Scott instructed. Methos
      looked worried from them to Alexa, still holding her hand by her other side.

      “Methos, you’ll have to move away from her. If you hold her maybe the healing
      powers will enter you instead and I don’t know what that’ll do to Logan or
      you,” Scott warned.

      Methos nodded and bent down and softly kissed Alexa on the lips.

      “I’ll see you soon, ves' tacha[2],” he whispered and stroked her hair before he
      stood and moved away from the bed.

      “Okay, are you ready, Rogue?” Scott asked and saw the worry in her eyes. “You
      don’t have to do this,” he whispered in her ear.

      “Ah want to,” she said and then she smiled. “Ah’m ready.”

      Logan smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss through the scarf she wore.

      “Lov’ you. Now, let’s get this over with so we can all live happily ever
      after,” he said with a gleam in his eyes and made her smile as he had wanted to.

      “Ah’ll try and be gently,” she whispered.

      “I know.”

      Rogue removed her glove and with a last look into Logan’s eyes she let her hand
      touch Logan’s in the same instant she touched Alexa’s forehead. Rogue bit her
      teeth together to keep from screaming. It felt like a whole river was running
      through her. She felt like she was drowning in a stream of memories and
      thoughts passing too quickly for her to see.

      “Rogue,” Ororo said worried and wanted to go to her but Methos caught her and
      held her back.

      “Don’t,” his voice was like steel.

      Logan’s face was twisted in pain as his powers and life was drained from him.
      Scott looked worried on. He saw Alexa start to stir, Logan about to break down
      and Rogue looking strained.

      “Rogue, let them both go. Now!” Scott demanded and caught Rogue as she fell
      towards the floor. Logan slid lifelessly to the floor besides her.

      “Logan,” Rogue whispered weakly. Methos let go of Ororo and let her run to
      Logan while he went to sit besides Alexa.

      “He’ll be alright in a few days,” Scott said comforting. “Doctor!” he yelled
      towards the hallway.

      Part 3:

      Ororo walked towards Methos and Alexa and smiled at their happy looks. They sat
      on a bench, his arms around her. She was recovering quickly and in a few days
      she could go home, cured and well.

      “We will leave now. Logan’s damages has healed,” Ororo said as she reached them
      and Methos nodded.

      “I’ll walk you to your car,” it wasn’t a suggestion. He turned and kissed
      Alexa. “I’ll be right back.”

      She smiled.

      “I’ve said my thanks and goodbye to them but give them my love again. I can
      never repay what they have given me,” Alexa said softly to Ororo and Ororo
      nodded to indicate that she would pass Alexa’s words on. Methos nodded in
      agreement to Alexa’s words..

      “Neither can I,” he whispered. Then he turned and walked with Ororo towards the
      car Scott had rented for them to drive to the airport.

      “I’m amazed by your strength,” Ororo remarked as they walked and her hand
      caressed a flower she passed. “You love her so deeply yet you know...someday…”

      “I know,” Methos nodded, his voice grim. “Someday she will die. Ororo, I’ve had
      68 wives in my time and I’ve loved them all…and I’ve buried them all.”

      “How do you survive all that pain? I lost my parents and that pain haunts me
      still,” Ororo said softly, memories of her parents’ lifeless bodies laying
      among a house that had been bombed to pieces playing before her eyes.

      “I love for as long as they live, not I,” Methos explained.

      “I don't understand.”

      ”I love Alexa and I’ll love her for the rest of her days. When she’s gone I’ll
      mourn her but I’ll move on. If I loved…and mourned for as long as *I* lived I
      wouldn’t have lived past 1000, max.”

      “It’s all about surviving then?” Ororo asked, a hint of coldness in her voice.

      “I’ve lived longer than any other on this world. I’ve seen so many things and
      I’ve been so many things. I’ve been a taker and a giver, a destroyer and a
      healer and I’ve found that in the great scale of things it doesn’t matter
      either way.”

      “It doesn’t matter or have you lost the ability to make it matter?” she asked
      softly, her voice now filled with sadness…for him.

      “Maybe both.”

      They walked in silence to the car. Scott and Rogue were already inside and
      Ororo turned and gave Methos a quick hug before she entered the car. Logan came
      around and stood before Methos.

      “Thank you, Logan. I owe you a debt you may collect anytime,” he said sincerely.

      “And you will pay it?” Logan asked with a smile.

      “Yes. I will…. within the limits of reason,” he added, just to be sure Logan
      wouldn’t ask for his life.

      “Maybe we’ll meet again. After a few more lifetimes,” Logan said and gave
      Methos his hand and he shook it. Methos then looked at Rogue.

      “It’s not enough time, is it?” he asked softly.

      “It never is,” Logan agreed. If he could he’ll spend eternity with Rogue but he
      couldn’t. He could have a lifetime or two but that was all.

      “A girl like Alexa, you're lucky if you find one every ten lifetimes. I told a
      friend of mine that I knew Alexa was dying from the moment I saw her. I told
      him that they’re all dying. That 20 years, six months, what's the difference?
      Now I know that 20 years or six months do make a difference. It’s a drop in the
      ocean for men like us but to live that short while with someone like Alexa…or
      Rogue…that is the closest to Paradise either of us will ever come,” Methos said
      softly and Logan nodded.

      “See you…brother,” Logan said and a shadow came and went over Methos’s face.
      Then he smiled.

      “Brother,” they shook hands again and then Logan got into the car and they
      drove away. Methos looked after them for a while before he turned to go back to
      Alexa. It was nice to have found someone who understood him, someone like Logan
      who knew about Immortality, who knew the joys and pains about that life and
      who’ll not die on him as quickly as mortals normally did. Not that he trusted
      the other man, on general principle Methos trusted no one but himself….and for
      this lifetime and the next; Alexa.

      Logan was predictable in his actions and Methos liked that; it made him surer
      that he wouldn’t try and kill him. Living for 5000 years didn’t make the
      thought of death any easier and Methos had no intention of dying. He had no
      memories any more of his family, when and where he was born and if Methos was
      even the first name given him. He doubted it was. But unlike Logan who even
      when they first met had tried to find out the truth about his missing past
      Methos had no desire to know nor had he any way to find out. He had 1000s of
      regrets about his life and knew better than anyone that some things are better
      left forgotten.

      His grim thoughts disappeared as he reached Alexa and she smiled at him. He
      gathered her in his arms and kissed her lovingly on the lips. He would love
      Alexa for as long as she lived and he’ll make sure she had no regrets about
      marrying an Immortal even though she knew she would grow older and he would
      not, even though she knew he couldn’t give her children. She had given up the
      chance of a normal life for him and he’ll make sure she never regretted that.

      “Cara mia[3], I love you so much, wife,” Methos whispered and she smiled

      “And I love you, husband. More than anything in this world.”

      And for a lifetime or two……….life was perfect, life was good.

      The End


      [1] Italian for ” Me sweet love”

      [2]Romany for ’Beloved’

      [3] Italian for ” Beloved Mine”
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