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Fic: Last Day of Innocence (R)

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  • le_sorciere
    Disclaimer: Lawsuits can be mailed to idontgiveaflyingfuck@hotmail.znn.com Author: Sorcieré (hack_heaven@usa.net) Title: Last Day of Innocence Rating: R
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2002
      Disclaimer: Lawsuits can be mailed to
      Author: Sorcieré (hack_heaven@...)
      Title: Last Day of Innocence
      Rating: R
      Archive: If you want it...get your head checked. Please. (And mail me
      the addy, too ;)
      Summary: In a mutant's words.

      A/N: I was bored, and wanted to try something different. Don't worry,
      this style won't become a habit.

      To Nadja, for telling me this didn't suck.

      * * *

      Last Day of Innocence

      * * *

      The first thing we hear is silence and the faint hum of an empty
      tape. Silence, followed by the sound of wood scraping against wood,
      then someone who sits down in a chair.

      More silence, then a deep breath.

      Female voice (F.V.): It's the twenty-third of July, two thousand and
      eight. Some would say that this is a day of celebration...to others,
      this day will live forever in infamy.

      Pause. In the background we hear the sounds of footsteps. The sound
      is oddly muffled, and tells us that a heavy door separates us from
      whoever is out there.

      F.V.: I guess you're wondering who I am, but my name...it doesn't
      matter. Not anymore. Not after today.

      Another deep breath.

      F.V.: I'm twenty-two years old, and I'm a mutant. That's all you need
      to know. I'm a mutant, and I live...*lived*...at Professor Charles
      Xavier's School for the Gifted - a school for mutant kids.

      I came to this place when I was seventeen. I was a runaway, a
      hitchhiker who'd spend nearly a year surviving on my own. They took
      me in - Professor Xavier. Ororo Munroe. Scott Summers. Jean Grey.
      Henry McCoy... and Logan. But you probably know them as the X-Men.

      The sound of wood scraping against wood as she gets up and starts to

      F.V.: No reason to keep it a secret anymore...the government found
      out about it. How, we don't know. But then again...there've been a
      lot of things lately that we didn't know about.

      A short, bitter laughter.

      F.V.: Big, mutant-hunting robots. Big, *purple*, mutant-hunting
      robot. How...how could we possible have missed them? We're supposed
      to protect people, but we can't...we can't even protect ourselves.

      She stops her pacing, and we can hear from her breathing that she is
      fighting back tears.

      F.V.: They call them Sentinels. They can...they can track down any
      known mutant. They track them down, and they attack, and then there's
      nothing left. Everything's...destroyed. Just like that. No warning,

      She pauses, and we hear the sound of almost inaudible crying. A few,
      deep breaths tell us that she's trying to get her emotions under

      F.V.: They attacked a mall two days ago. It was in downtown New York.
      They destroyed it completely. They killed...they killed fourteen
      humans and injured forty-seven others, just to get to the two mutants
      who were in that mall.

      I saw the pictures, you know. It looked like...like an earthquake
      zone or something. It was destroyed. Everything.

      She pauses again.

      F.V.: Luckily for us, they don't have a lot of Sentinels...it gives
      us enough time to get out of the country. We're splitting up, and
      leaving this place. Phoenix and Cyclops...they took a plane to London
      just a few hours ago, along with the Professor and some of the
      younger kids. Gambit and Storm left for France. Jubilee, Pyro,
      Iceman, and Shadowcat went south - Mexico. Hank left for
      Sydney...said he had some friends there. Logan and I are going north -
      Canada and Alaska.

      Hopefully, none of those countries will get the same idiotic idea as
      our government, but...

      She doesn't finish the sentence, but her voice is full of doubt.

      F.V.: Before we split up, we promised each other that we would get
      together again...but I think we all know that this is goodbye. We'll
      be scattered across the world, hiding from the humans we tried to

      She sighs.

      F.V.: Maybe Erik was right...but it's too late for that now. The
      Brotherhood went underground before the Sentinels showed up. Maybe
      they will finish what we couldn't - create a world where mutants can
      live in peace.

      A bitter laugh.

      F.V.: Or maybe the humans will have us all killed. First us, and then
      themselves. Scott said that the Sentinels were programmed not to hurt
      humans...someone obviously fucked up. Legions of renegade, insane
      Sentinels...now that's a cheery prospect, huh?

      We hear footsteps approaching, then the door open.

      Male voice (M.V.): We have to leave now, darlin'.

      F.V.: I'll be there in a sec. I have something to finish.

      The woman sighs.

      F.V.: Where was I? Oh, yeah. Listen, you can choose to believe me, or
      you can decide that I'm nothing but a lying, manipulative mutie - I
      don't care. No matter what they write in the history book, no matter
      what creative excuses they think up in order to blame us...this is
      what really happened. The X-Men are gone, but we can give you one
      last thing...the truth.

      She stops and sigh again.

      M.V.: You ready to leave now?

      F.V.: Yeah...yeah, I am.

      We can hear the sound of footsteps as the woman follows the man out
      of the room. One of them closes the door, and we hear the muffled
      sounds as they walk away. A low murmur of a conversation reaches us,
      but the words are impossible to make out. The sounds fade away as the
      two move out of our hearing range.

      We hear the muted sound of a door being closed.

      Then silence.
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