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Cat Attack 2/? PG-13

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  • CattyGirl
    Title: Cat Attack Author: CattyGirl (therealcattygrrl@ntlworld.com) Rating: PG-13 Genre: Silly fic Summary: The cats arrive Archive: Sure. Just let me know
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2002
      Title: Cat Attack
      Author: CattyGirl (therealcattygrrl@...)
      Rating: PG-13
      Genre: Silly fic
      Summary: The cats arrive
      Archive: Sure. Just let me know
      Disclaimer: Not mine. I own nothing - not even my life. Muses stole
      that away years ago.
      Notes: After vanishing off the face of the earth for several months, I'm back!!
      Deepest apologies for going missing like that, but life dumped a whole load of
      problems on me all at once, and I had to deal with them. If anyone wants to
      reread the first bit, it's at
      http://homepage.ntlworld.com/hicbibi/fic/catattack1.html (yes!! I have a
      website!! *g*) Okay, I'll shut up now :-)


      Jubilee added the empty cat basket to the pile forming in the corner of the
      room, then bent to disentangle a playful kitten from her feet.

      "I've got a bad feeling about this," she muttered.

      "I didn't realise precognition was part of your mutation, Jubes," Bobby teased,
      adding another basket to the pile. "You been keeping something from us?"

      "I don't need precognition to know something's going to go wrong," she retorted.
      "Especially with the Wolvmeister around. First time one of those furballs
      wanders into his room, Ms. Summer's gonna be explaining to her aunt just how
      come darling Fluffy got gutted."

      "I didn't think of that," Bobby admitted, then brightened. "Still, all we have
      to do is keep them shut up in this wing of the house. Problem solved."

      "Maybe," Jubilee agreed dubiously. "As long as there aren't any budding Houdinis
      in this bunch." She waved a hand at the cats scattered all around the room.

      "Houdinis?" He looked blank, and Jubilee rolled her eyes.

      "Houdini? You know, the famous escapologist. Used to escape from chained up
      boxes and stuff."

      "Oh." He didn't look that much wiser, but Jubilee chose not to push the subject.

      "That was the last basket, wasn't it?" Bobby asked. Jubilee glanced round the
      room quickly before nodding in agreement.

      "Looks that way. Let's get out of here before Ms. Summers decides it's time for
      these kitties to be fed."

      The pair of them picked their way across the room towards the door, hampered by
      various cats looking for attention. One started yowling when they ignored it,
      and Bobby winced. "I sure hope they're not gonna keep that up all the time."

      "It'd certainly make sleeping difficult," Jubilee agreed, reaching out for the
      door handle. Making sure all the cats were well away from the door, she pulled
      it open a crack, only to have to slam it closed as several inquisitive felines
      made a beeline for the glimpse of freedom.

      "Now what are we gonna do?" she muttered in disgust.

      "I could always make an ice wall to keep them away from the door," Bobby
      suggested, removing yet another kitten that had decided to play with his shoes.
      "It ought to stay intact long enough for us to get through."

      Jubilee nodded, then frowned. "I don't think the professor's gonna be too
      pleased if you ruin the carpets in here," she pointed out.

      Bobby shrugged nonchalantly. "I think he's used to it by now. Anyway, the carpet
      probably isn't going to be looking too good after this bunch has been living on
      it for a few weeks."

      Jubilee snorted. "Cats don't do that much damage, Bobby. I think we'd be better
      of trying another way first. How about if you keep the cats away from the door
      while I go through and shut the hall doors. That way, if any cats get loose when
      you're leaving, they won't get far."

      Bobby didn't look convinced, but he wasn't prepared to argue with a Jubilee in
      bossy mode over something this trivial. Obediently kneeling down, he started
      trying to push cats back from the door. Waiting for a moment when he seemed to
      have them reasonably under control, Jubilee pulled the door open just wide
      enough to slip through, closing it hurriedly behind her. Leaning against the
      wall briefly, she heaved a sigh of relief before jogging off down the hall to
      close the doors into the rest of the house, hoping no-one chose this moment to
      take a short cut.


