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Certain Point of View (3/4) R

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Title: A Certain Point of View By: Mina-Clare Moseley Universe: X-Movie Characters: Wolverine, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC), Storm, Xavier Synopsis: Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2002
      Title: A Certain Point of View
      By: Mina-Clare Moseley
      Universe: X-Movie

      Characters: Wolverine, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC), Storm, Xavier

      Synopsis: Logan and Dr. St Matthews relationship develops.

      Rating: R. Language, mild violence and sexuality.

      Disclaimer: All things X-Men belong to Marvel Comics. The movie was
      made by 20th Century Fox, so they deserve some credit to. Basically,
      I don't own 'em, never claimed to either.

      Author's Notes: This is part five of the "Stranger Things...." Series
      (The first stories are "Keeping Faith", "Ace's High", "All the
      Children of God" and "Masks"). They are available at:


      Part Three: Logan: The Best Things....

      I can't believe what I'm seeing. Two young kids, one a tiny female,
      the other a hulking male, are trying to dance together.

      "Pete!" Kitty Pryde cries, "You're so clumsy! You're going to break
      my foot if you step on it again!"

      "I apologize, Kitty." Peter Rasputin had the good nature to blush.
      "Dancing is not my forte."

      "Maybe I should have asked Kurt to be my partner for the talent show."

      I shake my head. I wonder why I am fascinated by this. For some
      reason, 'Ro decided to have a talent show for the students of the
      school. She thought it would stretch their creative muscles or some
      bullshit like that.

      Anyway, it's pretty good entertainment. Kitty is about two seconds
      away from beating Petey down.

      Mika is sitting next to the stage. She is shaking her head. "Would
      you two like some assistance?"

      My interest is piqued. Mika knows something about dancing? I had no
      idea. It doesn't surprise me though. She has a dancer's build.
      Gorgeous, lithe..... Argh. I can't get into that kind of thinking.
      I've had enough cold showers in the last few months over that angel.

      Mika gets onto the stage. "I wanted go to Juliard before my
      mutation." She starts explaining to Peter how he should hold Kitty,
      and move his feet. I'm not listening to a word. I'm watching her move
      with the music.

      My God, she is beautiful.

      I've tried damn hard to deny how attracted I am to Mika. There's no
      way in the world she would ever "lower" herself to be with me. She is
      a woman of breeding, total class. She knows it too, and can be a
      complete bitch. I think if I were to sleep with her, I might end up
      killing her.

      It's been increasingly difficult. I can't seem to tear my eyes away
      from her. The way she moves, her calm demeanour, her fierce passion
      when upset. Just to watch her live is to see poetry in motion.

      Dammit, I'm getting in over my head. I like her a lot, but "poetry in
      motion"? Am I fucking insane?

      Mika lets out a cry as Peter steps on her foot. It's time to get involved.

      "Like this, Petey," I growl, getting up. I sweep Mika into my arms.
      "You've got to treat her like she's the center of the universe." I
      place my hand on the small of Mika's back, feeling downy feathers.
      She listened to my urgings and bends, like a reed in the wind. Her
      head bows back, her throat exposed and vulnerable to me. "You have to
      make her look like a queen."

      Mika sways in my arms. I can hear her heatbeat. It's pounding away in
      her chest. She's excited. I take a sniff, appreciating her
      femininity. This is the first time I've been able to get this
      responce from her without arguing.

      I give a growl as Mika spins, then moves close to me again. I can
      feel the heat of her body, the simmering sexuality she keeps pent up.

      I want her. I want her so badly it hurts. I should just go for it,
      kiss her until she is breathless. Mika is available. Unlike Jeannie,
      she doesn't have a boyfriend. I can let my feelings go wild.

      No. She doesn't want me. Mika hates me. She's said so on numerous occasions.

      But why does she stay around me then?

      I slide my hand up to Mika's head, tangling my fingers in her hair. I
      pull her closer, growling softly.

      "Logan," she whispers, "I think Peter has got it now."

