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A moment between a Tiger and a Toad (movieverse)

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  • fluffy_in_vegas
    I had posted this short fan-fic on another site under a differant tittle, but then I discovered when I sent it to the site, my computer had added quite a bit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2002
      I had posted this short fan-fic on another site under a differant
      tittle, but then I discovered when I sent it to the site, my computer
      had added quite a bit more to the story. Ya know, all those sqiggles,
      squares and such. The original tittle was *What a Cat Thinks*, but
      something I'm terrible with are tittles. I think this one is a bit
      closer to the story content.

      Rated: language is a mild PG.
      Discliamer: All characters in this story are not mine, but I do like
      to take them out and play with them.
      Feedback: Whether the feedback is good or bad; just knowing someone
      has taken the time to read this is cool.

      "There you are!", Toad exclaimed once he finally reached the cliff
      where Sabretooth had perched himself. Of course the cat-man had
      picked one of the hardest to reach spots on the island, just for the
      sake of getting away to relax and reflect. There he lay on his back
      with his arms folded under his head. He quietly stared up into the
      sky, watching the clouds as they drifted past over his head; as if he
      had not a care, or concren in the world. He had been in this
      posistion ever since dawn. What annoyed Toad the most was that he
      had once again been sent to fetch the shaggy beast, pretty much the
      same way a boy was sent out to look for the family pet that had once
      again strayed from the yard. "Why aren't you answering your pager?
      Did you turn the damm thing off again, or did you even bother to
      bring it with you? You know how much it pisses the ol' man off
      everytime you do this."
      Creed, said nothing. He merely continued to gaze up into the sky, as
      if there was no one speaking to him at all. Toad rolled his eyes in
      Where in hell did Magneto find THIS rocket scientist, Toad could only
      imagine. "Mags sent me after you; he has another job for you to screw
      up." Even Toad's friendly teasing didn't get so much as a growl from
      the normally egotistical felaniod. Rather, the giant cat-man
      continued his nearly hypnotic stare into the space above him. The
      amphibian leaned over Sabretooth's face, blocking his
      view. "Magneto..." he spoke slowly, "is...looking...for...you." The
      amphibain went on as if he was speaking to a child. "Victor...Victor
      Creed...I know you can hear me..." He took great joy in treating
      Sabretooth as if he was stupid, and he knew that he could get away
      with it. Magneto had made it clear to Sabretooth that no matter how
      much *the Wart* got on his nerves, he would just have to learn to
      live with it. Sabretooth did however have his own way
      of getting even. He knew just how to piss off the little green
      bastard, and he knew how to piss off the ol' man too. It was just
      his way of showing these people that they had no real control over
      Yes, he was willing to cooperate but only when it suited him. After
      all, he was more cat than man. It only seemed natural he acted as
      such. So, he allowed this game to go on.
      Toad was almost ready to spit one of his lethel loogies right onto
      Creed's face, when Vic finally spoke up. He suddenly broke his stare
      and looked at Mort as if he was looking right into the frog-man's
      soul. "Whadda ya think, Wart? Why are we here?" The cat-man spoke
      with such profoundness. "Do you believe it's all just whattever
      happens- happens? Or is there a purpose to it all? Ya know-", Creed
      took a second to think of the word he was looking for. -destiny."
      Toad was shocked. He raised his head and began to ponder what he had
      just heard, while Sabretooth returned to cloud watching. He couldn't
      believe his ears. Not so much at what Sabretooth had said, but that
      it was Sabretooth who said it. With a bit of a blank stare, he
      replied, "I...I don't know, Victor." Mort was now beginning to feel a
      little dumb himself. "I've never given it much thought before."
      Creed drew a deep breath and thought carefully before he spoke. "I
      think there is something to this whole destiny thing." There was such
      conviction in his voice. "All our lives, even the people we kill,
      must have some kind of meaning; some kind of conection. It's the only
      way this shit makes sense." Then he shrugged his shoulders before
      looking at Toad once again. "That's what I think anyway." Mort could
      hardly believe this was the same so- called psychopath he watched
      literally tear a man apart with his bare hands. Not to mention what
      he had seen Sabretooth do to a woman who pissed him off. "Is this
      what you do in your spare time, Victor?"
      Toad asked curiously.
      "Ponder the mysteries of life?" Sabretooth nodded his head. "Yeah."
      He replied. "Don't you?" Toad was now feeling shallow. "Well, not
      really." He muttered. Seeing that Toad was not his usually confident
      self, Victor began to open up. "It's like I can't help myself. I'll
      spend hours just thinkin' 'bout stuff. Ya know-
      God...Heaven...hell... Karma..." The felaniod began to chuckle a
      little. "Hell, I start thinkin' 'bout *The circle of life*." "The
      WHAT?" Toad asked him to explain himself. "Ya know, from that
      cartoon?..Ah, never mind." There was a few moments of awkward
      scilence between the two men before Victor spoke up. "One more thing,
      Wart;" With astonshing speed, Sabretooth grabbed the amiphian's
      lower leg, and tossed him over the edge of the cliff with one
      movement. "That's fer disturbing me!" He could hear Toad yelling and
      cussing all the way down. Casually, Victor got up, and yawned a lazy
      roar as he stretched his large and long body. *Guess I've made the
      ol' man wait long enough. Better not bite the hand the feeds me.* He
      mused to himself. Sabretooth casually glanced down the edge to see
      Toad clinging to a branch of a tree with his tongue. *Damn! Well
      maybe I'll have better luck next time.* -THE END (sort of)
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