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FIC: Fade Picture (NC-17 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: Faded Picture Author: Kristine Rated: NC-17 Website: http://wtv-zone.com/rqabtdt/xxtheroguexx/index.html Warning: Slight squickiness during Rogue s
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      Title: Faded Picture
      Author: Kristine
      Rated: NC-17
      Website: http://wtv-zone.com/rqabtdt/xxtheroguexx/index.html
      Warning: Slight squickiness during Rogue's dream.
      Summary: "His eyes had screamed 'mine' at her and her mind whispered to her now that she wouldn't really have a choice in the matter." Companion piece to "No Choice in the Matter". Rogue's POV.
      Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue
      Feedback: Would be appreciated, even if it's just to correct spelling and grammar errors. Flamers beware....I'll flame back! heh
      Archive: Sure, just please let me know where it's going....'s'
      Disclaimer: I don't own them....<sigh>
      Author's Notes: The title sucks, I know....lol This started out from reading a plot bunny on Lateo's site (Yet another plug for her great site...lol http://www.lateo.org/bunny.htm) about Logan and Wolverine being 2 separate personalities and Logan hating that side of himself. It resulted in the form of "No Choice in the Matter" and I am simply in awe at the clamors for Rogue and Logan's POV as well as demands for a sequel. I give you Rogue here with the promise that Logan's piece won't be to far behind. Anyways, on to the fic:)


      "Just water please", Rogue said to the inquiring bartender. He didn't look thrilled at the prospect of a non paying customer but complied non the less. She didn't let his attitude bother her, she was just too damn tired to care at the moment.

      She took a sip and briefly wished she'd had the money for something that would warm her. She'd been walking in the cold since early in the day and she was beginning to think that she'd never be able to get warm again. Hitch hiking her way through Canada to reach her goal of Alaska had seemed like a good idea but she was now rethinking the wisdom of that decision. Especially in light of the fact that the further north she headed, the less chance of getting rides seemed available.

      She chanced a glance around the bar in search of the prospect of a possible ride to the next town. The patrons seemed to be made up of rough looking men and a few washed out looking women. She noticed a few of the men staring her way and she quickly turned back to contemplate her water. She knew what men like that would want in return for giving her a ride and she had no desire to dish out that form of payment tonight. The few times she'd been unlucky enough to come across men like that had left her feeling dirty, broken, bruised and occasionally bloody when she'd refuse to let them enter her body. For the most part, she had seemed to be able to sate them with her mouth and in doing so, she was able to keep at least a small part of herself innocent. She shook those thoughts away and resigned herself to walking thru the night.

      She noticed the bartender tense and followed his gaze to a man sitting at the other end of the bar. He reminded her of a lion, the way he sat, tense as if looking for prey, ready to strike, his eyes glittering as his gaze swept the room. 'Dangerous', was the thought that flashed through her mind while she stared at him. She stiffened slightly and tore her eyes away from him as she noticed that intense gaze settling on her. He was exactly the type she was trying to avoid, the kind of man her mama had warned her about. Or at least she had before throwing her daughter out and leaving her to fend off the very thing she'd warned her of. She could still feel his eyes on her as she cleared her mind of memories of a life best forgotten.

      Soon it was closing time and as the bartender began to clear everyone out of the bar she began to mentally prepare herself for the long, cold walk ahead. She was waiting for the man to leave but as it became obvious that he wouldn't be moving any time soon, she rose to exit the bar. The bitter cold night air greeted her as she walked outside. She could sense him behind her as she stood and debated what to do. Seeing other patrons settling in their vehicles to leave, she decided that heading for the road now would be the best course of action. She didn't think he'd follow her and try anything with so many witness around. Tightening her grip on her duffle, she headed for the road.

      She exhaled a breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding upon hearing the sounds of his footsteps heading away from her. She only hoped that he wasn't heading down this road to get to wherever it was he was going. She glanced around at the dense woods on either side of the road and knew she didn't even have the option of a safe place to hide if he did come her way.

