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Certain Point of View (1/4) R

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Title: A Certain Point of View By: Mina-Clare Moseley Universe: X-Movie Characters: Wolverine, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC), Storm, Xavier Synopsis: Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      Title: A Certain Point of View
      By: Mina-Clare Moseley
      Universe: X-Movie

      Characters: Wolverine, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC), Storm, Xavier

      Synopsis: Logan and Dr. St Matthews relationship develops.

      Rating: R. Language, mild violence and sexuality.

      Disclaimer: All things X-Men belong to Marvel Comics. The movie was
      made by 20th Century Fox, so they deserve some credit to. Basically,
      I don't own 'em, never claimed to either.

      Author's Notes: This is part five of the "Stranger Things...." Series
      (The first stories are "Keeping Faith", "Ace's High", "All the
      Children of God" and "Masks"). They are available at:

      1-- Logan: Basic Training
      2-- Michaela: Bird's Eye View
      3-- Logan: The Best Things....
      4-- Michaela: I've Got A Feeling


      Part One: Logan: Basic Training

      I hate doctors. Anyone who has a "Dr." before their name immediately
      earns my mistrust.

      Surprisingly, the two objects of my affection in the last half year
      have been doctors.

      The first is Dr. Jean Grey. I'm sorry, Dr. Jean Grey SUMMERS. She's a
      gorgeous, leggy redhead. Her attitude is as fiery as her hair colour.
      Her work is in general medicine and genetic science. At first, I
      wasn't too sure about lusting after a scientist, but with Jeannie, I
      couldn't resist.

      It doesn't matter anymore. Jeannie is sickeningly happy, married to
      her boyfriend Scott Summers. They're honeymooning in Hawaii right now.

      The other woman is.... Different. With Jeannie, it was an
      unattainable lust. Yeah, she was beautiful and smart.... But I don't
      think things would have worked out between us.

      Quite frankly, she likes me too much. The other doctor hates my guts.
      I really like that.

      Dr. Michaela St Matthews is my shrink. I don't know how it happened,
      but I've fallen for her like a tonne of bricks.

      Physically, she's the complete opposite of Jeannie. Mika is tiny, her
      body lithe and compact. While beautiful, it is not her body itself
      that attracts me to her.

      It's her eyes. She has big blue eyes that sparkle when she gets
      angry. I try to get her angry. She's real beautiful when she's all
      riled up.

      Probably her most noticable feature is the pair of wings on her back.
      White as fresh snow, they are. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention:
      Jeannie, Mika, myself and about every other person we know are

      Me, I have a rapid healing factor. Made me a perfect target for some
      crazy scientists. They laced my skeleton with an unbreakable metal.
      Stole all my memories. That's basically the reason I hate doctors.

      My name is Logan. People I don't like, and that's a good number, call
      me Wolverine.

      Now, I'm not a stupid guy, I'm actually pretty smart. But the last
      thing I ever thought I'd be is a teacher. Yet somehow I ended up
      teaching at Chuck Xavier's Home for Wayward Muties.

      I teach combat training. If I ever had a gift, it was to be a
      cold-hearted sonabitch in battle.

      The staff at Xavier's doubles as a superhero team called the X-Men.
      Since I been here, we've only been used once. But like a bunch of Boy
      Scouts, the X-Men's motto is "Be prepared". It keeps me busy, at

      Lately, things have been quiet. Jeannie and Scott are off on their
      honeymoon. It seems like everyone is sniffing out the opposite sex.

      My two best friends have recently acquired significant others. Rogue
      and Kurt are good kids, only in their late teens. I brought Rogue
      here, and she's been really attached to me. Kurt hasn't been here
      long, but I just connected with him. He's a prankster, real fun. Nice
      to spar with, he has a lot of talent with weapons.

      But now, Rogue's flirting with a Cajun bugger named Remy. He's okay,
      a real braggart. Bills himself as "th'ef of jewels and hearts".

      The jewels thing I might believe. But the only action he's seen is
      from Louisiana whores.

      Kurt's woman is a pretty, yet annoying, brunette named Shauna. He
      finds her sense of humour 'cute'. I think she's lucky to not be on
      the business end of my claws yet.

      Anyway, with a lack of friends around, I've been bored. Been training
      non-stop. It get tedious.

      So I was really pleased when Chuck spoke to me at breakfast. "Logan,
      I'd like you to start training Michaela."

      I look up from my bacon. Michaela responds before me, dropping her
      fork. "WHAT?"

      Chuck acts cool, not even flinching. "You have been with us for a
      while now, Michaela. You must be ready if the Brotherhood attacks."

      I grin at Mika. "I'll be gentle, Darlin'. I know it's your first time."

      "You're a pig," she retorts. Her wings are twitching in annoyance.

      "We were all hesitant at first," Ororo Munroe says gently.

      Ororo is the heavenly body known to most as Storm. She can control
      the weather. She's a beautiful lady inside and out; a real classy
      dame. She's best friends with both Jeannie and Mika. Hell, 'Ro can be
      best friends with about anybody.

      Mika is staring at her plate, shifting in her seat. "I'm a therapist,
      not a revolutionary."

      She has a point. Mika isn't a fighter. I can tell that by just
      looking at her. And she's not going to be made into one.

      Her hand is trembling. I can almost smell her fear. I lower my voice.
      "I promise it ain't gonna be too rough."

      She jerks her hand away. "I don't like fighting. And I don't want to
      be turned into a killer."

      She rises from her seat, stalking out the room.

      "Our new arrival is quite the pacifist," Hank McCoy comments.

