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Fic: Next Stop, The Twilight Zone 3 (NC-17)

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    Title: Next Stop, The Twilight Zone Chapter 3 Disclaimers in part one Rating for this chapter: NC-17 A website for fantasy lingerie:
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      Title: Next Stop, The Twilight Zone Chapter 3
      Disclaimers in part one

      Rating for this chapter: NC-17

      A website for fantasy lingerie: http://www.lollipoplingerie.com/

      A website that has "I love you" in many different languages:


      {{ Logan's POV }}

      I'd been back for a few weeks and was trying real hard to behave myself with Marie, to keep the feral part of me in check, even though I'd wanted to throw her down and ravish her the minute she'd bounced into the garage. There were many times when my resolve was sorely tested, like the time I walked into my room and noticed clothes thrown on the floor in a trail leading to the bathroom. Marie's clothes. Then I heard the sound of the shower. Thoughts of a very naked Marie flooded my mind and I instantly got hard. Pushing open the door to the bathroom I was greeted by a cloud of fragrant steam and the sound of Marie humming along with the shower radio. I leaned against the door jam and even though the hot water had fogged up the clear glass of the shower door I was still able to make out her squeezing some liquid onto one of those shower poufs. I sniffed the air -- it was a honey-scented soap, but I also smelled something else - arousal? Just exactly what was she doing in there with my hand-held shower massager anyway and why was I suddenly jealous of an inanimate object? I knew that once she stepped outta the shower that I'd never be able to stop myself from taking her right there on the bathroom floor, so I got the 'hell outta Dodge' and went for a drive to calm down. Unfortunately, it didn't help that I couldn't stop thinking about Marie being naked in my room, so when I careened off the road and down an embankment I gave up and went home. By the time I got there Marie had left to go to the mall with Kitty and Jubilee, so I was able to grab a shower and 'take care of things' and had myself back under reasonable control by the time she returned.

      In my valiant effort not to rush things, we still hadn't done anything more than just kissing and a little touching; she'd put her hands under my shirt and caressed my bare chest and I knew how her nipples pebbled between my fingers, but we hadn't taken it beyond that. One morning we were right in the middle of one hellava nice make-out session in the garden, when St. John, who musta had a death wish, turned the hose on us. He insisted he was just helping 'Ro water the flowers and didn't see us. If 'Ro hadn't intervened, St. John woulda had an important body part hacked off. Anyway, to be safe I told Marie no more making out in the bushes. Of course that still left us with the Danger Room, the garage, the conference room, the sauna, the laundry room, and the linen closet. Scooter made us re-wash all the sheets we'd thrown down on the floor of the linen closet, but that probably wasn't a good idea because as soon as Marie pulled them out of the dryer they inevitably wound up back on the floor in a little pile, followed immediately by us joining them. I'd swear that Snuggle fabric softener must contain a built-in aphrodisiac.

      Chuck and Jeannie seemed fairly okay with our relationship, but Scooter was shitting rocks. Although every time he tried to bring up the subject of Marie and me, Jeannie would drag him off to their bedroom.

      One day Scott cornered me in the kitchen and asked me when I was gonna hit the road again. I told him that as long as I was around and he kept being a complete dick and protesting, then Jeannie would keep right on trying to take his mind off of sticking his nose in my business. You know, hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. You could practically see the light bulb blink on above his head. So Scott continued protesting weakly and Jeannie kept on *distracting* him, even though I think she was on to him. And today a package arrived addressed to Jeannie from the Lollipop Lingerie Company. The guy oughta be sending me a nicely worded thank you card.

      Marie was happy, Jeannie was happy, Scooter was tired and the fucking bluebird of happiness was circling the mansion.

      Marie and I were lying on the couch together one quiet rainy afternoon, with her spooned into me as we watched an old movie on the classic movie channel. I can't remember which movie, as I tend to focus more on the angel in my arms than to what's going on around me. She turned over so that we were now facing each other and I gathered her to me closer as she murmured something about 'feeling wonderful' against my throat. I wrapped her in my arms and we entwined our legs as we molded ourselves against each other. As I inhaled the fruit scent of her shampoo I found myself telling her something I don't remember ever telling another living soul.

      "I love you, Marie."

      "I love you too, Logan."

      "Je t'aime," I told her.

      She looked up at me with eyes the color of melted chocolate, the surprise evident on her face.

