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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" (16/?) R [All X-men, Scott/Jean]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Yes, this is *finally* a new part to Trapped In Darkness . I m so sorry for the long wait and I ll do my best to make the next chapters come faster.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2002
      Hi all,

      Yes, this is *finally* a new part to 'Trapped In Darkness'. I'm so sorry for the long wait and I'll do my best to make the next chapters come faster.

      Earlier parts can be read here:

      A great thanks to Sorcieré for the Beta.
      Special thanks to Jennifer whose interest has kept this story going. Thanks so much, lov.

      Warning: This part is very dark. It deals with violence and rape.

      Part 16:

      "Come on, we will meet the women here," Scott said as he lead Remy, Logan, Bobby and Peter into the big dining hall. There were guards all over the place and a big table was put in the middle of the room. Mutants had lined up to get a portion of whatever had been cooked together in the big pot.
      "All but Stormy," Remy said softly and Scott could hear the pain in his voice.
      "We all miss Ororo," Peter said and lay his hand on Remy’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.
      "Come on," Scott said softly and lead them into the dinner hall, towards the table with food.
      "I never thought I should say this but I miss Jubes," Bobby commented and tried to hide the depth of his concern for the Asian-American girl with his trademark humour.
      "She’s fine, kid. Still workin’ with that Doc in the hospital," Logan said and scanned the room for Rogue. They had been going to the mines for some three weeks now. Every day Scott would hold a small pep talk for them, making that two a day as he also said one every morning in the cell before the team parted for the day’s work. When in the mine they’d work fast to fulfil their quota and then try to find a way out or discuss escape plans. So far they hadn’t been ably to come up with a plan that had even a minimal chance of succeeding. John, Jubilee and the Professor still worked at the hospital and returned at night to sleep in the cell. They ate with the slaves in the hospital wing and not with the others. Logan spotted Rogue coming towards them with Jean and Kitty and he lit up in a smile, as did all the men. Even though none said it out loud, the reason for the couples long morning scenes was that they never knew if they’d see each other again. They had heard rumours and whispers among the other slaves about mutants being taking away, never to be seen again. Some said that they were brainwashed into mindless slaves, others said that they were experimented on, and then killed.
      "Logan!" Rogue exclaimed and threw herself into his open arms as she reached him, and he lifted her up and spun her around.
      "Hello, lover," Jean said with a smile as she reached Scott who smiled warmly at her.
      "My lady, may I follow you to your table?" he asked softly and smiled at her as she melted into his embrace and kissed him soundly on the lips.
      "You may. You certainly may."
      "Kitten! My Beloved Katherine," Peter said and ran to her, lifted her up and drew her into a kiss.
      "I have missed you so much, Peter," Kitty whispered as she kissed him again. "WE have missed you so much," she corrected herself and Peter drew back and looked at her still flat stomach and laid his hand on it. His child, a new life grew inside Kitty’s fragile body. A child conceived in freedom but condemned to grow up in captivity.
      "I will get you out, douchka. I’ll get us all out," Peter vowed as he kissed her again. He remembered when she had first told him about her pregnancy. He had been surprised, happy and sad all at ones. Happy because the child was a part of him and Kitty and a symbol of something good, a new life, a new beginning yet sad because the child would never know freedom. All the others had been a great help and Jean and Rogue always looked after Kitty at work, making sure she didn’t exhaust herself. As she had told him about the child, he had promptly proposed to her. Not out of some sense of honour even though he did want the child to have a father, but because he loved Kitty and wanted them to be a family. They had asked Black Thunder who came once a week to see to them if he could arrange for them to marry. He had said that the government didn’t hold records of slaves marriages but he’ll write them as a couple in their profiles, that way they’ll have a greater chance to be sold together if their ‘services’ at the compound wasn’t needed anymore. That night Scott wed them, something which had caused a lot of trouble as Peter was Russian Catholic and Kitty was Jewish. In the end Scott just tried to remember the vows said when one was married at City Hall. From somewhere - Peter didn’t even want to ask from where - Remy had even been able to produce a plain gold band that Peter had placed on Kitty’s finger at their "wedding".
      "Next mutant group; line up" a voice over the intercom demanded and the slaves formerly known as X-Men, lined up to get a bowl of whatever they were having tonight.
      "Let’s see what’s for tonight…Champion a la crème for first course, then tenderloin with new potatoes and to dessert we’ll have chocolate mousse," Remy said as they stood in line and the substance which probably hadn’t even seen a piece of meat, was thrown onto the slaves bowls.
