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FIC: Running with the Moment (R17)

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  • Kat Hunt
    Title: Running With The Moment Author: Lady-T and Hunter Disclaimer: They re not ours, though an increasing amount of muses, clones and unwilling participants
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2002
      Title: Running With The Moment

      Author: Lady-T and Hunter

      Disclaimer: They're not ours, though an increasing
      amount of muses, clones and unwilling participants
      are. (*waves hello to the Dans*)

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Logan/Jean

      Archive: Ask and it shall be granted

      Summary: One cave, one Logan, one Jean... kind of a
      PWP but involving more sand.

      Feedback: Well Duh... With lots and lots with whipped
      cream on top.

      Hunter's notes: To LT, for many different reasons.

      Lady-T's notes: Ahh, it does my ego good... Hoping
      Hunter doesn't mind my tinkering... like, again...



      Jean broke her psychic connection with Scott and
      sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose to fend off the
      headache she could foresee directly in her future.
      Scott's insistence on being ever the logical leader
      was really starting to grate on her nerves. It was one
      of the myriad reasons they'd broken up, but when you
      live and work with people, break-ups have to be
      forgotten even when you can't seem to get through 24
      hours without avoiding even their most annoying

      She turned to face Logan who was busy kicking a clump
      of dirt into the raging river, scuffing at the ground
      distractedly with the toe of his boot. Beside them the
      river churned a deep, muddy brown, cascading over
      rocks and leaving a dirty white froth on its surface.

      By all rights it should have been a small, mindless

      It wasn't.

      Jean chanced a quick look at the rolling, black sky,
      squinting past the freezing raindrops as they
      slithered over her face.

      She turned back to Logan as he prodded distractedly at
      the saturated ground.

      "The bridge went down just over an hour ago. Scott
      says there's another one about a three hour hike up
      river. If we want to get home tonight we'd better get

      Logan snorted disdainfully and Jean cast him an
      annoyed glance. She was frustrated enough as it was;
      she didn't need a petulant Logan to aid her mood...


      Logan paused in his punishment of the small grassy
      clump he had been kicking.

      "You really expect to go hiking in the biggest fucking
      rain storm since Noah? You want to walk for three
      hours to look for a bridge that's probably half way to
      the Atlantic by now...? Brilliant idea. Now, why
      didn't I think of it?"

      Jean gave him a dirty look, her hands tensing into
      fists in the sleeves of her raincoat as she fought the
      frustration that threatened to consume her.

      She was wet, she was cold, she wanted to go home and
      Logan really wasn't helping.

      "Well, if you hadn't insisted on taking your
      'shortcut'," she replied, waving her forefingers in
      the air to mime quotation marks, "We would have been
      here before the bridge washed out." She glared at him.
      "Have you got any better suggestions?"

      Logan could have sworn she was grinding her teeth. He
      made a mental note never to get on the wrong side of
      Jean when she was shivering, dripping and annoyed.

      He opened his mouth to say something but found his
      words silenced by her glare.

      He shut his mouth again.

      "I didn't think so," she ground out before closing her
      eyes and once again speaking silently to Scott.

      The river roared with so much unseasonal water that it
      was impossible to shout across to the other bank where
      the rest of the team was standing.

      Logs and other debris from the forest crashed into one
      another as they raced down the white water, churning
      and getting sucked under the dark, seething mass, the
      undertow submerging anything that it found purchase

      Logan squinted through the torrential rain and rapidly
      approaching darkness, just able to make out the shape
      of the figures on the other side of the water. The
      kids for whom the rescue party had originally been
      organised where being herded into the various 4X4's,
      swathed in towels. The last tent had been taken down
      and packed up by the time Jean spoke again.

      "There's no way across. Scott suggests we look for
      shelter and try for the other bridge tomorrow at first
      light." Jean wiped some wet hair away from her nose
      and scrunched up her eyes as the rain picked up
      harder, screaming winds driving it viciously against
      their buffeted rain gear.

      Logan grunted in agreement as he turned around and
      headed back up the riverbank, closely followed by

      On the other side of the river, Bobby, St John and
      Ororo waited patiently in the car, saturated clothing
      dripping all over the seats. The driver's door swung
      open and Scott leaped in, shaking water from his hair.

      "Jean and Logan can't get across. They're going to
      wait it out and try again tomorrow."

      Rainwater dribbled down his face and he wiped it away
      with the back of his hand.

      Ororo peered out of the steamed up window at the two
      beams of torchlight just visible on the opposite side
      of the river as their friends scrambled up the bank.

      "Are they going to be all right?"

      Scott nodded. "They'll be fine. Jean mentioned some
      rocks she saw a little way back. They're looking for
      some shelter there."

      He turned around and glared at the two boys in the
      back seat

      "And just what the hell where you two up to anyway?"

      St John winced. "Berry hunting?"



      Jean stood by a pine tree and shivered, clutching her
      coat around her as she waited for Logan to return.
      He'd left to find some rocks big enough to protect
      them from the wind so they had somewhere to shelter
      for the night.

      She closed her eyes and sighed.

      At least the kids were all right.

      A soggy clump of pine needles fell off the tree she
      was sheltering under and made a wet smacking noise
      against her hood.

      "Camping trip from hell," she muttered under her
      breath as she swiped them off.

      She looked around the inky darkness as the wind
      shrieked loudly through the trees, wailing like a
      banshee. She cast her torchlight into the black depths
      of the forest, searching for the familiar shape of
      Logan amongst the landscape. Where the hell was he?

      The rain redoubled its efforts, battering her harder
      once more and sending another cascade of soaked pine
      needles down from the tree branches.

      "LOGAN ARE YOU DONE YET?" she screamed.

      "Right here, darlin'."

      Jean yelped in surprise, the voice sounding directly
      in her left ear. She jumped and fell ungracefully in
      the thick, oozing mud as the soft ground gave way
      under her feet.

      She stared up at him, her brows knitting in annoyance.

      "You're such an asshole!" she spat.

      It wasn't that she didn't like him... quite the
      contrary in fact, but she really was unhappy at being
      stuck outside in this weather. Her quiet evening in
      the bathtub with a trashy romantic novel had been so
      unpleasantly interrupted to go hunting for lost

      She angrily wiped the mud away from her bruised behind
      as she stood up, clinging onto Logan's offered hand as
      she slithered through the patch of saturated earth.

      He smiled slightly, amusement twitching the corner of
      his lips.

      "Found something for ya."

      Jean huffed. "This had better be better than your
      shortcut, mister," she mumbled under her breath as he
      nimbly trotted over some rocks, vanishing behind a
      large boulder.