      "You know French for 'I love you'?" she asked.

      "Yup. I also know it in Italian, 'Ti amo' and Spanish is 'Te amo' and let's see..German, 'Ich liebe dich'.

      Her eyebrows arched.

      "Internet. It's a wonderful thing," I told her with a rather proud smirk.

      "Oh yeah, tell me more," she challenged.

      "Okay, let's see - Russian, 'Ya tyebya lyublyu', Danish, 'Jeg elsker dig', .'um, Japanese, "Kimi o aishiteiru", and in Hawaiian it's "Aloha wau ia 'oe nui loa".

      Then I made a stroke mark on her arm followed by two taps, another stroke mark and then two taps again.

      "Morse code," I informed her as she giggled, "and then there's even Klingon, "QamuSha" and Vulcan, "Wani ra yana ro aisha."

      "Klingon and Vulcan?"

      "Chuck's a secret 'trekkie' and sometimes I catch re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel with him late at night when I can't sleep."

      "Oooh, I know one," she said and then proudly held her hand up, the two middle fingers tucked down toward her palm and the other three straight up, "sign language."

      Okay, I knew I had to beat that and I had the perfect one.

      "Well, my personal favorite is Astro from the Jetsons, 'Ri ruv roo'."

      Yeah, that earned me another hearty giggle and then a really deep, passionate kiss.

      "Pooky?" I said, trying out a nickname for her.

      "Yes, Lambchop," she replied which told me she was on-board with this whole nickname business, except that one had to go.

      "I really do love you. I wasn't just saying that."

      "I know," she replied, "I really love you, too."

      "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me - ever," I told her as I placed a kiss on her temple for emphasis.

      "You mean in the fifteen years that you remember clearly?" she asked.

      "No, I mean *ever*, I clarified, "cause I figured that if I'd ever had anyone important enough in my life before they grabbed me, I woulda remembered. I know that even if they ever got me again and tried to wipe my memory a second time, I'd never forget you."

      "Oh, Logan," she said, as I saw that her eyes had watered up.

      The only time I ever wanna see tears in my girl's eyes are tears of happiness I thought as I kissed away the one that rolled down her cheek. Yeah, the big bad Wolverine was hopelessly, passionately in love - Scooter must be laughing his tight ass off. Of course the upside to that is, it just might shake loose the pole he's got wedged up there.

      I always knew Marie was a little tease, figured that one out the first time she was in my truck, but recently her repertoire had expanded and it was slowly killing me. Sometimes it was just little things, like the way she ate (whenever she reached for a banana, I had to leave the room) or the way she stuck her tongue out to wet her lips, and other times it was colossal, like the way she'd toss me that 'please throw me down and ravish me, Logan' look, usually done at inopportune times, like when I'm trying to teach a self-defense class. She knew it was impossible for me to concentrate when she did that and while wearing a musta-been-sprayed-on leotard to boot. Today I was sitting on my bed, reading a magazine and generally minding my own business when she turned on the radio and started dancing around the room. As she twirled around, the short baby doll dress she was wearing flew up to reveal - good God, she wasn't wearing any panties! I launched myself off the bed, charged into the bathroom and stood under the ice-cold spray of the shower until I turned as blue as Hank. I eventually got out and with a towel wrapped around my waist, walked back into the bedroom to find Marie lying on her stomach on my bed innocently twisting a strand of platinum hair around her finger. Somewhere along the way she'd also lost the dress.

      "MARIE!" I growled.

      "Yes, sugar?" she replied sweetly in that Southern drawl that never failed to get me hard - her current lack of clothing not withstanding.

      Holy shit! If I thought a glimpse of bare ass necessitated taking an Antarctic temperature shower, then the scene before me now would require me to park myself in the medlab's cooler - for a week! The little vixen knew exactly what she was doing to me and the smug smile on her face proved it. Hmmm, somebody wanted to move things along a lot faster and my already weak resolve to behave was sinking quicker than the Titanic.

      "What happened to your dress?" I asked pointlessly.

      "Oh that. I was hot," she replied angelically, but I wasn't buying it for a minute.

      "Uh huh."

      Needlessly I checked the thermostat; it was reading a comfortable 78 degrees. I turned to look at her and quirked an eyebrow at her, which just garnered me a sly smile and a shrug. Temptress.