      "Not yet," I murmur back. I lean down, crushing my lips to hers. I
      hear her muffled cry. Her fingers dig into me. I must be hurting her.
      I pull away a bit. "Michaela, you okay?"

      "You...." Her hand went to her mouth. "You...."

      Kitty and Peter are staring in shocked silence. Mika pulls away from
      me, stunned.

      "Mika... I--"

      "I can't do this, Wolverine," she murmurs. With that, Mika fled the gym.

      Wolverine. Mika never calls me Wolverine. It's always "Logan". I saw
      it in her eyes. I scared her. I have never scared Mika. She's been
      pissed off at me, but the fear in her eyes sent chills down my spine.

      I take off quickly after her. She's been in my sight since I started
      the pursuit. It won't take me long to catch her. I'm a hell of a good
      tracker, and Mika's not that hot when it comes to running.

      I grip her wrist and spin her around. Tears are streaming down her
      reddened cheeks. "How could you do that?!?!" she demands. "It's not

      "I kissed ya," I retort. "Because I wanted to! I want you, Michaela!
      Haven't I made that clear yet?" I pull her close, my look softening.
      "I've wanted ya since the moment I saw ya."

      "I want you too!" Mika cries. "You make me feel things I've never
      felt before, and it scares me!"

      I hold her close, stroking her wings. They twitch in responce.
      "Michaela.... I...."

      She turns her head up, looking into my eyes. As if in slow motion,
      she moves towards me. I feel her lips brush mine. It's like I jammed
      my hand in an electrical socket. Mika has never kissed me before.
      I've always kissed her. It's feels... Incredible. There's a million
      emotions, sensations, rushing through my body. I need to have her
      close. I rumble, lifting her into my arms, trailing my kisses down
      her neck.

      "Darlin', I need you," I state firmly. I bury my face in her flesh,
      taking in her sweet scents. "Let me have you."

      She has her eyes shut as she nods. I lick my lips, growling low in my throat.

      She's trembling as I take her to my room. I know damn well that Mika
      is a virgin. It's been a long time since I've deflowered someone. Now
      that I think about it.... I don't know if I've ever been with a

      I go to lay Mika on my bed. She shakes her head. "It'll hurt my wings."

      "Okay." I flop down on the bed, pulling her with me. She sits on my
      stomach, body stiff and unyielding.

      "Don't be nervous," I murmur, unbuttoning her blouse. I explore the
      newly exposed flesh. Mika gives a moan, her fingers digging into me.
      I've waited eight months for this moment. The moment where I could
      finally show her how beautiful she is.

      Her skin is milky white beneath her blouse; soft and feminine. I run
      my hands up her body, gently cupping her small breasts.

      Mika tenses at the touch. "Logan...."

      "What Darlin'?"

      She averts her gaze, cheeks flush. "I'm a.... I've never...."

      "I know, Mika." I kiss her gently. "I'll be real careful."

      I sit up, removing my shirt. Mika sucks in her breath, placing a hand
      on my bare chest. I place my hand over hers, running it down to my
      fly. She trembles as she feels the bulge within my jeans.

      "You got me all riled up, Darlin'." I press myself against her hand.
      "You have no idea how many times you've done this to me...."

      Mika stands up, methodically removing her clothes. I watch her
      intensely. I could never in a million years imagine how beautiful she
      really is. I become impatient, pulling her back quickly, crushing her
      lips to mine. I make quick work of the rest of her clothing.

      Every time I touch her, I feel another jolt. As we begin to have sex,
      my mind seems to open up to a million feelings.

      It's her. That empathic touch. I can feel her, just as I know she
      feels me. She is wincing. I stop moving. "Mika? Are you okay,

      "It hurts," she murmurs.

      "It'll stop in a moment." I kiss her. "I just stretched you."

      "Not that...." She hesitates a moment. "Keep going."

      I feel her impending climax, mixing with fear. As she orgasms, she
      screams in terror.
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