      Scrambling in a less than ladylike fashion like up the
      stones, muttering and cursing most of the way, Jean
      rounded the boulder and found Logan grinning in a
      self-satisfied kind of way, dramatically indicating
      the small mouth of a cave.

      Putting on a somewhat less than realistic southern
      drawl and batting her eyelashes at him, Jean clapped
      her hands in completely un-thrilled sarcasm. "Ooh...
      My Hero!"

      She slithered over through the mud and disappeared
      inside, crawling through the cave mouth and into the
      darkness beyond.

      "Uh, Jean...?" Logan poked his head inside. "I haven't
      checked for bears or snakes or anything yet..."

      Jean's eyes grew huge in the recesses of the cave.

      "Only kidding."

      There was an indignant scream from Jean before he
      disappeared in after her, leaving the storm to rage



      The cave was small and dark, a slight draft from the
      entrance whirling over the floor. Jean wrapped her
      arms around herself, the hems of her clothing dripping
      rainwater around her boots.

      At least it was dry, she thought, sniffling slightly
      from the cold.

      Her brow suddenly creased. "Logan... what's that funny

      "Depends which funny smell you're smellin'," he

      Logan swung the torch around, analysing their
      surroundings. The beam of light came to rest
      momentarily on the mostly skeletal remains of what
      would have presumably been some kind of small, furry,
      woodland creature. "Could be one of any number of

      Jean grimaced.

      Using the beam of light from his torch he indicated a
      spot against the cave wall.

      "Sit there and aim your light for the back."

      She raised a brow but complied, walking over and
      plopping herself down where Logan had indicated,
      flicking on her torch as she did so.

      Jean looked up as he poked around, her light casting
      eerie silhouettes of his shadow on the back wall.

      "Its soft..." she murmured in surprise.

      He grunted and looked up over his shoulder. "What?"

      "The ground... It's soft," she repeated, tilting her
      head slightly as she followed Logan's rear end as he
      bent over to pick up something from the cave floor. It
      presented her with a tight, denim-clad view that
      temporarily distracted her from the half a gallon of
      water that was still sloshing inside her boots.

      Unaware of his audience, Logan nodded. "Yeah,
      sometimes you're lucky and find ones like that. It's
      sand blown in, collected over the years... falls off
      animals' fur and stuff like that."

      He made a positive sounding noise and turned around
      with an armful of dry twigs and leaves.

      "Kindling," he grunted, as if answering the
      questioning look she shot him.

      He dumped it in the middle of the cave floor and
      quickly arranged it into what Jean assumed was the
      best pattern for a fire. He rummaged in his pockets
      and dragged out his slightly battered Zippo, quickly
      lighting the dry leaves.

      A small fire started, bright orange flames licking
      against the dried leaves, casting a warm glow around
      the cave walls. Silence filled the grey, stone hollow,
      broken only by the quiet popping and snapping of the
      twigs as they gave way to the heat.

      Logan looked around and finally faced Jean on the
      other side of the fire. "Turn off the torch or you'll
      waste the batteries."

      Jean was staring, mesmerised by the flames, only
      shaken out of her daze when he repeated her name.

      "What...? Oh, the torch... right..." She switched it
      off, earning a strange look from her companion.

      She looked at his face in the dimly flickering light
      as if seeing it for the very first time, his strong
      features smoothed by the shadows.

      Part of her fluttered at the memory of how attracted
      he'd been to her when he first joined them, how
      shamelessly he'd persued her despite Scott's continual
      bitching. How quietly supportive he'd been when she
      broke away from Scott... He really had been very nice
      to her in fact, she thought...

      "Your gonna have to take off some of those wet
      cloths," he indicated with a wave of his hand. "You'll
      get sick."

      Jean snapped out of her reverie.

      The cunning bastard, she mused, flashing him a tight
      smile. Worming his way into her life without her even
      noticing and now not so subtly trying to get her
      naked... He hadn't even blinked at the suggestion, the

      "And give you a cheap show? No way."

      He just shrugged. "Fine by me, Red, but you'll regret
      it when they start to soak through to your skin."

      He eased himself down to the floor and picked up a
      small stick that had escaped his fire making. He
      doodled in the sand with it as Jean shivered.



      Two hours had passed and the gloom outside had been
      replaced with pitch darkness, the cold intensifying
      despite the fire.

      Logan had been out to collect more wood, drying the
      wet branches over the heat of the flames before adding
      them slowly, keeping the blaze alight.

      Jean's teeth shook as the persistent wetness of her
      clothing pressed into her skin, cutting into her bones
      with the cold.

      Logan had pulled off his leather jacket and draped it
      near the fire along with his boots and a shirt.

      He was still fully clothed, she noticed. Just how many
      layers did he have on anyway...?

      An image of Logan when he first arrived in the
      mansion, unconscious and needing to be examined,
      suddenly popped in her mind. She dispelled it just as
      swiftly, confused by the direction her thoughts were
      taking. Though, in truth, she often wondered if he
      ever speculated on exactly who had got him out of
      those snowy, wet clothes that first day...

      If she closed her eyes she could still just about
      remember how he had felt, his skin a strange mixture
      of hot and cold as she had peeled wet clothes from his

      Snap out of it Jean, she reprimanded herself, her eyes
      drifting to where he lay. He was quite contentedly
      sprawled out in the sand, his eyes half closed in the
      quiet cave as the weather battered outside.

      Her eyes trailed up his legs, the denim drying tightly
      over his skin, tracing the line of his thighs. She
      followed it up the length of his toned and muscular
      legs, tracing the silhouette of his sculpted body.

      She felt a tickle in the back of her mind as his eyes
      suddenly burned her.

      Her head snapped up, her gaze catching his for a split
      second before she looked away, feigning interest in
      the unmoving pile of drying twigs waiting to be popped
      into the fire.

      Lost in thought, she helped one along to its doom.



      "I spy with my little eye something beginning with G."

      A voice broke the silence and Jean jerked out of her
      contemplative stupor, looking with great confusion at
      the quite serious Logan.

      "What?" she asked.

      "I said, I spy with my little eye, something beginning
      with a G," he repeated. "I spy. Haven't you ever
      played eye spy before?"

      He gave a little smile.

      Jean laughed and rolled her eyes. "Yes I've played eye
      spy before, just..." she smirked. "Just didn't think I
      would ever hear you playing."

      Logan stopped playing with the stick and sat upright,
      cracking his joints before crossing his legs at the
      knees. He watched her with curiosity. The fire shone
      in her hair, catching the vivid red highlights there.
      Even when it was semi wet and bedraggled it was still

      Jean wiped a matted strand out of her eyes, suddenly
      keenly aware that she was being watched. "So, a G



      "Uh huh."

