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Ficlet: Family: A Love Letter. Rogue POV. Rated PG.

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    TITLE: Family: A Love Letter AUTHOR: Elektra EMAIL: wxfonline@yahoo.com DISCLAIMER: All the characters in this fan fiction belong to Marvel, Fox, etc.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2002
      TITLE: Family: A Love Letter
      AUTHOR: Elektra
      EMAIL: wxfonline@...
      DISCLAIMER: All the characters in this fan fiction
      belong to Marvel, Fox, etc.
      DISTRIBUTION: If you would like permission to archive
      this story, please email: wxfonline@....
      OFFICIAL WEBSITE ADDRESS: http://www.wxfonline.com
      RATING: Rated PG.
      CONTENT: Rogue POV
      SUMMARY: Movieverse. Sometimes you can find happiness
      in the strangest of circumstances.

      He's been back for almost a month now. Never asked for
      his tags and I never considered giving them back to
      him. Our reunion wasn't particularly spectacular; I
      think we let a few of the girls down. He walked up
      behind me, rubbed my hair and kept on walking. He was
      just suddenly there, as if he'd never left.

      I don't know why it was so shocking. He isn't exactly
      Mr. Fanfare. He prefers to slip in and slip out, like
      a ghost. That's what he is you know. A ghost, a spook,
      whatever the hell you call them. He was working with
      the American government when they grabbed him. Who
      they were, I don't know. I just know that they are no
      longer a concern.

      Logan saw to that.

      He's started offering self-defense classes at the
      Professor's request. Personally, I think that Charles
      Xavier has come to the conclusion that keeping Logan
      busy is a good idea. He wants him here, not wandering
      across Canada. I get the impression that Logan knows
      people with a capital p. I guess that doesn't surprise
      me either. The Logan in my head gets wicked amusement
      out of blowing people's expectations all to hell. I
      guess that's what makes him the best at what he does.

      I think this is one of the things that sparked Jean's
      interest in him. I should be bitter, but I�m not. He
      loves her. You can see it in the smile that comes more
      quickly these days. It isn't the same, that smile. It
      used to be that you couldn't tell if Logan was smiling
      because he was amused or if he was planning to eat

      Something broke free inside him up at Alkali Lake.
      When he put them out of commission, it didn't change
      anything. The pain was there. The confusion was there.
      His past was still gone. Somehow, Logan realized that
      he's gotta keep on livin' just because he's livin'.
      There's no going back to change the past. At least not
      with the powers God has given to him. He's only got
      now and the future, and for Logan, that's one hell of
      a lot of time.

      Scott never knew what hit him. Logan being flirtatious
      is one thing. Logan serious is an entirely different
      matter all together. When he lets you into his life,
      you don't look back, you can't. Every day, you know
      you have someone out there who'll die for you without
      a thought.

      That's a heady thing, one that's hard to wrap your
      brain around.

      I have no doubt that Scott would lay down his life for
      Jean or Ororo or the Professor, but would he throw it
      all away for some kid he's only known for a couple of
      days? Would he throw it all away for a kid who had all
      but killed him?

      I don't think so.

      You see, this is why I'm happy that Logan's finally
      got what he's been looking for all along. I don't mean
      Jean, though I suppose he'd tell you that's a pretty
      dandy perk. No, he has a purpose here. He has a
      family. Fifteen years alone is a long time. Fifteen
      years running is even longer.

      Is he going to stay with Jean? Who knows. It would be
      a happy fairy tale if he did, wouldn't it? Scott'll
      shit. He's convinced Jean is having some kind of
      "mid-life thing". I don't think anyone has had the
      heart to tell him that it's a little early for a
      mid-life thing. But, if Ororo is eyeing him the way I
      think she is, he may not be mourning over Jean for

      Incestuous little bunch, aren't we?


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