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FIC: No Choice in the Matter (NC-17 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: No Choice in the Matter Author: Kristine Rated: NC-17 Summary: She s mine. She just doesn t know it yet. Category: PWP? Not real sure how to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2002
      Title: No Choice in the Matter
      Author: Kristine
      Rated: NC-17
      Summary: "She's mine. She just doesn't know it yet."
      Category: PWP? Not real sure how to categorize this.....lol
      Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue
      Feedback: Would be appreciated, even if it's just to correct spelling
      and grammar errors....<s> Flamers beware....I'll flame back! heh
      Archive: Sure, just please let me know where it's going....<s>
      Website: Agony & Exstasy http://wtv-zone.com/rqabtdt/xxtheroguexx/index.html
      Disclaimer: I don't own them....<sigh>
      Author's Notes: My very first attempt at writing at fic. So if it sucks...my apologies...<g> This came from reading a plot bunny on Lateo's site (great site btw! http://www.lateo.org/bunny.htm)about Logan and Wolverine being 2 separate personalities and Logan hating that side of himself. It didn't quite go that way but it was the inspiration for this. Somehow it evolved into this smutty little piece. Sorry to whoever flung that one. Anyways, on to the fic:)


      "Beer". Wolverine said while peeling a few bills from the wad of cash he'd just collected from the fights. The bar tender obliged and quickly backed off. The Wolverine's temperament was legendary and he had no desire to have it directed his way.

      Wolverine took his beer and while taking a long pull from it, proceeded to check out the remaining patrons in the bar. His gaze settled on a girl sitting a ways down from him. She didn't look like the type that usually frequented a dive such as this. She looked young, pretty, with a hint of the beauty she would become showing through. He inhaled deeply and caught her scent. She reeked of fear and anxiety but underneath that was the faint tinge of vanilla and purity.

      'Mine'. The thought flashed through his head. He could feel the man inside him rebelling against that thought and he fought him back down. Wolverine didn't understand why the man felt such revulsion toward him. Truth be told, he didn't particularly care. All he knew was that he had found a mate and he'd be damned if he'd let the man take back control and ruin it. He pushed back the man, or Logan as he called himself, and resumed his focus on the girl.

      Soon it was closing time and the bartender began to clear everyone out of the bar. Wolverine waited til the girl rose to leave before getting up and silently following her out the door. She seemed to be at a loss for what to do now as she stood outside glancing around. Seeming to come to a decision, she headed for the road.

      Watching her, he slowly made his way to his truck. He wanted her badly and what the Wolverine wanted, he got.

      After settling in his truck and letting it warm up a bit, he began to drive in the direction the girl had headed. He soon seen her walking alongside the road. He made his decision. Logan inside him was still railing against him, trying to take back control. Again he easily pushed him back. No way was he relinquishing control tonight.

      He slowed to a stop by the walking girl. She looked a bit startled but she walked around to the drivers side non the less. He rolled down his window and tried to appear as non-chalant as possible.

      "Need a ride?" he said.

      "That depends" she said with apprehension in her voice. "What will it cost me?" He chuckled a bit to himself. The girl had obviously been on her own a while.

      He cocked an eyebrow up and said, "Won't cost you nothin'. You gettin' in or not?"

      She seemed to think it over a bit before letting out a sigh and walking to the passenger door. He leaned over and opened it for her, taking her duffle and throwing it in the back before offering his hand to help her in. She flinched a little before taking it and heaving herself into the seat. After seeing her get settled, he once again began to drive.

      "Thank you" she said. "I'm Rogue."


      "What kind of name is 'Wolverine'?
      'Sassy little thing', he thought.

      "What kind of name is 'Rogue'?" he shot

      "The kind that makes perfect sense if you knew me" she replied with a note of sadness.

      "Why's that?" She tensed and he could smell the fear rolling off of her strongly.

      "I'll be honest with you. I-I'm a mutant. Sorry. I'll understand if you don't want me in your truck. Just let me out."

      "Doesn't matter to me none." He tried to sound soothing but his curiosity was peaked. Her being a mutant too would go a long way in explaining his strong attraction to her. "What's your mutantcy?"

      "M-My skin" She sounded like she was on the verge of tears. "When someone touches me, bad things happen. I can't explain it. B-but don't worry. I can control it - so I won't hurt you."

      "Fair enough." He glanced over at her and she seemed to be relaxing a bit as it appeared he wouldn't be kicking her back out on the road. Oh yes, he thought, she's mine. She just doesn't know it yet.


      He'd been driving for hours when the next town finally loomed ahead. He glanced over at the now sleeping girl and decided it would be best to find a room for the night. He wanted her desperately but he had no intention of taking her in his truck. He wanted her laid out for him on a nice big bed with her hair splayed out over the pillows. Just the thought was making him hard. He spotted a motel and pulled in.