      "Right." She looked around, her eyes tracing the
      uneven roof of the cave. "Guano?"


      "Then I give up."

      He frowned. "You can't give up after just one round,"
      he protested.

      "Yes I can."

      "No you cant," he insisted.

      "Yes I can..."

      "It's your eyes... G, for green," he said suddenly.

      Jean smirked, turning her face towards the floor to
      hide the blush that flushed over her skin. "Like you
      can see my eye colour in this light."

      Logan looked at her cynically. "Last time I checked,
      my heightened sense came along with eye sight too
      darlin'. I can see your eyes fine. Even the colour."

      Jean sat still and looked across the fire at the man
      before her, gazes meeting for a split second, a
      charged moment seeming to shimmer between them for an
      instant before evaporating again.

      Jean swallowed slowly, her throat suddenly dry. "It
      has to be something I can see for it to be valid," she
      muttered, eyes locked with his.

      She blinked, snapping back into reality. She smiled
      awkwardly and looked away again, searching the cave
      walls for some kind of answer. "My turn... uh... I spy
      with my little eye, something beginning with...-"



      "So why couldn't Ro stop the rain or something?" Logan
      muttered as he finished his solo game of tic tac toe
      in the sand. He tossed his stick into the fire after
      drawing a crooked line up, diagonally and down again
      through the grid to link three random noughts in his
      stalemated game.

      Jean stopped trying to rub her hands together for
      warmth and shivered slightly.

      "Because even if she had stopped the rain, the river
      would still have been swollen and the bridge would
      still have washed out and we would still have been
      stuck here." She frowned. "That and the whole 'I won't
      interfere with nature' thing."


      Logan returned to staring at the fire.

      "You know your hair is all funny looking when it's
      wet," Jean suddenly said. Logan's head snapped up and
      she smirked in amusement as she resumed her hand
      rubbing. "Sort of like my aunts old moggy when it got
      left out in the rain..."





      He had his eyes closed, his head comfortably leaning
      back against the wall of the cave.

      Jean shivered. "I'm freezing, and if I don't get out
      of these clothes soon I'm going to die of

      Logan smirked, his eyes still shut. "Told you so."

      "You're a smug bastard, you know that?" she groused.

      Jean's teeth chattered as she huddled into herself,
      clutching her knees to her chest.

      Logan slowly opened his eyes and stood up, moving over
      to her and shrugging off one of his many layers. He
      crouched down in front of her, dangling a warm,
      flannel shirt in front of her eyes.

      "Here, take those off and put this on."

      Jean fingered the offered garment and quickly grabbed
      it, making off for the back of the cave, clutching the
      warm shirt to her frozen body.

      It radiated his heat and his deep scent and she held
      it to her face for a second, breathing it in before
      starting to strip out of her sodden clothes.

      "If I catch you peeping, I'll send a rock pile on
      you..." she grumbled.

      Logan smiled and stoked up the fire a little.



      Logan gave an exasperated sigh.

      "Look. If you want to get warm, the best way is to
      share body heat." He indicated the spot of floor next
      to him.

      Jean sat shivering on the far side of the fire, a
      small whirl of air from the outside twirling lazily
      around her body. Circling across her skin it formed
      goose bumps wherever it touched.

      The small fire provided light but not much in the way
      of heat, and she clutched Logan's shirt closer to her
      body trying to keep the cold air out.

      What she wouldn't do for a hot shower right now...

      She sniffed and looked down at Logan. Leaning with his
      back against the cave wall, legs stretched out in
      front of him, he looked like it were a lazy Sunday
      afternoon in the sun, the epitome of comfort in the
      stormy night.

      She shivered again.

      Logan lazily opened his eyes and glanced up at her. He

      "Fine. Sit over there all evening, but I'm going to
      sleep. I suggest you do the same."

      With that he sunk lower into the little scoop he had
      carved out in the sand, leaning in perfect relaxation
      against the wall and closing his eyes once more.

      Jean sat there for another moment before shuffling
      round the fire and making her way to his side.

      There was a part of her that hated to do this because
      she knew he would be so insufferably smug about it,
      but the other part of her said, fuck it, I'm cold...

      Logan opened one eye and moved his arm to let her curl
      up into his side, waiting for her to draw her legs
      under her in a more comfortable position.

      He watch her through slitted eyes as she snuggled down
      by his body, warmth filling him at just being able to
      feel her close to him for once.

      Despite whatever she may have ever thought about him,
      he truly did care for her. One day he would be able to
      tell her. One day when she wouldn't assume that it was
      so he could get one up on Scott. One day when he could
      find the right words...

      Until then he was almost content to just lie together
      in silence until sleep floated them both away, a small
      smile twitching his face.


      ~She could feel his warm lips on her body, heated
      kisses pushed close against one another, caressing so
      tenderly it stole her breath away... She could taste
      his every emotion, his every thought on her lips, his
      tongue stroking against the hot cavern of her mouth,
      her own sighs echoing in her ears as he touched her
      with a tenderness she could only ever have dreamed of.

      He was warmth and light and heat and need and she sank
      into him with a grateful moan, feeling his touch
      feathering across her skin, her body merging with his
      in pure ecstasy...

      Seeking limbs entwined, the feel of him soft and hard
      inside her, groaning, thrusting, filling the aching
      chasm within her body, blissful friction driving her

      So much skin, so much raw emotion, bodies clinging
      together for dear life, hands clutching at whatever
      they can find. Bare skin and warmth, sliding and
      rubbing against one another, thrusting deep and
      strong, a whirlwind of erotic ecstasy, her world
      contracting and expanding in a blinding flash of


      A scream of pure need...



      Jean woke with a start, her heart heaving in her chest
      as her eyes snapped open. She struggled vainly for a
      second, a large arm wrapped around her body keeping
      her from bolting upright.

      She was still tucked in Logan's embrace, his warm body
      pressed against hers as she panted raggedly in the
      darkness, the fire flickering down to embers as her
      head sank back to its place on his stomach.

      "What the hell was that?" she whispered, blinking in
      the gloom as her eyes drifted shut again.

      Logan was warm and comfortable beneath her and she
      relaxed back into the position she had been in before
      she had woken, snuggled close into his shared warmth.
      Her body calmed slowly, tensed muscles uncurling as
      she nuzzled back into his side, but her heart still
      beat strongly in her chest and a deep throb had formed
      low between her legs.

      She almost physically ached from the intensity of her
      dream, her primed body wanting the release promised by
      her fantasy, missing the sensation of a hard presence
      invading her body as they made love.

      There was dampness between her thighs and she silently
      cursed, bringing her knees closer together to try and
      quash the need that sluggishly flooded her body,
      consuming her with gradual steps.

