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FIC: Outtakes and Mistakes 7.5

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Outtakes and Mistakes 7.5 Author: Autumn E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@hotmail.com Summary: More Madness Rating: PG-15 Catagorey: Tis a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2002
      Title: Outtakes and Mistakes 7.5

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@...

      Summary: More Madness

      Rating: PG-15

      Catagorey: Tis a Sillyfic!

      Author�s Notes: So, I �ve had writer�s block here for a bit. So if this is
      kinda cheesy, sorry.

      Character Assassinations? More than you can shake a stick at!


      Scene: Logan has just entered Professor Xavier�s Office.

      Charles: Ah Logan. I�m Professor Xavier. Would you like some tea and

      Logan: Do I fuckin� look like I want some of that English shit?

      Charles: Not really. So, what�s up?

      Logan: Where�s the girl?

      Charles: Girl? What girl. We have a lot of girls, don�t assume we only
      have one. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

      Logan: Rogue dickhead.

      Charles: Rogue Dicknead? I don�t believe I�ve heard of her.

      Logan: Fine. Her. Name. Is. Rogue. You. Are. The. Dickhead. Do. I. Make.
      Myself. Clear?

      Charles: Oh, THAT Rogue. She�s here, she�s fine.

      Logan: Where?

      Charles: Well I�m not actually sure at the moment. Let me check, the
      student schedules. (Mumbling to self) Let�s see, 10AM, trauma one. Lunch,
      1PM, more trauma, 3 PM more trauma, 10P-4AM Get stabbed by Logan, run off,
      get kidnapped by Magneto and almost die, be saved by Logan, and back home
      and well by 8 AM. (To Logan) No idea.

      The door opens and the mutants known as Cyclops, Windy and Jean Grey entered
      the room.

      Charles: �Ah Logan, I believe you�ve already been felt up by Dr. Jean Grey.
      And this is Scott �stick-up-the-ass Summers, and Ororo lame-line Monroe.
      They kidnapped you and brought you here.�

      Logan: �What the hell for?�

      Charles: � Well, it�s been somewhat boring here lately. What with the
      sentinels and other baddies not being included in the script. So, we needed
      a plot device that would bring you here without too many questions being

      Logan: �What kinds of questions? Who wants to know? Where in the world is
      Carmen Sandiego? �Why?�

      Professor Xavier: �Logan, calm down. Thank these two damnit, they saved
      your life.�

      Logan crosses over to the other three. Scott sticks out his hand. Logan
      takes it and starts shaking. He releases Logan, and grinning hold up his
      hand to reveal a �joy buzzer.�

      Jean: Scott! You know he has a metal skeleton!

      Logan: What?! Come here you little fucker.

      With that Scott takes off and Logan gives chase.

      Professor Xavier: Well that went over well.


      The Prison Scene:

      � So Erik, dropped the soap yet?�

      �Must you be so childish Charles?�

      (Mimicking Erik) �Must you be so childish?�

      �Really Charles, your antics are quite unamuseing, would you please just

      �Ahha! Checkmate! I win! Oh yeah!� At this point, Charles gets up to
      perform a victory dance.

      �What the hell? I thought you were paralyzed!�

      �Oh that. Well, uh no, I�m just really, really lazy.�

      �I should kill you now, just for general principle.�

      �No need for that Erik. Besides you couldn�t if you wanted to.�

      �Oh really, and what makes you assume that?�

      �Well, I won the chess game, and knocked over your king. It�s symbolic.�

      �Symbolic of what? It�s a stupid piece of plastic!�

      �Symbolic of good vs, evil. It gives me the right to do whatever I damn
      well please, and still be loved by the masses because I�m the �good guy.�

      �Chess is such a stupid game.�

      �You�re the one who wanted to play it, I opted for �Pretty Pretty Princes.�

      �Well what kind of a choice is that? Honestly, plastic men or plastic

      �Hey, some starving kids in Canada do not even have the luxury of playing
      with plastic games. Don�t knock it.�

      �Knock it Charles?�

      �Yes, Erik you old fart. It means to dis, insult, or hurtle verbal insults
      at it. It�s a very ghetto word.�

      �Ghetto? What, are you into speaking ebonics now?�

      �Hell yeah, mo fo. I�ll put a cap in your ass and bust up your crib homey,

      Bryan Singer: CUT! Patrick, that is just not going to work. We can not
      have a Ghetto Fabulous professor. It�d be like having a Captain Picard with
      hair all right.

      Patrick Stewart: Break yourself fool!

      Ian McKellan: What?

      Patrick Stewart: (rolling eyes) Piss off. Screw you guys, I�m going home.

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