      The way he had looked at her in the bar frightened her. She was used to men seeing her with lust-filled eyes, but his had been full of something besides that. The gaze he had thrown her had been filled with a look of need for possession, as though he wanted to take her, mark her as his, own her, body and soul. His eyes had screamed 'mine' at her and her mind whispered to her now that she wouldn't really have a choice in the matter. The very thought terrified her but a small part of her held out the hope that she had just read him wrong.

      So lost in her thoughts, she failed to hear the truck pull alongside her. She looked up startled, as her heart began to race when she saw who was behind the wheel. She began walking around to the drivers side as her mind raced to find a way out of this situation.

      "Need a ride?" he asked. Rogue looked at him a bit warily before answering him.

      "That depends" she said with apprehension in her voice. "What will it cost me?" She heard him chuckle a bit to himself and hope flared slightly inside her.

      He cocked an eyebrow up and said, "Won't cost you nothin'. You gettin' in or not?"

      She paused, her mind whirling as she tried to come to a decision. Warning bells were going off in her head but yet he seemed at ease now, which made her wonder if perhaps she hadn't imagined the whole thing. Letting out a sigh and praying she was right, she walked to the passenger door. He was leaning over and opened it for her, taking her duffle from her and throwing it in the back. He offered his hand to help her in and the warning bells began sounding off again. She couldn't stop herself from flinching slightly before taking his hand and heaving herself up into the seat. She fastened her seatbelt and felt him glance at her before he began to drive.

      She struggled to think of something to say to him. Being a well brought up southern girl, she settled on polite.

      "Thank you" she said. "I'm Rogue."

      "Wolverine." 'Vicious' flashed through her mind. 'Animal'. The thought startled her and she blurted out the first thing to come to her.

      "What kind of name is 'Wolverine'? 'Oh yes Rogue' she thought, 'let's piss off the man while you have no where to run'.

      "What kind of name is 'Rogue'?" he shot back. 'What goes around, comes around', her mothers voice taunted her.

      She pushed the memory aside and couldn't keep the sadness she felt out of her voice. "The kind that makes perfect sense if you knew me."

      "Why's that?" She could feel her body tense at the question. Fear once again flooded her as she thought of what he would do upon finding out she was a mutant. Her own flesh and blood wouldn't accept her and some of the men she had ridden with had shown their feelings on the subject by marking her body with bruises. She hoped she could avoid the later. 'Maybe he'll just kick me out and leave me to freeze to death', she thought dully. She screwed up her courage and answered him.

      "I'll be honest with you. I-I'm a mutant. Sorry. I'll understand if you don't want me in your truck. Just let me out." 'Pleaseplease' she silently chanted.

      "Doesn't matter to me none." She was taken aback by the tone of his voice and the look in his eye held no contempt or disgust. She relaxed slightly as his words seemed to be truthful. She could hear the curiosity in his voice when he spoke again. "What's your mutantcy?" She seized his question as an opportunity to maybe finally dispel the fear of him wanting more that she was prepared to give.

      "M-My skin" Memories flooded her. Her first kiss, screaming when she felt David's life rushing into her. Her Mothers disgust upon learning her daughter was in fact a mutant. Rogue pushed back these thoughts and fought the tears that threatened to spill over before continuing. "When someone touches me, bad things happen. I can't explain it. B-but don't worry. I can control it - so I won't hurt you."

      He seemed to accept her explanation and her hopes soared that perhaps since he knew now what she was, he'd let her off at the next town and leave it at that. "Fair enough." he said and she relaxed at his words, taking them to mean that she could stay and nothing more would be required of her.

      Rogue felt safe enough in her assumptions that she soon felt her eyes grow heavy. Sleep wasn't far behind.


