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Fic: Secrets of the Past 1/?

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  • Julianna Hawk
    Disclaimer in Prolouge. Feedback: Thnx everyone who sent me feedback, and please keep sending it! Chapter One Julian wrapped his hands around the coffee mug.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2002
      Disclaimer in Prolouge.
      Feedback: Thnx everyone who sent me feedback, and please keep sending it!

      Chapter One
      Julian wrapped his hands around the coffee mug. �She ran off three hours
      ago. �Tis not like her ta be gone for so long, at least so long and not let
      me know she�s alright, I�m worried sick.� He stared at the creamy brown
      Logan looked around the kitchen, all this was so familiar, but he just could
      not remember. �I know ya, this place, everythin�, but how?�
      �Me Princess found you, almost fourteen years ago, you were wonderin�
      through the woods, and she ran up ta you. You growled at her, then she took
      you by th� hand and led you here." Julian studied Logan carefully. "You
      don't look like you've aged a day."
      Logan grunted, and stared outside, at the patches of snow, and thick mud.
      "Kitten," he said suddenly, turning to Julian, he studied the other man.
      "Yer Princess, I called 'er Kitten, didn't I?"
      Julian smiled broadly, "yes, me Princess is your Kitten, what do you see?"
      He turned to follow Logan's gaze outside.

      A dirty horse limped into view, emerging from the forest. "Dark Moon?"
      Julian rose, and then ran out into the backyard, towards the horse. "Where's
      me Princess?" He asked the horse, grasping the tangled mane. Dark Moon
      half-reared, breaking Julian's hold, and gave a loud whiney.
      Logan approached the horse warily; he could see some heavy cuts along Dark
      Moon's sides. "He's hurt, pretty bad too." Logan studied the largest of the
      cuts; it ran from Dark Moon's shoulder down his side to his flanks.
      Julian placed a hand on Dark Moon's uninjured shoulder, and led the horse
      towards the pasture.

      Logan followed them, and caught sight of a piece of cloth tangled in Dark
      Moon's tail. He slowly threaded it free, and studied it. "Gunpowder." He
      growled, looking towards Julian.
      "Poachers, it's illegal ta hunt in these woods." Julian froze, "that�s part
      of me Princess�s shirt! Do you think they might've gotten me Princess?"
      "I don't know, but I'm goin' t' go look." Logan headed towards where Dark
      Moon had emerged.

      Once in the woods, Logan followed the horse's scent, twisting through broken
      bushes, and sliding on ice covered slopes. He picked up another scent,
      fainter, and it brought forth more images to mind, of a small lithe little
      girl, sitting in his lap, asleep in Julian's arms, giggling amongst a pile
      of puppies. He shook his head, and tried to catch onto another memory, and
      so distant he wasn't sure if it was there. He heard a howl, and began to
      move faster, heading towards the sound.

      Lia was dimly aware of someone talking to her, she felt herself being lifted
      into the air. She tried to move closer to the source of heat, and felt
      herself being shifted towards the person who was carrying her. She gave a
      soft moan as her aching ribs were pressed. �Easy now Kitten,� she felt the
      rumble of a deep voice come from the chest her ears was pressed against. His
      heartbeat was a pounding she could feel inside her skull. She forced herself
      to open her eyes, and took in the thick dark hair she could see.
      �L�Logan?� She managed to cough out.
      �Yeah, it�s me, easy Kitten, I�m takin� ya t� Julian.� Logan quickened his
      pace, grateful that he had found her still breathing.
      �Da�Dark?� She whimpered.
      �Yer horse is fine Kitten, now hush,� Logan reprimanded her gently.

      Julian met them at the door, his face pale when he saw the bloody mess Lia
      was. He quickly directed Logan to his car, needing to get her to the local
      hospital. Logan drove, as Julian gave Logan directions, as well as
      monitoring Lia�s vitals. �Good thin� yer a doc Julian,� Logan said quietly.
      He then suddenly tensed, as a flashback of the experiment surfaced in his
      mind. Xavier had sent him to right place, he could feel it.

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