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FIC: Outtakes and Mistakes 8

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  • eddievedderismylife
    Title: Outtakes and Mistakes 8 Author: Autunm E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@hotmail.com Summary: Eh, more of the same old same old. Rating: PG-13 for
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      Title: Outtakes and Mistakes 8

      Author: Autunm

      E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@...

      Summary: Eh, more of the same old same old.

      Rating: PG-13 for a few cuss words. Read responsibly.

      Disclaimer: Yes, I do own the X-Men. I have a serious chunk of
      change known as 'the Franklin Mint," and I invented the Internet.
      Nuff said.


      The Pissing Contest:

      (Also known as well, the pissing contest scene)

      "Logan, stay away from my girl."



      "I said NO. What part of no don't you understand?"

      "The 'n.'

      "Well, you see Scotty. The 'n' is one of twenty-six different
      symbols known as letters. Well, in the English language anyway.
      However, though they are a state, Hawaii happens to have 27 letters.
      But that's really beside the point. What I really meant to say was,
      go suck an egg." He said before flipping him the bird and stalking
      out of the room.


      Fight the Future:

      (After Rogue is kidnapped and not retrieved, le sob)

      "You said he wanted me!"

      "I was mistaken, it happens from time to time."

      "Shut up. I'm leaving, and none of you can stop me. Oh, and you can
      all go suck an egg."

      Logan leaves, Storm follows.

      "Logan, where are you going?"

      "Gee, I was thinking about taking a little trip to the fuckin' Statue
      of Liberty, then a nice little jog around Central Park. Where do you

      "How do you expect to find her?"

      "It doesn't matter, I'm going to find her."

      "Says who?"

      "The Script."

      "So, everyone knows that there's 80 different versions of that one!
      You need to wait for the rest of us to realize that the time to
      hesitate is through, and we can break on through to the other side
      and light our fire-"


      "Nevermind. We're coming with you."

      "Fine, to the batmobile!"

      "Wrong cartoon."

      "Go su-"

      "I know, I know, go suck an egg."


      Macho Posturing Cont.

      (Also known as the scene before the one where they do the thing)

      "You can't be serious. Professor he cannot go!"


      "Why ask questions to which you already know the answer to Charles?"

      "Wrong Line Scott."

      "Sorry. Because, if he goes he'll jeopardize the entire mission.
      He's reckless, he's dangerous, and he smells bad."

      "Scott, he completes the team."

      "What do you mean?"

      "Jean's the eye-candy, Storm's the lame-lined one you're the Boy
      Scout and I'm the badass." Logan interjected.

      "Oh great, perfect timing Log-off!"

      "Oh real mature, Scott Dummers!"

      "Hey Logan, your village called. They're missing their idiot."



      "You put the ooze, in 'loser.'"

      "None of you are going. Rogue would be much better off saving

      "Shut up Chuck!"

      "Logan. Go suck an egg."
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