      Rogue woke slightly upon feeling cold air rushing over her body. She was struggling to open her eyes when a soft voice urged her back asleep. She ceased her struggle and tried to bury herself in the warmth she was pressed against. Her sub-consciousness registerd that she was being set upon a soft, comfortable surface. 'Bed' whispered through her mind and she turned on her side to drift back into oblivion.


      Dreaming, she was dreaming. Her mother was there, talking to her in that honeyed voice. It seemed so real. She could actually feel Mama's hands gently stroking her hair like when she was a child, afraid and woken by nightmares. She could feel the hands making their way down her body, caressing her curves. A hand lingered on her breast and that wasn't right. Mother would not touch her this way but it felt so real. Large, rough hands, caressing, seeking. "So wrong" she cried in her dream, "Wait, stop."

      Rogue realized that what she was feeling wasn't just in her dream and she opened her eyes in shock. The coldness of the room snapped her awake and in the back of her mind it registered that she was in motel room. The hands had stilled upon her awakening and she looked up to see the dark eyes of Wolverine gazing down at her.

      "Wh-what are you doing?" she said a bit warily. Part of her already knew the answer but she still held out a small bit of hope that she was wrong.

      "You're mine" he said, his eyes burning with possession. Whatever hope she had left was quashed under his intent gaze. His words echoed through her mind as the implications of them became clear. She had been right, he meant to make her his, claim her body and soul as his own. "Do you understand?"

      He was looking at her, silently demanding her answer. Her mind was racing, looking for a way to escape, to get away from those burning eyes. She came to the realization that there was no way out. Her eyes closed as her own words came back to haunt her, 'No choice in the matter', unconsciously nodding in agreement with herself. Being honest with herself, she'd known from the moment he'd settled his gaze on her at that bar that it would end this way.
      She steeled herself for the inevitable and answered him.

      "I understand." she sighed.

      His questioning look was replaced by a stark desire at her words and she felt a shiver of fear wash over her by the intensity of it. 'This isn't happening to me', she chanted over and over in her mind. She felt almost as though she were outside herself, observing what was taking place.

      She watched as he reached down, felt his hands on her shoulders, drawing her up closer to him as he leaned his face to hers and claimed her lips in a kiss. A wild thought flashed through her. Perhaps if she didn't respond he'd lose interest and let her be. Hope flared up in her briefly until his words again echoed in her mind. "Your mine." and Rogue knew it was pointless to deny. She softened her lips against his. He seemed to sense the change in her demeanor for she felt him sink his fingers into her hair, drawing her even closer to his body as he deepened the kiss.

      She felt him move away from her a little and trace a line down her cheek with his fingers in a gesture that surprised her with the gentleness of it. She looked into his eyes and felt her fear take over again at the level of want and need reflected back at her. He leaned into her again and his lips seemed to devour hers whole, his tongue demanding entrance with an urgency that did nothing to abate her fear.

      She felt herself being pulled up to stand and had to repress a shiver from his heated gaze as he looked at her. She couldn't stop her body from stiffening as he reached for the buttons of her blouse. She tried to turn her face away from him but he caught her chin and turned her back. She understood then that he wanted her too see how much he wanted, needed her. She felt him fumble with the clasp of her bra and was amazed at the detached amusement that flashed through her at a stray thought of how men always seem to have such trouble with such a simple device.

      She came back to the present when she felt her body goose-bump from the cold night air. She shivered and tensed as she realized that she was standing completely nude before him. His eyes were roaming her body, as though he were committing the sight of her to memory. She felt his hands rubbing her cold skin as though trying to soothe her and she let her own gaze wander down his body, her eyes widening as she took in the sight of his erection straining against his jeans, understanding dawning on her. He wanted her to be willing but he was going to have her either way. She looked back up into his eyes as defeat and strangely enough, acceptance washed over her.

