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FIC: Of Friends and Good Intentions (Epilogue)

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  • Jengrrrl
    Title: Of Friends And Good Intentions (Epilogue) Author: Jengrrrl Rating: mild; pg Key words: Rogue. Logan. Jubilee. Kitty. Stuff happens. Summary: It s all
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2002
      Title: Of Friends And Good Intentions (Epilogue)
      Author: Jengrrrl
      Rating: mild; pg
      Key words: Rogue. Logan. Jubilee. Kitty. Stuff happens.
      Summary: It's all over. Or is it? Dum dum duuummm!
      Disclaimer: Too bad they're not mine.
      Archive: list, Disquieting Muses (http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/muses)
      Email: bjorkfan@...
      A/N: This is the end. Sorry it took so long. It's short, see! Think of it as
      teeny tiny St. Valentine's day fluff. And it took me ages. I guess I didn't
      want to let go. But, alas, it's over. Hope some of you liked it!


      “How old is she?”


      “And he’s…”

      “As old as the hills? Sixteen, as far as he knows.”

      “He’s lived a hard life then.”

      Jubilee choked back laughter. She said, “I’m sure he has. Besides, no
      sixteen year old I know has that body.”

      Kitty nodded in appreciation. “She’s lucky she has us.”

      “She most certainly is.”

      “We’re pretty smart.”

      “We’re geniuses.”

      Kitty frowned. “I don’t know if I’d go that far.”

      “I would. They should name their first child after us.”



      “Terrible name.”

      “And Kitjube was good?”

      “I hope it works out for them.”

      “Don’t be a pessimist.”

      “After all this, for them to break up in a week would be a disaster.”

      “We wouldn’t allow it.”


      “We wouldn’t! We’d be all over it. Like a cheap suit. Like white on bread.
      Like chicken on pot pie.”

      “You know, it’s kind of boring now. Without having to do all that planning.
      I miss it.”

      Jubilee leaned her chin onto a closed fist. She looked not a bit unlike
      Rodin’s “Thinker.” “I know!”

      It took about one second for Kitty to stand up and say, “Good bye.”


      “It worked out this time, but I don’t want to be around when it doesn’t.”

      Jubilee ignored her. “They aren’t married, are they?”

      “They just started going out!”

      “They’re meant for each other.”

      “He’s like a million years older than her. Don’t you think she’s a little
      young to be married, tied down?”

      “Are we projecting?”


      “You need a man, Kitty.”

      “No I don’t!”

      “You need something.”

      “I will not be an experiment, Jubilation Lee.”

      “We’ll see.” She turned excited eyes on her friend. “You know, I think St.
      John and Bobby may very well *not * be gay.”

      “Really?” Kitty didn’t sound all that convinced.

      “I’ve caught them looking at us. With interest.”

      “Or morbid curiosity.”

      “I’m going to find out, either way.”

      “You’ll get yourself probed.”

      “I certainly hope so.”

      The both laughed so much they didn’t see Rogue and Logan walk by, holding
      hands in perfect contentment.

      “I don’t like that shirt, Logan.”

      “You don’t?”



      “I will help you.”

      “All right.”

      He looked so dejected, she hastened to add, “I love you; if you love the
      shirt I’ll try to love it too.”

      “No, I’ll get rid of it. It’s only a shirt. But I’m keeping my belt buckle.”
      A gleam of light brightened his teeth as he smiled. Rogue felt herself
      swoon. It was all much too romantic for any one girl.
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