      She resisted the temptation to press her hand between
      her legs to ease the pulsing sensation, the temptation
      to run her fingers through the heated skin of her sex
      quashed only because that would mean she had to move
      away from the warm body next to her. She was sprawled
      comfortably on top of him, Logan so hot against her
      side that even the thought of quietly bringing herself
      to satisfaction couldn't incline her to move. His heat
      seemed to lull her back into a sleepy stupor and she
      took one last deep breath before trying to focus her
      mind away from her aching sex.

      The musky scent of her own desire gently hung in the
      air as she stretched her fingers out over Logan's
      body, stroking him for a second like a comforter as
      she tried to lock down her feeling of need, grounding
      it in the reality of their situation.

      Even if she were to move, she realised, the sound of
      her satisfying herself could wake him and that could
      bring nothing but embarrassment.

      The feeling deep between her thighs didn't abate
      though, and she groaned slightly against his warm
      stomach, idly caressing his firm body in her
      half-asleep state.

      She was almost starting to believe she could return to
      dreaming again when lightening split the sky, the last
      vestiges of slumber chased away as a roll of thunder
      echoed outside, her eyes flickering open once more as
      she groaned in frustration.

      Sleepily she focused on the object closest to her; her

      Her hand that was resting just below Logan's belt

      She blinked hastily in disbelief, hoping that the
      scene would change if she could just get her eyes to
      see straight...

      But no, her palm was definitely planted firmly on
      Logan's crotch, hand open and moulded to him, the flat
      pressure spread over his groin, the feel of his body
      beneath her touch flushing heat to her face in

      The fact that he was sporting the beginnings of an
      ungracious hard-on really wasn't helping...

      Her first reaction was to jerk her hand away, and
      Logan breathed out softly above her, shifting in his
      sleep as she did so as if missing her caress even in
      his dream.

      Jean twisted slightly in his grasp, studying his
      profile in the dim light as the small fire died down
      to coals. It cast a warm hue on his face, his eyes
      moving under their lids as he moaned quietly in his
      dream. It was a deep throaty sound, borne of pleasure
      rather than pain and, curious, Jean opened her mind.
      She gently reached out to catch the thoughts he was
      unconsciously broadcasting outwards, her presence
      barely even grazing over his subconscious.

      Thoughts were radiating out from him, it wasn't

      Sort of...

      It was like casting a net and hoping for a catch, she
      assured herself, not invading his privacy in the

      She concentrated slightly and reached out to him.

      His thoughts were frantic and hot as she opened her
      mind, the images plunging directly behind her eyes as
      he dreamed.

      ~...running my hand down her legs to her knees, the
      soft feel of her skin in my palms...-... as she lifts
      her hips to me. Opening her...-... tasting her skin,
      my tongue rolling over her breast...-... tight nipple,
      making her scream...-... God, she is so beautiful´┐Ż-...

      Jean gasped and slammed her mind shut.

      Oh god no...

      He was having the same dream as her. She cringed in
      embarrassment, pressing the palm of her hand over her
      eyes. She hadn't broadcast in her sleep for years, why
      did she have to start doing it again now...?

      Somehow he had picked up on her dream and had turned
      it into his own.

      Jean felt her face turn crimson. She tried to squirm
      out of his grip but she was so entangled with his body
      that she would never be able to move without waking

      She didn't remember falling asleep like this, their
      bodies twisted together so intimately, but his arm was
      curled protectively around her shoulder, holding her
      close to his side while his hand brushed against her

      Her nipples hardened as the tightness in her stomach
      returned, the feel of his fingers just brushing
      against her body, sending a fresh quiver of unsated
      need through her.

      Her eyes drifted back down again to the area below his
      belt and she licked her lips, swallowing away the
      dryness that had suddenly formed in her throat.

      "What are you doing Jean...?" she whispered to

      He elicited a soft moan and she bit her lip in
      response, feeling his arm tighten around her as he

      Some part of her wanted to resist, but then she looked
      at his face once more, so peaceful in sleep, and she

      Run with the moment and suffer no regrets...

      Her hand snaked out again and traced a thin line over
      the seam of his zipper, her fingers brushing the denim

      She glanced up to look at his eyes, watching them
      flicker under the lids, his breathing still deep and

      Still sleeping?

      Jean sat deathly still as his eyes moved faster under
      the lids and she choked back a smile as he snorted
      slightly, mumbling something unintelligible before
      shifting lightly in his slumber.


      Sleeping like a baby.

      Her hand resumed its course along the seam to where
      the material bulged, his body tenting the fabric as he
      dreamed. She lay her palm flat over his groin to feel
      the warmth of his hardening flesh under her touch,
      smiling wickedly as it pressed against the inside of
      the denim.

      A small squeeze got a reaction and Jean laughed
      silently to herself as Logan's breathing got a little
      deeper, her hand rubbing gently up and down the front
      of his jeans as she watched his sleeping face twitch
      slightly. The long, dark lashes that rested against
      his cheeks flickered as real and imagined stimuli
      merged into one blissful union.

      Logan swam to consciousness grudgingly, drifting back
      to the world on the other side of sleep as his brain
      protested about being dragged from exquisite slumber.

      The dream ended to tightness and heat. A slow steady

      He opened his eyes with a start when he remembered
      where he was, taking in the sight before him with
      growing humiliation.

      Jean still lay underneath his arm but she was awake
      and obviously staring wide-eyed at the reaction his
      body was giving from the dream he just had.

      Embarrassment and shock at the betrayal of his own
      lack of self-control coursed through his veins and
      Logan quickly scrambled up from the floor, letting
      Jean fall with an undignified oomph into the space
      where he had just been.


      He ran a hand through his hair and swallowed, his eyes
      still wide and his heart pounding painfully in his
      chest as he glanced back at her. His body still ached
      at the sight of her lying sprawled out on the floor
      before him, but she was staring at him with what
      looked like surprise... Disgust maybe, he thought.

      Mumbling something like an apology he quickly turned
      around. She would have picked up on what he was
      thinking... he must have been projecting pretty
      strongly for her to be looking at him like that...

      Heading for the cave's entrance he cursed himself.


      Just when things had seemed to be heading his way he
      had to go and have a dumb-assed wet dream about her.
      Was there something so wrong with him that he couldn't
      just hold onto a woman for one night without dreaming
      about fucking her...?

      He had hoped so much that he could do this right for
      once, take things at their best pace, explain to her
      how he truly felt...

      She would never give him the chance now, he knew, his
      strongly projected dream showing her all the things he
      didn't want her to see yet, all the things that came
      after he explained how much he really did love her.
      All the lust and pure carnal need that he had been
      pushing down for so long because he knew it wasn't the
      way he would ever get her to understand how he felt...