      "Don’t say that, sugah. You’ll make me hungry after some real food," Rogue complained from within Logan’s embrace. Remy looked longingly at her. Even after what must almost have been a month of hardship and life as a slave, she still looked radiant. Her face heart-shaped and fine, her lips full and red and her hair long brown with the white steaks down her back. He loved her and always would. Besides Stormy she was the only woman, maybe the only person, who he felt that strongly about. Personally, he thought that the entire world could go to Hell and beyond if only he could have Stormy by his side and Rogue in his arms. But that was not to be. Not matter how much he wanted it, no matter how much he needed their love, Stormy was gone and Rogue didn’t and probably never would see him as more than a friend.
      "Come with me, Cheré, and I’ll give you everything you want," Remy flirted with a seductive smile. Even though he knew he didn’t stand a chance in her heart, he couldn’t help trying, though her declines always brought him pain.
      "Remy," she said with a smile but above her head Logan gave the young man a warning look. Then his turn came up and his attention was forced onto the thing someone had called food.
      The group seated themselves by a table and began to eat their food. A group of guards passed them and shot glances after the women which worried Scott. He knew what had happened to Ororo and he didn’t want it to happen again. But as he looked at the other mutants he could understand why the guards were drawn to their table. Almost all the other women in the room were already marked by the hardship of their lives and the pain in body and mind. Kitty, Rogue and Jean were undoubtedly the most beautiful women in the room.
      "Come, let’s go to our room," Scott said and stood up before helping Jean to her feet. After dinning, the slaves could move about freely from the dinning hall to their cells. Armed guards followed their every move of course and by ten o’clock all mutants were locked up in their cells. It wasn’t like they posed a threat anyhow. They were unarmed and wore the collars. One push on a button and the slave in question would fall to the floor, screaming in agony. As long as they wore the collars they could not win.
      "Alright," Jean agreed. She would like to spend some time alone with Scott in the cell before the others came back. Taking hold of his hand, she too stood up.
      "You be careful. I don’t like the looks those guards cast this way," Scott warned as he moved away with Jean.
      "We will, Slim," Logan said and hugged Rogue closer to him. He’ll rather die than see her harmed in any way.
      As Scott and Jean reached the hallway he saw seven guards following them. He walked faster towards their cell and took off his shirt as he walked.
      "Here, take this," Scott said and handed Jean his shirt.
      "Why? What am I to do with this?" She asked confused but as she turned and looked behind them and spotted the guards, fear entered her eyes. She had loved Ororo as a sister and still grieved her death, though with the life she now lead, there was little time for tears. Only in her nightmares could she imagine what kind of agony the beautiful white haired woman had had to endure before death had claimed her.
      "Use it as a veil. Cover your face. Maybe they’ll pass us," Scott said and reached over and put the shirt around her face, tightening the sleeves beneath her face. Jean lifted up in it, trying to cover the lower half of her face. It was a desperate move; they both knew that but Scott felt like he had to do something, anything.
      "Stop!" one of the guards behind them demanded. Jean looked at Scott.
      "Keep moving," Scott said and urged her forward.
      "Stop or we will shot," another voice said and Scott reluctantly drew to a halt and Jean did likewise. They waited, their angst building until the guards had reached them.
      "Why were you in such a hurry to get away, mutant? That you have only one eye shouldn’t prevent you from seeing us and so far your ears don’t seem to be damaged," one of the guards said to Scott. He was a big man with a not unpleasant face.
      "I….We just wanted to have a few moments alone," Scott explained and eased Jean behind him. Had this been in another time, another place, she would have stood beside him, unafraid. But not today. Not now. They both knew what was at stake here and that this was a battle that they’d lose before it had even begun.
      "She is your woman, slave?" the big one asked and nodded towards Jean who wisely tried to make herself invisible.
      "She is," Scott answered.
      "Very well. Move on but next time stop when ordered. Disobedience like this will earn you punishment, probably the loss of an ear," the guard warned and turned to go. Scott and Jean drew relieved breaths and started to move away.
      "Stop!" a young guard ordered and Scott was forced to do so. " You…" he pointed to Jean. " Step forward and remove the veil," he demanded and Scott didn’t like the flash of lust in his eyes. He doubted that he even cared all that much about how she looked. He just wanted someone.
      "Is this really…" Scott began but a guard hit him hard in the face, making him fall to the floor and efficiently silenced him as the young guard rudely grabbed Jean and tore the veil off her.
