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SILLYFIC: Lizzy and Henrietta in X-menland, PG

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  • Deineira
    Title: Lizzy and Henrietta in X-menland Author:Lizzy (Lisea@glasstemple.com) Beta: Henrietta Summary: Just what the title says Rating: PG Notes: Sorry
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2002
      Title: Lizzy and Henrietta in X-menland
      Author:Lizzy (Lisea@...)
      Beta: Henrietta
      Summary: Just what the title says
      Rating: PG
      Notes: Sorry everyone. I've had sugar. This probably won't make any
      sense to you guys :-)

      One afternoon, L & H's school...

      "We can't stay here forever. It'll come get us!" Lizzy said to
      Henrietta as they were hiding in Locker 111.

      "Fine. You'll distract it, I'll head for the axe" Hentta replied.

      "How am I supposed to distract it?"

      "Go for coffee, and wait for it to attack you."

      "Right. But how do you know you won't chop my head off? ...Hentta?


      About 10 minutes later, cafeteria...

      Lizzy and Henrietta, well let's just call them L and H because I'm
      tired of writing, are having coffee after slaying a posessed gray
      coat. Yes, you heard me.

      The gray coat in question was actually a mutant under cover, waiting
      to assassinate L & H to stop their plans for global domination.

      "Hentta, you wanna go for coffee?"

      "No" H said, leaning on the axe she had used to kill the Coat,
      "because we're having coffee."

      "No, but you know, later?"

      "Let me get this straight. You're having coffee, and you want to go to
      town to have more coffee? Why can't you just have the coffee so you
      don't have to get coffee?" H said.




      "Finish your coffee."

      Both girls turned their heads to see a man in a wheelchair, followed
      by a man in red sunglasses and a white-haired woman.

      "Good afternoon, young ladies. I'm Professor Xavier, and these are
      Cyclops and Storm. By any chance have you seen a gray mutant, most
      likely in a form of a coat?"

      L & H looked at the dead coat by the table. "No, can't say we have"
      they said in unison, shaking their heads.

      Cyclops stepped closer to the dead Evil Coat. "Isn't this it?"

      L & H look up to the ceiling, whistling.

      "It must have fallen and broken it's neck" Cyclops said, poking it
      with his finger.

      "Yeah, it looks like it's pulled a few stitches" H said, while trying
      to hide the axe under the table.

      "Well, actually I came here to see you, too, young ladies. You too
      are, in fact, mutants" Xavier said.

      "You might have noticed people staring at you and thinking you're a
      bit abnormal" Storm said.

      "Yeah, they do. What about us being mutants?" L asked. H bangs her
      head against the table.


      X-Mansion, few seconds later...

      "Miss Hentta has a unusual gift of long term memory. In other words,
      she can remember things from her childhood, for example, children's tv
      show theme tunes" Xavier explained.

      All look at H, who's singing the Alfred J. Kwak theme tune with the
      axe she refuses to let go of.

      "And Miss Liz has the ability to teleport, and interestingly, she
      converts coffeine into energy, much like Mr. Summers converts the
      solar energy into energy that flows from his eyes."

      All look at L, who's teleporting around every 1/4 seconds. You really
      shouldn't give her coffee.

      "Unfortunately, the coffeine in her system makes her very
      unpredictable. Could someone please unglue my wheelchair from the


      After the brave X-Men had conquered the superglue L had put on the
      wheels, Xavier gave the two girls a tour of the mansion. When they
      passed the kitchen, they saw Logan and Rogue in a passionate position
      over the kitchen table.

      "Ewwww!!!" H said, covering her eyes.

      "Yesssss!!!"L said, waving a 'Go Logan and Rogue' flag.


      Xavier showed them the lower levels, the Medlab, the hangar, and the
      Arnold's donut cafe.

      Because the X-Men are known for saving the world, they locked them in
      the padded donut cafe. That's where they have been ever since,
      plotting for their global domination, H eating a blueberry Jammy and L
      having a caramel Creme. Xavier kept his cafe stocked, thus keeping the
      girls sugar-rushed and happy.

      The End

      My apologies.
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