      "Logan, stop."

      Her voice was unsteady in the darkness, halting his
      progress just as he stooped to shuffle out of the
      cave, not caring that it was still raining, not caring
      that he wasn't even wearing his boots.

      He kept his back to her, taking a deep breath and
      closing his eyes for a second to try and centre
      himself. He clenched his fists, digging his
      fingernails into his palms and trying to forget the
      feeling below his waist.

      It wasn't helping...

      He heard her coming closer behind him, not quite
      touching him but so close it made his whole body throb
      with need.

      "Where are you going?" she whispered.

      He opened his eyes, staring desperately at the wall as
      if it might give him some assistance.

      "Isn't it obvious? I'm going outside to look for a
      McDonalds' drive thru. I'm starving, aren't you?" he
      replied, his voice cracking with humiliation and less
      than enthusiastic sarcasm.


      "What?" he snapped, instantly berating himself for his
      harsh tone. He couldn't see her face but he knew that
      wouldn't have helped.

      Jean stood right behind him, her voice sounding small
      and uncertain in the darkness.

      "It was my dream."

      He turned around and faced her suddenly, confusion
      written over his features as she shuffled
      uncomfortably. She glanced up at him and took a step
      back as his body towered over her own, his baffled
      statement almost unreadable to her in the dim light.

      "What do you mean, your dream?"

      Jean swallowed nervously, so totally unsure of what he
      was thinking, her eyes unable to pick out his features
      in the darkness.

      She took a deep breath to bolster her courage and
      looked into the dark pools of his eyes. She shakily
      reached out a hand to touch his cheekbone, the dark
      hazel orbs darting sharply to look down at her fingers
      before focusing back at her face again.

      Jean traced the smooth skin of his cheek, watching
      with awe as his control began to waver.

      "It was my dream," she repeated, more confidently this
      time. "I was broadcasting and you picked it up. What
      you dreamed were my thoughts. I saw them... In your
      mind before you woke up..."

      Logan's nostrils flared as he picked up her scent,
      watching with sharp, clear eyes as she moved closer to
      him, regaining the step she had lost.

      "It was my dream, about you and me," she whispered,
      her voice growing husky as she studied his face

      Her hand ran a path along his profile, gently stroking
      her touch down along his jaw and to his mouth.

      She could feel his breath puffing gently on her
      fingers as she traced his lips, the soft flesh gliding
      smoothly under her fingertip.

      His eyes never leaving hers he turned his head
      slightly, pulling her index finger into his mouth,
      making her shiver slightly as his tongue ran along her

      "It was my dream," she whispered again.

      Her finger slowly slid from between his lips, the
      warmth of his kiss caressing it slightly as he softly
      took hold of her wrist.

      "It's my dream too Jeannie, you know that..." he
      replied quietly.

      His eyes locked onto hers, an infinite second of
      anticipation passing before he took that final step
      and crushed his mouth to her lips.

      Then there it was... the culmination of years worth of
      desires, the bottled and restrained emotions and needs
      he had tried so vainly to keep hidden until he felt he
      could tell her...

      There they all were, the endless nights of fantasy now
      pressed into his body and he just wanted to hold onto
      everything he could, grasping it all for just a split
      second, pulling her tightly into his arms, his tongue
      seeking endlessly in the soft, slick cavern of her

      Jean whimpered, surprise and shock fluttering through
      her brain before she felt his tongue caress against
      her own, the taste of him overwhelming her senses, the
      soft thrum as he moaned inside her mouth driving her
      heart to bursting.

      She could almost taste it on his lips, all the want
      and the need and the desperation...

      His kiss passionately claimed everything it touched
      and she drank him in like a drowning woman seeking
      salvation, the rough crush of his mouth almost
      bruising her own, his possessive embrace conquering
      all in its path as she clung onto him helplessly, her
      hands clawing through his hair.

      His arms crushed her body against his, the hardening
      in his groin pressed flush against her as she hooked
      one leg around his waist, pulling herself up, trying
      to consume all that he could give.

      It was a flurry of want and desire, consequences
      thrown to the howling winds outside as she moaned and
      panted under his attentions.

      He groaned inside her mouth as he felt her whole body
      rubbing against his, tasting her sweet caress on his
      lips as his hands slowly ran down her thigh, tracing
      his palm along the line of sleek flesh that vanished
      into the soft flannel shirt she still wore. He could
      feel the elastic of her panties as his fingers lightly
      skimmed against her firm, round bottom, gripping her
      more forcefully against his body, his fingers pressing
      into her skin as he locked her into him.

      Jean gasped quietly as his lips finally parted from
      hers, the soft huff of his laboured breathing merging
      with her own, her tongue flicking out to lick against
      his top lip seductively. It made him swallow hard as
      his coal-black eyes watched her with possessive

      His hand ran up and over her hip, letting her leg
      slide back to the ground as his grip curled over the
      soft, smooth flesh of her waist. The shirt rode up
      with him, revealing her thigh and hip then stomach as
      his hand trailed slowly up the smooth arc of her back.

      He closed his eyes, savouring her scent as he buried
      his head into her neck, licking up the side of her
      throat with his hot, wet tongue. His mouth closed over
      her flesh as he suckled the crook of her neck, making
      her hiss with pleasure as her hands clawed through the
      thick, lustrous strands of his hair.

      Slowly he surfaced, lifting his head to take in her
      eyes before kissing her ruthlessly again, stepping
      backwards toward the wall as Jean clumsily tried to
      unbutton his shirt. The little disks of plastic seemed
      to evade her fogged mind and she grunted in
      frustration, grabbing the cloth on either side of his
      collar and yanking it hard. The fabric gave up and the
      shirt ripped open to halfway down his stomach, buttons
      scattering and cloth tearing as she ran her tongue
      along the line of his jaw.

      She pushed the shirt down off his shoulders, letting
      it hang loosely on his body by the sleeves that were
      still trapped around his arms and the remaining
      buttons that only fastened to just above his navel.

      Logan groaned with pleasure, instinct making him grind
      against her, trying desperately to ease the tightness
      in his body as her hands caressed his chest, her
      fingers finding his nipples with ease and skimming
      them lightly with her touch.

      It sent tiny shots of desire through his body as she
      circled the tight nubs of flesh, her head lowering to
      take one into her mouth as he inhaled sharply, the
      flash of heat making him dizzy as she suckled tightly
      on his skin.

      The lightest skim of her teeth on the hard, little bud
      made him roll his eyes back into his skull, her
      incessant thumb flicking back and forth over its
      comrade making the pounding ache between his legs
      unbearable, his flesh trapped in the constricting

      He cupped her cheek in his palm, raising her lips from
      his chest and capturing them in a kiss, threading his
      hands through her hair, suddenly missing the contact
      of her mouth on his chest.

