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Certain Point of View (2/4) R

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Title: A Certain Point of View By: Mina-Clare Moseley Universe: X-Movie Characters: Wolverine, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC), Storm, Xavier Synopsis: Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2002
      Title: A Certain Point of View
      By: Mina-Clare Moseley
      Universe: X-Movie

      Characters: Wolverine, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC), Storm, Xavier

      Synopsis: Logan and Dr. St Matthews relationship develops.

      Rating: R. Language, mild violence and sexuality.

      Disclaimer: All things X-Men belong to Marvel Comics. The movie was
      made by 20th Century Fox, so they deserve some credit to. Basically,
      I don't own 'em, never claimed to either.

      Author's Notes: This is part five of the "Stranger Things...." Series
      (The first stories are "Keeping Faith", "Ace's High", "All the
      Children of God" and "Masks"). They are available at:


      Part Two: Michaela: Bird's Eye View

      Not a word has been exchanged between us. Logan has been in my office
      for a good twenty minutes now. It doesn't take an empath to know he's
      annoyed. His brow is furrowed, arms crossed over his broad chest. He
      stares, his deep brown eyes fixed on me.

      I'm not really in a chatty mood myself. My hand is aching. I broke
      it, in many places, on Logan's chest only three days ago. We haven't
      talked since it happened. But we need to talk now. It is a therapy

      Without looking away from me, Logan reaches into his pocket. He pulls
      a cigar out. Clenching it between his teeth, he strikes a match.

      "No smoking," I remind him.

      "Here's an idea, Darlin'," Logan drawls, lighting the cigar. "Stop me."

      I take in a deep breath, trying to calm my anger. Logan acts like
      child around me. I don't know what his problem is. I've studied
      psychology for nearly eight years now, and I still can't figure him

      When Logan and I first met we were uneasy allies. Somewhere in the
      time we've known each other, that bond was severed. Did we stop
      liking each other? I don't think so. Maybe we like each other two

      Am I attracted to Logan? Yes. I can admit that. He's got an
      animalistic quality. This beautiful fire in his deep brown eyes.

      Do I like Logan? Yes. He can be a great guy, when he wants to be.
      He's so scared of his animalistic side breaking loose. He can be very
      gentle. I've watched him become friends with Rogue and Kurt. He is
      not as tough as he tries to be.

      Does Logan like me? My empathic abilites tell me he's attracted to
      me. Then, those same empathic abilites tell me he's attracted to Jean
      and Ro.

      Logan frightens me at times. True, our height is not much different,
      but he seems so much bigger than he really is. His presence is
      intimidating. Not to mention that adamantium lacing his skeleton. My
      bones are filled with air pockets, to allow for flight. The broken
      hand I have is a result of trying to hit him. I shudder to think what
      would happen if Logan hit ME.

      "Fall asleep, Mika?" Logan growled. My head jerks up. Logan is
      standing over me, a smile on his lips. His sharp teeth are bared.

      "I-I was just.... thinking." I stutter.

      "'bout what?" he rumbles, cupping my chin.

      "We're supposed to be talking about you," I sau softly. I avert my
      eyes. Logan's scaring the hell out of me. However, he's very

      "A little hot, Darlin'?"

      A tingle goes through my spine. He's got me nailed. "You are incorrigible."

      "My nose don't lie, Mika." He leans closer, licking his lips. "Yer
      hot, and I could do something about it."

      I jump up. "Why do you do this?!?!" My heart is racing, my breath
      already ragged. "Why do you insist on tormenting me?"

      Logan pulls back, his smile growing wider. "You get a fire in yer
      eyes. It comes out when yer angry." He moves past my desk, pulling me
      to him. "Darlin', I like yer fire. Yer so caught up in keeping those
      powers of yers in check you're dead inside. You need to let the fire
      burn, Mika."

      He runs a hand over my head, reaching for my hair pin. He pulls it
      out, my hair falling in a mess of curls on my shoulders.

      "I ain't never seen ya with yer hair down," he whispers. Leaning
      forward, he taks a deep sniff. "Mmmmm.... Michaela." His voice is
      low, filled with sexuality. I shiver. His muscular arms wrap around
      my waist.

      "What the hell are you doing?" I whisper hoarsely.

      He picks me up, growling. "Stokin' yer fire."

      The scream is stuck in my throat as he opens my window. With me under
      one arm, he begins to scale the ivy-covered wall with his claw.

      "Who do you think you are, King Kong?!?!" I wriggle around, trying to
      get loose.

      "Be careful, Darlin'. You wouldn't want me to drop you."

      I look down, the ground seeming a million miles away. My fingers dig
      into Logan's arm. The world feels like its spinning. "Don't drop me,"
      I plead.

      Logan lets out a grunt, reaching the roof. He pulls me up with him.

      "Why are you so afraid of heights?" He asks, wrapping an arm around
      my waist again. I shut my eyes, glad he is holding my trembling body.

      "I wouldn't be afraid of heights if it weren't so high."

      Logan laughs. "Fer a gal with a PhD, that's a pretty stupid answer."

      He hand moves to my wings, stroking my downy feathers. I take a
      trembling breath, my knees turning to jelly. My wings are so
      sensitive, and Logan's hand feels so....

      Logan shoves me forward. A blood-curting scream escapes my throat as
      I spiral towards the ground.

      The tendons in my back feel tight as my wings start to furious flap.
      Blood thunders in my ears as my heart races.

      I catch an air pocket, rising up again. My heart starts to steady I
      fly upwards. As I reach the roof, I see the deranged grin on Logan's

      I land, throwing my arms around Logan's neck. I'm terrified. I hug
      him tight, shutting my eyes.

      "Looked like you had fun, Darlin'...." Logan whispers in my ear.

      He lifts my chin gently. "Got yer heart beatin'." Leaning forwad, his
      lips meet mine. I flinch as his emotions pour into my mind. He's
      aroused. I'm not surprised by that. I am surprised at the other
      emotions though.

      He's filled with pure happiness at this moment.

      I pull back, my stomach knotted in confusion and anger. "You throw me
      off a building, then you make a pass at me?!?! Are you INSANE?!?!"

      "Probably," he cockily replies. "Darlin', I've been waitin'."

      "Wait a little longer!"

      "I was just tryin' ta get you over yer fear of heights. It's no use
      havin' an X-Man who can fly if they're afraid of heights."

      "You will have a MUCH rougher trip to the ground if I get much
      angrier and throw you off the roof!" I unfurl my wings. "Good-bye,

      I leave him on the roof. How dare he....

      The kiss is on my mind. I liked it. I really did. Logan make me feel
      so.... Alive.

      Sighing, I look back at him. Logan is still on the roof, his gaze fixed on me.

      I need to get away. Maybe I'll take a little flight.
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