      She was still asleep when he came back from registering the room, so he gathered her duffle and his things to take first. After doing so, he gathered her in his arms to carry her to the room. The movement woke her slightly but he hushed her and told her to sleep. Having her in his arms was nearly overwhelming, her scent washed over him driving him mad. He could feel his erection rubbing against her slightly, the friction pushing him closer to the edge.

      He laid her gently on the bed and went back to the door locking it. The room was very cold but he knew that he'd be warm soon enough. A naked bulb gave harsh illumination to the faded carpet and sparse furnishings. Typical of the kind of place he was used to. He stalked over to the bed and looked down at her sleeping form. 'Beautiful', his mind whispered, 'mine'.

      He sat on the edge of the bed and gently began stroking her hair. Soon it wasn't enough and his hands began caressing down her body, imprinting her curves to memory. She soon woke and gazed up at him warily.

      "Wh-what are you doing?" she asked.

      "You're mine" he said, gazing at her intently. "Do you understand?"

      He looked at her, questioningly. She closed her eyes briefly and nodded. Her face was set with resignation, as if she'd known it would be like this.

      "I understand." she sighed.

      He felt the strong desire wash over him at her words. Taking her by the shoulders he drew her up to face him and leaned in for a kiss. At first her lips were unresponsive, then she softened against him. He sank his fingers into her hair, drawing her body closer as his kiss deepened.

      He drew back a little and in a gentle gesture, traced a line down her cheek with his fingers. Her eyes were pools of chocolate that held the look of fear. He leaned in to kiss her again, this time with more urgency. His tongue demanding entrance, his lips devouring hers.

      He stood pulling her up with him and gazed heatedly down at her. He reached out and began to unbuttoned her blouse, she stiffened and looked away from him slightly. He caught her chin and turned her face back to him. He wanted her to see how badly he wanted, needed her. He fumbled slightly with the catch on her bra, but resisted the urge to pop his claws for fear of frightening her further.

      At last she stood nude before him, chilled in the night air, her body taunt with apprehension. He paused, imprinting the sight of her to his memory. He rubbed her cold skin as he admired her body, as much to warm as to soothe. His erection confined in his tight jeans becoming almost unbearable as he took in the sight of her. He looked up at her face and tried to convey with his touch what he wanted.

      He wanted his mate to be a willing participant if possible but she was his either way. She looked back at him with quiet defeat, understanding, and acceptance in her eyes.

      He undressed himself and sat down on the edge of the bed. She never moved. He grasped her hands, pulling her down onto his lap and taking her face in his hands, began kissing her more passionately. Her hands whispered across his skin, tracing the powerful muscles of his back making him growl low in his throat. He could smell a hint of desire from her and it made the want almost impossible to control.

      He cupped her small breasts and nipped at them. He sucked hard and growled approvingly at the mark left behind. Her nipples were small and hard with the cold, with his tongue he ringed first one and then the other, and then slowly teased back and forth.

      Her hand had moved hesitantly down to his thigh and wavered amongst the dark curls there. Need overtook him and he reached down and brought her hand to his manhood, now standing hard and erect. As she stroked it hesitantly, his hand in turn journeyed towards his goal. He brushed past her dark curls and sank deeply into her warmth. She gasped at the intrusion then moaned plaintively as he moved his fingers in and out, monotonously, in and out.

      He could take it no more. He had to have her now. He slid with her down to the floor, moving her until she was on her knees before the bed. Pushing her so she was leaned over on the bed, he ran his hands down her back before grasping her behind, he closed his eyes as he impaled her with his warm shaft. Her hands fluttered at the shock and searched for purchase in the comforter. His head tossed back at the feel of her tight, warm wetness clenching around his cock deep inside her.

      As he rocked into her with intense thrusts, her breathing quickened, and she too closed her eyes. His thrusts became faster and harder as he felt his climax approach. Suddenly he leaned down and with a quick succession of ferocious thrusts, he sank his teeth into her neck, growling as he came. She whimpered at the sting of his teeth marking her, she felt him swelling and lengthening then a hot gushing wetness pulsating inside her.

      Pulling out of her, he picked her up and laid her on her back onto the bed, he wanted her again, didn't think he'd ever have his desire quenched for her. He lowered himself upon her as he pushed back into her heat. He began slowly pumping in and out of her tight wetness.
      With each stroke he drove deeper into her, crushing her soft breasts against his hard chest. She whimpered, now gasping for breath as her own climax approached. He breathed her in deeply, smelling how close she was to release and he moved faster and his thrusts became harder.

      As he pounded into her, he whispered, "Come for me" and as if on command he felt her writhe and buck beneath him. The rippling of her core contracting around his cock sent him over the edge.
      He came with a loud growl, and slowly sank down beside her. They lay breathing deeply, lightly coated in sweat despite the chill, before he drew her to him, encircling his arms tightly around her for sleep.

      He murmured "Mine" into her ear. She merely stared at a faded picture on the wall knowing she had no choice in the matter. After some time, the Wolverine and his Rogue slept...
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