      His lips trailed down her throat as his fingers ran up
      inside his shirt, skimming over perfect, creamy flesh
      as he caressed her whole body with soft, tender

      He curled the fingers of one hand over the outside of
      her breast, the rough texture of the lace on her bra
      bristling under his palm. The other slid back down her
      side, coming to rest on her hip as seeking fingers
      slowly tugged down the cup on one side of her bra,
      pulling away the fabric from her hot little nipple,
      the heated flesh jutting deliciously into his hand. He
      hooked his other thumb into the elastic of her
      panties, a good, hard tug wrenching them down to her
      knees and she shakily stepped out of them, letting
      them fall on the sandy cave floor as he toyed
      carelessly with her nipple as his mouth ruthlessly
      plundered her own.

      Jean's eyes fell closed in bliss, her body shaking
      with desire as he stroked and teased the erect flesh
      with the rough, callused pads of his fingers, his hot
      mouth capturing hers in a blaze of heat and desire and
      pure white need.

      She could feel the press of his body against her, want
      clouding her mind with delicious friction as he bucked
      into her, his mouth feasting now on her shoulder as he
      growled low in his chest, trying vainly to undo his
      pants one-handed.

      "Logan... ahh..." she gasped as he tweaked the
      hardened bud in his fingers. "LOGAN!" she hissed,

      "What?" His mouth nibbled up her throat towards her
      mouth, his tongue sliding between her lips as she
      squirmed slightly, attempting to make her point heard
      past his ravaging kiss.

      She surrendered to it though, a soft moan all she was
      able to produce as his hand left her breast to curl
      tightly round her back, clutching her to him as
      tightly as possible.

      Eventually they parted, breathless and flushed and she
      stood there panting on unsteady legs. She pointed to
      his pants, her eyes reflecting the low embers of the
      fire in the darkness.

      "We need to get those off."

      He gave a crooked grin and started to undo his belt,
      unhooking the buckle with practised ease.

      "No!" Jean exclaimed.

      He paused and glanced at her, watching with interest
      as she swallowed nervously, her chest heaving with
      every breath she took

      "I want..."

      He could see her hard nipples poking against the
      fabric of the shirt and he cocked an eyebrow at her
      flushed appearance, waiting for her to continue.

      "I want to undress you myself..." she continued,
      edging forward once more, her breath still heavy
      against his skin.

      He slowly dropped his arms to his side, his own
      breathing becoming ragged as he imagined her hands on
      his body, stroking and teasing his rigid flesh with
      long, soft fingers.

      "I don't want you to move..." she whispered, waiting a
      split second for his nod before continuing.

      "Close your eyes," murmured her soft voice, her finger
      stroking down his cheekbone as she stepped closer to

      His breathing was rough in the silence and Jean stared
      into the dark depths of his eyes, watching them
      glinting with desire until reluctantly he closed them,
      his dark eyelashes resting softly against his cheeks.

      She looked at him and she shivered.

      Wearing jeans and barefoot, his shirt half open and
      pushed down his arms, he looked delicious, the painful
      swelling in his groin pressing hard against the denim.

      "Hmm..." she murmured to her self. "Where to begin?"

      He looked almost edible like this, the low light
      casting warm highlights over his chest, picking out
      the contours of his muscles in soft, yellow fire.

      She was going to enjoy this...

      Logan stood quietly in the darkness behind his eyes,
      waiting for her to start. All he could sense was the
      movement of her body as it swirled through the cave
      air, the rich smell of her desire rising through his
      form and making his mouth water in anticipation.

      There was the soft rustle of her hair against the
      shirt she was wearing. All she was wearing in fact,
      besides a bra, he reminded himself.

      He started to smile, the statement suddenly lost in
      the sharp inhale as he felt the warmth of her hands
      begin their exploration.

      Jean wasted no time, smiling with wicked cruelty as
      Logan stood before her.

      She ran her hands from the top of his hips downwards,
      stroking long arcs on the outside of his thighs and
      then suddenly in, her hand resting on the bulge in his
      pants, rubbing in a slow, hard motion.

      Logan swayed on his feet, eyes clenched tighter as her
      fingers massaged the sensitive, rigid flesh.

      She could feel the heat of his body radiating through
      the denim and she closed her eyes in bliss, the
      strong, firm feel of him under her hands making her
      heart beat hard behind her ribs.

      Jean cast a quick look up to his face, his eyes
      clenched shut, a look of pure ecstatic agony caressing
      his features. She smiled as she felt his hips jerking
      under her hands, his body thrusting against the
      blissful pressure she created.

      He almost opened his eyes when she suddenly stopped,
      opening his mouth to protest when a smooth palm
      covered his lips, stopping him from speaking.

      "Shh..." she whispered to his ear. The sound sent a
      little puff of breath over his skin, caressing him so
      lightly it barely even registered till she sent her
      tongue after her words, sliding from his lobe down his

      Moving her hand from his lips she kissed him deep, her
      fingers in his hair massaging against his skull, her
      hips continuing what her hands had started.

      Logan moaned softly against her pervading taste, the
      feel of her body undulating wickedly against his own
      making the tightness inside his clothes all the more

      She was doing it on purpose, the evil witch...

      Jean slowly pulled away from the kiss, licking her
      flushed lips as she ran her hands down over his
      shoulders, fingers skimming lightly onto his chest
      before slowly unbuttoning the last of his shirt.

      Her lips and tongue darted wickedly over his chest,
      lingering on his nipples again before caressing a
      narrow line down his breastbone, waves of pleasure
      assaulting his hazy mind as her teeth nipped lightly
      at his skin.

      Logan shuddered as Jean's mouth lavished small kisses
      all over his body, her tongue dipping briefly into his
      belly button before trailing back up to his pectoral
      once again, the tip of her tongue swirling round the
      tight little nubbin of flesh, making him shiver.

      Her hands had made short work of his shirt and she
      slowly pulled it down his arms, but the cuffs still
      fastened at his wrists prevented it from sliding off.

      Jean smiled wickedly as an idea struck her, and
      gathered the loose folds of the shirt still caught by
      his hands. She twisted it behind his back and looped
      it between his wrists, tying his arms tightly behind
      him with the soft cloth, watching in amusement as he
      shook with the pure physical need pounding through his

      The texture was both rough and smooth as Jean licked
      along the skin around his biceps, biting him gently on
      the shoulder before soothing him with lavish kisses,
      her teeth scraping the skin as she explored his body.

      Logan moaned quietly, Jean holding one finger against
      his lips to quieten him as her mouth trailed in small
      forays over his torso.