      Bobby was beginning to feel rather overwhelmed by the time the door behind him
      opened slightly.

      "C'mon, Ice-boy." Jubilee whispered. "All set."

      "And about time too," he whispered back, pausing as a thought struck him. "Why
      are we whispering?"

      "I have no idea." Jubilee used a more normal volume. "Hurry up, will you?"

      "I'm coming, I'm coming." Edging backwards, he stayed stooped over, pushing cats
      away from him. Waiting for Jubilee to push the door open wide enough for him to
      get through, he hurriedly backed through it and shut the door, trying not to
      squash any cats in the process.

      Jubilee grabbed for a half-grown cat that had managed to run through the door.
      She missed, and it took off down the hallway as if it was being chased by a pack
      of dogs. Bobby swore softly as he looked up in time to see it vanishing round
      the corner.

      "It's okay - the door's closed," Jubilee informed him. "Besides, only letting
      one escape is a pretty good result." She headed off down the corridor after the
      cat, the other mutant trailing along behind.

      "It's going to take forever to catch that cat," he complained.

      Jubilee shrugged. "Then I guess we'd better get started, hadn't we?"


      They'd cornered the cat by the doors at the end of the corridor - again. It felt
      like they'd been chasing the little tabby creature up and down the hall for at
      least an hour, although Bobby's watch claimed it had only been ten minutes.
      Getting ready to make another attempt at capture, they froze as the door handle

      "Don't come in!" Jubilee called loudly, alarmed by the thought of the cat
      escaping into the rest of the mansion. "We've got a loose cat in here."

      Silence for a few moments. Kitty's face abruptly materialised through the door,
      making the other two students jump. "Problems?" she asked. "I couldn't hear you
      properly from the other side of the door."

      Taken by surprise by the unexpected voice, the cat whirled and crouched low to
      the ground, growling softly. Seeing her chance, Jubilee pounced, only to fall
      flat on her face as the cat neatly avoided her and fled back down the corridor.

      Kitty sighed. "Really, Jubes. Don't you know anything about catching cats?"

      "Well, excuse me." The other girl sat back up and dusted herself off. "You're
      welcome to try, if you think you can do better.

      Kitty stepped the rest of the way through the door. "Okay, then, I will. You two
      stay here." She headed round the corner after the cat. Abandoned, the other two
      students exchanged glances and shrugged. "I wonder how long it'll take her to
      give up?" Bobby wondered aloud.

      "I've no idea, but I've got this horrible feeling she's going to make us look
      like complete idiots.. again."

      "Again? When was the last time she managed to make us look like idiots?"

      "You really want me to answer that question?" Jubilee grinned wickedly, then
      hauled herself to her feet. "It seems rather too quiet down there - I'm going to
      go take a look. Just in case she needs any help."

      "I don't need any help at all," Kitty's voice drifted down the corridor. "In
      fact, I've caught her for you."

      "How did you manage that!?" Bobby demanded, jogging to catch up with Jubilee.
      "For that matter, how do you know it's a 'her'?"

      "I don't know it's a girl, but it looks like one." Kitty scrambled to her feet
      as the other two came round the corner, keeping a firm grip on the cat. "Here
      you go - problem solved. And how I managed it is my secret - I'm not telling."

      "It's not over yet. We've still got to get it back into the room with the
      others." Bobby looked unhappy at the prospect, not to mention bewildered at how
      easily Kitty had caught the cat.

      "I'll do it," Kitty told him calmly, and Jubilee grinned.

      "Thanks, girl. I was reaching the end of my tether with that... creature."

      Kitty grinned. "She's only a cat, Jubes."

      The other two exchanged rueful glances. "Only a cat?" Bobby grinned. "You have
      no idea what you're letting yourself in for here, do you?"

      Kitty glanced from one to the other, and her face fell at the expressions of
      glee on their faces. "Uh oh."

      Jubilee nodded. "That sums it up nicely."

      ~ to be continued....
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