      "Scott," she yelled as she uselessly fought against the man. She succeeded in kicking him in the balls and he lost his grip on her but as she ran to Scott another guard grabbed her.
      "Jean!" Scott yelled and stood up and didn’t even notice the blood coming from his broken lip in his concern for her. He tried to run to her but two guards held him back.
      "Scott!" Jean yelled and kicked out after the guard holding her.
      "You’re a feisty one, aren’t you? But I’ll cure that real fast," the young guard said as another guard helped the first one so she too was held by two guards as the man hit her in the face. Had the guards not held on to her, the power of the blow would have sent her to the floor.
      "You leave her alone, you bastards!" Scott spat and again fought against the two men who held him. He kicked out and broke free but a third guard blocked his way and he was caught again.
      "Damn mutant slave!" one of the guards who had held him said angrily and while the two others held him up, he hit Scott in the stomach, making him buckle over but the guards forced him upwards again for another hit.
      "What are you doing? This isn’t protocol," the big man protested but the young guard looked angrily at him.
      "We are entitled to some pleasures and that we’ll have. You don’t want to, you can leave," he hissed and forced Jean’s head to stand still so he could force his tongue into her mouth.
      "For Gods sake," the big one said and shook his head. Seeing he couldn’t stop it, he left the scene.
      "No, help us," Scott yelled after him but the man kept going, never looking back. Anything else Scott wanted to say was caught short as he was hit again, all the air leaving his lungs. He felt and heard a rib break as one guard hit him in the chest. The pain made him wince but that pain was nothing complained to what he felt as he looked at Jean. The bastard had now torn off her blouse, leaving her naked to the waist.
      "Leave…..her….be," Scott got out through pained breaths.
      "Will you shut him the fuck up. I can’t concentrate," the young guard complained as his eager fingers stroked Jean’s face. She bit after his finger, anger blazing in her eyes and he drew his hand to him and hit her across the face again, her face flying to the side.
      "Now, be a good girl and stand still," he demanded as he took her under the chin and forced her to face him. His fingers ran over her chest and breasts and she shivered and fought uselessly against the guards who held her.
      "You can take my body but it will not be me. It will not be me!" Jean cried out, tears forming in her eyes as he took forth a knife and caught away her pants, leaving her naked and shivering in the dark and cold hallway.
      "Jean," Scott got out as he saw her. He had to get to her. He had to. He tried again to come to her but by now he was so weak that the resistance he could give the guards was a joke.
      "I told you to shut him up," the young guard complained as he undid his pants and Jean tried to draw back from him.
      "Damn mutant won’t shut up," the guard in front of Scott complained as he hit Scott again. He heard another rib break and the two guards who had held him, let him fall to the floor.
      "Jeannnn," Scott whispered weakly as he lay on the cold stone floor and reached out his hand to her.
      "Persistent fellow," a guard said as the three men looked down at him before blows began to rain all over him. He tried to avoid their kicks and tried to crawl towards Jean but a kick to his midsection made him fall flat on his stomach. A kick to his head made him lose her from his vision as he had just seen the young guard draw nearer and he instantly culled up in a ball to protect his head and chest from the blows. It was no use however as the blows kept coming. He bled from countless wounds and had several broken ribs but what hurt him the most was the scream that was torn from Jean’s lips.
      "...Jeannnnnnnnnn," Scott’s weak voice uttered before darkness finally claimed him as the blows kept coming.
      "Scott," Jean yelled desperately as she looked at him lying defenceless on the floor, kicks and blows raining all over his body, still weak from the torture earlier.
      "I’d worry about myself if I was you," the young guard said with a leer as he touched her lips with one hand and again she tried to bite him but he just laughed. "When I’m through with you no man will ever want to touch you again. Not even that…thing you call mate," he spat angrily and drew her up in a rude embrace and the other men let go of her, going over to see if they couldn’t get some fun out of Scott. His hands were soon all over her and her attempts to escape were useless. He was much stronger than her, especially after almost a month on that stuff some misguided fool had called food, and she had never trained in hand to hand combat without the aid of her powers. As he touched her she closed her eyes, tears forcing their way through her closed lids. She thought of Scott. Of a trip they had taken to Hawaii last year. She thought of the sun and the stars. She thought of his love and she thought of the warm sand beneath her feet. Lost in her own mind as deeply as only a telepath can, Jean’s body became limp in the guard’s arms and a small smile was on her face as she had succeeded in escaping to another time, another place. A place that existed only in her mind.

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