      He kissed the finger pressed to his lips, trying to
      draw it into the warm wetness of his mouth before she
      pulled it away, running it down the middle of his

      She laid her ear against his breastbone, listening to
      the thundering of his heart as she ran her hand over
      his stomach, the hair tickling against her cheek as
      she listened.

      As it beat its tempo her hand stroked him in time,
      drawing little circles lower and lower on his abdomen
      until she was certain he couldn't bear it any longer.

      Sweat broke out against his skin as he felt her
      carefully running just the tip of her nail along the
      waist of his jeans, coming to a stop just below his
      belly button, trailing up and down the narrow trail of
      hair that dipped inside his pants.

      He whined almost painfully as he heard her sink to her
      knees in front of him, resting her head against his
      thigh. She rubbed herself against him like a cat,
      almost purring as she wrapped her finger into the
      waistband of his jeans, the gentle tug on the fabric
      making his whole body move.

      Slowly she finished unfastening his belt, pulling it
      free of his jeans and tossing it on the floor with her
      panties before slowly drawing down his fly. She
      pressed backwards into his tender flesh with the
      zipper as she lowered it, just shy of catching him,
      making him squirm with just a small slice of both
      heaven and hell as she opened his constricting

      The cave was silent for a moment, not a sound besides
      the harsh breathing coming from the man standing in
      front of her.

      Jean licked her lips and looked up at him, his head
      thrown back in pleasure exposing the long line of his
      strong neck, his chest rising and falling with deep

      Lovingly she caressed his hips, his jeans falling
      slowly at her encouragement, enticingly, teasingly
      revealing him to her.

      His arousal was obvious and Jean gave herself a
      self-satisfied smirk as she slowly lowered her lips to
      his straining body, lightly kissing the tip, flicking
      at it briefly with just the tip of her tongue.

      Logan groaned, leaning back into the wall for support.
      He felt like he was going to die from the pure strain
      on his heart as her lips brushed his hard flesh so
      lightly, the heat of her mouth so tantalising against
      his sensitive erection.

      His arms were stretched out behind him, tightly bound
      at the wrists, and he automatically moved his hips
      forward towards her, arching his spine in pleasure as
      she kissed him, running the tip of her finger up his
      length in the lightest of tickling caresses.

      It was the burning flash of her tongue skimming onto
      his hardened body that made him moan though, the fire
      of her mouth suddenly embracing him as she licked
      slowly over his length, lovingly nuzzling into his
      crotch before drawing him into her mouth.

      The soft sucking of her lips made his face contort in
      pleasure, his body tensing as her tongue swirled small
      circles over him, coaxing his desperate arousal
      towards completion.

      His hips automatically thrust forward, slowed to
      desperate, short jerks as she held him still, her
      smooth hand lightly caressing against the heat of his
      groin as she sucked him just a little bit harder.

      He was so near the edge already that it didn't take
      long, the sudden skim of her teeth lightly scraping
      along his rock hard shaft sending him into cataclysmic
      ecstasy, his whole body tensing as he came forcefully
      inside the intense heat of her mouth.

      It was as if he seemed to forget how to breathe, and
      Jean watched with passion-glazed eyes as Logan dropped
      to his knees in front of her, jagged gasps shuddering
      his body, his eyes still closed as he tried to focus
      on breathing in and out once again.

      His desperate gasping slowed to deep, panted breaths
      as she slowly crept closer, bending down to all fours
      to look under his bowed head, the muscles of his
      shoulders still heaving as he panted, his hands still
      securely bound behind his back.

      Slowly he lifted his head, half opening his black eyes
      as his mouth caught hers, forcing it apart, his tongue
      driving roughly inside. She whimpered in response,
      cradling his face in her hands, her mind reeling from
      the pure want she could still feel pouring off him.

      She surrendered herself completely to it, submerging
      her desires within him, their tongues stroking against
      one another like silk and fire until they raggedly
      broke for air, running small kisses along the other's

      Jean blearily looked down to the pressure against her
      leg, his whispered caresses raining down on her cheek
      and neck as she nuzzled into him, smiling at what she


      "Hmm?" he rumbled, grazing soft pecks against her

      She gently stroked his obviously re-aroused body
      again, wrapping her fingers lightly around its heat.


      She could feel him grinning against her shoulder, his
      sharp canines sending shivers of pleasure down her
      spine as he nipped her skin lightly, flicking his
      soothing tongue over the sting in her flesh.

      "I'm not finished yet darlin'..." he murmured.

      Blearily she shuffled around him, untying his wrists
      from the twisted shirt. She pulled it away, freeing
      his hands from the cuffs and running her fingers down
      his bare back, watching the ripples as his muscles
      shivered beneath the skin.

      He twisted round and grabbed her arms, gently pulling
      her back in front of him.

      "This has gotta go..." he murmured, nuzzling against
      her breast and biting the shirt between his teeth.

      On their knees together, Jean gently moved his head
      away, kissing his lips softly as she fingered the
      buttons on her shirt.

      His eyes seemed to burn as he followed the slow
      journey her fingers made, one by one sliding the
      buttons out of their holes, his deeply caressing gaze
      watching the deep V of creamy skin slowly widening
      down her body.

      The shirt softly swayed open at last, the final button
      freed from its hole exposing her to his hungrily
      awaiting eyes, half out of her bra, her scent
      caressing his sensitive mind like smoke.

      Logan just stared at her, flames dancing in his voice.

      "God Jeannie... you're the most beautiful thing I've
      ever seen."

      His voice was husky with desire as she swayed
      unsteadily, feeling him push the shirt from her
      shoulders, his hands caressing her skin as he brushed
      the fabric away from her heated body, letting it pool
      to the ground forgotten.

      Slowly, almost reverentially, he reached for her, his
      fingers slipping through her hair, caressing the
      silken strands as his eyes locked with hers. Slowly he
      came closer, so gradual it felt like an eternity of
      anticipation that they were locked in as he
      approached, holding her in his arms as they slipped to
      the ground, their bodies meeting at last.

      He was so warm and solid against her, holding her
      firmly in his embrace as they lay like lovers on the
      sand. His lips played against her mouth, small teasing
      caresses, then down... tongue splashing liquid heat
      over her collarbone and chest, sending small shudders
      of blissful shock through her skin.

      His arms still wrapped around her, he unclasped her
      bra, her nipples growing hard as he softly drew the
      straps from her shoulders, nudging the lacy material
      away with is teeth and lips as he licked his way back
      up to her rapidly heaving breasts.

      His scalding mouth settled gently over her, drawing
      the tight, flushed bud into his caress, running his
      tongue over and over across the firm little nub of
      flesh, tasting her like the sweetest candy.