      She watched in detached fascination as he undressed himself and then sat at the edge of the bed. She didn't know what to do so she decided to just stay put, unmoving. She started slightly as he grasped her hands and pulled her down onto his lap. 'No turning back now', she thought as he took her face in his hands and began kissing her passionately. She felt as though she were drowning, she could feel her body becoming a little aroused, so she wrapped her arms around him, fingertips skimming the powerful muscles of his back. As though he knew he was affecting her slightly, he growled low in his throat, the sound making her shudder.

      He leaned down, cupping her breasts and she felt his warm breath as he nipped at them. His hot mouth sucked hard and she closed her eyes, vaguely hearing him growl, knowing that a mark would be left behind. 'His mark', her mind whispered and she shivered slightly at the thought. Her breath caught as she felt his tongue ring a nipple that had hardened in the coldness of the room. She felt an icy chill as he left that one to lave the other. Her back arched on it's own violation as his tounge slowly teased back and forth.

      She moved her hand hesitantly down to his thigh in search of purchase and she wavered as she felt his dark curls there. She felt him reach down to grab her hand, she could sense the need in him building so she allowed him to guide her to his hardness. She began to stroke him somewhat hesitantly, taking in the feel of the smoothness and heat of him. She felt his hand straying towards the juncture of her thighs and couldn't supress a gasp as he sank a finger into her folds. She couldn't contain her bodies instinctual response to him and a moan escaped her lips as his fingers began pumping into her.

      She was lost in the sensations that her body was being assaulted with as she felt him slide them down to the floor. She knew from the look on his face that he wanted to take her now. Briefly confused as he arranged her so she was on her knees before the bed, she realized he meant to take her from behind. 'Like an animal' whispered her mind. Before she could rationalize what that thought meant, she felt him push her upper body down on the mattress, his hands caressing down her back to grasp her behind as he buried himself to the hilt inside her. She opened her mouth in a silent scream, her hands grasping at the comforter for purchase, at the intrusion. She could feel her inner walls clenching his throbbing cock, trying to push him out of her as he thrust steadily into her. She closed her eyes and began to breathe in quicker as she tried to will her body to relax in an effort to dull the pain from his uncerimonious taking of the last vestige of her innoncence.

      She sensed his climax approaching as he thrust into her faster and harder. He leaned down on her, pushing her deeper into the bed, thrusting ferociously. She felt him lengthening and swelling deep in her core, his mouth hot as he sank his teeth into her neck, growling loud enough that she felt it echo through her body. Then hot, gushing wetness pulsating deep inside her.

      She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt him pull out of her. She didn't think she'd be able to walk tomorrow, let alone stand up so she didn't move. She looked up at him as he gathered her in his arms and laid her down on the bed. She could see the desire flare in his eyes again and knew sleep wasn't in her near future. She tensed at the feel of him pushing back inside her. His movements were slow and languid, nothing like the intense ferality he had shown before, as though this time was for her. She let her body relax as he slowly pumped in and out of her, each stroke driving deeper into her. She could feel the hair on his chest on her breasts, making them tingle with the movement of his body as he thrust into her. A slight whimper escaped her lips and she began gasping for air as she felt her own release building, He seemed to sense this and she felt his thrusts become harder and faster.

      She felt his lips on her ear, hears his command to her. "Come for me", and her body complies. It feels as though her body is splintering into millions of pieces as she writhes and bucks her hips in time with his. In her haze she feels herself rippling and contracting around his cock, his growl vibrating through her as his hot seed rushes deep inside, filling her. Slowly he sinks down beside her, breathing deeply in tune with her. Sweat lightly coats their skin and she feels him pull her to him, arms encircling tightly, telling her silently that the time for sleep has come.

      A breath on her skin as he murmurs "Mine" into her ear. She merely stares at a faded picture on the wall and knows this to be true, knoes that even if she tried to run, escape, he'd find her, she was his, now and forever, and knowing she really had no choice in the matter. After some time, the Wolverine and his Rogue slept...
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