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Fate's Cupid 2/?

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  • susan litten
    Title: Fate s Cupid 2/? Author: Susan Litten Disclaimer: I DON T OWN ANYTHING BUT MY DOG!!! AND YOU CAN HAVE THE STUPID MUTT!!! Feedback: Ahem...Yes please!
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2002
      Title: Fate's Cupid 2/?
      Author: Susan Litten
      Disclaimer: I DON"T OWN ANYTHING BUT MY DOG!!! AND
      Feedback: Ahem...Yes please!
      Distribution: If you want this, go ahead and have it.

      Summery: Two new arrivals spell love for our
      intrepid duo. (How'd you like dem apples?)
      A/N: This is for a few people, and they ass up to so
      many that, While I appreiciate them, I can't remember
      names. So You all know who you are.
      But one name does stick out, and that is Brianna. A
      coworker who is delighted to here my story ideas
      before I write, in between our asking if you'd like
      fries with that....

      Salome Amaris Logan wasn't sure of very many things
      in her life, but one thing even she knew for certain,
      when Rome gave an order, she was to follow it to the
      letter, even if it meant that he was the one to fall,
      and she was to one to live.
      That was why, at nine o'clock one Wednesday night
      in January, she found herself running to the Pike
      Place Market in downtown Seattle. Her orders: to get
      on the passenger ferry that would take her to
      Bremerton and wait at the public park until sunrise,
      at which time, he would either join her or she would
      go on her own to Westchester, New York, to meet the
      man that could protect her.
      It sounded simple, yet, at the same time, wholly
      What type of woman was she, she wondered as she
      stopped to catch her breath, that she would abandon
      her only family, to save her own worthless skin?
      Why, just look at that couple, the man with the
      pointy hair and burly demeanor, and his companion
      with the white striped hair. Surely, she�d never
      consider leaving him to fight off a horde of villains
      by himself. Hell, it must be love, to wear the
      matching leather jumpsuits out in public...
      Salome stopped thinking, even forgot to breathe as
      her eyes met those of the leather-clad man. Shit.
      This was not good.
      Finally realizing who they were, Solly turned and
      ran out into the middle of traffic, all the while
      clutching the duffle bag to her chest. Behind her she
      could hear the shout of the man to �Stop�, but his
      call fell on deaf ears drowned out by the sound of her
      blood rushing and the beat of her own heart.
      "Logan?" Marie asked as he shouted out.

      "That was the girl. I'm tellin' ya, these two
      musta been in somethin' deep ta make them freak out
      like this." Without another word, he took off after
      the runaway, dodging traffic much as she had.
      While the girl was smaller and lighter, she had
      also been worn out from her running from Scooter and
      the others earlier. It didn't take Logan long to
      catch up with her.
      Reaching out, he grabbed one of her pumping arms and
      swung her around. She immediately opened her mouth to
      scream, but Logan managed to clamp a hand down over
      her mouth before she could make any sound.

      With the struggling girl in his arms, he moved into a
      convenient alleyway.
      Setting her down, he pushed her against the wall,
      and began to remove his hand from her mouth. She
      remained quiet, but watched him warily.
      "Look, kid. I'm sorry if I hurt ya, but we need to
      talk to ya." Logan began, watching as Marie walked up
      to them.

      "I dropped George. I need my bag." The girl
      whimpered. Fear shone clearly in her eyes.
      "I have it, Sugah." Marie held it out to her, and
      the girl slipped away from Logan's grasp. She reached
      out and took the bag from Marie, flashing a sad smile
      at her, before dropping to her knees on the slick
      pavement and opening the duffle bag.
      "Oh, George. I'm sorry." She reached in a pulled
      out a scruffy ball of gray fur. Turning back to the
      duo, she clutched 'George' to her chest as she began
      to cry. "I'll go back with ya, no problems, if I
      can keep George with me. Please."
      "Kid, I don't know who you think we are, but we
      ain't here to hurt you. Only to take ya to
      Her head shot up. "Westchester? In New York?"
      "Yeah. We were sent by Charles Xavier." Marie
      reached out and began stroking the ball of fur,
      surprised when it gave a rumbley purr.
      "Xavier as in 'The Xavier School for the Gifted'?"
      "Yes." Logan just stood there, watching
      Marie slowly interact with the girl. She was petting
      that ball of fur, making the damn thing purr.
      Solly closed her eyes and winced. "Well, hell.
      Rome is gonna tan my hide for this one. And here I
      thought you guys were sent by the Canadian
      "Canadian Government?"
      "Yeah, well, they weren't too happy when we
      "Because you thought we were some sort of
      faction?" Logan crossed his arms across his chest
      and raised one eyebrow.
      Salome looked at him. "No. No, you�re right. We
      ran because we were peeing in our pants with fright at
      the sight of your-"
      "Salome Amaris!" A man ran into the alleyway.
      "Of all the times to be wrong, you had to pick now,
      didn't you?" The man, looking a mix between worried
      and pissed off, went over to Salome and helped her to
      stand up. He kept his hands on her shoulders in a
      tight grip. "You realize who these people are?"

      "Uh huh." She smiled. "We already covered that."

      "Then you realize that I could have killed one of

      "George is fine."

      "Don't you even try to change the subject. You are
      in serious trouble, Missy." He looked down at her.
      "What do you have to say for yourself?"

      "My bad?"

      "Solly....Arghh!" He dropped his hands from her
      shoulders and stalked over to Logan and Marie.
      Holding out his hand, he introduced himself. "Rome."

      Logan took a hold of the proffered hand and pumped
      it once. "Logan. And this is Rogue."

      Rome looked him up and down. "Nice suit. Do all of
      you go outside in those?"

      "Unfortunately. Umm...not to be a nag or anything,
      but did you actually hurt anyone, like, say, a guy
      with red sunglasses?"

      "Logan!" Rogue slapped him on the arm.

      "Not really. The redhead might need some stitches,
      but she'll live." Rome gestured to the street. "More
      worried that her little boyfriend might take my head
      off for runnin' though."

      "How'd you find us?" Marie stood up and dusted off
      her knees.

      "Solly here is a telepath, and as a general rule,
      she remains connected to me at all times. It was just
      a matter of following the mental flashing light."
      Taking the cat from his sister, he checked the
      animal's eyes. "Well, he didn�t stay sedated for long.
      Musta not have given him enough."

      "Lemme get this straight. You sedated your
      sister's pet, stuffed him in a duffle bag, and ran
      with him halfway across Seattle?" Rogue looked
      between the girl and her brother.

      "Solly wasn't gonna leave him, and have you ever
      tried to run at top speed with a cat in your shirt?
      They don't take kindly to it."

      "Wolverine! Rogue!" They all turned to watch a
      slightly flustered and definitely out of breath
      Cyclops enter the ally. "I see you found them. Jean
      is going to need some stitches from the wound you gave
      her, Rome, isn't it?" His tone was disapproving.
      "Not to mention the fact that she wants an explanation
      for those claws."

      "All explanations will be later, when I don't have
      to do them more then once." Rome handed George back
      to Solly, who grinned at her brother. "Shall we?"

      "Is there anyone you want to see before we leave,
      to say goodbye...or something?" Cyclops gestured to
      the view of the city that they had from the dingy
      Rome remained quiet for a moment, and then looked
      Salome. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to
      the side, as if thinking hard or listening to
      something no one else could hear.
      After a few heartbeats, she opened her clear blue
      eyes and smiled. "No, Scott Summers. There is no one
      here who we need see. Shall we, Fearless Leader?"

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