      Her mouth formed a silent scream as she arched in
      pleasure, feeling him suckle so tenderly at her breast
      as he lifted his hand to lightly stroke the other. His
      fingers barely even grazed her body, but still she
      twisted her back in whimpering rapture as he lightly
      petted over the tip of the darkening, pink bud under
      his fingers, his touch ghosting over the sensitive
      flesh, making her writhe in his grasp.

      She was so deliciously receptive... he could feel her
      legs shifting beneath him as she squirmed against the
      throbbing arousal growing inside her, her head rolling
      back and forth on the dusty sand as he lifted his eyes
      to watch her. Slowly he switched his attention to the
      bared nipple on the other side of her chest, drawing
      his thumb along the underside of the hot, wet nub he
      had just abandoned, the friction making her breath
      huff tightly in her lungs.

      She moaned softly, chewing her lip as he gently tugged
      at the dark pinnacle between his fingers, squeezing it
      lightly as he rubbed its fellow hard with his tongue.

      Jean cried out weakly, wrapping her legs around his
      waist and pulling him close, her thighs trapping him
      against her hot core. Her body throbbed, pulsing in
      time with her thundering heart as his hand left her
      breast, cupping her cheek as he slowly crept up her
      again, ravaging her mouth as he caressed her hip with
      his free hand.

      He lightly swept up her thigh, so tightly tucked into
      his waist, before guiding his hand back down her leg
      again, just sliding his fingers between their bodies
      to barely even graze her core.

      Her lips broke away at the sensation, a loud moan
      escaping her as he nibbled her neck. Her head rolled
      backwards into the sand as a finger slowly crept along
      the soaked mouth of her opening, caressing the soaked,
      pink skin so painfully slowly that it seemed to take

      He found the entrance to her tight hole and dipped
      just the tip of his index finger into her, creeping it
      inside gradually, millimetre by millimetre until it
      was buried up to the first joint, just the end lightly
      swirling in her passage.

      She whimpered his name, capturing him by his hair and
      pulling him up for a desperate kiss, bucking her hips
      upwards into him, trying to get him to fill her more.

      Gradually he slid his touch deeper inside, the burning
      wet heat clinging to his invading hand as her muscles
      fluttered around his penetrating caress.

      She was clinging onto him so hard she could barely
      even move, her whole body tensed around him as his
      long finger slid home, making her whine his name as he
      returned to licking her breast, the mixture of
      sensations almost bringing her to the edge.

      Rubbing his finger inside her slowly he sent sharp
      snaps of pleasure through her body, watching them
      shoot up her spine and making her writhe and cry out
      pathetically as he drove another finger inside her,
      harder this time, flexing his hand between her legs as
      she screamed his name.

      She clutched at his shoulders with the grip of a
      drowning woman, scratching her nails over his shoulder
      blades, mewling with the pleasure as he lightly
      swirled his fingers inside her passage, coating them
      in her fluid before slowly drawing them out to play
      with her clit.

      He rubbed fiercely against the heat inside her body,
      electricity spearing between her legs as she neared
      the edge. Her face creased into a mask of agony as he
      rubbed his fingers hard against the apex of her
      thighs, pushing her over the very edge of sanity as he
      drew her to orgasm. He rubbed unmercifully against her
      clit as she bit her lip, her face shaping into a
      silent scream of pure sensation as ecstasy exploded
      inside her. Her muscles clenched and contracted hard,
      rippling against nothing as he continued to finger and
      pinch the tight bundle of nerves, shock waves still
      running hard through her core as he suddenly drove his
      erection deep into her sex.

      She screamed then, the fluttering muscles in her
      channel gripping him hard and drawing him inside her,
      full and deep as he began to thrust, barely giving her
      time to recover before he started driving her towards
      the abyss once again.

      Jean arched her back and rocked her hips hard against
      him, feeling his teeth sink into her blood red nipple
      as he bucked against her, moving deliciously inside.

      His hardness filled her body completely, so much more
      satisfying than his fingers, every thrust rubbing
      tantalisingly against that spot buried deep in her
      passage as he thrust against her, grinding her hard
      into the sand. His face pulled into a mask of tight
      concentration as he gripped her harder against him,
      his arm encircling her arched back as he sharply
      yanked her upwards, moving them into a sitting
      position, pulling her firmly into his lap.

      Rocking against him desperately Jean thrust her chest
      out, stretching her neck backwards as her hair flung
      out wildly behind her, letting his hands guide her
      hips as he moved her body on his own, feeling every
      push and drag translated into pure fire inside her
      sex, the friction unbearable.

      Impaled so tight and hard on his swollen cock it was
      all pure sensation to her now anyway, the passion and
      fervour of their bodies caressing against each other,
      the echo of their voices resounding on the dark cave
      walls as she screamed from what bordered on almost
      ecstatic pain. Her whole body clenched tight in the
      centre of her being, muscles rippling hard around the
      invasion of his rock hard cock deep between her legs.
      She fed off his ecstasy as she came, the hot wetness
      of his seed erupting deep inside her as they
      desperately screamed, clinging onto him almost
      painfully hard, both finally finding what they needed
      so desperately clutched together tightly in the

      Panting roughly she clung onto him, letting him bury
      his head in her shoulder as his heavy breathing gasped
      hot against her bare skin.

      They stayed like that for what seemed like eternity
      before she slowly slid off his body, rolling gently to
      the ground as he collapsed onto his back beside her.

      Jean looked at him blearily, his soft yet hard body
      sprawled exhausted in the sand with her and she
      suddenly realised something...

      She really did love him.

      Reaching out his arm, he scooped her closer, bringing
      her tired and sated figure against his side.

      He lightly fingered her hair, bringing it to his nose
      as he breathed in her scent. A lazy, satisfied smile
      grew on her face as Logan's low, contented growl
      purred through her chest and back, the vibrations and
      the heat of his body making her sigh in relaxation.

      He nuzzled into her neck and kissed her ear gently,
      his hand lightly resting on her waist as he pulled her

      "So we have to go hiking tomorrow for that bridge,
      huh?" he murmured.

      Jean laughed sleepily.

      "Not necessarily..."

      A wicked glint lit her eyes as her hand rubbed small
      circles through the hair on his chest. "We might be
      stuck here for days..."

      "Hmm..." He ran his hand down her side to rest it on
      her hip. "You think so huh?"

      She nodded slowly. "Yeah... cause while you were busy
      running off to McDonalds, the other bridge
      accidentally lost a bolt and fell in the river."

      Logan laughed, gently cupping her face in his hand
      before he lowered his mouth to kiss her deeply.

      He really did love her...

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