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Fic: Just another early morning in May

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  • Chrissy Synth
    Title: Just another early morning in May Author: Chrissy Synth Note: Someone needs to keep me away from challenge in a can site. I can t seem to stop. Heres
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2002
      Title: Just another early morning in May

      Author: Chrissy Synth

      Note: Someone needs to keep me away from challenge in
      a can site. I can't seem to stop. Heres the URL

      2nd Note: Two challenges makes writing a fic more
      intresting for me.

      Disclaimer : Not mine, nope none of it.

      Summary : Logan giddy grass - Scott Summers estatic

      Rating: G

      Last note: Not a beta version.

      Just another early morning in May

      The fresh spring air held Logan in place. He closed
      his eyes and took in his suroundings using only his
      nose and ears.
      The spring wind, soft, with just a hint of a chill on
      it's warm current. The song of birds laughing in
      nearby trees.

      Logan smiled as he opened his eyes. Looking over the
      morning landscape behind the mansion, he couldn't help
      but think this was a good day to be alive. His whole
      body felt young with a yerning he thought long

      Kicking off his boots and socks Logan walked in the
      fresh green grass, letting it tickle his feet. Logan
      turned to glance at the mansion behind him. No one was
      watching, he could get away with it. ' Acourse you
      can!' the childish inner voice urged him.
      Logan felt giddy, happy, the fresh scent of spring so
      close to him.

      Scott Summers looked out his bedroom window to assess
      the day. The blue sky streached dotted with slowly
      moving clouds. A flock of birds arose from the trees
      below the window. Scott looked down to see what
      startled them, only it was he who was startled.

      There, in the middle of the yard, with out any
      footwear, rolled in the freshly cut grass was none
      other than Logan. Logan, rolling in the grass, like a
      dog. Scott burst out laughing.

      "Mmmmm? Keep it down Scott." Jean muttered quietly
      from bed as she rolled over hoping for an extra hour
      of sleep.

      An hour later, Logan strolled into the Mansion
      covered in grass stains and dirt. His socks stuffed
      in his boots that he carried.

      Scott Summers strolled down the stairs heading for
      breakfast when he bumped into Logan. Scott burst into
      laughter once more seeing the dirt on Logan.

      Logan cocked a brow at the estatic preppy boy. As he
      pushed by the man, heading for a shower before going
      for that bike ride he promised himself.


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