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  • Donna Bevan
    Hey guys: We have quite a few younger members hanging out here with us. In fact, that s part of the reason we ve bothered to appropriate the rating system
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2002
      Hey guys:

      We have quite a few younger members hanging out here with us. In fact,
      that's part of the reason we've bothered to appropriate the "rating system"
      developed and utilized by the MPAA - not all of us are of age, and even
      those of us who are may not want to read something that goes beyond a
      certain rating.

      That said, we realized tonight that we haven't exactly stressed the
      importance of considering your *entire* post when stating a rating for the
      reader's benefit. If your story is clean, but your headers look like Larry
      Flynt suddenly developed Tourette's Syndrome all over them, then your
      overall rating should reflect that.

      Now, we're not movie censors here, so who knows exactly what delineates an
      R rating from an NC-17? Not any of us. We do all possess common sense,
      though. So, in order to protect everyone in the future, posts with ratings
      that flagrantly disregard content such as language, violence, and sexuality
      will be reviewed by the moderators. In other words, we'll put our heads
      together and try to figure out how to proceed...and whether temporary
      moderation is warranted.

      Yes, we're serious.

      And no, we're not fascists. ;)

      As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to direct them our way.


      Donna & Shana
      your friendly neighborhood co-mods


      I don't want to be a geek groupie. Though I'd like to go on record as
      saying right now that I think the world needs more of those.
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