      I get up, going after her. Takes me no time to catch her, not with my
      hunter's instinct.

      "Darlin'," I whispered, putting my hand on her shoulder. "You ain't
      gonna become a killer. You just gotta know some basics."

      "Just some basics?" she said softly.

      "Yeah. I swear. Just meet me in the gym at 4:00."

      She turned to me, getting that hard, analytical look in her eyes.
      "That's when you have your therapy session."

      "For once, let me waste your time doin' my job."


      I'm stretching in the gym, mats laid out on the ground. Mika isn't
      here yet. I wish she wouldn't stall.

      It is completely understandable why she doesn't want to fight.
      Simply, she doesn't know HOW. She's lived a very sheltered life. She
      grew up in a rich family. She's never had to do a hard day's work in
      her life. Even after she left her family, she kept to herself, never
      looking at the outside world.

      It's a cold fact that being here you need to know how to protect
      yourself. We've got to many people after us. I just need to get that
      through her pretty little skull.

      My ears prickle as the door opens. I turn, looking at Mika.

      In all the time I've known her, I've never seen her dressed so
      casual. Mika lives in sharply tailor suits. They fit her like a
      second skin. In these light grey sweats, she has never looked more

      "Nice of ya t' join me, Doc."

      Mika doesn't look at all happy. "I will say this one more time. I
      don't want to be here."

      "No shit! I didn't know that."

      She sets her jaw. "When I took the job here, I thought I would be
      counselling troubled kids, NOT joining the crusades."

      With lightening fast reflexes, I race to her, pick her up and flip
      her over my shoulder. She gives a scream as she hits the mats.

      Groaning, Mika tries to get up. "What the hell was that for?"

      I kneel next to her, offering a hand. "I could've hurt you worse. And
      the Brotherhood ain't gonna be so charitable."

      Mika brushed off my hand, getting up my herself. "You are the biggest
      fucking bastard I've ever met."

      "Keep sweet talkin' me, Darlin'," I retort, "I might decide to fuck
      you after I kick your ass."

      As soon as the words leave my mouth, I regret it. Oh yeah, THIS is
      the way to seduce Mika. She likes verbally sparring with me, but I
      just went too far.

      I really want to be physical with her. That's the only way I can put
      it. I won't-- can't-- fuck her. Fucking is sex without any emotion,
      just the animalistic act. I've done a lot of that in my time, and
      know I couldn't do that to Mika. But 'making love'... That's too
      strong a word. That implies I love her.

      "I have things to do, Logan." Mika said, looking at her watch. "So
      please kick my ass quickly. You can fuck me after I get really drunk
      and have a full frontal lobotomy."

      Okay, she reponded. At least she isn't too pissed. If she was, she
      wouldn't have said anything at all.

      I stand close behind her, feeling the soft wings press to my chest. I
      take her hands.

      "What are you doing?" she askes.

      "I'm going to guide your hands, show you some basic moves."

      I start whispering instructions in her ear, moving her body. I'm not
      even paying attention to myself. I can feel the twitch of her wings
      as she breaths. I'm aware of her heartbeat. And her smells, a mix of
      vanilla and an exotic bird. It is wonderful. I lick my lips, watching
      her neck. I can feel the pulse point there. Taking a deep breath, I
      try to control myself. Another minute of enjoying her, and she's
      going to notice I'm getting hot.

      I pull away. "Attack me." I say, my voice husky from arousal. Dammit.

      "You've got to be kidding me."

      "Fine." I say. "I'll attack you, and you'll fend me off."

      Rolling her eyes, Mika nods. "Okay. Whatever."

      I leap at her, growling. I don't unsheathe my claws. She's not ready
      for that yet. Mika tries hits me in the chest. As soon as her
      knuckles hit me, I hear the painful cracking of bones. She cries out
      in pain.

      Shit. I should've realized. Her bone scruture is different from a
      normal human's, so she can fly. Her entire skeleton is filled with
      air pockets. My bones, on the other hand, are harder than enforced

      "Mika... I'm so sorry..." I whisper. I really am. I never wanted to hurt her!

      She craddles her broken hand. "I should've realized. I did crack my
      kneecap on you before."

      I painfully remember that time she kicked me in the balls. If I
      hadn't wanted to screw her so badly, Mika would have been dead then.

      I help her to the infirmary. Hank doesn't look surprised to see us
      there. "I thought something like this might happen." He immediately
      starts to tend to Mika. I slip out quietly, wishing Sabretooth would
      attack, just so I could vent my frustration.

      I go to Chuck's office, not knocking before I go in. Remy is in
      there, getting a detention. When the swamprat sees me, he immediately

      "What is it, Logan?" Chuck asks.

      "I ain't gonna train Mika," I say. It's not a question. It's a
      statement. I won't do it.

      "And why not?"

      "I'll end up killing her if I train her. Get Cyke or 'Ro to do it.
      'Cause I won't."

      No more words are needed. Chuck knows all of the reasons I don't want
      to train her. You can't get much passed telepaths.

      I leave, going to my room. I strip out of my clothes and get into the
      shower. The cold water slides down my body as I rest my head against
      the wall.

      It's getting too hard. I don't know how much longer I can stay her.

      I touch the cruifix that hangs on my neck, next to my dogtags. Mika
      gave them to me. She promised to stay here if I did. I remember so
      well what she said to me that night....

      "Come on, Logan... I know you want to stay here. It's like I told you
      before. You need to have faith. You have faith in yourself. Now have
      faith in the X-Men. Believe that they can give you what you need."

      These days, I do have faith in the X-Men. But I've lost all faith in myself.
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