      "Logan, would you give me a back rub, please?" she purred in a sex kitten voice.

      Touch her? She wanted me to touch all that naked, creamy, smells-like-honey-and-tastes-like-it-too skin? So tempting, so damn tempting. And I thought the 'please throw me down and ravish me, Logan' look was hard enough to deal with when surrounded by an audience. Speaking of hard. Shit, Marie, don't lick your lips like that. As most of the blood had left the northern hemisphere of my body maybe I'll pass out and won't have to deal with this particular dilemma. She must be getting impatient, cause she began to move. She wouldn't. Fuck me. She's on her side and I'm getting an unobstructed view of the most perfect pair of tits I've ever seen and as my eyes moved lower I noticed that the perfection continued all the way down. My brain told me one thing, but another part of my anatomy, the one that tends to get me into trouble, told me something else. As usual, that part won and I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Marie reached out and put her hand on my thigh, then slowly moved it up and under the towel until - hello, guess that's what they meant by taking matters into your own hands, so to speak. She moved her hand and began stroking me gently. She'd requested a back rub and here I'm getting massaged instead. I heard a moaning sound and realized it was coming from me. With her other hand she untucked my towel and pulled it away to watch herself touching me. I had my eyes closed enjoying the sensation so I didn't see her bend down and take me into her mouth. Sweet mother of God! Apparently she'd accessed my memories of that fight groupie in Banff a few years ago - the one with the really talented mouth. Marie's teeth lightly grazed the shaft and then her tongue expertly swirled around the head. I knew in my subconscious that this was wrong to let her do this, but it felt so damn good that I let her continue to suck me until I was just about to come. When her teeth grazed the head I knew I was mere seconds away from coming and pulled her off of me just in time to send a fountain of semen into the air.

      "I would've finished you," she said in a rather dejected tone.

      "It's okay, baby, you did real good," I reassured her.

      I used the towel to clean myself up and kissed the top of her head. Unfortunately that action was apparently wrong, because Marie tensed up and scowled at me. Even pissed off she was completely adorable. She stuck out her lower lip in a pout and I couldn't resist the temptation to kiss her, mad at me or not I took my chances and leaned toward her and brushed my lips over hers. Apparently that was the target I should've aimed for instead of planting a kiss chastely on her head because she relaxed instantly and returned the kiss arduously. Without breaking contact, I swung her into my lap and pulled her tight against me, reveling in the feel of her bare breasts pressed against my chest. Lots of naked Marie pressed up against equally naked me was definitely a good thing and we began exploring each other with curious hands as our mouths remained fused together. Her fingers combed through my chest hair while I stroked my thumbs over her nipples making them pebble instantly at my touch. I think at one point I must've forgotten to breath because I actually felt the room start to spin as she moaned against my mouth.

      After kissing until our lips were bruised, I gently lowered her down onto the bed and began peppering her face with soft kisses as I threaded my fingers through her silky hair; drowning in sensation from the softness that was inherently Marie. I trailed my mouth down onto her neck and inhaled the fragrance of the honey shower gel and licked at the sweet skin on her pulse point, which made her shiver with pleasure. I then nibbled at her all over her neck and down onto her collarbone, where I switched to small brush-stroke type kisses. I entwined my hands with hers to stop myself from getting too 'grabby' and continued moving my mouth further south. I kissed a path down the valley between her breasts and then nuzzled one perfect globe with my cheek before edging my way toward the nipple. I brushed my tongue over it tortuously slow before taking it into my mouth and sucking gently. Little mewling sounds were escaping from Marie's mouth and I fought hard to maintain control - to extend the pleasure for her, when all I really wanted to do was splay her legs apart and thrust into her. I repeated my ministrations on her other breast before moving on to rain kisses upon her stomach. Her soft little moans were like music to my ears. I continued in a southerly direction, but instead of going straight for the obvious and even though I could smell her arousal, I lavished attention on her legs, alternating from one to the other - from her thighs all the way down to her feet, where I kissed each toe individually. I flipped her over onto her stomach and kissed my way up the back of her legs, tickling behind her knees with my tongue and all the way up to that sweet little ass that had starred so prominently in many of my fantasies about her. I'd like to build a shrine to that gorgeous ass, where I'd faithfully worship every day.

      "God, I love your little bum," I told her trying not to be crude by using the word 'ass' as I kissed every perfect ivory square inch of baby smooth skin.

      She wiggled a little and it was all I could do to restrain myself from taking a bite. Eventually and reluctantly I moved up further, pressing ticklish kisses to the small of her back and up along her spine until I reached the base of her neck. I swept her hair aside and licked the soft skin that was revealed. Damn she tasted so good. Too bad I can't get any real nourishment from her or I'd be licking at her all day. I rolled her over and devoured her mouth again.

      "Marie, sweet Marie," I moaned when we finally broke for air.

      "Oh, Logan," she sighed back.

      "Love you so much, baby," I said as I blanketed her face with kisses.

      "Yes, oh yes, love you too," she replied, her voice coming out all soft and breathy.

      I loved it when she did that; it really turned me on. Then again, her just breathing in and out pretty much did it for me, too.

      I slid down the bed, going straight for the one place I'd missed in my earlier survey of her body and nudging her legs apart kissed her right on her pussy.

      "Logan!" she cried out, slightly embarrassed as she moved to clamp her legs together.

      "Relax, baby. This is gonna feel real good, I promise," I told her as I held her legs apart and swiped my tongue over her.

      "Oh God!" she moaned.

      Damn! She even tastes like honey down here. I continued to lick at her, marveling in how sweet she tasted, as she wriggled and whimpered. I felt her shudder and then she came, crying my name as she did. She was still vibrating from the orgasm as I maneuvered to position myself to replace my mouth with my cock when I suddenly remembered something important.

      "I need to get a condom, Marie," I told her, even though I hated to interrupt the rhythm.

      "The suppression shot acts as a form of birth control," she reminded me.

      Fucking 'A', I was gonna get to go bareback! Thank you, Big Blue.

      I resumed easing into her; she was so wet that I was sliding in easier than I'd anticipated. I put my hands on her cute ass and raised her up slightly and pushed in a little further as she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. I bumped up against the evidence of her innocence and kissed her hard, my tongue plundering her mouth as I pushed through quickly in order to minimize the pain. She tensed up only momentarily and then I felt her relax again almost immediately.

      "You okay? I didn't hurt you too much, did I baby?" I asked as I pushed a strand of hair off of her beautiful face.

      "It feels a little weird, but a good weird," she replied as she ran her fingertips across my brow and down onto my cheek, "don't stop," she added.

      I pulled out slightly and pushed back in, then set a nice slow rhythm of gentle thrusts to allow her time to get acclimated to having me inside her. She raised her hips slightly and arched her back allowing a deeper penetration as I alternated between licking at her neck and nibbling on her earlobes before my lips sought to recapture hers. Our hands were exploring all over as we reveled in the sensation of touch and our tongues were thrusting in and out of each other's mouths mimicking the motions of our lower bodies. Buckethead and his team of psychos could've attacked the school at that moment and we would've been blissfully unaware because we were lost in our own world where no one else existed but us. I wanted to stay inside of her forever, keeping her as close to me as possible.

      I sat up and pulled her up with me, while never breaking the intimate contact. She was now straddling my lap as I thrust up into her and she rotated her hips and clenched her inner muscles to create one hell of a sensation on my cock. Goddamn that felt fucking amazing. The soft whimpering sounds she made were drowned out by my own growls of pleasure. I fell backward so that she was now on top, grinding down onto me; her perfect breasts jiggling as she bounced up and down on me. Have to touch her, need to touch her. I reached up to cup them, flicking my thumbs over her erect nipples as she groaned and ran her hands up and down my forearms in a caressing motion. I released my grip on her breasts and slid my arms around her back to pull her down towards me and then I rolled us over so that she was beneath me once again, still managing to stay deep inside her. I tried not to crush her with my weight, but I just had to have contact with her and I loved the way her breasts felt against my chest. We'd been making love for a while now and so we were both covered in a fine layer of sweat, but all I could think about as our scents mingled was that she was mine and I was hers.

      "Mine," I whispered possessively against her ear as she writhed beneath me.

      "Yours. Only yours," she murmured back in agreement.

      Our hearts were even pounding in sync, we were that much in tune with each other, and when we climaxed simultaneously a few minutes later with each other's name on our lips, I knew I never wanted to be with anyone else this way. I no longer needed my past, because I had her and she was my future and together we'd create a new past.


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